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Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Ideas
Any church, school or United Way Agency

United Way of the Midlands                    733-7312
             1800 Main Street, Columbia, S.C. 20201
             John Heins, Executive Director @ 733-5400

American Red Cross
            2751 Bull Street, Columbia, S.C. 29203 @ 540-1234
            Bill Bartlett, Director of Emergency Services @ 251-6112
            Libby Ross RN, Blood Services Consultant @ 251-6125
            Berry Pollard, Administrator @ 251-6000
            General Information @ 251-6000

Harvest Hope Food Bank                254-4432
             2220 Shop Road, Columbia, S.C. 20201
             Jim Lecicero, Director @ 765-9181

Family Shelter, Inc.
              2411 Two Notch Road, Columbia, S.C. 29204
              Rhettie Gettore @ 254-8344

Family Service Center
             1800 Main Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201

Family Services of Columbia
              1410 Colonial Life Blvd., West Columbia, S.C. 29210

Salvation Army
             2025 Main Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201
             Executive Director @ 765-0260

Palmetto Place Children=s Shelter, of Columbia
              Betty McColl, Director @ 786-6819

Helpline of the Midlands, Columbia         790-7495
              1800 Main Street, Columbia, S. C. 29201
              Jane Key, Director @ 790-4357
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Congaree Swamp National Monument
            100 National Park Road, Hopkins, S.C. 29061
            Fran Rametta, Park Ranger @ 776-4396

V.A. Medical Center, Columbia
             Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, S.C. 29209
             Priscilla Cramer, Volunteer Services @ 776-4000

Columbia City Hall
             1737 Main Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201    545-3000
              Information line 733-8300 (896-6100 & 896-6180 & 896-6183)
             Norman McCorkel, State Historic Markers Specialist @ 734-8577
             Mike McCribb, City Traffic Engineer @ 545-3850

Presbyterian Home
              700 DaVega Drive, Lexington, S.C. 29073
              J.A. Baulknight, Head of Maintenance @ 796-8700
              Peg Taylor, President @ 796-8750

Harbison State Forest
              Ron Ferguson, Forestry Commission @ 737-8800

Epworth Children=s Home
             2900 Milwood Street, Columbia, S.C. 29205
             Sara Arnold, Personnel @ 256-7394
             Tom Campbell, Director @ 256-7394

Camp Discovery at His Acres
            208 Claude Bundrick Road, Blythwood, S.C. 29016
            Donna Rayner, Director @ 754-2008

God=s Storehouse
            6624 Shakespear Road, Columbia, S.C. 29223
            Carol McCarthy, Director @ 691-1622

Sesquicentennial State Park
             Tammy Sutherland, Park Naturalist @ 788-8332
             George Gordon, Park Superintendent @ 788-2706

Riverbanks Zoo
             1126 Graystone Boulevard, Columbia, S.C.
             Palmer Krantaz, Director @ 779-8717
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Columbia Animal Shelter
            Shop Road, Columbia, S.C.
            Eloise McMillan, Superintendent of Animal Services @ 776-7387

Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center
             2009 Hampton Street, Columbia, S.C. 29204
             Mark Mehenn, Director @ 771-6634

Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center
              821-A East Main Street
              Lexington, S.C. 29072

Habitat for Humanity
              209 South Sumter Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201
              Tom Carlisle, Project Supervisor @ 252-3570

Midlands Center
            George McLees, Service Support Administrator @ 935-7510

Columbia Police Department                            545-3500
             1Justice Square, Columbia, S.C. 20201
             Identification @ 545-3515
              Special Events @ 545-3535

Mays Park
             4100 Trenholm Road, Columbia, S.C. 29206
             James Lanracy, Park Planner @ 733-8331

Children Unlimited of Family Service Center
             1825 Gadsden Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201
              Gina Votion, Assistant Program Director @ 799-8311

S.C. Organ Procurement Agency
             Dr. Lewis Galloway @! 771-4408

Saluda River Public Access Area
              Tom Boozer, Project Manager @ 748-3000

Saluda Shoals Park
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Ronald McDonald House               254-3181
           2955 Colonial Drive, Columbia, S.C. 29203

Cayce Historical Museum
              Clayton Kleckley, Curator @ 796-9020

Oliver Gospel Mission                                254-0590
             1100 Taylor Street, Columbia, S.C. 29202
             Bill Howly, Director of Men=s Services @ 254-6470

Carolina Children=s Home
              3201 Trenholm Road, Columbia, S.C. 29206
              Administration @ 782-1421

