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									9th CONGRESS
of the European Federation
        of Internal Medicine
            21–24 September 2010
               Stockholm, Sweden

      First Announcement

Updates, Priorities and Quality Control in Internal Medicine
                                                               Dear Colleagues and Friends,
                                                               I am very honoured and pleased to invite you to visit Stockholm for the 9th meeting of
                                                               the European Federation of Internal Medicine in September 21–24, 2010. The Congress is
                                                               arranged in conjunction with the Swedish Society of Internal Medicine, celebrating
                                                               its 105th anniversary during the Congress.
                                                               The theme for the Congress will be on updates in internal medicine, covering the broad field
                                                               of general and specialized internal medicine, with a focus on priorities and quality control
                                                               as well as on an individual patient-physician basis in the broader sense. With the complex
                                                               diagnostic procedures and treatments under development it is increasingly important to
                                                               consider patient safety and treatment effectiveness, avoiding treatment interactions, and
                                                               to have a holistic view of the best for the patient.
                                                               I strongly believe that your participation in the Congress has an important role for the scientific
                                                               discussions but also for making new friends in internal medicine in the growing European
                                                               The Congress will take place in the central area in Stockholm, within walking distance from the
                                                               hotels and City Centre. I am sure that the social events, including dinner in
                                                               the City Hall (famous from the Nobel Prize award) will present to you the best of Sweden.
                                                               We will do our very best to make your visit to the 9th EFIM meeting a fruitful and
                                                               memorable experience, also for the accompanying persons.
                                                               Looking forward seeing you in Stockholm in September 2010.

                                                               Dr. Thomas Kjellström
                                                               President of the 9th EFIM Congress
                                                                                                              Local organising committee
                                                                                                              Thomas Kjellström /Chair       Jesper Persson
                                                                                                              Mikael Köhler                  Mats Roman
                                                                                                              Stefan Lindgren                Marcus Carlsson
                                                                                                              Lars Gustafsson                Stefan Söderberg
                                                                                                              Ulla Hellström                 Lena Bokemark
                                                                                                              Eva Nitelius                   Karin Manhem
                                                                                                              Klas Sjöberg
Updates, Priorities and Quality Control in Internal Medicine
 General Information

 Venue and Dates
 The 9th Congress of the European
 Federation of Internal Medicine will be
 held at the Stockholm City Conference
 Centre, 21–24 September 2010, Stockholm,

 Important Addresses
 All matters regarding registration, hotel
 booking, social events, abstract handling
 and general information are managed by
 Congrex Sweden AB. Please contact the
 Scientific Secretariat for questions regarding
 the scientific programme.

