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            Ph. 0755-2492095, , Fax 0755-2424640

1.    Introduction
2.    Objective
3.    Duration
4.    Medium of Instruction and Examination
5.    Eligibility
6.    Programme Fee
7.    Programme Structure
8.    Scheme of Evaluation
9.    Instructional Hours and Allocation of Marks
10.   Contact Programme
11.   Examination
12.   Award of Certificate to Successful Candidates
13.   Provision for Unsuccessful Candidates
14.   RCI Certification
15.   Study Centres for the Foundation Course
16.   List of Codes
17.   General Instructions of Foundation Course on
      Education of Children with Disabilities
18.   Instruction for Filling in the Application Form
19.   Application Form
20.   Attendance slip & Admit Card
The Foundation Course on Education of Children with Disabilities through Distance Mode ( FC-
SEDE) is offered jointly by the Madhya Pradesh Bhoj ( Open ) University (MPBOU) and the
Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) which is the Statutory Authority in Special Education..The
FC-SEDE Programme aims to develop basic competencies, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills,
in teachers and enable them to cater to the specific educational needs of children with disabilities in
regular classes.

The 86th Constitutional Amendment made education a fundamental right for children between 6-14 years of age
including children with disabilities. The National Policy on Education 1986 made provision for the mildly and
moderately disabled children to be placed for education in common settings. Section 39 of the Persons with
Disability Act 1995 made provision in every school to offer 3% seats to children with disability. Moreover,
integrated and inclusive education are now being strongly advocated globally. The country has launched Sarva
Shikshya Abhiyan (SSA 2010)to ensure entry, retention and education of children between 6-14 years of age
including children with disabilities by 2010. The world has reset the goal to attain Education for All and Health
for All by 2015 through its programmes of EFA 2015 and HFA 2015. India 2020 aims to become a developed
country by 2020.. Development in real sense means human development because man is the initiator, means and
end of development. In this context universalisation of elementary education (UEE) will lay the foundation of
development in the country. It has, therefore, become essential to sensitize the regular classroom teachers of the
elementary schools in the country, at least one from each school so that they can meet the specific educational
needs of the children with disability who form a significant sector.

This sets a target to train around 6,00,000 teachers which can be achieved in time by the implementation of the
Foundation Course in Special Education through Distance Education mode. Therefore the FC-SEDE Programme
has been launched jointly by RCI and MPBOU. For any aspirant interested to develop professional expertise in
the field of special education this Foundation Course will serve as an Introductory Course. After this course
he/she, if a graduate, can join the programme, B.Ed. Special Education through Distance Education mode
(B.Ed.-SEDE), which is a 2-years programme including 400 hours of contact programme in four phases, 2 in
each year, offered jointly by by MPBOU and RCI on a national scale. Those who are already B.Ed. can join Post
Graduate Professional Diploma in Special Education through Distance Education mode (PGPD-SEDE) which
is a 9-month programme with 4 weeks of contact programme in two phases.

The principal objective of the programme is to develop required competencies of in-service teachers
and enable them to impart education effectively to students with various disabilities :
       to assist students with disabilities in understanding those subjects which they cannot readily
        comprehend in regular classroom;
       to teach sign language or total communication to the hearing impaired children and Braille
        & low vision aids to visually impaired children;
       to undertake appropriate classroom management for children with disabilities;
       to undertake remedial or dual teaching of mentally retarded and learning disabled children.

3.      DURATION
The programme will be of 3 months (90 days) duration including 3 weeks of Face-to-Face Contact
Programme in two phases. There will be a Term End Examination after second contact programme.
Each enrolled candidate will get a maximum of three chances to clear the examination after which he

will be eligible to get the Certificate. If even after three chances a candidate can not clear the course
then he/she will have to enroll afresh.
In a Calendar Year three programmes will be offered: 1st. during February-March-April, 2nd.during
June-July-August and 3rd. during October-Novembetr-December.

     Programme         Duration            1st Contact   Project Work and         2nd.Contact      Term End Theory
                    3-m0nths/90 days     2-weeks/80 hrs        Practice         1-week/40 hrs           Exam.
First               FEB-MAR-APR February                 March                April                April 30
Second              JUN-JUL-AUG         June             July                 August               August 31
Third               OCT-NOV-DEC October                  November             December             December 31
Note: The application Forms along with Programme Fees should reach University Officethroughthee Study Centre at least
      15 days before the programme starts

English/Hindi/Regional language

        Any in -service teacher at any level.

Programme Fee of Rs. 1500/- payble at the time of submission of application for admission. The
Programme Guide with application form is available in the Study Centre or MPBOU, Bhopal for Rs.
Note : The Programme Fee and the Programme Guide cost should be paid only in the form of Demand Draft
in favour of the Registrar, MPBOU payable at Bhopal

        Fees for Foreign Student : Programme Guide US $.10, Programme Fee- US $.250.

The Programme of the Foundation Course on Education of Children with Disabilities in Distance Mode will
consist of 5 Blocks with 3 Blocks of Theory and 2 Blocks of Practical componeyts as detailed below.


Unit 1: Defining People with Disabilities
      Functional Definition
      Distinction among Impairment, Disability and Handicap
      Causes of Disability
      Magnitude of the total Disabled persons and children in the world and India

Unit 2 : Understanding the Needs of Children with Disabilities
      Physio-medical needs
      Educational needs.
      Social Rehabilitation needs.
      Vocational needs.
      Empowerment needs (Self Help Skill)

Unit 3 : Intervention Measures and Legislative Framework
      Intervention Measures
      Preventive measures: Early Intervention Strategies, Child Rights and Human Rights
      UN Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons: UN declarations call for national and
       international actions to ensure protection of these rights
      Salmanca Declaration on Inclusion of Children with Disabilities
      Persons with Disability Act 1995.
      RCI Act 1992 and its relevant to education.
      National Trust Act 1999.

