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									                              Genetically Engineered Food Crops
                 What you are not being told about Genetically Modified (GM) food
                    Any High School student can verify this simple information
Genetically engineered (GM) Crops are not about feeding the world. They’re about controlling our food
supply with patents and chemicals. In the US and Canada, farmers are taken to court because the
farmer’s crop gets contaminated by pollen owned by a chemical company. Unbelievable but true.
The real contamination of Australia with patented DNA has just begun. Canada is almost totally
contaminated with GM pollen. Weeds are now resistant to Roundup and farmers must use stronger
chemicals sold by Monsanto; of course. See National Farmers Union of Canada at:
Learn about the Terminator/Traitor genes that these dangerous idiots want to release into our world.
Note also, that we have never before been crossing plants with animals as has now already been done.
The control of our food by patented DNA is what this is all about. The DNA is carried in the pollen.
When we are completely contaminated, nobody will control anything because it will be out of control.
Canola ‘test plots’ planted in Australia are not test plots; they are here to contaminate our country with
their patented DNA which is carried in our pollen. GM crops are the hideous new Cane Toads.
Why contaminate Australia with pollen that is legally owned by a chemical company and destroy the
$billion markets for non-GM. Many countries have said no to GM but no country has ever said no to
non-GM. So, why the rush to contaminate our clean crops with patented DNA? Bayer’s patented DNA is
now contaminating Australia. So who is liable and who should pay for the clean up?
              This concerns us all. Why do politicians remain silent? Ask them why!
        Learn more at – read the common myths about GM crops and food.
        DNAalert is powered by a useful site for students about our world.

                                   GM Food is Sick.
                               Pregnant Women Beware
                                          Dr Irina Ermakova, from the Institute of Higher Nervous
                                          Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of
                                          Sciences reported on October 10, 2005 that 55.6% of the
                                          offspring from female rats fed GM soy flour died within
                                          three weeks. The female rats were fed 5-7 grams of
                                          Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans, from two weeks before
                                          conception until nursing ended. In contrast, only 9% of the
                                          offspring of rats fed non-GM soy died.

                                          Offspring from the GM-fed rats were also stunted, 36%
                                          weighed less than 20 grams after 2 weeks, compared to
                                          only 6.7% of the non-GM soy control group.

                                          Remember that not all those who eat GM will react so
                                          badly. You could describe it as something like a game of
                                          Russian roulette; for our children.

                                          See the truth about GMOs at

THEIR MOTHERS WERE FED                         Why should pregnant mothers be treated like rats?
NON GM FOOD   GM FOOD                          In the US, allergic reactions are on the increase.

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