Elap Multi-Drive Push Pull Hand Controls by fuf15836


									ref: A4MULTIDRIVE/0605
                                                                                                             Multi-Drive Push Pull

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                                                                                                      Elap Multi-Drive
                                                                                                         Push Pull
                                                                                                      Hand Controls

            The Elap Multi-Drive Push Pull Hand Controls have been developed to offer a simple and cost
            effective solution to allow the acceleration and braking actions to be applied via your hands rather
            than legs.
            Its simple operation is easy to understand and most do not struggle to adapt their driving style.
            The operation of the brake and accelerator is fully mechanical so if you are driving long distances
            or have less upper body strength we would recommend one of our large range of electronic hand
            controls such as the electronic trigger accelerator and brake system.
            The Multi-Drive Push Pull can be supplied with an indicator switch for both non-multiplex and multiplex
            vehicles as an extra low cost option. If you are unsure if your vehicle is multiplex or not, please call
            our customer solutions team who will advise you accordingly.

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