Pavla Kazda career profile by dsp14791


									       MBA Students
       PAVLA KAZDA        

       Area of Specialization in MBA program:
       Self Service Technology Research
       Business Communications

       Career Interests:
       Being a mentor
       Developing optimal management practices

Industry Experience

     Key Account Manager; McCain Foods
     (Canada); Toronto; 2002-2006
        • Top Salesperson – Ontario
        • $500,000 annual sales

     District Manager; Student Works
     Painting; Ontario East; 2001-2002
        • Top Sales Manager 2002
        • Managed and mentored 10

     Business English Instructor; F.I.A,
     Susono; Japan; 2006-2008
        • Developed course syllabus
        • Coordinated work functions
            and events

Educational Background

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Minor in Psychology; Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario. Class of 2002.

Brief Biography/Comments
Within the University Of Guelph, I was the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Business
Communication course. Outside of these walls, I volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society and
run marathons. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and recently discovered the physiological and
psychological benefits of Yoga.

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