Unit 4 : Concessions available for the Disabled, Schemes and Benefitss
      Concession offered by the Central Government
      Central Govt. schemes for Rehabilitation

Unit 5 : Role of Families and Community
      Community mapping
      Moblizing community resources inluding the Panchyat at various levels.
      Formation of self-help mutual aid groups of families to promote education of children with disabilities.


Unit 1 : Factors Affecting Learning
      Intelligence

      Aptitude

      Teacher attitude

      Peer attitude

      Socio-economic environment.

Unit 2: Understanding Educational needs of Children with Disabilities
      Difficulty in Seeing (VI)
      Difficulties in Learning (MR)
      Difficulty in communication/ hearing (HI)
      Difficulty in moving (includes children with locomotor impairment, cerebral palsy, spinal injury, spina
       bifida, muscular dystrophy)
      Specific Learning Difficulties (arising due to dyslexia, autism, attention deficit syndrome, minimal brain
       dysfunction sysndrome, long term chronic illness, hemophilia and others impairments)
      Multiple Disabilities (including deaf-blindness, cerebral palsy with/without mental retardation, mental
       retardation with chronic epilepsy)

Unit 3: Types of School and Models of Education for Children with Disabilities
(a)    Types of schools

              Special Schools

              General Schools (with or without facilities for integration/inclusion)

              Open Schools (with or without facilities for integration/ inclusion)

              Non-formal Schools (with or without facilities for integration/ inclusion)

(b)    Models of Education for children with disabilities
              Resource Room Model
              Itinerant Teaching Model
              Dual Teaching Model
              Distance Learning Model
              Alternative School Model
              Home Based Education Model

Unit 4 : Curriculum Adaptation for Children with Disability
(a)     Adaptation in general curriculum transaction – content, methodology, materials and evaluation.
       (for each subject taking into account each disability)
(b)    Adaptation in co-curriculum (sports, music, drawing, pre-vocational training etc.) transaction –
       content, methodology, materials and evaluation. (for each area taking into account each

Unit 5 : Equipment and TLM needed in Resource Room for Children with Different Disabilities


Unit 1: Early Childhood Development
      Cognitive Development
      Motor Development
      Development of Language and Communication
      Social Development

Unit 2 : Early Identification and Assessment.

Unit 3 : Early Intervention at home of Children with Disabilities
      Different approaches to stimulation and intervention

Unit 4 : Behaviour Modification Techniques
      Task analysis
       Procedure for analyzing the task
       Methods for analyzing the task
      Reinforcement
       Types of reinforcement
       Prompting and fading


Unit 1: Development of Adaptive Skills, Assistive Devices and Special Therapies for Children with
        Hearing Impairment
a)     Introduction to various communication skills
       i)     Non Verbal         -      Facial expression, gestures, sign, paintings, drawings etc.
       ii)    Verbal             -      Use of a language through different modalities:
                       Aural – oral (Listening – Speaking)
                       Speech Reading and Speaking
                       Reading – Writing
                       Using Manual Codes (signing system for) spoken – written language
                       Total Communication
       iii)   Manual/Body Language - Sign Language of the Deaf community.
b)     Hearing Assessment and Use of Amplication Devices –
       i)     Individual Hearing Aids
       ii)    Group Hearing Aids
       iii)   Cochlear Implant.
c)     Development of language
       i)     Main components of language
                      Vocabulary
                      Syntax
       ii)    Techniques of Teaching Language
                      Providing simple language related to ample interesting, meaningful first hand
                       experiences of the child.
                      Stories
                      Directed Activities
                      Visits
                      News based on experiences of the children
                      Language related to play activities and sensory training.
                      At the Primary Level contents from the regular text book could be incorporated
d)     Development of Numerical skills and Arithmetic
e)     Auditory Training & Speech Therapy
       Speech Teaching
       i)     Informal Method.
       ii)    Formal Method (after the child uses voice and words and small two/three words sentences for

Unit 2: Development of Adaptive Skills, Assistive Devices for Children with Visually Impairment
(a)    Braille Reading
(b)    Reading Practice Ideas for A Beginner
(c)    Braille Writing
(d)    Abacus
(e)    Orientation And Mobility: Unassisted Travel
(f)    Daily Living Skills

Unit 3: Development of Adaptive Skills, Assistive Devices and Special Therapies for Children with
        Mental Retardation
(a)    Assessment and Programme Planning
(b)    Daily Living Skills
(c)    Functional Academic Skills – Literacy and Numeracy
(d)    Multisensory Material
(e)    Classroom Management

Unit 4: Development of Adaptive Skills, Assistive Devices and Special Therapies for Children with
        Locomotor Impairment, Cerebral Palsy and Spinal Injury
(a)    Orothotics and Prosthotics Devices
(b)    Assistive Devices for CP and Spinal Injury
(c)    Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy
(d)    Barrier Free Environment, Adapted Toilets, Seating Arrangements in Class Room


Unit–1: Managing Inclusive School/Classroom
      Factors affecting inclusive classroom
      A Curricular View: Child-Centered Pedagogy
      Inclusive methodology: Developing inclusive materials, physical environment and classroom
      Developing inclusive evaluation system
      How to develop inclusive resource centres and accessible school environment

Unit-2 : Early Identification and Intervention
      Observation of 4 childrens ( 0 – 5 years) in each disability area

Unit-3: Observation of teaching in School
      Observation of 2 Lesson in each disability area ( Total 8 Lessons ) and Case Conferences and
       Discussion about salient points for giving special attention to children with special needs

      Observation of teaching in Integrated/Inclusive School ( Total 4 Lessons ) and Case Conferences and
       Discussion about salient points for giving special attention to children with special needs
      Know-how of Records to be maintained (a)         by the school and (b) by the class teacher

