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                        th International Congress
                                                          and Exhibition
                                                      for South-East Europe

                   Energy Efficiency
               Renewable Energy Sources
                                                                           14-16 April 2010
                                                                         IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria

           Germany – Strategic Partner                                                                                                             Italy – Focus Country
Under the Auspices of the:

                 Ministry of Economy,                                      Ministry of Environment            Ministry of Transport, Information
                 Energy and Tourism                                               and Water                   Technology and Communications
                                                                                                                                                    Energy Efficiency Agency         Sofia Municipality

Sponsor:                                      Media Sponsors:                                                                                                                  K n o w - H o w Tra n s f e r :

                                                                                                                                                                                Garching b. Muenchen, Germany

With the Suppor t of:                                                                                                                                                                  Organizer:

                              European Photovoltaic     The European Association for   The American Council   European Geothermal
                               Industry Association    the Promotion of Cogeneration   On Renewable Energy       Energy Council                                          
EE & RES               6th International Congress & Exhibition for South-East Europe • 14 – 16 April 2010, IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria

D        espite of the current economic crisis, the
         development of the energy sector is growing
         up. The EE & RES Forum in 2009 reinforced its
position as the leading technology and marketing event
for South-East Europe as the number of the exhibitors has
doubled in comparison with 2008.

Congress & Exhibition
Statistics for 2009
CONGRESS SPEAKERS - 43 speakers from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic,
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey and UK.

CONGRESS ATTENDEES - more than 400 industry specialists from 28

EXHIBITORS – 90% growth in comparison with 2008 – 124 presented compa-
nies from Austria, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece,
Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, USA.

3219 VISITORS - Over 60% of the visitors were decision makers and approx.
31% – technical, consultant and sales specialists.                                The leading Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Forum for
                                                                                  South-East Europe incorporates:
TOP 5 VISITORS ACTIVITIES                                                         ¸ International Congress
¸ Construction                                                                    ¸ International b2b Exhibition
¸ Power Engineering                                                               ¸ Network with 500+ high level industry representatives from the South East
¸ Trade, Production and Consulting                                                   European Region
¸ Energy Saving Technologies and Products                                         ¸ Matchmaking Session
¸ Investment                                                                      ¸ Exhibitors Seminars

 DRAFT PROGRAM                       as of 20th October 2009
                                                                        APRIL 14TH

 9:00-9:30           OPENING, WELCOME ADDRESSES

 9:30-12:00          EE & RES Political Frame in South-East Europe
                     Moderator: J. Nassauer, Bayern Innovativ, Germany

                     n Aſter Kopenhagen
                     n New Energy Mix for South-East Europe – Vl. Uruchev, MEP
                     n Sustainable energy development – prospects for enhanced regional cooperation – M. Kukobat,
                       Regional Cooperation Council; Bosnia and Herzegovina


                     n Financial strategies for EE and RES in South-East Europe in the time of global crisis – M. Kovachev,
                     EBRD, UK
                     n Green Jobs, Perspectives and trends – H. Scheer; A. Galiteva, IRENA

 12:OO-13:00 LUNCH

 13:00-14:30         Energy Efficiency (EE)
                     Moderator: M. Kovachev; EBRD, UK

                     n Green Building – opportunities, policies, and savings worldwide - Kanelos, Greentech Media, USA
                     n Cost Effective LED Technology – F. Schulte, AIXTRON, Germany
EE & RES 6 International Congress & Exhibition for South-East Europe • 14 – 16 April 2010, IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria

                  n Co-generation – R. Bartl, Bayern Innovativ, Germany
                  n Vision of development of Cogeneration in South-East Europe – COGEN Europe, Belgium

14:30-15:00       BREAK

15:00-17:30       Focus EE Subject: e-Mobility
                  n        Concepts for efficient and clean mobility in the EU – T. Engel, DGS RES
                  n        Cost Effective Lithium Batteries – B. Banov, BAS, Bulgaria
                  n        New infra structure, grid– and storage concepts – K.J. Kuhn, Siemens
                  n        State of the art e-Car Tec – T. Gunter; RWE Effizienz
                  n        Hybrids
                  n        e-Bikes and e-Motorbikes

18:00             EE & RES Federation for South-East Europe
                  Presenting the founding members and the new coming associations from South-East Europe
                  (Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, etc.)

