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					           College and Career Planning Seminar                                                     Junior High Activities
On Saturday, February 13, six students from Paint Creek attended a        6th Grade: In Reading all year, students have been learning skills for
Career & College Planning Seminar sponsored by the Hispanic Lead-         the Reading TAKS. The time has come for us to put all the skills to-
ership Council of Abilene. Participants were given valuable information   gether and prepare for the TAKS; lots to think about! Coming up next
regarding college/training opportunities and financial aid. Two laptops   week in English will be the ―Simple‖ prepositions. Wait a minute! It
and printers were given away in a drawing. Cody Bailey, a senior, was     may not be that simple, so if 6th graders go missing, they will be lost
one of the lucky winners. The PC students who attended along with         in prepositions! In Soc. Studies during March, students will be study-                       Volume 10 February 2010
Cody were Andrew Matthies, Dillon Emert, Curtis Bishop, Kelsey            ing the continent of Africa. Did you know that students in Niger snap
Smith, Haley Myers.                                                       their fingers to get their teachers’ attention rather than raising their                        Elementary Activities
                         One-Act Play                                     hand? During the 1600 and 1700s, Madagascar was used as a base by          PreK-K: In Reading, PK students are learning letters and sounds and
OAP had a workshop in Snyder Feb. 25 with Mr. Newton. It                  pirates. Among them was the notorious Scottish pirate named Captain        working on comprehension and retelling stories. K students are work-
                                                                          Kid. Hey Paint Creek Pirates, let’s go to Madagascar!!! Fine Arts (5th     ing on ending sounds, deleting sounds, action words, naming words,
was a profoundly beneficial workshop. March 6th is the Little
                                                                          & 6th Graders): Listen closely because one might be hearing music          summarizing, and story structure. In Math, PK is reviewing #’s 1-20
Dribblers competition hosted by Paint Creek. OAP will be run-             from the wall of the room. Students will be learning musical notes,        and counting objects to match the #. K students are adding and sub-
ning a concession stand from 7 am to 7 pm to help raise funds.            playing rhythms with spoons then maybe chimes. Stop by 7th & 8th           tracting, counting by 5 & 10’s, and working with fractions. In Science,
Please come out and support the HS Paint Creek OAP. March                 periods and listen to what they are learning.                              students are learning about shadows, volcanoes, planets, and studying
27th is the OAP competition in Throckmorton. We would love                7th Grade: In English, students have been working hard and are             life underwater. In Soc. Studies, students are talking about emotions
to have you come and support Paint Creek as well as enjoy a               ready to attack the Writing TAKS on March 3. After the test, they          and feelings, taking ownership and being responsible, and learned
day of theatre.                                                           plan to shortly rest the brain but will start on ―short answer/open-       about why we celebrate Presidents’ Day. The K students have worked
                       Texas Tech Visit                                   ended‖ questions. Our writing will never stop. In Reading, students        really hard and are reading more fluently and are now writing and
                                                                          are studying story elements, organization, vocabulary skills and au-       reading their own sentences.
Juniors and seniors traveled to Lubbock to visit the Texas
                                                                          thor’s influence. In Social Studies, students are working on their         First Grade: In Reading and English, students are making predictions,
Tech campus on Thursday, February 18. They took a tour of                 Texas Independence projects. Projects of the following students have       drawing conclusions, and using context clues. They are learning words
the campus and the state-of-the art TTU Recreational Center               been submitted to Haskell County for judging: Micah Waggoner, Sha-         with digraph ee, ie, ea, oa, oe, ow, adding the suffix‖ing‖ to words and
                                                                          lon Heidenheimer, Shady Blue Dunlap, Chris Elias, Stormy Darnell and       learning about adjectives. In Math, they are working on addition and
.                                                                         Caitlyn Medford.                                                           subtraction, using doubles to solve subtraction problems, and fact
                                                                          8th Grade: In English, students are studying ―Expository Writing.‖ In      families. In Social Studies, they are studying Americans Long Ago.
                                                                          Reading, they are studying literary elements, reading strategies and       Second Grade: In Reading, students are reading about dinosaurs and
                                                                          critical thinking/author’s purpose. In Math, students are learning the     continuing sequence of events and summarizing. In Math, they are
                                                                          equation of a line and how slope and y intercept affects the graph. In     measuring length and area in inches and centimeters. In Social Stud-
                                                                          Social Studies, students are studying the early American Republic. In      ies, they are learning about consumers and producers and needs and
                                                                          Health, students finished studying the endocrine system and are now        wants.