Unit-4: Teaching Practice of 15 Lessons

      Sample Lesson Plan Formats for Teaching Practice
       Sample Lesson Plan Format for Group Teaching of Mentally Retarded Children
       Sample Lesson Plan Format for Teaching of Hearing Impaired Children
       Sample Lesson Plan Format for Teaching of Children with LI & CP
       Sample Lesson Plan Format for Teaching of Visually Impaired Children
       Sample Lesson Plan Format for Teaching of Mentally Retarded Children
      Sample Lesson Plans
       Lesson Plan for Teaching LI & CP Children
       Lesson Plan for Teaching Visually Impaired Children
       Lesson Plan for Teaching Mentally Retarded Children
      Contact Mode
       Teaching Practice of 2 lessons per candidate in special school sunder supervision during contact
      Distance Mode
       Teaching Practice of 13 Lessons according to Prefered School in Distance Mode

Unit-5 : Community Contact Programme
      What Is CBR/CBE
      Procedure of Community Contact Programme

The Scheme of Evaluation will consist of two main components :
      Internal Assessment
      External Examination.

Block-wise Distribution of Marks : See Table 1
      For the Theory components of Blocks 1 , 2 & 3 the ratio of marks between Internal Assessment and
       External Examination.will be 20 : 80
      For Practical Components of Blocks 4 & 5 the ratio of marks between Internal Assessment and External
       Examination.will be 60 : 40

Methodology of Internal Assessment
        The internal assessment of the theory components of the course given in Blocks I, II and III will be
         based on 3 Assignments, one for each Block of 4 marks each..
        The internal assessment of the Practical components of the course given in Blocks IV and V will be
         based on practical records and viva voce as given in Table below :

                   Practical Components                        (I) For Practical      Viva Voce and
                                                              works as recorded      interview of the
                                                               in the Practical     candidate during
                                                                    Record           Second Contact
                                                             (M. Marks allotted)       Programme
                                                                                   (M. Marks allotted)
     Block IV : Development of Adaptive Skills,
     Assistive Devices and Special Therapies for                     (6)                   (6)
     Children with Disabilities :
        VI                                                          1.5                   1.5
        HI                                                          1.5                   1.5
        MR                                                          1.5                   1.5
                                                                     1.5                   1.5
        LI & CP

     Block V : Basic Training for Teaching Children                  (6)                   (6)
     with Special Needs
      Teaching Practice & TLM                                        3                     3
      Project Work (Community Contact                                3                     3

* Note : For the Project Work ( Community Contact Programme) the internal assessment will be based on
          the following parameters:
        Participation in group discussion during contact session
        Standard of Community Survey
        Attitude towards community
        Interpretation of Results
        Quality of Report
        Creativity in the preparation of Teaching Aid
        Functional utility of Teaching Aid

The total instructional hours for the Foundation Course will be 240 hours including face-to-face
instruction of 120 hours. The Programme has been assigned a total of 100 marks, which includes 60
marks for Theory and 40 marks for the Practical Components. In the programme, emphasis is given to
the development of practical skills especially in the area of disability.

In order to be successful in the Programme the candidate has to fulfill the following conditions : the
candidate has to secure
(1)       a minimum of 40% marks in each of the two components, i.e., (1) Internal Assessment, and, (2) External
          Examinations, separately; in Theory Components
(2)       in any Practical Components a minimum of overall 50% marks in both(1) Internal Assessment, and, (2)
          External Examinations ; and,
(3)       an overall 50% of marks in total aggregate.


      Course Components                                  Study     Internal        External          Total
                                                         Hours     Assessment      Examination
      THEORY                                             120       12              48                60
      BLOCK I : Developing Broad Positive Perception 40            4               16                20
      of Children with Disabilities and Intervention
      BLOCK II : Understanding Education for the 40                4               16                20
      Children with Disabilities
      BLOCK III : Understanding of Early Childhood 40              4               16                20
      Care and Development of Children with
      PRACTICAL                                          120       24              16                40
      BLOCK IV : Development of Adaptive Skills, 60                12              8                 20
      Assistive Devices and Special Therapies for
      Children with Disabilities
      BLOCK V : Basic Training for Teaching Children 60            12              8                 20
      with Special Needs
      GRAND TOTAL                                        240       36              64                100
                       Theory                            120       12              48                60
                       Practical                         120       24              16                40

Note :      The MPBOU and RCI reserve the right to change configuration, course material, contents, fee
           structure, scheme of evaluation as per need.

Contact Programmes will be organized at the Study Centre. (See Table: 2 for detail.). In all there will
be two contact sessions during the Programme,
         First Contact Programme of 2 weeks (80 hours) just after registration for admission
         Second Contact Programme of 1 week (40 hours) at the end of the programme, i.e., during the end of
          90 days of the programme.


                                                                     Contact Programme
   Components                                        Total
                                                                     I                  II
                                                             After Admission    At the end of the
                                                                 (2 weeks)           Session
                                                                 80 hours      (1 week) 40 hours

   1.    General Orientation                           4            3                  1

   II.     Introduction to 5 Blocks,                  45           30                 15
          Discussion, clarification

   Block IV : Development of Adaptive                 24           12                 12
   Skills, Assistive Devices and Special
   Therapies for Children with Disabilities:
        VI
        HI
        MR
        LI & CP

   Block V : Basic Training for Teaching
   Children with Special Needs
        Early Identification and Intervention
                                                       4            3                  1
        (a) Observation of teaching in Special
         School - 2 Lesson in each disability area
         (Total 8 Lessons) and Case Conferences       16           16
         and Discussion;
           (b) Observation of teaching in              4            4
          Integrated School ( Total 4 Lessons)
          and     Case    Conferences     and
        Core Training in Teaching Practice            8            6                  2
        Community Contact Programme                   6            6

   Examination          :        Theory                3                               3

                                 Practical             6                               6

   Total                                              120          80                 40

10.1    Self instructional print material
Self instructional print material covering the course contents in theory and practicals structured into Blocks
and Units as per Programme Structure will be provided to the candidate by the University.

