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					                                                                                                              January 2010

          Practice Profile:                                                        SKCVMA Winter Social:
    Northwest Veterinary Hospital                                                Tracey Conway speaks at
The story of Northwest Veterinary Hospital (NWVH) as
                                                                                      Saltyʼs on Alki
told by Dr. Mark Donovan, owner: Dr. T. Connor created                      Great entertainment and great food! Join your
the NWVH practice from a preexisting convenience mart,                      colleagues January 24 at Salty’s on Alki, from
sometime in the early 1980’s. Then Dr. Inger Beecher                        11:45a.m. to 3p.m., 1936 Harbor Avenue. S., West
became owner and primary director for 7-10 years. Prior                     Seattle.
to 2000, Northwest was already a well established,
AAHA-accredited practice, providing progressive                             RSVP before the end of 2009 for this fun way to warm
veterinary medicine and surgery for the local                               up the middle of winter with your veterinary
Wallingford, Fremont and Greenlake neighborhoods. In                        colleagues.
August of 2000, I became a major owning partner and                         Enjoy a fine brunch of Dungeness crab legs, peel & eat
medical director of Northwest. In 2004, our full time                       prawns, lox & bagels, eggs Benedict, biscuits and
associate Dr. Ann Whereat joined Northwest and has                          gravy, veggie scramble with Gruyere cheese, Kielbasa,
since provided her excellent patient care and education                     alder smoked bacon, skillet fried potatoes w/peppers &
for our clients. In July, 2008, Northwest became the                        onions, seasonal fresh fruit, muffins/breads with
newest member of the Seattle Veterinary Associates                          homemade strawberry jam, Karen’s famous cinnamon
group of clinics.                                                           rolls, assorted juices, Starbucks coffee, & Tazo teas.
                                                                            Enjoy an insightful and humorous take on life and
                                                                            death by Tracey Conway.
                                                                            Most of us would not welcome the nickname “The
                                                                            Worst Girlfriend in the
                                                                            World,” but Emmy
                                                                            award-winning actress
                                                                            Tracey Conway is quite
                                                                            fond of it. She spent
                                                                            the 90’s making people
                                                                            laugh, as a cast member
                                                                            and      writer     from
                                                                            Seattle’s        popular
                                                                            television show Almost
  Front (LtoR): Chelsea (with "Cutter"), vet. assist.; Kelsey, CSR/         Live! In 1995, Tracey
  receptionist; Avis, vet asst.; Gina, vet asst.; Kelly, on chair with      Conway          abruptly
  bandana, CSR. Back: Daniel, LVT; Claire, LVT; Shawna, CSR;                transitioned from Worst
                Dr. Ann Whereat, Dr. Mark Donovan                           Girlfriend to Drop Dead
The NWVH mission statement: “We promise to provide                          Gorgeous! the night her
the highest quality family pet health care, delivered with                  heart stopped beating and she collapsed on the floor of
kindness, integrity and respect.”                                           the comedy show set, a victim of Sudden Cardiac

