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                     Resume Writing Tips For Teachers
                    Written and Compiled by Rick Roberts, Director Career Services, Revised July 2006

Your resume is like an advertisement of yourself to a prospective employer. You want your resume to look and sound
appealing to enhance your chances of being selected for an interview. Your resume should be one to two pages in length,
free of typographical errors, produced on high-quality bond paper, and organized so that it is easy to read. Since your
resume presents a combination of your skills, abilities, and qualifications, you want it to show your best assets towards
being a teacher.

-Oral skills                        -Written skills
-Ability to organize and coordinate -Intercommunication skills
-Creativity                         -Mathematical ability
-Ability to motivate others         -Curriculum development expertise
-Listening skills                   -Language skills
-Special education skills           -Counseling skills
-Persuasive skills                  -Group dynamics knowledge

   Designed and implemented instructional activities…
   Tested, tutored, and evaluated…
   Designed, selected, and implemented instructional material…
   Constructed, administered, and evaluated formal and informal tests
   Maintained proper classroom management
   Assessed student achievement
   Designed progress reports to parents…
   Effectively incorporated audio-visual materials into curriculum
   Organized and directed play…
   Plan and execute lessons…
   Maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning
   Planned and implemented remedial reading program…
   Administered test batteries and diagnosed reading difficulties
    Developed curriculum…
    Created and taught lessons in…

You will need to gather letters of reference for your applications. References do not belong on your resume and should be
on a separate page. Schools generally prefer to receive these from a third party rather than directly from you. Obtain
letters from your supervising teacher, others who know your work with children and an appropriate professor. Do not
wait until the last minute. Keep your references informed about your job search.
The following elements are often included in resumes. Your unique educational and work experiences should be
considered when deciding which categories will be most effective. Arrange whichever categories you use to reflect your
strengths in the most advantageous way.

CONTACT                Your name, address(es), phone number(s) with area codes. It is acceptable to include your e-mail
INFORMATION            address.

OBJECTIVE              One sentence stating the kind of position you want, the task(s) you want to perform, or the
                       environment in which you wish to work.

EDUCATION              Name of institution, city, state, degree, major, and month and year of graduation. Other
                       information you may wish to include would be schools attended overseas; course work directly
                       applicable to the desired job; minor; GPA (overall or departmental). The highest degree earned
                       should be listed first, then continue backward.

CERTIFICATION          Include your area/level of certification and date received

EXPERIENCE             Name of organization, job title, city, state, dates of employment or service, and active verb
                       descriptions (*) of responsibilities and duties usually in bullet form. For targeted Resumes you
                       can highlight specific experience: "Counseling Experience," "Teaching Experience,"
                       "Volunteer Experience", "Internships," "Related Experience," "Other Experience," etc.
                       Use short, concise sentences beginning with ACTION verbs to highlight your skills and

SKILLS                 Provide a list of skills or qualifications that you would like the employer to know about you that
                       may not come through in other headings. List computer languages, programs, systems, etc. For
                       example: Excellent team player; Work well independently while also in team situations; Excellent
                       oral and written communication skills; Punctual, reliable and dependable.

HONORS/AWARDS          Academic scholarships, grants, academic honors, awards (e.g. Geology Student of the Year) and
                       Dean's List (may also be included under Education section)

LANGUAGES              Foreign Languages: Define the level of your ability : "Fluent," "Literate," "Conversant"

PROFESSIONAL           Professional and community affiliations, clubs/organizations, and student groups. Include name
MEMBERSHIPS            of organization, dates of membership, and offices held, if any.

INTERESTS/             Optional: Special interests, activities, or travel experiences. Note: - personal information
ACTIVITIES             has the potential to be used in a discriminatory way.

REFERENCES             Not Necessary but if you want, the statement "references available upon request"preferred. Do
                       not list the names of your references. Choose 3 - 5 individuals who can speak to your skills and
                       qualifications in a variety of settings, i.e. former supervisor, college instructor, colleague, another
                       individual from extracurricular activities. Be sure to notify your references and leave them a
                       copy of your resume and an idea of the work you would like to enter as a professional. List
                       references on a separate page (name, address and phone) which matches your resume paper. Do
                       not send with initial resume and cover letter; make them available upon request!