Department of Juvenile Justice
             Patricia Rock, Project Director @ 896-9258

Historic Columbia Foundation
             1601 Richland Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201
             Ray Sigmon, Director @ 252-7742

Women=s Shelter                     254-0056
           3425 North Main Street, Columbia, S.C. 29203
           Kathy Riley;, Director @ 779-4706
           Office 799-9457

St. Lawrence Place
             2400 Waites Road, Columbia, S.C. 29204

The Nursing Center
             Joan Fall, Director of Development @ 771-4160
             Nancy Truluck, Director of Services and Facilities

Sandhills Academy
             1500 Hallbrook Drive, Columbia, S.C. 29209
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Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
             4201 North Main Street, Columbia, S.C. 29203
             333-0961 or 786-5150

Sharing God=s Love
            147 Friarsgate Blvd., Irmo, S.C. 29063
            Brenda Davenport, Director @ 732-3188

Lowman Home
          2101 Dutch Fork Road, White Rock, S.C. 29036
          Sherry French, Administrator of Activities @ 732-8748
          Beckie Wolfe, Day Spring Coordinator @ 732-8780
          General Information @ 732-3000 or 732-8800

Y.M.C.A. Family Center Day Care
            401 YMCA Road, Lexington, S.C. 29073
            Pebbles Hydrick, Director @ 359-3376
            Kevin Eubanks, Assistant Director

Lexington Town Park
            Grahm Taylor, Park Commissioner @ 359-4048

Lexington County Museum
            Fox Street, Lexington, S.C. 29072
            Elisabeth Owens, Curator @ 359-8369
            Horace Harmon, Director

Peachtree Rock Preserve in Lexington County
             Dale Soblo, Director of Stewardship @ 254-9049

Billy Dreher Island State Park
               Lake Murray, Lexington, S.C.
               Rick Smith, Head Ranger @ 364-3530

Lexington County Commission on Recreation and the Aging
            Kathy Sharp @ 359-4048

Babcock Center
            1502 West Main Street, Lexington, S.C. 29072
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Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Columbia, Inc.
              4949 Two Notch Road, Columbia, S.C. 29223

Cooperative Ministry
             298 Taylor Street, Columbia, S.C. 29202

Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands
             1012 Woodrow Street, Columbia, S.C. 29205
             P.O. Box 123, Columbia, S.C. 29202

Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands Lorick Park    786-7515
             1751 Lorick Avenue, Columbia, S.C. 29203

Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands – Lexington Unit        957-5232
             104 Allen Street, Lexington, S.C. 29072

Eau Clair Cooperative Health Center
             4605 Monticello Road, Columbia, S.C. 29203

Fort Jackson Youth Services
              5975 Chestnut Road. Fort Jackson, S.C. 29207

Free Medical Clinic
              P.O. Box 4616, Columbia, S.C. 29240

Sistercare, Inc.
                   1820 Morline Lane, Cayce, S.C. 29033

Family Shelter            254-6854
                   1721 McFadden Street, Columbia, S.C. 29204

Family Service Center
               Lexington County           791-3580
               Richland County            929-6353

Arcadia Lakes Town Clerk           782-2272
               6626-A Arcadia Woods Road, Arcadia, S.C. 29206
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Blythwood Town Business Office     754-0501
             141 Langford Road, Blythwood, S.C. 29016

Cayce City Hall                         796-9020
                  1800 12 Street Ext., Cayce, S.C. 29033

Eastover Town Hall                       353-2281

Forest Acres City Hall                782-9475
                 5205 N. Trenholm Road, Forest Acres, S.C. 29206

Gaston Town Hall                         796-7725

Irmo Town Hall                          781-7050
                   7300 Woodrow Street, Irmo, S.C. 29063

Lexington Town Hall                  951-4640
               111 Maiden Street, Lexington, S.C. 29072

South Congaree Town Hall              755-2760
                119 West Berry Road, South Congaree, S.C. 29172

Springdale Town Hall                   794-0408
                2915 Platt Springs Road, Springdale, S.C.