                      Northwest Vet Hosp., continued on page 3                              Winter Social at Salty’s, continued on page 4
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 SKCVMA Executive Board:                                                      Highlights of the SKCVMA Executive Board Meeting -
 January 13, 2010              Upcoming Events                                           December 9, 2009
 7:30 PM
 Animal Wellness                                                      Treasurer’s report:
 Center, Bellevue                    SKCVMA Combined
                                     Chapter CE:                              Dr. Armstrong reports our 2009 to date total income is
                                     Sean Sanders, DVM,                       $22,277.13; total expenses $20,920.94; bank balance
 SKCVMA Continuing
                                     ACVIM;                                   $5,181.67; Smith Barney account value is $58,429.78 as of
 Education at UW:
 Jacqui Nelsen, DVM, DACB;           Orthopedic vs. Neurologic                11/30/09 with an increase in value of $5,627.64 year to
 Behavior for Private Practice       Diagnosis                                date. Tentative 2010 budget to be emailed to Board for
 Wed. Feb. 3, 2010            Date:
 Wed., Mar. 3, 2010                review and feedback, with said budget to be presented to
 7 to 10 PM                   Time:
 7 to 9 PM                         SKCVMA members at Winter Social meeting.
 UW Health Sciences          Place:
 North Seattle                    Old Business:
        Building, D209             
        Community College               Winter Meeting: Date: Sunday, January 24, 2010, at
 3 CE credits               
        Room ED2843A                    Salty’s on Alki. Jeff Parke shared that Tracey Conway
 $30 member; $40              Credit:
 2 hours CE Credit               (from the cast of “Almost Live,” comedy sketch series
        non-members                Cost:
 Free for members;
                                                                              televised locally in the late 80’s) has committed to speak to
 please see           
        $15 for non-memb
                                     RSVP to                our members. The fee for SKCVMA members was set at
 calendar for complete details
                                                                              $35/person, with children aged 5-10 at $12.50/child.
                       Announcements                                          RSVP’s will be via the SKCVMA phone number: (206)
                                                                              238.9115. A member survey will be presented online and
•••SKCVMA Winter Social: Tracey Conway speaks to                              in person at the Winter Social.
SKCVMA members at Salty’s on Alki, January 24, 2010;                          Microchip Clinic for Kent Valley residents: Susan
11:45a.m. - 3 p.m. RSVP by end of Dec., 2009! to                              Mailheau reported that many volunteers have been
                                                                              obtained for this event on December 13th, from or to SKCVMA phone
                                                                              1p.m.-3p.m. at KCACC. (See ‘A Chip For Christmas,’
206.238.9115; see p. 4 for complete info.
                                                                              page 3)
•••Disaster Training Workshop: SKCVMA Disaster                                WSVMA liaison: WSVMA to meet January 21st, in
Preparedness Committee - Disaster Training Workshop,                          Olympia.
‘The Veterinarian's Role in Community Disaster                                SKCVMA Bylaws:              Rob Armstrong believes the
Preparedness’; Sunday, January 17, 2010, 1p.m. - 4p.m.                        SKCVMA Bylaws were last re-written in 1997. A sub-
at The Delta Society, Bellevue, WA. For more info,                            committee would be needed to work together over 2010 to
email:                                                         amend and rewrite the By Laws for voting on at the 2011

                               winter meeting.
                             Advertising in Vet-Rap: Jeff Parke reported that three
                            persons had expressed an interest in being in charge of this

                               advertising segment of our newsletter, but that to date two

                        of those had declined to participate.
WSVMA.                                                                                       Minutes, continued on page 3

                                                                                                                  Key People
                   8024 Bracken Pl SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065 (206) 238-9115
  Dr. Barbara Johnston
 Dr. Tejinder Sodhi
   Dr. Sharon Hopkins
   Dr. Rob Armstrong
 Dr. Maria Moody