AVAILABILITY           Month and year you are available to start work.

OTHER HEADINGS         "Special Skills;" "Publications;" "Professional Development" (training, seminars, conferences,
                       workshops), "Class Projects," "Study Abroad," "If you have something else to add that would be
                       relevant, make a heading that's appropriate and include it!
This action word list will guide you in listing your accomplishments and skills on your resume. They are divided into five
sections for easy reference. Use those that accurately describe your duties.

analyzed                  determined                examined                  organized                 researched
appraised                 developed                 identified                originated                revamped
created                   devised                   interpreted               planned                   reviewed
discovered                estimated                 investigated              prepared                  solved
designed                  evaluated                 measured                  produced                  studied

adapted                   controlled                founded                   maintained                regulated
authorized                coordinated               governed                  managed                   removed
awarded                   designed                  guided                    navigated                 supervised
commanded                 directed                  headed                    operated                  transferred
conducted                 eliminated                instituted                oversaw                   vetoed

accelerated               collected                 employed                  merged                    repaired
achieved                  combined                  enforced                  minimized                 replaced
activated                 completed                 established               modernized                restored
administered              compounded                exchanged                 modified                  selected
altered                   computed                  executed                  motivated                 sponsored
approved                  conceived                 expanded                  notified                  stabilized
arranged                  condensed                 expedited                 observed                  strengthened
assembled                 consolidated              extended                  obtained                  supplemented
assumed                   converted                 formulated                performed                 terminated
attached                  curtailed                 generated                 presented                 transformed
attained                  demonstrated              implemented               procured                  unified
augmented                 disclosed                 improved                  produced                  updated
authored                  discontinued              increased                 published                 utilized
balanced                  dispatched                introduced                rectified                 wrote
built                     distributed               invented                  reduced
classified                economized                invested                  reorganized

accommodated              corresponded              informed                  prepared                  serviced
aided                     delivered                 installed                 processed                 supplied
assisted                  disclosed                 instructed                provided                  sold
audited                   dispensed                 interviewed               purchased                 taught
communicated              educated                  lectured                  received                  tested
conserved                 endorsed                  logged                    represented               trained
constructed               guaranteed                ordered                   routed                    translated

acquainted                consulted                 displayed                 illustrated               recommended
advertised                counseled                 disproved                 informed                  referred
advised                   criticized                edited                    prescribed                reported
advocated                 demonstrated              encouraged                proposed                  suggested
arbitrated                detected                  exhibited                 protected
conferred                 diagnosed                 familiarized              publicized
1. Is format choice (targetedl, functional, combination, etc) appropriate to general resume objective?
2. Are general headings (education, experience, etc) consistently presented and set apart in some way from the other
   material (by capitalizing, underlining, spacing, bold-facing, etc)?
3. Does the order of material presented emphasize what you intend it to? Is the order logical? If the resume is
   chronological, are the items in reverse chronological order (i.e., most recent experience first)?
4. Is the length of the resume appropriate to the amount of material presented and to the job objective?
5. Does the resume have an overall neat, readable appearance? Is it easy to scan? Is there sufficient but not excessive
   white space?

1. Are the topic headings specific enough to invite reader interest? Do the headings hang together in some way?
2. Is the information presented specific and concise? Is it quantitative where appropriate?
3. Are accomplishments and problem-solving skills emphasized?
4. Are the name, address, and telephone number at the top of the first page? If there is a second page, is your last name
   and "page 2" at the top?
5. Is all important information included?
6. Is extraneous material eliminated? Extraneous information includes hobbies, marital status, age, irrelevant
    memberships, repetitious information, information that is assumed or information that is out-of-date.