                                                                          starting to study the digestive , respiratory and cardiovascular sys-      Third Grade: In English and Reading, students are doing TAKS Prep
                                                                          tems. In Art, 8th graders are studying Pablo Picasso and cubism. Their     activities and building their stamina in applying all the reading skills
                                                                          current art project is a cubist portrait.                                  they have been learning. In Math, they are learning standard and
                     BCEC Speech Contest
Felysha Walker competed in the Big Country Electric Coop                                                                                             metric measurement, geometric attributes (area/volume, perimeter)
                                                                                                    High School Activities                           and conversions, They are also learning to tell time that has elapsed
speech contest in Roby on February 22. The topic of the                   English: English 1 students are finishing up with Romeo and Juliet and     and how to read temperatures. In Social Studies, they are learning
speech was ―What will be the effects of proposed Climate                  will begin Of Mice and Men. English 2 students are finishing Julius        about communities and timelines. The students have been working very
change in the legislation?‖ Felysha researched the topic and              Caesar and will soon begin Fahrenheit 451.                                 hard on their multiplication facts. There are 9 students who have
presented before a panel of judges from BCEC. She was one                 English 3 students are finishing The Crucible and will begin The Pearl     completed their xa’s and their multiplication sundaes.
of 3 winners from 27 contestants that will be taking a 9-day              by John Steinbeck. English 4 students are finishing The Importance         Fourth Grade: In Writing, students are doing their 4 square prep for
expense-paid trip to Washington DC this summer as well as                 of Being Ernest and will soon begin Animal Farm.                           TAKS. In Reading, they are summarizing, looking for similarities and
                                                                          Math: 9th grade Algebra 1 students are adding, subtracting, and mul-       differences across texts, doing generalizations and finding the au-
receiving a $1500 college scholarship. Way to Go, Felysha!!!
                                                                          tiplying with exponents. 10th grade Geometry students are learning to      thor’s point of view. In Math, students are working with decimals,
                                                                          tell if polygons are similar and determine their scale factor. 11th        fractions, geometric shapes, and angles. In Social Studies, students
                                                                          grade Algebra 2 students are graphing polynomials and looking at the       are learning all about the Alamo.
                                                                          effects of changing the polynomials. Social Studies: In World Geog-        Fifth Grade: In Reading, English, and Math students are preparing
                                                                          raphy, 9th grade students are studying the cultural influences of          for the TAKS. In Science, the are studying the rock cycle and plate
                                                                          Europe. The 10th graders in World History are learning more about the      tectonics. In Social Studies, students are researching presidents and
       HS Activities (continued)
                                                                          Industrial Revolution and its impact on the world. In U.S. History, the    putting together poster presentations based on information both per-
12th Grade Art: Seniors are making preparations for the awards
                                                                          juniors are discussing the beginning of World War II. In Economics,        sonal and political. 5th graders are still climbing the Banana Tree to
banquet. Currently, they’re working on lanterns and elephants. In Prep
                                                                          the seniors began a new section on small business and economics.
for Parenting, students are taking new born baby quizzes and are                                                                                     reach their Accelerated Reader goal.
studying the physical development during the baby’s first year.
                    March Birthdays                                             TAKS – March 3
        Jimmy Abner                      March 1
                                                               The following grade levels will be taking their
        Marilyn Naylor                   March 5                                                                                                         Boy Basketball
                                                               first TAKS test for this school year. It is im-
        Andrew Matthies                  March 6
                                                               portant that all students are in attendance.                       The Pirates played the Lueders-Avoca Raiders on Jan. 29th.
        William Bogle                    March 7
                                                                                                                                  They lost by a score of 60-31. Points were made by Bishop 16,
        Jarrett Lopez                    March 8                        4th, 7th, & 9th Grade Writing
                                                                                                                                  Hall 7, Abner 4, McTasney 2, and Garcia 2.
        Austin Roysdon                   March 8                   10th & 11th Grade English Language Arts                        The Pirates played the Aspermont Hornets on Feb. 2nd and lost
        Buddy Trotter                    March 8
                                                                                                                                  by a score of 64-36. Points were made by Bishop 24, Barnett
        Brandon Luevano                  March 11                                Cheerleading Tryouts                             5, Garcia 5, and Abner 2.
        Madison Meetze                   March 11               HS and JH cheerleading tryouts will be held Friday, March 5.      The Pirates played the Rule Bobcats on Feb. 6th and lost by a
        Landon Meadows                   March 15                All participants will tryout for the student body during 8th     score of 35-29. Points were made by Bishop 14, Abner 5, Ad-
        Felysha Walker                   March 16              period and for the judges after school. Practice will be held on   kins 4, Edwards 3, and Hall 3.