                                                                                                           Vet-Rap is published for SKCVMA
                                                                                                           members. Articles are welcome.
                                                                                                           Submitted material is subject to
                                                                                                           editing. Articles and
                                                                                                           advertisements do not necessarily
                                                                                                           imply endorsement or express
                                                                                                           official policies of the SKCVMA.
                                                                                                           Editor: Dr. Lori Siverling
                                                                                                           SKCVMA phone: 206 238-9115
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Northwest Vet Hosp., continued from page 1                                             A Chip for Christmas
                                                                                              -Susan Mailheau, DVM
We at NWVH are very proud to have been a part of the
pre-veterinary careers of at least four members of our                      SKCVMA’s Disaster Preparedness Committee (DPC)
NWVH team prior to their going on to veterinary                             implanted 43 pets with microchips on Sunday,
school. We enjoyed working with and assisting Drs.                          December 13th in the Kent Valley flood zone. Pets were
Megan Sheets, Erin West, Julia McNeal, and Kristin                          implanted at a greatly reduced fee using SKCVMA
Manning in their journeys to become veterinarians.                          Community Service Committee’s AVID microchips.
NWVH could not be the practice it is without our                            The chips are being registered on AVID’s database as
licensed veterinary technicians. We strongly believe in                     well as the Home Again database. The beauty of this
the value of licensed veterinary technicians, and readily                   plan is that owners can now be located using either
delegate the appropriate duties and technical functions                     AVID or universal scanners. They can also be tracked
that these talented team members can perform and at                         with a new online microchip lookup tool, a program
which they excel. The support of our licensed techs                         available for Home Again and many chip types
allows our doctors to focus on the tasks of diagnosing,                     excluding AVID.
prescribing treatments, and performing surgery for the                      This chipping event took place as one of the Disaster
pets in our care. Our clientele appreciates, in turn,  the                  Preparedness Committee’s functions to encourage
added time afforded the doctors for excellent pet owner                     veterinarians to participate in community disaster
communication and involvement during the treatment                          preparation – the theme of our upcoming workshop
and preventative care offered their cats and dogs.                          January 17th at The Delta Society.
Questions for Dr. Donovan:
When did you know what career was right for you? I                          Minutes, continued from page 2
was one of the very fortunate young people who knew                         Pet Loss Resources: Lori Siverling reiterated the benefit of
early on what it was they wished to do when they grew                       having our VMA provide its members with pet loss support
up. Animals and biology had always intrigued me: as                         resources: this to be online on our SKCVMA website, with
a boy, I had 2 dogs and many animal friends (“on loan”                      printable forms and brochures for members. PIC is to post a
from nature) that I often tried to convince my parents                      page of resources online for Board approval prior to
were my friends or pets. After a few visits to our local                    announcing this resource to SKCVMA members.
community veterinary hospital in New Jersey, I became                       Committee Reports:
aware of the work they did, and the role they played in                     Membership: Maria Moody reported 93 renewals and 13
the pets’ and peoples’ lives they knew. I was hooked                        new members this month; with a total of 106 new members
pretty quickly! I then worked for vets from 15 years of                     since the November Board meeting.
                                                                            Disaster Preparedness Committee:           Susan Mailheau
age on; you know the story.
                                                                            reports that the DPC workshop scheduled for January 17th at
Where did you practice prior to NWVH? Prior to                              the Delta Society in Bellevue, will be “The Veterinarian's
Northwest I worked as an associate for Seattle                              Role in Community Disaster Preparedness.” On January 1,
Veterinary Associates with most of my time spent at                         the changeover of Committee Chairpersons: Susan Mailheau
Queen Anne Animal Clinic (1997-2000). Before that, I                        will step down, and Ann Whereat will assume Chairperson
had worked at a great little clinic in Marysville, WA                       position of DPC.
called Quil Ceda Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Bill                          Public Information Committee: Jeff Parke reminds the
Burlingame. However, I had always wished to work                            Board that the deadline for Vet-Rap submissions is 10 days
                                                                            after the monthly Executive Board meeting. Jeff also
for a well-established, reputable multi-doctor practice
                                                                            volunteered to write the member survey to be shared online
in the Seattle area, and was fortunate to land a position                   and at the Winter Social with our members.
with SVA. I began my career working in the Miami,                           Combined Chapter Continuing Education: Lori Siverling:
FL area at a large exotic pet and dog/cat practice (with                    no new news; next meeting on Wednesday January 6th:
wildlife rehab thrown in), but relocated to Washington                      “Contagious Causes of Cough” presented by Leah Cohen,
in 1993 after experiencing the effects of Hurricane                         DVM, ACVIM
Andrew in 1992.                                                             President-Elect for 2010: Jeff Parke was nominated (his
                                                                            acceptance pending).
                                                                            For the full Minutes, visit, “Home”
                    Northwest Vet Hosp., continued on page 4                page, after member login.