10.2    Audio and Video Programmes
The Audio and Video programmes are supplementary, meant for clarification and enhancement of
understanding. These are used when ever necessary during contact sessions..

10.3    Assignments and Project Work Report
Specific Block-wise assignments and Project Work have been indicated earlier . These are to be submitted at the
Study Centre after completion during the Second Contact Programme.


11.1    Eligibility for Examination
The eligibility to appear in the examination is subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions.
(i)     Payment of all dues including the prescribed fees.
(ii)    The student has at least attended 75 per cent of the prescribed contact clasees organised at the Study
(iii)   Carried all the requirements for the Programme:
               undergone practical training conducted during Contact Sessions.
               completed and submitted prescribed number of assignments,
               appeared in Theory and Practical Tests conducted during Contact Sessions,
               completed Project Work and submitted the Report,
               completed prescribed number of Teaching Practice Lessons.
(iv)    Student has not caused any act of indiscipline at the Study/Cluster Centre
(v)     The University will be able to consider a student for granting permission to appear in the term-end
        examination, subject to the fulfillment of the above prescribed conditions by way of the Eligibility
        Certificate, Completion Certificate and no objection certificate received by the MPBOU from the
        Coordinator of the Study Centre and a certification to the effect that the student fulfills all the conditions
        mentioned above and those which may be prescribed by the University from time to time.
(vi)    Admit Cards will be issued by the University through the Coordinator of the concerned Study Centre.
        And it will be the responsibility of the students to collect them from there.

11.2    Examination
The Term End Eexamination (TEE) in Theory will be held after the Second Contact Programme. The duration of
the examination will be one and half hours. The date of theory examination will be same through out the
country. Normally the Term End Eexamination (TEE) in Theory will be held on the Last Date of each
Programme ( 3 in a Calendar Year, i.e., APRIL 30, AUGUST 31 and DECEMBER 31) from 11 a.m. to 12-30
The Term End Examination in Practical will be conducted also during the Second Contact Programme according
to the suitability of the study centre. The date of examination may vary from centre to centre

         A successful candidate of the Programme will be issued a certificate

Unsuccessful candidates shall be permitted to appear at 2 subsequent examinations. After the expiry of
this provision the candidates will have to seek fresh admission and no credit will be carried over.
Candidates eligible under the above provision and willing to appear in the subsequent examination(s)
in any theory/practical component or both shall have to submit application on prescribed form together
with a copy of statement of marks obtained at the preceding examination through the Coordinator of
the Study Centre so as to reach the Registrar by the date notified by him for subsequent examination(s).
A candidate will have to clear both theory and practical components in a maximum period of 12
months after admission.

The successful candidates of this Foundation Course which has been jointly formulated by MPBOU
and RCI will be eligible to get "Provisional Registration" from the Rehabilitation Council of India
to impart education to the children with disability in Integrated School.

      Contact the Study Centre for the following
              Submission of completed Admission forms along with Demand Draft of Rs. 1500/- in favour of
               the Registrar MPBOU payable at Bhopal and receipt of the above.
              Admission to the Foundation Course .
              Schedules for Contact Sessions.
              Collection of Assignments and their submission after completion within the stipulated dates.
              Queries relating to examinations and date-sheets
              Admit Card for appearing in the Examination.
              All notifications issued by the University from time to time
              Any academic/administrative problem.

  State/                  Name of Institution                           Telephone No., Fax No.
  Code                                                                     & Email Address

  0101     Thakur Hari Prasad Institute of Research &         (O) 040-24046733
           Rehabilitation for the Mentally Handicapped,       (R) 040-23525035 (Fax) 040-24045454
           Vivekananda Nagar, Dilsukh Nagar,        
           Hyderabad – 500 060                      
  0102     Rural Project of Thakur Hari Prasad Institute of   (O) 0883-2448347
           Research & Rehabilitation for the Mentally         (Fax) 0883-2443356
           Handicapped, Rural Project, C/55, Lala   
           Cheruvu, Rajahmundry – 533 106
  0103     National Institute for Mentally Handicapped,       (O) 040-27751741 Extn.914
           P.O. Bowenpally,                                   (R) 040-27751741 Extn.295
           Secunderabad-500 009                               (Fax) 040- 27750198
  0104     Sweekar Rehabilitation Institute for               (O) 040-27843338,040-27841696
           Handicapped, Upkar Circle, Picket,                 (R) 040-27961309 , (Fax) 040-27810731
           Secunderabad – 500 003                    or
  0106     College of Education, Andhra Mahila Sabha,         (O) 040-27098573
           Durgabai Deshmukh Vidyapeetham, Osmania            (R) 040-27018904
           University Campus, Hyderabad – 500 007             (Fax) 040-27098573, 27829509
  0109     Helen Keller's Training College for the            (O) 08562-241593
           Teachers of the Deaf, 10/72, Nr. Sivalingam        (R) 08562-241593
           Beedi Factory, Ballary Road,                       Mob - 9849311680
           Cuddapah – 516 001
  0110     Rashtriya Seva Samiti, 8/81, Tuda Plot No.55,      (O) 0877-2245488
           10th Cross. Royal Nagar, R C Road,                 (R) 0877-2220703
           Tirupati – 517 501, Chittoor Dist.                 (Fax) 08574-28362
  0114     B.B.S. Devnar School for the Blind, (Managed       (O) 040-27767931, 27769831
           by Devnar Foundation for the Blind) H.No. 10-      (R) 040-27767931
           2-231, Road No. 1, West Maredpally,                (Fax) 040-27703686
           Secunderabad – 500 026                   
  0116     Navajeevan Special School for the Deaf, Door       (O) 08514-245568
           No.4-174S, Ayyalurimetta, Sugar Factory,           (R) 08514-245568
           Nandyal – 518 502, Kurnool Distt.                  (Fax) 08514-245568
  0117     Bethlemhem Church Association for the Blind,       (O) 08814-275296, (R) 08814-276644
           Roypet, Narsapur – 534 275                         Israel_bcablind@hotmail
  0119     Lebenshilfe, Association for the Mentally          (O) 0891-553285
           Handicapped, Muncipal Community Hall, Near         (R) 0891-552018
           Lumbani Park, (Old Appu Ghar), MVP Colony,
           Visakhapatnam – 530 017.


