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									Sacramento City Unified School District                                                 Approved:          09-20-66
Classified Job Specification                                                       Title Changed:          10-29-73
                                                                                          Revised:         11-10-73
                                                                                          Revised:         02-05-76
                                                                                          Revised:         05-11-81
                                                                                          Revised:         03-01-94

                                      SCHOOL BUS DRIVER INSTRUCTOR


        Under general supervision, carries out a school bus driver training program; assists as required in a driver safety
program and in investigation of accidents involving a school bus; prepares records and reports on training activities
including original trainee records and ongoing records for all school bus drivers pursuant to requirements mandated by
law; and operates a school bus as required.


         Plans and conducts an overall school bus driver training program in accordance with the Department of
Education guidelines to include in-service, classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction; schedules and conducts
specialized transportation workshops; screens new driver trainee applications, schedules interviews, conducts a drive test
and makes recommendation of applicant's competence; provides assistance for new applicants to obtain a commercial
license, medical certificate, background investigation, and coordinates interviews with the California Highway Patrol;
supervises driver trainees during all phases of the training program, provides daily assistance and counsels assigned
school bus drivers on mandatory inspection and operation procedures; schedules, demonstrates and supervises K-12
students in school bus emergency evacuation procedures as required; performs driver improvement evaluations; route
and school bus stop inspections; maintains mandated driver training records and files; coordinates all training, testing and
license requirements with the California Highway Patrol and Department of Motor Vehicles; assists as required in
investigation of bus accidents; route and bus stop complaints; performs basic clerical tasks and other related duties; when
required operates a school bus on an assigned route.


        Knowledge of:

                Clerical and record-keeping procedures;
                Safety rules, regulations and safe driving practices;
                Provisions of the Motor Vehicle Code, Education Code and California Highway Patrol Regulations
                         applicable to the operation of school buses and driver training requirements for pupil
                Local geography of metropolitan area;
                First aid practices;
                Principles and methods of school bus driver training;
                Good driving practices and procedures.

        Ability to:

                Perform routine arithmetical computations and to keep varied clerical records;
                Effectively plan and instruct a driver training and safety program;
                Establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, students, parents, and school
                Operate a school bus, exercising good judgment and extreme caution;
                Train and evaluate the work of school bus drivers;
                Maintain records and prepare reports.



                Five years experience as a school bus driver or two years of such driving experience and three years of
                        equivalent experience driving vehicles requiring a Class A or B license or possess a current
                        school bus driver instructor's certificate.



                A high school diploma or GED equivalent. Additional courses related to public speaking preferred.


          License Requirements:

                Possession of a current California Class A or B license (VC1280456) and a current unrestricted school
                       bus driver's certificate (CAC 13 Section 1203.1[a]);
                Possession of a valid school bus driver instructor's certificate (or meet the qualifications for attending the
                       instructor's course [CAC 13 Section 1204.5]).

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