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 Northwest Vet Hosp., continued from page 1                                 Winter Social at Salty’s, continued from page 1

 What are some of your professional interests? I love                       Arrest.     Though the comedy series ended live
 what I do, and like to stay current with local and distant                 production in 1999, Almost Live! continues to be
 CE meetings/seminars. My veterinary interests include                      resuscitated -- much like Tracey’s life was -- in weekly
 soft tissue surgery and endocrinology. I am a member                       reruns on KING 5 Television, following Saturday Night
 of AVMA, AAHA, WSVMA and SKCVMA.                                           Live. These days, Tracey’s time is primarily devoted to
 About Dr. Donovan: When not at work or thinking like                       her live presentations, Drop Dead Gorgeous!, Dead:
 a DVM, I spend most of my time with my family. I                           Been There, Done That and Lights!-Camera!-Suction!!!
 have a wonderful wife, Rebecca Carr, and 2 great girls,                    She regularly keynotes American Heart Association Go
 Lili (9) and Eva (6). We love soccer games on                              Red For Women events around the country and has
 Sundays; beach walks on Whidbey Island; and strolling                      been a featured speaker for Medtronic at medical
 around our neighborhood of Ballard. If there is time for                                                    c on f er e nc e s     in
 me, I like to read, hike, snowboard, and play tennis, as                                                    Norway and Hungary.
 the seasons allow. I have recently lost my French                                                           While Almost Live!
 Bulldog, ‘Otis,’ who lived for 10 years as my best little                                                   remains          Tracey’s
 bud. However, a newly added Frenchie has just                                                               most beloved TV
 become a member of our family in the past month (see                                                        credit, she is also very
 group photo). We are looking forward to getting to                                                          proud to be one
 know and love him.                                                                                          among        the    mere
                                                                                                             thousands to have
 Why you love the Pacific Northwest? This area offers                                                         been a guest on
 me so much opportunity to explore our beautiful natural                                                     Oprah, earning her an
 world, get to know great like-minded friends and                                                            eight-minute segment
 acquaintances, and provides a stimulating intellectual/                    on the show and a complimentary stay at the All-Suite
 cultural/arts scene for my personal and family                             Omni Hotel, in the heart of the Magnificent Mile! Most
 enjoyment. Why be anywhere else?                                           importantly, she shares her West Seattle home with the
 Have      you     been                                                     most beautiful (and spoiled) dog in the world, her
 surprised by anything                                                      Siberian Husky, Lulu. On January 24th, Tracey is
 while      practicing                                                      thrilled to share her story of how a special group of
 veterinary medicine?                                                       Seattle friends and her beloved dog helped heal her
 I am always surprised                                                      damaged heart, when she joins us for our Sunday
 by the depth and                                                           gathering at Salty’s, 11:45a.m - 3p.m. Don’t miss it!
 level of attachment                                                        Visit her at
 that many people                                                           Please RSVP immediately to either our email address
 have for their pets.  It                                                   or the SKCVMA phone message number.
 is amazing how much pets can touch and help people                or 206-238-9115. We need a good
 throughout their life journeys; we need them, and vice                     head count in order to know what size room we need
 versa.                                                                     for this meeting.
 What have you found are some special rewards of
 practicing vet med? I love the sense of community and                      Northwest Vet Hosp., continued from left
 satisfaction that comes with helping those around you
 care for their beloved furry friends. It is a very                         well-suited to, and happy about my choice to be a
 rewarding vocation and I need no other accolades.                          veterinarian.
 Would you have chosen any other career knowing what                        What advice to new DVM graduates can you offer? 
 you know today? No, not at all. I think I could have                       Follow your heart and always do your best. That is all
 been successful at another job or vocation, but I am                       anyone can ask of you in life.
                                                                            For more about Northwest Veterinary Hospital:
 Northwest Vet Hosp., continued on right                                    NWVet.htm

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