0301   Dony Polo Mission School for Hearing
       Impaired, Chimpu, Itanagar,

04     ASSAM
0401   Guwahati Mental Welfare Society, North
       Eastern Regional Training Institute for Mentally
       Handicapped, Vikas Nager, Dakhingaon,
       Kahilipara, Guwahati-781 019
0402   Shishu Sarothi, Spastic Scoiety of Assam, Opp
       Ramakrishna Mission Road, Birubai,
       Guwahati-781 016
0403   Prerona,Pratibandhi Shishu Bikash Kendra,          (O) 0376-2361386, (R) 0376-2360513
       (Spastic Society of Jorhat),                       (Fax) 0376-2320512
       Cinnamara Jorhat – 785 008               
0404   ASHADEEP, Islampur Road, Gandhi Basti,
       Guwahati – 781 003
0405   Composite Regional Centre for persons with         (O) 0361-2456510, 2452708
       disabilities, PMRT Building, Guwahati Medical      (R) 0361-2452708, Mob 9864036175
       College Hospital Campus,                           (Fax) 0361-2456510
       Guwahati – 781 032.                      

05     BIHAR
0501   Indian Institute of Health Education,              (O) 0612-2252999 (R) 0612-2523179
       Health Institute Road, Near Central Jail,          (Fax) 0612-2253290
       Beur, Patna – 800 002                    
0502   J.M.Institute of Speech & Hearing, Indrapuri,      (O) 0612-2264805, (R) 0612-2268192
       P.O. Keshri Nagar, Patna – 800 024                 (Fax) 0612-2264805
0505   Deepalaya Institute for Mental Health &            (O) 06454-226146, (R) 06454-226146
       Rehabilitation, Kailash Puri, Sri Nagar Hata,      (Fax) 06454-222055
       Purnea - – 854 301.                      
0507   Bihar Institute of Speech & Hearing & Research     (R) 0612-2466225
       Centre, Road No. 6, Rajendranagar,
       Patna – 800 016.
0508   Samaj Kalyan Sansthan, Nayanagar,                  (O) 06275-223030, (R) 0612-2625301
       Via-Mangalgarh, Dist. Samastipur-848 208           (Fax) 0612-226485, 269268PP
0509   SUBHAM, Reva Road, Near Bhagwanpur                 (O) 0621-2248178 (R) 0621-2247420
       Chowk, Muzzaffarpur- 842 001             
0515   Bihar Viklang Kalyan Parishad, Adarsh Nagar,       (O) 0621-2275005
       Lane No.3, Majhaullia, P.O. Khabra, Distt.         (R) 0621-2275005
       Muzaffarpur - 846 143
0516   Bihar Blind People's Care Society, 339, MIG
       Kankarbagh Colony, Patna-800 020, BIHAR
0517   Dipika Chaudhury, Co-ordinator, Baba Garib         0621-2240175
       Nath Vikalanga Sansthan, Jana Seva
       Sansthan, Kalarn Bag Chouk, Muzzaffarpur-
0518   Mr. Vinay Bhushan Prasad, President, Kosi
       Kshetriya Vikalang Kalyan Samiti, Ward No.

        18, Gangrala, Saharsa
0602    Government Institute for the Mentally            (O) 0172-607442
        Handicapped, Sector – 32, P.O. Sector-47,        (R) 0172-607442
        Chandigarh – 160 031
0603    Indian National Portage Association, Karuna      0172-2600951, 2749994
        Sadan, 1st Floor, Room No.-14-15, Sector 11-B    9417372091 (Mob.)

0701    Lions' Charitable Trust, "Prayas" Shravan        (O) 0788-2392857, (R) 0788-5033181
        Viklang Sansthan, G.E. Road, Supela,             (Fax) 0788-2395311
        Bhilai – 490 022                        (O)
0703    Ankur Special School, NF-3, Kosabadi, Sada       (O) 07759-223104, (R) 07759-221128
        Colony, Korba - 495 677                          (Fax) 07759-222359
0704    National Association for the Blind, “Prerana”    (O) 0771-2573122
        M.P. Housing Board Colony, Slice – III,          (R) 0771-2573353
        Herapur, Raipur – 492 099                        (Fax) 0771-2573122

08     DELHI
0801    Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation and Research Centre,   (O) 011-22375205, (Fax) 011-22372521
        Karkardooma, Vikas Marg, Delhi – 110 092
0802    Medical Education & Resource Division, Indian    (O) 011-26896642, 26898448,
        Spinal Injury Centre,                            (Fax) 011-26898810
        Sec. C, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110 070
0803    The Co-Ordinator, B.Ed (SE-DE),                  (O) 011-26835093, (R) 0120-2611784
        AYJNIHH, NRC, Kasturba Niketan,                  (Fax) 011-26835093
        Lajpat Nagar –II, New Delhi - 110 024  
0805    Kulachi Hansraj Model School,                    (O) 011-27143364, 27143365,
        Mental Retardation, Ashok Vihar,                 (R) 0120-2881001 (Fax) 011-27454950
        G-Block, Phase-I, Delhi – 110 052      
0807    The National Association for the Blind,          (O) 011-6102944, 6176379
        Sector –V., R.K. Puram,                          (R) 011-22723541, (Fax) 011-26187650
        New Delhi – 110 022                    
0808    Delhi Society for the Welfare of Mentally        (O) 011-26310896
        Retarded Children, Teachers Training Institute   Mob 09811141657
        for Special Education, Okhla Centre, Okhla
        Marg, New Delhi – 110 025.
0809    Blind Relief Association,                        (O) 011-24361376, 24368529
        Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg,                        (R) 011-26642234, (Fax) 011-24364730
        New Delhi – 110 003                     (O)
0810    Chandra Bhushan Singh Memorial, Speech &         (O) 011-22527283
        Hearing Institute, 4-Hasanpur, I.P. Extn.        Mob 09810782542
        Near Hasanpur Bus Depot, Delhi – 110 092.