19:30             Networking Cocktail Party

                                                             APRIL 15TH

                  RES ELECTRICITY
                  1. Solar Electricity
                  Moderator: S. Kanev, BAS, Sofia

9:00-11:00        n        PV Legal – bureaucracy struggle – Th. Chrometzka, PV legal EU
                  n        12% PV Target of the EU: Roadmap till 2020 – W. Hoffmann EPIA, Belgium
                  n        DESERTEC: Review and Roadmap – T. Grimm, Munich RE, Germany
                  n        The German Solar Valley – T. Homann, GTI Berlin, Germany
                  n        Green Light for FiT in Turkey – PV Assosiation, Turkey


                  n Price-competition between TFPV and c-Si PV – B. Rau, Roth&Rau, Germany
                  n Innovative Solar Glass – S. Carney, Linde; V.P. Koch, Gate East, Germany
                  n Si-based PV Modules produced in South-East Europe
                  n Cost Effective Thin Film PV made in South-East Europe – N.Berov, Bulgaria
                  n PV Modules produced in South-East Europe
                  n PV Roofs in South-East Europe following the Experience in South Germany – W. Bihler, SZ Allgäu,

14:00-15:00       LUNCH

                  2. Wind Electricity
                  Moderator: V. Kiryakov, APEE, Bulgaria

                  n Manufacturing of Wind Components in Turkey
                  n The most Powerful Wind Turbine worldwide
                  n Bureaucracy and other problems in relation with the wind parks in South-East Europe and their
                  solutions – V. Kiryakov, APEE, Bulgaria


                  PANEL: WIND PARKS
16:30-18:00       n Big Wind Parks in South-East Europe
                  n Best practices in Italy
                  n Best practices in North Europe (Denmark)
                  n Best practices in USA and Canada

                  3. New Water Power Plants and Capacities in South-East Europe

                                                                                                                  а   аа   а

EE & RES             6th International Congress & Exhibition for South-East Europe • 14 – 16 April 2010, IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria

                                                                  APRIL 16TH

                 RES Heating & Cooling
                 Moderator: B. Kuban; Isbank Istanbul

9:00 -10:30      Geothermal & Biomass heating – European Geothermal Energy Council – EGEC

                 Solar water heating
                 n Turkey as a leader in South-East Europe, Manufacturing and installations
                 n Greece – Best Solar Collectors and European Partnership


                 Brand new RES Trends
                 Moderator: V.P. Koch: Gate East, Germany

                 n Centralised Heating Systems – Best Practices in big cities in Europe

                 Double and Triple Systems
                 n Double harvester: PV/ Agricultural Farms – A. Goetzberger, ISE Freiburg; Germany
                 n PV/T Collector in combination with a Heat-pump for Heating and Cooling – W. Bihler, SZ Allgäu;
                 W. Kirchensteiner, BZS Munich, Germany
                 n Wind/PV decentralised system – Granchev&Co, EcoEl Bulgaria

12.30-13.30      LUNCH

                 Municipality Energy Independence – Case Studies
                 Municipality Partnership for EE & RES between South-East Europe and Central Europe
                 Moderator: V. Urutchev, EU

                 n    Guessing, D. Marcelja, Austria
                 n    Garching, VP Koch, Agenda 21 Garching, Germany
                 n    Munich: Stadtwerke Munich, Germany
                 n    London: Municipality

                 Closing Ceremony

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                                                                                                     ¸ EU, Regional and local representations of
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                                                                                                     ¸ Industrialists
                                                                                                     ¸ Utility companies
                                                                                                     ¸ Tourist and Hospital Managers
                                                                                                     ¸ Contractors
                                                                                                     ¸ Architects & Engineers
                                                                                                     ¸ Energy Market Advisors
                                                                                                     ¸ Agricultural Experts
                                                                                                     ¸ Business & Shopping Center Administrators
                                                                                                     ¸ Environmental and Waste Experts, Recycling
                                                                                                     ¸ Financial Institutions
                                                                                                     ¸ Forwarding and Transport firms
                                                                                                     ¸ Post and Courier companies
EE & RES 6 International Congress & Exhibition for South-East Europe • 14 – 16 April 2010, IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria

In 2009 there were companies that did not succeed to take part because
of shortage of exhibition area. Next year the event is moving at a new ven-
ue - IEC with 2 exhibition halls and outside area for the sections: PV and
The event in 2010 will have a strong branch support by the European Pho-
tovoltaic Industry Association, Bayern Innovativ, European Geothermal
Energy Council, COGEN Europe, American Council on Renewable Energy,
Italian Association of Producers of RES Energy, Italian PV Industry National          NEW SECTION
Association. German, Austrian and Italian participation is expected at the            е-Mobility: e-cars & e-bikes; other innovative e-mobile systems; hybrids,
forthcoming exhibition.                                                               mobile energy storage solutions and new fuels.