1. Do sentences begin with action verbs or prominently contain action verbs?
2. Is grammatical style consistent throughout?
3. Is choice of vocabulary appropriate to your job target?
4. Are punctuation and spelling correct?
5. Are sentences and paragraphs of a readable length? (Paragraphs ideally should be no longer than a few lines; if you
   are using a functional format, and you have paragraphs longer than this, consider breaking down your topic headings
   into more specific headings--(e.g. "administration" could become "development" and "budgeting".)
6. Have extraneous phrases, such as "duties included" been eliminated?
7. Do any of your phrases or sentences contain personal pronouns?

Your resume should be word-processed or typed. Have it printed on "wove" paper ("laid" paper is difficult to read for
those with reading disabilities). Use pale colors such as white, ivory, gray, cream, beige, or off-white. Avoid loud and
garish colors and bright white. You have several options for printing:

1. If you are proficient at word-processing, by all means do your own. It is important that you use a letter quality or
   laser printer.
2. Copied on a high-speed COPIER machine
3. If you do not type or word process, check the bulletin boards around campus and see if someone will do it on their
  computer for a reasonable fee.

Cost-wise, printing your resume on a laser printer is the best option. If you choose to have it copied at a copy store (e.g.
Kinko's) simply take a clean copy of your resume to the copy store and ask them to copy it onto "resume paper." They
will have samples of their paper for you to examine and choose. The copies are very good and the cost can't be beat!

1. Fonts: Avoid using Courier, it is a wide font and takes up too much room. Common resume fonts include Times
   Roman, Helvectica, Palatino. There are many new fonts that look great too. Experiment with your font menu!
   Font Size: 11pt is a good size for a one page resume. 12 pt is probably too big and 10 pt too small.
2. Margins: .5 inch margins top, bottom, right and left are recommended for most resumes to give you the maximum
   amount of space for text. In Microsoft Word go to "File" then "Page Setup" and change each margin. The default
   margins are too much and it is almost impossible to have a one page resume with the default margins.
3. Bullets: Or bold dots are used to highlight verb statements on a resume.

FINALLY.....Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!!
EXAMPLE: TARGETED RESUME                    George Washington
                                             1 American Way
                                        Jacksonville, Florida 32224
                                              (904) 123-4567

EDUCATION                  University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida
                           Master of Education (NCATE and State Approved Program), May 2006
                           Major: Special Education       Track: Varying Exceptionalities, (K-12)

                           University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
                           Bachelor of Education (NCATE and State Approved Program), December 2004
                           Secondary Social Science (6-12), GPA 3.5

TEACHER                    Florida Teaching Certificate in Secondary Social Science (6-12) 2006

TEACHING                   Duval County School System, Jacksonville, Florida (January 2004-Present)
EXPERIENCE                 Substitute Teacher, 2 days per week
                           • Teach middle and high school classes in history, English and exceptional

                           Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, Florida, (August 2005-December 2005)
                           Social Sciences Intern, Grades 10 -11, 400 hours/5 classes
                           • Developed lesson plans and taught Geography and American Government
                           • Co-Advisor to Student Government Association
                           • Participated in parent teacher conferences
                           • Developed a unit plan on the importance of voting
                           • Tutored students in social sciences

                           Ed White Middle School, Jacksonville, Florida (January 2005-May 2005)
                           Pre-Intern II in Social Sciences, Grade 7, 50 onsite hours
                           • Developed and taught 5 lesson plans on Civics
                           • Assisted with field trip to the Duval County Court House
                           • Co-chaperoned 50 students on social sciences field trip to Washington, DC

                           Landon Middle School, Jacksonville, Florida (August 2004-December 2004)
                           Pre-Intern I in Psychology, Grade 9 (50 onsite hours)
                           • Taught 5 lessons and team taught with supervising teacher other lessons
                           • Assisted teacher in administrative duties: attendance, and testing

RELATED WORK               Museum of Science and History (MOSH), Orlando, Florida (2002 -2003)
EXPERIENCE                 Museum Guide
                           • Assist with daily presentations and tours
                           • Give presentation to summer camp students
                           • Provide customer service and operate cash register
OTHER WORK                 Olive Garden Restaurant, Server/Host, Mandarin, FL (2004-2006)
EXPERIENCE                 Yotagi Toyota Dealers, Sales Representative, Orange Park, FL (Summer, 2004)
                           Pizza Hut Restaurants, Training Specialist, Kansas City, MO (2001-2004)