09     GOA
0902   Lokvishwas Pratishthan, Virani Isani High      (O) 0832-2314874
       School for Deaf, Kapileshwary,                 (R) 0832-2751176
       Panda-Goa , PIN– 403 401             
0903   Mrs. A.Viegas, Principal, Sanjay School for    0832-2412880
       Special Education, Pundalik Nagar, Porvorim,
       Goa PIN-403512

10     GUJARAT
1001   Blind Peoples Association, Surdas Marg, Dr.    (O) 079-6304070, 6642209
       Vikram Sarabhai Road,                          (Fax) 079-6300106, Mobile-9824083906
       Vastrapur, Ahmedabad – 380 015       
1003   Medical Care Centre Trust,                     (O) 0265-2463906, (R) 0265-2359187
       Children Hospital, Kareli Baug,                (Fax) 0265-2426272
       Vadodara – 390 018                   
1004   Shri K.L.Institute for the Deaf,               (O) 0278-2429326, 2420836 Extn. 225
       51, Vidyanagar, Bhavnagar - 364 420            (Fax) 0278-2431160
1005   B.M. Institute of Mental Health,               (O) 079-26578256, 26578227, 26578228
       Nr. Nehru Bridge, Ashram Road,                 (R) 079-27460790
       P.O. Naurangpura, Ahmedabad – 380 009
1007   Gujarat Kelvani Trust, Mangal Prabhat          (O) 079-25500309
       Building, Opp. St.Xavier High School,          (Fax) 079-25504106
       Mirzapur, Ahmedabad – 380 001
1010   Vadilal S.Gandhi Charitable Trust,
       Shri Nemnathjini Vadi, Antisar Darwaja,
1011   NAB Jamnagar District Branch,                  (O) 0288-2712380, 2712348
       Aerodrome Road, Jamnagar –361 006    
1012   NAB Sabarkantha District Branch, “Panchal      (O) 02778-250298
       Bhuwan” B/h, Satyam Auto Garrage,              (R) 02778-250276
       Srinagar Road No.10, Near Govt. Quarters.      (Fax) 02778-250298
       IDAR – 383 430
       Andhajan Kalyan Trust, Rangari Mohalla,        2824-223502, 02824-227352
1014   Chunararapa Road, DHORAJI-360410               e-mail
1016   Shri. Anilbhai B Patel
       National Association For The Blind             PH:02872-257386
       (Dist. Junagadh ) Vanthali Junagadh Highway    MOB: 9426244026
       Near Milan Petrol Pump Near Giriraj Hotel
       Junagadh 362205 (Junagadh Dist.)
1017   Shri Meenal Doshi
       Setu Developmental Intervention Centre         PHONE NO:079-30918222
       17 Goyal Row Houses Near Drivinn Cinema        079-310008674
       Drivein Road, Ahmedabad 380054
       (Ahmedabad Dist)

1018   Shri Bhatt Saheb
       Rotri Club,Nadiad Samaj Seva And Sansodhan      PHONE : 0268-256426, 256381
       And Trust Sanchalit
       Shri S G Brahambhatt Badhir Vidhyalay Near
       Ram Talavadi Railway Crossing Mission Road
       Nadiad , Distt. Kheda, (Kheda Dist)
1019   Shri Yusufi F Kapadia
       Blind Wealfare Council Mission Road Near        PHONE:02673-243389,244577
       Railway Over Bridge , Po.No. 115
       Dahod-389151, (Panchmahal & Dahod Dist)
1020   Shri Lal Ji Bhai Prajapati
       Viklang Vidhya Vihar Dairy Road Mukam           PHONE:02832-240210
       Madhapar, Distt. Bhuj-Kutch (Kutch Dist)
1021   Shri Lalu Bhai J Prajapati
       National Association For The Blind              PHONE:02742-252586
       Mamta Mandir ,Vidhya Mandir
       Palanpur 385001, (Banaskantha Dist)
1022   Prof. Ramnik Bhai Halari
       National Association For The Blind (Dist.       PHONE:02762-221210,222457
       Mehsan - Patan) South Commertial Centre Near
       Three Gate Vish Nagar, Mehsana 384315,
       (Mehsana & Patan Dist)
1023   Shri Vikram Bhai Patel
       Seva Rural Jaghadia, Distt Bharuch              PHONE:2645-220913,220868
       (Narmada & Bharuch Dist.)
1024   Shri A.G. Chowkhawala
       National Association For The Blind              PHONE:0261-2669480
       (Dist.Surat), C/O Association For The Blind
       Education, Ghod Dod Road , Surat Pin 395007
       (Surat Dist.)
1025   Shri Ram Bhai K Patel
       National Association For The Blind              PHONE:02632-251457
       (Dist.Valsad), Near Dutt Nagar Housing
       Society, Civil Hospital Road, Nanak Wada
       Valsad-396001, (Navsari , Valsad & Dang Dist)
1026   Shri Yeagnesh Desai
       Teachers Traning College For The Def & Blind    079-6586138
       Near Times Of India
       Ashram Road Navrangpura (Anand Dist)
1027   Shri Nana Lal
       The Society For The Mentally Retd.              PHONE NO:0281-2584031
       Near G.T.Savali Kidni Hospital                  MOBILE:9825218252
       Sourastra United Road
       Rajkot-360005 (Rajkot Dist)

