Vehicle Maintenance Systems Audits (VMSA)

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					                                                       Vehicle Maintenance Systems Audits (VMSA)

                               FTA’s Vehicle Maintenance Systems Audits provide independent auditing of both the systems and
                               the procedures you have in place to deal with your vehicle maintenance arrangements using the
                               recommendations in VOSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness as the benchmark.
                               By thoroughly auditing your maintenance systems and carrying out essential roadworthiness
                               inspections, it is possible to identify areas that are fully compliant and those that require prompt
                               remedial attention.
                               The comprehensive reporting breaks down your systems into seven key areas and includes best
                               practice tips and invaluable advice for determining which areas of your operation require special
                               consideration, in order to avoid non-compliance should VOSA visit your operating centre.

    Your legal obligations                                              What does a typical audit include?
    Vehicle safety is one of the prime objectives of the               The following areas of your systems and records are examined:
    O licensing system and therefore you must satisfy your
                                                                       1 Daily walkround checks
    Traffic Commissioner that you can keep vehicles in a fit and
                                                                         Including whether sufficient instructions/training has been
    serviceable condition. This includes ensuring daily vehicle
                                                                         given to drivers and whether they appear to be carrying out
    checks are undertaken, a suitable defect reporting system is
                                                                         checks correctly
    in place, regular safety inspections are carried out and any
    defects of which affect the safety or legality of the vehicle as   2 Driver defect reporting
    promptly rectified.                                                  Including whether defects are being recorded, how accurately
                                                                         drivers are completing reports and what percentage of defect
    VOSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness recommends                reports correctly record the remedial action taken
    that vehicle/trailer condition and maintenance procedures          3 Safety inspections
    are subject to periodic quality monitoring by a technically          Including checks on the planned programme for carrying
    competent third party; this should include the inspection of         out safety inspections it’s compliance with VOSA
    vehicles/trailers and analysis of inspection records, to reveal      recommendations, and whether the programme had been
    any incorrectly completed reports or problematic trends.             adhered to over the period covered by the audit. Inspection
                                                                         reports will be checked to determine whether they
                                                                         correspond with the current VOSA Inspection Manual and
                                                                         whether they have been correctly completed
    Why choose FTA?
                                                                       4 Maintenance facilities
                                                                         Including recording who undertakes inspection, maintenance
•   Full concise industry-respected reporting
                                                                         and repair, checks on the equipment available for vehicle
•   Independent and impartial inspection and advice                      maintenance and the number of staff involved in the
•   UKAS accredited inspections                                          maintenance operation
•   Over 2,000 vehicle inspections every week                          5 Quality monitoring
•   Over 130 qualified vehicle engineers                                 Including reporting on who is responsible for undertaking
                                                                         quality control of your maintenance systems and whether
•   Inspections carried out on your premises, at a time to suit you      annual test pass/failure rates and/or prohibitions (PG9’s) are
•   Over 40 years of experience in vehicle inspections                   monitored
•   Leading authority on all freight transport issues                  6 Records
•   FTA services underpinned by expert knowledge of freight              Including checks on availability, filing and retention of
    transport legislation, due to industry representational              periodic inspection reports and driver defect reports
    activities                                                         7 Vehicle condition
                                                                         Will be included in the audit if FTA’s roadworthiness
                                                                         inspections have been set-up to be a part of the quality
                                                                         monitoring process. The acid test of any maintenance system
                                                                         is the condition of the vehicles. It is therefore essential that
                                                                         roadworthiness inspections are carried out to give you a full
                                                                         picture of your maintenance systems.

                                                                                Ensuring compliance, advancing performance
 How is the information presented
The findings of the audit are written up in a detailed report                                                   If you operate from more than one depot, the results of each
which includes the auditing engineers’ comments and                                                             audit can be presented graphical, as management information
recommendations. Graphical representation of the data is also                                                   which allows you to instantly identify which particular depots
included, allowing you to see which areas of your operation                                                     require prompt or immediate attention.
are compliant or non-compliant, when compared to VOSA
guidelines and current industry best practice.

       Sample report                                                Maintenance System Audit
                                                                       From 01-Jul-2006 To 31-Dec-2006

                                     ARRANGEMENTS                                          SAT         NES       UNSAT                           COMPLIANCE

                 Daily Walk     Driver          Safety       Vehicle     Quality                Records         Daily Walk        Driver            Safety         Vehicle     Quality             Records
                 Round etc      Defect           Insps      Maintenance Monitoring                              Round etc         Defect             Insps        Maintenance Monitoring
                               Reporting                                                                                         Reporting

       Depot A                                                                                                                                       UNSAT
       Depot B                                 UNSAT                                            UNSAT
      Depot C                  UNSAT                                                                               UNSAT            UNSAT

                 Daily Walk     Driver          Safety       Vehicle     Quality                 Records        Daily Walk        Driver            Safety         Vehicle     Quality             Records
                  Round etc     Defect           Insps      Maintenance Monitoring                              Round etc         Defect             Insps        Maintenance Monitoring
                               Reporting                                                                                         Reporting
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