COMPUTER                   • Word Perfect                                  • Excel
SKILLS                     • Page Maker                                    • Page Microsoft

PROFESSIONAL               • Student Council for Exceptional Children      • History Club
ORGANIZATIONS              • Student Government Association                • Best Buddies Volunteer

HONORS                     • Dean’s List                                   • Junior Achievement Scholarship
                           • Golden Key National Honor Society             • Phi Alpha Theta
                                                     1 Jaguar Lane
                                              Jacksonville, Florida 32224
                                                    (904) 123-4567

     Seeking an elementary teaching position in the Duval County School System

     University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida
     Bachelor of Education, December 2005            Major: Elementary Education (1-6), GPA: 3.8
     (NCATE and State Approved Program)              Florida Teaching Certificate, Grades 1 - 6

     • Demonstrates open flexible teaching style and variety of teaching methods
     • Creates a learning environment which fosters an appreciation for cultural diversity
     • Utilizes exploration and cooperative learning methods to enhance critical thinking skills
     • Provides effective and appropriate learning activities and materials for individualized instruction
     • Possesses thorough knowledge of subject areas with ability to identify primary concepts and
     San Pablo Elementary School, Fifth Grade, Jacksonville, Florida, Fall 2005
     Elementary Education Student Teacher, 400 hours (16 weeks)
     • Prepared and presented daily lessons in all curriculum areas
     • Actively participated in parent-teacher conferences
     • Appropriately integrated technology in classroom instruction
     • Designed and implemented integrated science/social studies unit on rain forests
     • Performed administrative duties: attendance, recording grades, playground duty
     • Employed effective, positive, and equitable classroom management techniques
     • Utilized variety of techniques/instruments to assess student achievement level and performance
        San Jose Elementary School, Third Grade, Jacksonville, Florida, Spring 2005
        Elementary Education Field II Pre-Intern, 50 hours (10 weeks)
        • Taught reading in individual and group sessions
        • Developed and taught history lessons based on field trip to Fort Caroline.
        • Designed and instructed integrated math/science and language arts/social science lessons
        Crown Point Elementary, First Grade, Jacksonville, Florida, Fall 2004
        Elementary Education Field I Pre-Intern, 50 hours (10 weeks)
        • Reviewed and assessed child cumulative folder
        • Presented lessons in math, science, and language arts
        • Assisted teacher in small group reading instruction
     St. Johns County School System, Chapter 1, Third Grade, St. Augustine, Florida, Spring 2004
     Language/Literacy Development Volunteer, 20 hours (4 weeks)
     • Assisted the Reading Specialist with individual and group reading instruction
     • President, FTP National Teachers Association Student Program
     • Treasurer, Student Government Association Senate
     • Participant in professional development workshops with supervising instructor
    • Dean's List       • Golden Key National Honor Society      • Kappa Delta Pi
Example: Combination Resume:                     Thomas Jefferson
Career Changer                                   123 Central Avenue
                                                Jacksonville, FL 32224

QUALIFICATIONS Organization and Implementation of recruitment functions, marketing seminars, and admissions
               programs. Extensive administrative experience. Strong interpersonal public, speaking,
               interviewing, and evaluating skills.

                        Bachelor of Arts in Psychology May, 2006

EXPERIENCE              DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, Jacksonville, FL (7/05-present)
                        Evaluation: Research and evaluate the effectiveness of a technical training course for computer
                        engineers. Created and distributed questionnaires to control and experimental groups. Compiled,
                        analyzed, evaluated, and presented research findings to middle management in Education and
                        Training, and Electronic Storage Departments.

                        UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA CAREER SERVICES, Jacksonville, FL (9/05-6/06)
                        Administration: Organized and oversaw an annual Career Fair for 250 employers and students,
                        and two Career Networking Receptions for over 200 students and alumni. Prepared invitation
                        lists, maintained phone and written contact with employers and alumni, made arrangements for
                        receptions, and evaluated effectiveness of programs.

