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					                                           SPECIAL ED BUS DRIVER

Reports To:                Transportation Supervisor, Director of Transportation

Evaluated by:              Transportation Supervisor, Director of Transportation

Classification:            Classified

Salary:                    Range 19


Under direction of the transportation coordinator, to drive a school bus over designated routes to transport
special education students, to clean and perform routine inspection of buses and do related work as



    •     Valid California Class A or B Driver’s License with passenger endorsement (A-P or B-P) and
          school bus certificate.
    •     Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
    •     High school graduate.
    •     Current and valid first aid certificate (VC 12522) and medical certificate.


    •     Experience interacting with students with special needs.
    •     Previous experience operating trucks or buses.


General Knowledge and Ability:

    •     Knowledge of safe driving practices.
    •     Knowledge of hygiene principles.
    •     Ability to maintain order and discipline on the bus.
    •     Ability to work independently or with minimum supervision.
    •     Ability to react with flexibility, creativity and sensitivity to changing situations and needs.
    •     Ability to work cooperatively with those contacted in course of work.

Specifically for this Position:

    •     Ability to empathize with unique needs of special education students.
    •     Ability to handle emergencies in case of student illness, accident or injury.
    •     Ability to effectively interact with students, staff and public.
    •     Ability to drive a school bus of up to 25 children including wheelchair students.
    •     Knowledge of Basic First Aid practices.
    •     Knowledge of city and county roads and state highways in areas traveled.
    •     Ability to learn and follow a prescribed route and time schedule.
    •     Knowledge of applicable provisions of the California Motor Vehicle Code, Administrative Code
          and Education Code and district policies and procedures.
    •     Ability to learn and operate a two-way radio communication system.
    •     Read notes, memos and instructions of a moderately complex nature.
    •     Ability to participate in strenuous physical activity.
    •     Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions.
    •     Knowledge of Universal Precautions.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (but not limited to)

   •    Loading, transporting and unloading special education students on daily schedule, including the
        loading, securing, and unloading of students in wheelchairs and other students who require lifting
        into the bus, may also place or remove students from wheelchairs.
   •    Operating the wheelchair lift.
   •    Driving the assigned school bus on the designated route and making such route changes as are
        necessary to accommodate individual daily circumstances as they arise.
   •    Providing emergency care to students on the bus to include first aid, cleaning up vomit and other
        fluids to maintain a clean environment within the bus and around students.
   •    Cleaning the bus including sweeping and washing the interior and washing the exterior of the
   •    Checking bus fluids levels daily and tire air and condition daily, fill fluids to appropriate levels and
        washing all windows to insure maximum clarity.
   •    Report any mechanical or other discrepancies to the Head Mechanic promptly.
   •    Maintaining all required vehicle forms and completing all required reports and loss on time.
   •    Drive the assigned school bus in a variety of weather and road conditions.
   •    Operate two-way radio communication system.
   •    Follow policy regarding discipline of students and contact with the public.
   •    Maintain confidentiality of all student information to which she/he is exposed or privileged.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS (but not limited to)

   •    Eyesight, corrected or uncorrected sufficient to read fine printing and to observe road markings
        and road signs.
   •    Facility to hear and understand speech at normal levels.
   •    Facility to speak in audible tones so that others may understand clearly in normal conversation
        and over the two-way radio and the telephone.
   •    Physical stamina to sit, stand, and/or crouch for extended periods of time.
   •    Physical strength and ability to lift students of varying weights up to 50 pounds or to
        manipulate/move students of up to 150 pounds in wheelchairs on and off the bus.
   •    Manual dexterity and coordination sufficient to drive a school bus.

NOTE:    This list of essential functions and physical requirements is not
         exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary in accordance
         with the requirements of the job.

Adopted: 5-19-94