        Danica Elias                     March 18                               Monday, March 1, after school.                    The Pirates ended their season with a loss to the Woodson
        Matthew Rice                     March 18
        Sylvia Schantz                   March 26                  Soil & Water Conservation Poster Winners                       Cowboys with a score of 46-19. Points were made by Hall 6,
        Katie Jones                      March 29                           for Paint Creek School                                Edwards 4, Garcia 3, Adkins 2, and Bishop 2.
                                                                    2nd Grade                 4th Grade
          February Citizens of the Month                       1st – Adaline Utley               1st – Felicity Gentry                       Paint Creek Varsity Track Schedule
Students who demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY were selected          2nd – Desiree Acosta              2nd – Katelyn Jenkins
                                                                                                                                  February 26      Long Sleeve Relays       Hamlin
from each grade. Recognition goes to Chris Acosta-K, Corbin    3rd – Madyson Moore               3rd – Caleb White
Waggoner-1st, Desiree Acosta-2nd, Brittany Yanez-3rd, Felic-                                                                      March 12         Cow Country Relays       Throckmorton
                                                                     5th Grade                         6th Grade                  March 26         Greyhound Relays         Knox City
ity Gentry-4th, Catherine Lemond-5th, Jarrett Lopez-6th,
                                                               1st - Melisa Rock               1st - Paige Ramirez                April 2          Double Mountain Relays   Aspermont
Chris Elias-7th, Kadie McCord-8th, Elena Moreno-9th, Felysha
                                                               2nd - Catherine Lemond          2nd - Dylan Webb                   April 8          District 11 A            Aspermont
Walker-10th, Shana Armstrong-11th, and Britney Martinez-
12th.                                                          3rd - Sabrina Ortega            3rd - Jarrett Lopez                April 15         Area :Districts 11-12    Roby
                                                               Melisa Rock (pictured below) has advanced in the com-              April 23         Regional Qualifiers      TBA
                                                               petition in Stephenville. Good Luck, Melisa!                       May 3 & 4        Region II-A              Abilene
                                                                                                                                  May 15 & 16      State                    Austin

                                                                                                                                            Paint Creek Junior High Track Schedule
                                                                       Accelerated Readers                                        March 8th        Cow Country Relays       Throckmorton
                                                                         Leading the Pack                                         March 25th       Bulldogs Relays          Knox City
                                                               2nd Grade: Adaline Utley—88.0, Desiree                             April 1st        Double Mountain Relays   Aspermont
                                                               Acosta-87.4, Jaclyn Snelling-68.7 3rd Grade: Garrett Aren-         April 9th        District                 Aspermont
                                                               dall-69.3, Chase Thompson-69.3. Gabriel Todd-59.9 4th
                                                               Grade: Abby Blair-100, Felicity Gentry-88, Bayden Graham-64                               Golf Schedule
 March Character Word of the Month—Fairness                    5th Grade: Buddy Trotter-82.3, Corey Mengwasser-58.5,              March 22-Munday - March 29– Paint Creek - April 5-Abilene
                                                               Catherine Lemond-49.4                                              Golfers: Jimmy Dale Abner, Hunter Hall, Hunter Jordan, An-
                   Stock Show News                                                                                                drew Matthies, Caleb McCord.
                                                               PLEASE CUT THIS OUT AND RETURN TO SCHOOL FOR
                                                                                                                                                        Little Dribblers
San Antonio Participants: Jimmy Abner—Commercial               YOUR FAMILY TO BE ENTERED IN A DRAWING FOR A
                                                                                                                                  Practice for Little Dribblers began Thursday, February 18.
Steers, Felysha Walker—Speech, Jessica Pendergraft-            SONIC GIFT CARD. RETURN BY FRIDAY, MARCH 5.
                                                               (Previous winner: Jaclyn Snelling)                                 Students in grades PreK – 6th have formed teams and will par-
Cross Swine (8th place)
                                                                                                                                  ticipate in the Paint Creek Tournament on Saturday, March 6.
                                                               STUDENT NAME(S):
San Angelo Participants: Jimmy Abner– Heifers (3rd &                                                                              The high school One-Act Play members will sponsor a conces-
6th Place) Livestock Judging, Katrina Buerger– Live-                                                                              sion stand. We invite everyone to come our and support our
stock Judging, Felysha Wallker—Speech                          __________________________________________
                                                                                                                                  Little Dribblers in their tournament.