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Vehicle Maintenance BASIC – CSA 2010                                                            January 2010
The 5th of the 7 BASIC’s is Vehicle Maintenance.            Vehicle Maintenance violations are easy to find by
This BASIC covers all regulations relating to the           enforcement personnel and are why a detailed pre- and
inspection, repair and maintenance of commercial            post-trip inspection is a must.
motor vehicles of all sizes and types.                      The following steps will bring success in the Vehicle
Below are examples of violations in this BASIC:             Maintenance BASIC.
 • Operating an Out of Service (OOS) Vehicle                 1. A detailed PRE-TRIP inspection every time a
   [396.9(c)] Severity – 10                                     vehicle is taken on the public highway.
 • Tire – flat and /or audible air leak [393.75(a)(3)]       2. Document and report any vehicle defects found on
   Severity – 8 (NOTE: Most tire related                        the pre- or post-trip inspection.
   violations carry an 8 Severity score.)                    3. Complete all paperwork, including Driver’s
 • All Suspension violations [393.207] Severity – 7             Vehicle Inspection Reports and log inspections on
 • All Steering violations [393.209] Severity – 6               your Driver’s Daily Log.
 • Stop lamp violations [393.25(f)] Severity – 6            Remember, many of these violations are noted in the
                                                            Severity charts as “driver responsible,” which means
 • Emergency GladHand –Audible Air leak                     even though it is a maintenance item, the driver is
   [393.45(a)] Severity – 4                                 responsible for noting and repairing defects before
 • Inadequate/contaminated brake linings [393.47]           taking the vehicle onto the highway. The violations
   Severity – 4                                             noted as Driver Responsible will be recorded against
 • No/discharged/unsecured fire extinguisher                the driver’s record and be used in the Driver Safety
                                                            Measurement System.
   [393.95(a)(1)(i) Severity – 2
                                                            Protect your ability to drive. Follow the rules. Pre-trip
Notice the pattern of these examples. The violations        the vehicle thoroughly, fix items noted during the
with high severity scores are those that are more           inspections and complete the necessary forms.
likely to cause a crash. Suspension issues are very
serious and could cause the vehicle to lose control
and cause a crash. A bad tire or steering systems
can also cause a crash, but not having a proper or
secured fire extinguisher, while still a regulation
and requirement is not as likely to cause a crash.
The Vehicle Maintenance BASIC has one of the
longest lists of violations in the entire CSA 2010
Carrier Safety Measurement System; approximately
273. If you would like to review them for yourself,
go to the CSA 2010 web site - Click on Motor
Carriers and Drivers, go all the way to the bottom of
the page, click on CSA 2010 related materials and
click on Safety Measurement System (SMS) to
open the PDF file with this information.

              Thanks for your time and attention to this important Driver Education Topic.
                                      Information provided is advisory in nature.

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