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                   IFK Lidingö Badminton Club

                            Invitation to
                         “The Lidingö Wreck”
                          15 – 16 May 2010

Dear veteran badminton colleagues
Lidingö Badminton Club hereby invites you all to Stockholm and our International
Badminton Tournament;

                   “The Lidingö Wreck” 15 – 16 May 2010.

The tournament starts on Saturday morning and ends with finals on Sunday
around 1 pm.

At Saturday evening there will be players banquette at the restaurant
“Jakthornet” located at the Tennisstadion racket centre.

The tournaments will take place at the Tennisstadion racket centre in a hopefully
sunny and beautiful Stockholm. Tennisstadion is situated within a comfortable
walking distance from our preferred hotel as well as the city centre of Stockholm.
(See map for overview). More information regarding tourist information can be
found at http://www.stockholmtown.com/

We recommend you to stay at Hotel Scandic Park www.scandichotels.se/park .
The hotel is situated at Karlavägen 43, within walking distance from
Tennisstadion and Stockholm City.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact:
Per Areskär per.areskar@capacent.se +46 705585395 or Pär Lindau

              Lidingö badminton at ”Tennisstadion”, Fiskartorpsvägen 20

                    IFK Lidingö Badminton Club

Facts about the TOURNAMENT

1.   There will be play in six age groups (Over 35, Over 40, Over 45, Over 50,
     Over 55 and Over 60). All players must have reached the relevant age for
     the age group on 14 of May 2010.

2.   Events to be played in each age group:
     Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles and
     Women’s Singles.

3.   Each event will, if possible, be played in 2 stages: first stage in groups,
     second stage knock-out (cup). Ranking in groups will be determined
     according to BWF General Competition Regs.16. In case there are not
     enough entries in an event in an age group, the referee, can decide to
     combine the event with the corresponding event in the younger age group.

4.   The draws will be available on Wednesday, 5th of May 2010. Draws will be
     published on IFK Lidingö website www.lidingobadminton.se

Tournament schedule

Saturday 15th May.
09:00h         First round starts
               Play expected to finish by 19:00 h
20:00          Dinner at “Jakthornet” in “Tennisstation”

Sunday 16th May.
09:00h        All remaining rounds in each category
              Play expected to finish by 14:00 h

Entry fee

€ 26 per start and event


Send your registration to tavling@lidingobadminton.se

Closing date of entries

17 of April 2010.

Tournament responsible

Pär Lindau                            landau@comhem.se

              Lidingö badminton at ”Tennisstadion”, Fiskartorpsvägen 20

     IFK Lidingö Badminton Club

Lidingö badminton at ”Tennisstadion”, Fiskartorpsvägen 20

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