West Columbia City Clerk              791-1880
               1053 Center Street, West Columbia, S.C. 29169

Eagle Scout Projects Already Done
Red Cross:

$      Organized emergency items in the warehouse
$      Coordinated, inventoried, and built shelves for the warehouse
$      Cleaned, repaired, and restored the Emergency Resource Vehicle and Disaster storage
$      Developed a youth run disaster response team
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$     Cleaned, repaired, and painted playground equipment
$     Built ramp from parking lot to picnic shelter for the handicapped
$     Cleaned cemetery grounds, removed old shrubbery, planted new trees and shrubbery
$     Turned room into a food pantry and clothes closet for the needy
$     Removed dead shrubs from around a parking lot, planted new ones and painted lines
        on parking lot
$     Constructed and landscaped a garden area adjacent to the church cemetery
$     Constructed a playground for 2 and 3 year olds
$     Covered day school playground with wood chips and built retaining fence to prevent
$     Construct a sign to identify a cemetery, planted trees, built a distinctive entrance way
$     Created garden for child development center
$     Built self-guided and handicapped accessible nature trail
$     Removed diseased shrubs and planted 125 Red tips over 1064 square feet
$     Create and implement program to record church services and deliver to shut ins
$     Repair church sign and landscape grounds around it, build a flower bed
$     Build a janitor closet in the church Fellowship Hall
$     Build storage cabinets for Sunday School rooms
$     Re-roof, repair and paint church gazebo
$     Conduct a book fair for a church run bookstore and inventory books in bookstore
$     Paint murals on church class room walls
$     Remodel church's storage building, adding double door entrance for tractor access,
      shelving and window coverings.
$     Repaint lines on parking lot and clean up area
$     Landscape a pathway
$     Plant decorative trees on church’s retreat property
$     Refinish 16 desks
$     Build a personal reflection garden with 2 benches and a plaque
$     Install lighting and outlets around the BBQ pit
$     Renovate the basement room of church
$     Planting bushes around the air-conditioning units, and plant a flower bed and grass in area
$     Plant trees and shrubs, and landscape
$     Install new sign at a church
$     Build picnic tables
$     Remodel GOYA room


$     Restore bleachers on the football and track fields
$     Build bleachers for sports stadium
$     Fingerprint and photograph students
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$   Landscape at new school
$   Build ramp to supply shed
$   Develop cross-country trail for a high school
$   Repaired playground equipment and planted flowers
$   Rebuild nature trail, build wildlife habitat and a tracking/feeding station
$   Cleaned and build a spring area on a new nature trail
$   Landscape a courtyard for mentally handicapped students
$   Built picnic tables and benches for students waiting for buses
$   Renovated and naturalized kindergarten playground
$   Planned a bicycle safety program, checked bikes, and gave safety tips
$   Collected donations for Christmas gifts to the needy
$   Recondition and replace 2 sets of 16 foot bleachers
$   Design, build and install cedar flag pole 20 feet tall at athletic field
$   Paint parking and no parking areas, curb and directional arrows
$   Create a nature walk and area, plant flowers and plants in area
$   Build ramp in walking path so kids would not get wet feet while walking from school to
    parking area and between buildings on rainy days
$   Create archives for local high school
$   Build 2 benches for students to eat lunch on
$   Build a sturdy footbridge across a brook to make a safe shortcut for children between
    their homes and school
$   Set up a community study center for children who needed a place to do schoolwork
$   Trained fellow students as audiovisual aids for their school. Arranged for more than 200
    hours of audiovisual work
$   Refurbishing the lighting booth at the local high school auditorium
$   Build 3 newspaper and 2 aluminum can recycle boxes at local school
$   Conduct a program for Kindergarten children about dangers of abduction and fingerpring
    them for their parents
$   Construct a section of the Congaree Trail
$   Construct a horseshoe and hacky sacking area for students
$   Beautify the three parking lots
$   Build two benches and planter boxes
$   Create flower beds and build three lattice trellises for vines
$   Construct corner cabinet and provide books for the Richland County Health Department
    Child Health Clinic
$   Create a concrete mosaic stepping stone path
$   Build walkway to 4 flag poles
$   Build shelving
$   Build Benches and lectern
$   Refinish 14 picnic tables
$   Landscape area in front of school
$   Create signature D and plant ground cover at Dreher High School
$   Construct nature trail
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$     Construct bird houses and install at University of South Carolina garden
$     Build garden path

State Parks:

$     Build protective fence around state champion Loblolly Pine Tree
$     Build a living classroom behind the Park Nature Center
$     Used railroad ties to stop erosion on a trail and built benches for people to rest while
$     Built a new primitive/youth campsite
$     Finished a nature trail and placed bluebird and bat boxes
$     Build and install 4 benches along trail
$     Plant about 1500 Pine seedlings in barren area
$     Build bridge over ditch
$     Place trail signs along nature trail
$     Build and install nesting boxes for Canadian Geese
$     Designed and built a conservation education display for a natural resources center
$     Build handicapped trail with posts for Braille plaques at forest preserve
$     Paint 100 picnic tables for forest preserve
$     Build wooden bridge over stream

