Lord of the Flies - Choose your Leader by ojd96442


									                Lord of the Flies - Choose your Leader
                                  (100 points)

The plane transporting you to safety has been shot down and crashed on a
deserted island during World War II. In order to survive, you must elect the best
leader to ensure your safety and survival. As you look around your group, four
boys come forward offering themselves as candidates for leader of your make-
shift tribe. They are:

             Ralph – the effect of society’s rules on mankind

             Jack – the savage/wild side of humanity

             Piggy – the scientific, rational side of society/humanity

             Simon – the natural good in humanity

You rally behind the boy one of the boys, only to realize that the rest of the
group has chosen to split evenly behind each of the other candidates for tribe
leader. It is now your job to gather enough evidence and information to get
your boy elected leader of the tribe.
                                   Project Outline

You are responsible for making a 10-minute presentation with a visual aide to
give in class that will act as your election campaign for your assigned character.

Your presentation should include:

    A slogan for your character that attaches him to the theme of the novel:
     “…An attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human
     nature” (204).

    At least six character traits that you feel are strengths that your character
     possesses. Each of your traits must be supported with specific pages (at
     least two instances) in the book where there is either direct or indirect
     characterization of your character. (The more support you find for your
     traits, the better!)

    At least four examples of your characters leadership. Again, you must
     point towards specific pages in the book where you see your character
     best exhibiting the qualities of a good leader.

    You will be allowed to have one note card (3” by 5”) each during your

You should also be prepared to thwart the election campaigns of the other
characters. In order to do this, you must find two examples of bad character
traits for each of the other characters. Each of these traits must be supported
with at least two specific quotations from the book. You should also find two
examples where the leadership of the other characters is flawed or backfires,
supported with two specific quotations from the book.

Your visual aide should be at least the size of a poster and include:

    The information that you are giving in your oral presentation.

    Visual representations of your character. You may cut these out of
     magazines, draw them, etc. You must have at least three pictures of your
     character on your poster. (You may NOT use pictures of the actors from
     any Lord of the Flies movies or covers of Lord of the Flies books.)
    A campaign poster for your character. (Can be on an 8 1/2” by 11” piece
     of paper)

Everyone in your group must contribute equally to all parts of the project. You
will be responsible for keeping track of what you did for the project and what
others did for the project and turn it in on the day of your presentation.

All pieces of your oral presentation (including your evidence against other
characters) must be typed and organized into a packet that will be turned into
me on the day of your presentation. This does not have to be in an essay format,
but it must be readable and easy for me to navigate through (i.e. I should be
able to find all parts of your presentation easily).

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