 Through the exhibition we succeeded to present our products to the clients

                                                                                       TO EXHIBIT?
 by the best possible way. There was very big media interest due to which
 the forum attracted big number of highly specialized experts and business-
 men. The event was extremely good organized in details so that to make
 both the exhibitors and visitors feel comfortable.
 Sevatech SWT, Bulgaria                                                                ¸ Conduct sales face to face with industry key players
                                                                                         from South-East Europe
 This event is a major step in promoting alternative sources of energy. All
 exhibitors at the German pavilion benefited from the huge interest this                ¸ Partner with local agents / distributors
 event created. For sure, we will come back next year
 Torsten Fuhrberg, MCO GmbH, Germany                                                   ¸ Make your appointments on-line 10 days before the
                                                                                         exhibition with the Congress attendees, speakers and
 The exhibition was specialized and attracted only visitors with concrete                guests at the special b2b Meeting area
 interest in these topics. I was positively mentioned as well that the fair was
 relatively short – 3 days – and therefore not so time consuming.
                                                                                       ¸ Network with new/potential customers from Europe
 Michael Angerer – the Commercial Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in
                                                                                         before, during and aſter the Congress and Exhibition!

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EE & RES               6th International Congress & Exhibition for South-East Europe • 14 – 16 April 2010, IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria

 REGISTRATION FORM                                                                        The registration must be done by Internet at
                                                                                          or contact Via Expo: +359 32 945 459;

 Registration Fees:                                                      till 20 Dec          till 10 March         till 8 April             aſter 8 April
                                                                             2009                  2010                2010                    2010
 Regular Congress Fee – for 1 day                                         160 EUR              180 EUR               200 EUR                  240 EUR
 Regular Congress Fee – for 2 days                                        280 EUR              310 EUR               340 EUR                  380 EUR
 Regular Congress Fee – for 3 days                                        330 EUR              360 EUR               390 EUR                  430 EUR
Registration Fee includes: Congress proceedings on CD, simultaneous interpreting, coffee-breaks and lunch, exhibition catalogue, free entry to the
exhibition, on-line b2b appointments 1 week prior to the Congress till its end.
If 2 or more persons from one organisation attend the Congress – the first pays the full fee. The rest receive 10% discount.
* The regular Registration fee for 3 days includes 1 Cocktail invitation
* 15 EUR for a Cocktail invitation will be added to the basic price for 1 day Congress attendance for April 14th

 Discounted governmental, municipal and academic officials fee - 3 days                                                      180 EUR till 13 April
 Early Bird discount till 20 Feb                                                                                       150 EUR (Save 30 EUR)
 On-site payment                                                                                                                   200 EUR
It includes: Congress proceedings on CD, simultaneous interpreting, free access to the exhibition, coffee-breaks and lunch, exhibition catalogue.

 Discounted students fee - 3 days                                                                                                  130 EUR
 Early Bird discount till 20 Feb                                                                                        90 EUR (Save 40 EUR)
(Verification of student status – a copy of ID card showing the age less than 28 years; personalised letter from the university proving the full-time
student status. Please fax the copies to +359 32/ 945 459). It includes only attendance.

 Commercial Presentation                                                                                                           950 EUR
 Poster                                                                                                                            195 EUR
                                                                                                      * 20% VAT is applicable to the above quoted prices
The participation at the Exhibition, Poster Session or by other advertising options does NOT include attendance at the Congress except where explicitly

Exhibition participation – information upon request                             Promotional services – information upon request

PAYMENT The registration fee must be paid before the event by bank transfer. The bank details are given at the website aſter you register.

PARTICIPATION CANCELLATION In case of cancelling participation until March 25th, 2010 (only in written form), 50 Euro administrative costs will
be charged. Aſter this date the participation fee is not refunded. It is possible to transfer a booked pass to another person.
Note: Your details will be treated confidencially and won’t be given to a third party. You will receive regular business information by e-mail concerning
your industry branch. If you wish not to receive such information, please, inform the organiser.

ACCOMMODATION at discounted prices
Best Western Hotel Expo **** OFFICIAL HOTEL

Early Bird Booking and Payment - Plan your business stay earlier to take
an advantage of 10% discount. Payment Deadline - 31 January 2010.
The hotel is located just next to the Inter Expo&Congress Center. It pro-
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Via Expo, Bulgaria, tel./fax: +359 / 32 / 945 459; 960 012,,