Congaree National Monument:

     Build foot bridge over creek
     Construct a 250 foot cable barrier at the after hours, picnic & camping area
     Build wheelchair accessible picnic tables
     Build new deck at two turnouts for the boardwalk

City of Columbia:

     Picnic tables, ball bin, club racks for Golf Driving Range
     Build campsite at Eastside Park
     Build and install duck boxes at Eastside Park


$     Straighten grave markers and fill-in pot holes in road at a cemetery
$     Set up Disaster Response Plan with local ARC and Scouting
$     Design and build historical display for local museum
$     Build patio area for local nursing home
$     Welcoming dinner for international students at university
$     Set up historical trail through town and write brochure
$     Design, build and install flag holders for light posts for city
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$   Work with mentally handicapped students through custom designed program
$   Organize and conduct river clean-up program
$   Rebuild old bikes to donate to needy children
$   Conduct food drive and distribute food to the needy
$   Grade pond banks to control erosion, map pond and stock with fish at forest preserve
$   Place street numbers on street side for EMS and other emergency services. Used
    reflective paint
$   Plant trees around boundary of playground at Camp Discovery to define property lines
$   Expand Palmetto Trail on Fort Jackson about one mile
$   Make raised planter boxes at local nursing home. Planters will be for wheel chair persons
$   Renovate traffic island in local community with historical marker on it
$   Renovate bedroom in local shelter home, patch and paint walls, install blinds and curtains
    on windows, install shelving in closet, and build chest of drawers
$   Build wheelchair ramp for disabled at local park
$   Made trays to fasten to wheelchairs for veterans with disabilities at a VA Hospital
$   Collected used books and distributed them to people in the community who wanted and
    needed, but could not afford, books
$   Collected and repaired used toys and gave them to a home for children with disabilities

$   Organized and operated a bicycle safety campaign. This involves a written safety test,
    equipment safety check, and a skill contest in a bike rodeo
$   Build a Atot lot@ in a big city neighborhood and set up a schedule for Boy Scouts to help
    run it
$   Design and build educational games for learning disabled students
$   Collect 500 pair of used eye glasses for the Lions Club Program
$   Organize social functions for church sponsored nursing home for 6 months
$   Build a footbridge at local park
$   Repair a local troubled youth facility, inside and out, including woodwork, painting and
$   Collect children's books and toys and setup a plan area at a public hospital neighborhood
$   Build patio at local troubled youth home
$   Plant trees and place logs and boulders in a local park to stop off-road vehicles from
    damaging grounds
$   Place signs reading “Don’t Dump – Drains to Stream” in Forest Acres, Arcadia Lakes and
    Lake Katherine area.
$   Make travel kits for V.A. Hospital patients
$   Make playing card holders for patients at the V.A. Hospital
$   Landscape backyard of Sistercare
$   Refurbish a playground at Sistercare
$   Paint and landscape around office and child care center at St. Lawrence Place
$   Collect toiletries for the boys at the Department of Juvenile Justice
$   Repaint lines in parking lot and clean up area of the Free Medical Clinic
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$   Build 2 computer tables for the Young Men’s Christian Association’s day camp
$   Construct a library area and have a book drive for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. community
    Center and park
$   Paint street numbers along Stepp, Pruitt and Quitman drives
$   Organize a luggage drive for Epworth Children’s Home
$   Put an irrigation system in and plant flowers on the American Legion of Richland County
    Post Six property
$   Take children’s pictures for SC Adoptive and Foster Children’s web site
$   Build bat houses to be placed along Gills Creek
$   Construct bird boxes for the University of South Carolina’s A.C. Moore Garden Park
$   Build shelving and organize prop room for Town Theater
$   Build supply closets for American Legion Richland Post 6.
$   Plant hedgerow, crape myrtle, and Indian Hawthorns on grounds of Owens Field Park
$   Restore flag pole and make space around flag pole accessible to handicapped at Wardlaw
$   Build picnic tables and benches at Carlisle Community Park
$   Build wooden bridge over creek at Three Rivers Gateway
$   Build container garden and horseshoe pit at Heartland of Columbia
$   Build raised planter boxes for handicapped at Rice Home
$   Construct walking trail at Old Woodlands Park
$   Build information board at Owens Field Park
$   Construct a bird habitat for Ronald McDonald Children’s Home
$   Build a trophy case for Trenholm Park
$   Build wooden bridge over stream at Harbison State Park
$   Create trail along Congaree River

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