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									                                  USEFUL INTERNET SITES
                             FOR CAREER PLANNING - 2007
 There are many Internet sites that can help you with your career planning. Below is a selection you might find useful.
 Many of these sites have links to other helpful sites. Be aware that Internet addresses do change. These addresses were
 active on 01 August 2007.

Career questionnaires                                                   Skills for the Future
Australian Careers                         Specific occupations
Job Juice                                         Accounting
myfuture                                                       (select My Guide)                         
Smart future                                                            Architecture                                    
                                                                        Auto careers
Career planning                                               
                                                                        Aviation Australia
Australia’s Careers Online                                     (select Start here)                           Biotechnology
Career Information Service                                                                                     Construction industry
Graduate Careers                                               (select Industry Career           
myfuture                                                       (select My Guide)                           Creative Industries Skills Council
jobjuice                                                       (select Choose a direction)                        Defence Forces
The Good Guides                                                (select Career)                               Engineering
Year 12 – what next?                                                                              
Occupational information                                                Film & TV industry
Australian Careers                                                      Information technology (select Careers and Job Explorer)            (select IT Careers Portal)
Australia’s Careers Online                                     (select Start here/World of                   Invest Australia – agribusiness, biotechnology,
career information)                                                     energy industries, environmental industries, financial
Careers Advice Australia – Connect to your future                       services, ICT, advanced manufacturing, minerals,                                       nanotechnology, and services
Enterprise Network for Young Australians                                                                              Manufacturing
Get a Trade                                                                                                      Marine Science
Job Explorer - Search for Job Characteristics                                                Mining
Job Guide - Occupational profiles                                                                  
Job Outlook - Information on Occupations and                  
Careers                                                                 Music industry                      
myfuture                                                       (select The Facts)                                  tent&objectID=9503052F-65BF-4956-
National Innovation Website – Youth                                     B5BC7362DC90786C                    Nursing
A4E86B5746C975C8                                                        Queensland Police
Skilling Solutions Queensland                                 

Curriculum Branch, Department of Education Training and the Arts, July 2007
Queensland Public Service                                              (search for Scholarships)                                      Department of Education Training & the Arts
Recreation industry                                                                                                   education/university/courses-other-
Retail                                                                 info.html#uni_scholarships_and_grants                                                 Going to uni
Science                                                       (select Fees, loans and                                             scholarships)                                        myfuture                                   (select The Facts)
Tourism and hospitality                                                Queensland education
Volunteering                                                           Department of Education Training & the Arts         
                                                                       Queensland Studies Authority
Working conditions                                           
                                                                       Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre
Australian Council of Trade Unions                                                                          Smart OP
Pay scale summaries                                          
summariesS-U.htm                                                       Tertiary institutions
Young Workers Advisory Service                                                          Australian Agricultural College Corporation
Wage Net                                                                                                          Australian Catholic University National                                                                                               Australian College of Natural Medicine
Training sites                                                         Australian Defence Force Academy
Department of Education Training & the Arts                            Australian Maritime College                               
Group Training Australia                                               Australian tertiary course information         (select Course Information)
s.html                                                                 Australian Universities (select Universities)
Department of Education, Science & Training                                                                          Bond University
Australian Apprenticeships Centres                                                  Central Queensland University
National Training Information Service                                                                                Christian Heritage College
TAFE Queensland                                                                                                  Going to uni
Financial assistance                                                   Griffith University
Centrelink                                                             James Cook University                                        
Going to uni                                                           QANTM College (select Fees, loans and               
scholarships)                                                          Open Universities Australia
The Source                                                                                                   Queensland University of Technology
Youth Allowance Guide                                                       Queensland Institute of Business & Technology
                                                                       SAE Institute
                                                                       SkillsTech Australia
ATSI undergraduate scholarships                                             Southern Cross University
Australian Govt Undergraduate Scholarships,                  
Fellowships & Grants                                                   TAFE Queensland Institutes,14899,14927,191          
80,18159,17439,15579                                                   The University of New England
Career Information Service                                                            The University of Queensland
Check tertiary institution websites

Curriculum Branch, Department of Education Training and the Arts, August 2007
Universities Australian - contact details                              InterExchange         
?a=memberunis                                                          International Exchange Programs
University of the Sunshine Coast                                                                                      Overseas Working Holidays
University of Southern Queensland                                                                                     STA Travel
Job search                                                             Volunteering
Australian workplace                                                   e.asp
Career one
Youth Pathways
                                                                       DISCLAIMER: While Education Queensland has established
                                                                       quality assurance procedures to ensure that all material on this
Seek                                                                   Site is governed by high standards of currency and accuracy,                                                       Education Queensland does not make any warranties or
The Source                                                             representations about the accuracy and currency of the material                                                on this Site.
Public Service - Australian Government                  This Site has been established to provide information about
e=0 or                                    career options, but does not make any recommendations or
                                                                       provide any advice in relation to career options. Users should
Public Service - State & Territory Govts
                                                                       not rely on the information contained in this Site and Education                    Queensland recommends that users contact the relevant
Code=5                                                                 educational institution or professional or trade organisations
Public Service - Queensland Government                                 before making any career decisions.
Defence Forces (select Careers)

Info for students with a disability

Australian Catholic University National
Career Information Service
Griffith University
Job Access
Job Search
myfuture (select The Facts & Career Links)
Queensland University of Technology
The University of Queensland

Info for Indigenous students

Deadly pathways
myfuture (select The Facts & Career Links)

Gap year organisations

Antipodeans Abroad
Camp America
Gap Australia

Curriculum Branch, Department of Education Training and the Arts, August 2007

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