                        WEST NOTTINGHAM ACADEMY, Colora, MD (3/00-6/03)
                        Training and Development: Designed and implemented the Nottingham Admissions Network.
                        Instructed 4 regional alumni and parent groups of 10-25 people by instructing them on strategies
                        for contacting prospective students, advertising in local newspapers, and interacting with local
                        public school counselors.
                        Recruiting and Marketing: Developed marketing strategies that increased enrollment by10%,
                        phone and written contacts with students and consultants by 12%, and number of interviews by
                        8%. Traveled extensively in Mid-Atlantic region to public and private schools. Met with
                        educational consultants to recruit students. Interviewed, counseled, and evaluated prospective
                        Administration: Managed admissions/financial aid office procedures and guidelines.
                        Supervised student tour guides. Researched and presented data to Board of Trustee on current
                        enrollment and demographic trends.

                        ALBRIGHT COLLEGE, Reading, PA (6/99-3/00)
                        Training and Development: Coordinated the Albright Alumni Liaison program. Instructed
                        5 regional alumni groups of 20-30 people on admissions recruiting and procedures. Evaluated
                        effectiveness of program. Coordinated and operated seminar for state-wide conference of the
                        Pennsylvania Association of College Admissions Counselors.
                        Recruitment and Marketing: Interviewed, counseled, and evaluated applicants. Represented
                        Albright at numerous high schools while speaking to counselors and students. Traveled
                        extensively in New England and Mid-Atlantic regions.
                        Administration: Coordinated and oversaw open house for 750 prospective students and families.
                        Oversaw various admissions receptions, staff college night schedule, and recruitment travel

COMPUTER                Solid computer experience in statistical analysis (SAS, WORMSTAT, BASIC)

INTERESTS               Running, cycling, and swimming; photography, camping, backpacking and canoeing;
                        cooking, music and creative writing.
Targeted Resume:                             Susan B. Anthony
                                                417 Agatha Street
                                              Jacksonville, FL 32224
                                                  (904) 555-1234


Seeking a position teaching elementary level mathematics and/or science.


University of North Florida                                                            Jacksonville, Florida
Bachelor of Science Degree: Elementary Education                                       May, 2006
Areas of specialization: Mathematics and Science


Eligible for Florida Teacher Certification Elementary Education (Grades 1-6)           2006

                                           RELEVANT COURSEWORK

Calculus I & II                          Organic Chemistry I & II                      Physics
Linear Algebra                           Anatomy and Physiology                        Microbiology
Computing with FORTRAN                   Statistics

                                             TEACHING EXPERIENCE

Rowe Elementary School, Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, Florida (January 2006 – May 2006)
    • Student Teacher-Grade 2 and Departmentalized Math
    • Taught in both a self-contained and departmentalized classroom setting; utilized the methods of the writing
       process, whole language, and the integrated language arts; applied a variety of math problem-solving techniques;
       field-tested new math curriculum. Activities include: First Grade Math Bee coordinator, Social Committee
       Chairperson, Campus Coordinating Committee Member, Jacksonville Teachers’ and Community Advocacy
       Committee Representative.
Aaron Carter Jr. YMCA, Jacksonville, Florida (Summer 2006)
    • Coordinator and Instructor – “Live and Learn,” a program for middle school students identified as
    • Designed and presented life-skill lessons through group discussions, guest speakers, field trips, and active
    • Actively involved business leaders in life-skill program.
Eisenhower Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida (Spring 2005)
    • Student Teacher-Grade 4
    • Developed and taught poetry unit; instructed and supervised computer lab; worked with individuals in math;
       introduced and helped maintain daily journal writing; helped organize an all-school environmental awareness
Dover Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida (Fall 2004)
    • Practicum Teacher-Grade 6
    • Developed and taught science lessons
    • Assisted with computer activities and individual work in math and science.

                                PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES

Classroom Management                   Peer Coaching                           Improving Student Writing
Quest                                  NASA Math                               Newspapers in Education

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