Vehicle Maintenance Assistant by xkv18799


									           Vehicle Maintenance Assistant

            Time Commitment: Varies depending upon program needs. An ongoing commitment is preferred.

            Special Skills or Knowledge: Vehicle maintenance

            Job Duties

            •	    Be available to assist A & A Cottages, Inc; in general repairs and ongoing
                  maintenance of agency vehicles

            •	    Assist in regular preventative maintenance of agency vehicles such as regular oil changes, tuneups, etc.

            •	    Assist A & A Cottages, Inc. in maintaining appropriate records of vehicle repairs

            •	    If possible, assist during emergencies (e.g., flat tire repairs, towing, assisting stranded staff, etc.)

            •	    Act as a formal representative of the agency in dealing with the public

            •	    Communicate with program and agency staff, as needed, to ensure safety of vehicle passengers

Vehicle Maintenance

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