11     HARYANA
1101   ARPAN, Institute for the Mentally                 (O) 01262-243817, (R) 01262-243817
       Handicapped, Gandhi Nagar,              
       Rohtak – 124 001
1102   Association for the Welfare of Handicapped,
       5 N/12, N.I.T., Faridabad
1103   National Association for the Blind,
       Central Green, KC Road, N.I.T., Faridabad
1104   Mr. Satya Pal, Co-ordinator, National School
       for the Handicapped, Novalty Complex, Bazaza
       Bazar, Ambala Cant 133001

1201   The Coordinator, FC-SEDE, HP Primary              (O) 0177-2658668, 2808624
       Education Society, Glen Hogin, Lal Pani ,         (Fax) 0177-2808624
       Shimla – 171 001
1208   School for Blind, Dhali, Shimla
1211   The Learning Centre, Bishop Cotton School,
       Shimla-171 002
1212   DIET at SARU, Dist. Chamba
1213   DIET at Jarad, Dist. Kulu
1214   DIET at Nahan, Dist. Sirmour


1301   Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Near
       SKIMS Medical College, Bemina, Parimpora,
       P.O.Srinagar – 190 017

1401   Deepshikha Institute for Child Development &      (O) 0651-2306203, 2560227, 2232618
       Mental Health, A Unit of Purshree, Arya Samaj     (R) 0651-2232120
       Mandir, Swami Sharadhanand Road,        
       Ranchi – 834 001
1403   Jeevan Jyoti, Jila Parishad Building, Bekar
       Bandh, Distt.Dhanbad – 826 001
1405   Van Uden Badhir KalyanVidyalaya, Dhobi            (O) 06436-222593
       Jharna, Mircowave Tower, Sahebganj,               (R) 06436-222593
       Santhal Pargana – 816 109

1502   St.Agnes Special School, Bedore,                  (O) 0824-443376, 443580
       P.O.Kankanady, Dist.Dakshina Kannada,             (R) 0824-437286
       Mangalore –575 002
1504   Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy                    (O) 080-6581076
       for the Blind, 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase, (Near Ragi   (Fax) 080-6588045
       Gudda), J.P. Nagar,                               (R) 080-6615558 PP
       Bangalore-560 078.                      

1505   Karnataka Parents’ Association for the Mentally    (O) 080-6563267
       Retarded Citizen, AMC Compound, Officers           (Fax) 080-6564608
       Hosur Road, Near Kidwai Memorial Hospital,
       Bangalore – 560 029.
1506   Govt. Teacher Training Centre for the Hearing      (O)0821-497670PP
       handicapped, Tilak Nagar, Govt. of Karnataka,      (R) 0821-493687
       Mysore – 570 021
1507   Spastics Society of Karnataka, 31, 5th Cross Off   080-25281831, 25280935
       5th Main Indira Nagar, 1st stage Banglore-         fax 080-25286129, 25288298
       560038                                             email :
1508   Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled,    (O) 08533-330188, 338178
       PB No. 24, Vivekananda Colony,                     (R) 08533-331244
       Gangavathi – 583 235, Koppal Dist                  (Fax) 08533-371720
1509   Sangam Education Society, EWS 90, Hudco            (O) 08482-225383
       Colony, Bidar – 585 401                  
1510   Shri Manju Education Society, Balaji Road,
       Rajput Street, Betgeri-gadag-582 102
1513   Belgaum Integrated Rural Development               (O) 08332-384678, 388622
       Society, Birds Compus, Naganur, Tq : Gokak,        (R) 08332-384979
       Dist- Belgaum-591 319                              (Fax) 08332-324435
1514   CBR Network (South Asia), 134, Ist Block,
       6th Main, 3rd Phase, BSK, Bangalore – 85

16     KERALA
1601   AWH Institute for the Mentally Handicapped,        (O) 0495-2353512
       Rehmania Special School for the Handicapped,       (R) 0495-2246736
       Calicut Medical College,                           (Fax) 0495-2720028
       P.O. Calicut – 673 008                   
1605   Bala Vikas Teacher's Training Centre,              (O) 0471-2433646 (R) 0471-2403188
       Gandhi Marg, Opp. Hindustan Latex,                 (Fax) 0471-2433646
       Pecoorkada, Trivandrum - 695 005         
1606   Nirmala Sadan Teachers Training Centre,            (O) 0485-2833160
       Muvattupuzha – 686 661 Ernakulam (Distt.),         (R) 0485-2833160
1607   Central Institute on Mental Retardation,           (O) 0471-2445796, 2441376
       Murinjapalam, Medical College P.O.                 (Fax) 0471- 2442918
       Thiruvananthapuram – 695 011.            
1608   Kerala Federation of the Blind Training Centre     (O) 0492-2661303, (R) 0471-2530596
       for the Teachers of V.H., P.O. Karimpuzha,         (Fax) 0471-2304993
       Palakkad – 679 513                       
1610   Faith India , Faith India Bhawan,                  (O) 0481-2731298, (R) 0481-2711051
       Puthencruz P.O. Distt. Ernakulam - 682 308         (Fax) 0484-2731241
1611   Rahmania Pre-Primary Teachers Training             (O) 0495-2355510
       Institute for the Young Deaf (Under AWH            (R) 0495-2245621
       Special College), Calicut Medical College          (Fax) 0495-720028
       P.O. Calicut – 673 008                   
1613   MANOVIKAS Special School for Mentally              (O) 0476-2830802, 2832802
       Handicapped, Post – Pallisserikkal,                (R) 0476-2685066, (Fax) 0476-2832830