 Administrative Secretariat
 Congrex Sweden AB
 Attn: EFIM2010                                   Important Dates
 Karlavägen 108                                   > Deadline for abstract submission 15 April 2010
 PO Box 5619
                                                  > Deadline for early registration fee 15 June 2010
 SE-114 86 Stockholm
 Sweden                                           > Second announcement available from May 2009
 Telephone: +46 8 459 66 00
 Fax: +46 8 661 91 25                             Commercial Exhibition
 E-mail: info@efim2010.org                        A commercial exhibition will be arranged
 www.congrex.com                                  in conjunction with the Congress. Please
                                                  contact Congrex if you are interested in
 Scientific Secretariat                           participating in the exhibition.
 Stefan Lindgren
 Universitetssjukhuset MAS                        Official Conference Organiser
 SE-205 02 Malmö, Sweden
                                                  Congrex Sweden AB has been appointed
 Telephone: +46 40 33 23 06
                                                  official Congress organiser for this event.
 Fax: +46 40 92 32 72
                                                  The Congrex Group works internationally
 E-mail: stefan.lindgren@medforsk.mas.lu.se
                                                  with offices in Sweden, The Netherlands,
                                                  United Kingdom and Latin America,
 Local Organising Committee                       offering integrated solutions for the
                                                  association services industry and corporate
 Thomas Kjellström
                                                  and governmental meetings. For more
 Verksamhetsområde Internmedicin
                                                  information, please visit www.congrex.com
 Helsingborgs Lasarett
 SE-251 87 Helsingborg, Sweden
 Telephone: +46 42 406 16 50                      Web Site
 Fax: +46 42 406 16 89                            For the latest information about the
 E-mail: thomas.kjellstrom@skane.se               Congress, please visit the Congress web site
 www.efim2010.org                                 at: www.efim2010.org
Updates, Priorities and Quality Control in Internal Medicine
                                                               Scientific Information                                     Language
                                                                                                                          The official language of the Congress is
                                                               The overall theme of EFIM 9th Congress is                  English. No simultaneous translation will
                                                               ”Updates, Priorities and Quality Control                   be provided.
                                                               in Internal Medicine”. All sections provide
                                                               clinical updates in different areas with
                                                               relevance for all internists. We will use a                Abstract Submission
                                                               variety of formats such as Plenary Lectures,               More information regarding abstract
                                                               Symposia, Satellite Symposia, Interactive                  submission can be found in the second
                                                               Sessions, Pro-con discussions and Small                    announcement, available from May 2009
                                                               group meet the expert-sessions. There will
                                                               be a large poster session and we invite
                                                               you all to submit abstracts to display and                 Social Programme
                                                               discuss your scientific work during the                    The Gala dinner is booked in the City Hall,
                                                               Congress. Oral abstract presentations                      the venue of the Nobel Prize dinner, where
                                                               will primarily be integrated in the Core                   you will be served a delicious menu while
                                                               Programme Sessions. Basically one or two                   being entertained by Swedish artists.
                                                               invited speakers will form the core of a
                                                               thematic session. These State of the Art                   For accompanying persons we plan a
                                                               presentations will then be complemented                    “Royal” tour – a trip by boat on lake
                                                               by several oral presentations of abstracts                 Mälaren to Drottningholm Palace, the
                                                               submitted within that area. Thus, if you                   residence of the Swedish royal family and a
                                                               submit your best abstract you have a good                  world heritage contribution. You can have
                                                               chance of presenting and discussing your                   lunch on the boat and also make a visit to
                                                               data in prestigious surroundings with a                    the very old and interesting opera house of
                                                               large audience. Each session will have clear               Drottningholm.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Production: Congrex Sweden AB / Informationsbolaget Nyberg & Co. Photos: Alexander Dokukin (page 1) amd Richard Ryan / Stockholm Visitors Board
                                                               “take-home messages”.

                                                               Examples of Congress Themes
                                                               > Alcohol – early detection and treatment
                                                               > Acute coronary syndrome                                  We will also arrange a “Historical” tour
                                                               > Chronic Inflammation                                     – after a short walk through the Old Town
                                                               > Cardiology in the elderly                                with narrow streets and historical buildings
                                                                                                                          you will be able to visit the royal palace with
                                                               > Gender differences in disease
                                                                                                                          the treasury and then end up with a short,
                                                               > Benchmarking system                                      nice boattrip to the most popular sight of
                                                               > Future internists – gender aspects                       Stockholm, the famous Vasa museum.
                                                               > Primary prevention for the internist                     You can’t visit Stockholm without learning
                                                               > Polyvascular disease – secondary prevention              more about Scandinavian design and crystal!
                                                               > Education in Internal Medicine                           A “Design/Shopping” tour will take you to
                                                                                                                          some of the best shops in Stockholm.
                                                               > Obesity
                                                               > Learning and quality                                     Post Congress tours will be arranged
                                                                                                                          including a boat tour to Helsinki (Friday
                                                               > Quality of live – what makes the difference
                                                                                                                          evening–Sunday morning) – 2 nights on
                                                               > Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome                      the ferry passing through the beautiful
                                                               > Health care access                                       archipelago and a whole day for sightseeing
                                                                                                                          and shopping in Helsinki.

                                                                         The Congress is arranged with the participation of International Society of Internal Medicine (ISIM)
                                                                    and the American College of Physisicans. The Swedish Society of Internal Medicine is hosting the EFIM2010.

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