       Sasthamcotta, Kollam - 690 521        
1614   Sneha Sadan, College of Special Education,
       Ankamaly – 683 572, Ernakulum,
1615   Mr. K. Venugopalan, Chairman and Executive      Ph: 0474-2729021
       Trustee, ASHRAYA, Pulliyil, Kilikolloor,        m-09387315656
       Kollam, Kerala-691004
1701   Digdarshika Institute of Rehabilitation &
       Research, Red Cross Bhawan, Shivaji Nagar,
       Bhopal – 462 016.
1702   M.P. Bhoj (Open) University,                    (O) 0755-2576555, 5271018
       Campus I, Red Cross Bhawan,                     (R) 0755-2560512, (Fax) 0755-2550606
       Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal – 462 016.      
1707   M.P. Welfare Association for the Blind,         (O) 0731-2410296
        33 B/D, Kila Maidan,                           (R) 0731-2401242, 224060
       Indore – 452 006.                      or
1708   Deaf & Dumb Association, Scheme No.71 B         (O) 0731-2387174, 2383559
       (Behind Ranjit Hanuman Mandir),                 (R) 0731-2387174, 2368876
       Indore –452 009                       
1710   Avsar Punarwarwas avem Anusandhan               (O) 07582-249226, (R) 07582-249226
       Sansthan, 386, Choti Payega, Keshav Ganj,
       Sagar - 470 002                        (R)
1711   J.T.M.R.I. Rotary Club hall, Pachpedi,          (O) 0761-2608334
       Civil line, Jabalpur – 482 001                  (R) 0761-2608334
1712   Welfare Association for the Disabled,
       701/8, Nanda Nagar, Indore – 452 008
1713   Lt. Col. A.K.Sinha, Commanding Officer, 431     Fax : 0517-2740600
       FD Ambulance and Secretary, Asha School, C/o
       Army School, BABINA Cant., PIN-284401,
1714   Fr.Thomas,C.T., Director, M.P.Viklang
       Sahayata Samiti, 88Subhas Nagar, Indore Road,
       UJJAIN-456010 (MP)
1715   Mr. Slaha Uddin, President Pooja Viklang
       Sansthan avam Samaj Seva Samiti, B-39 Mayur
       Vihar Colony, Ashoka Garden, BHOPAL-23
1716   Dr. Pratima Singh, President, Shiva Kalyan      (O) 0755-2556663
       Evaam Shikshan Samiti, UG-26, II Floor,         (R) 0755-2771572
       Harshavardhan Nagar, BHOPAL                     e-mail:

1801   Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the       (O) 022-6400215, 6400228
       Hearing Handicapped, Kishenchand Marg,          (Fax) 022-6422638
       Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050          
1804   Ayodhya Charitable Trust,                       (O) 020-6874460, 6820886
       School of Special Education & Research, 51/2    (R) 020-6930282 (Fax) 020-6812809
       Vikas Nagar, Wanwadi Village, Pune - 411 040
1809   National Association for the Blind, Unit        (O) 0253-2353578, 2355378
       Maharashtra, 3rd Floor, Yeshwant Mandal,        (R) 0253-2504004, 2504058

Raviwar Karanja, Nashik – 422 001.

1810   Navjeevan School for Mentally Retarded, Plot      (O) 0240-2484187
       No. P-65, MIDC Naregaon Fata,                     (R) 0240-247061
       Aurangabad – 431 001
1812   Director, Centre for Job opportunities for the
       Spastics, Chembur, Mumbai
1813   (Research Society for the Care Treatment and      02114-62308, 62301
       Training of Children in Need of Special Care)
       Sevedham , Kanhephata Village, Maval
       Taluka, Dist-Pune
1814   Central Institute of Teacher of the Deaf, 3rd
       Floor, Next to Municipal School, Agripada,
1815   The Puna School & Home for the Blind Trust,
       Dr. M.R. Mavache Road, 14/17, Koregaun Park,
       Pune-411 001
1816   Spastics Society of India, K.C. Marg, Bandra      (O) 022-26443666, (R) 022-26319292
       Reclamation, Bandra (West) Mumbai-400 050         Fax: 022-26436848, m-09820208963
1817   Probodhini Vidya Mandir Matimand Vidyalaya
       Shikshan Prashikshan Kendra, Nashik
1818   Wai Akshar Institute's Training & Research        220426, 220917, 220918
       Centre, Wai, District Satara-412803
1819   Mr. V.R. Rula Hearing Handicapped Institute,
       S.P. College Campus, Pune-411 030
1820   The National Association for the Welfare of the
       Physically Handicapped, Near Amravati
       University, Gate No. 3, Mardi Road, Amravati
       Camp, Amravati-444 602
1821   Apang Jeevan Vikas Sanstha Amravati,
       Bhumiputra Colony, Near Congress Nagar,
1822   NANDANVAN (School for Mentally
       Handicapped) Near Janki Cinema, Sitabuldi,
       Nagpur-440 012.
1823   SAVALI, Plot No. 13, S.No. 78, Left Bhusari       (O) 020-25282379
       Colony.Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune-411 038
1824   Shri Sanjay P. Ghodke, Secretary, Deaf and
       Dumb and Mental Retardation Residential
       Special School, Mahatma Phule Colony,
       National High Way No 6, Nagpur Road,
       Bhandara 441908
1825   Dr. Sarad Joshi, Secretary, Ankur Gram Vikas
       Sanstha, Kushumba, Kulsum Manzil, 71
       Panzara Society, At @ P.O. Kusumba, Taluka
       & Dist Dhule- 424 302

19     MANIPUR
1901   All Manipur Mentally Handicapped Persons           (O) 0385-223537
       Welfare Organisation, Keishamthong Top
       Leirak, Imphal - 795 008
1902   Spastic Society of Madnapur Ghari,
       Airport Road, IMPHAL WEST-795 001

2003   BETHANY SOCEITY, Lady Veronica Lane,
       Laitumkhrah, Shillong,
2004   Bethany Society, C/o. Jyoti Sroat School for the
       Blind, St. Edmund's Campus,
       Shillong – 793 003
2005   Ferrando Speech & Hearing Centre, (Regd.
       Office) Mawro-Hmawlai, Shillong – 793 008
       Sister Merly, Co-ordinator                         Ph. 0364-2004201
       FERRANDDO Speech and Hearing Centre,

21     MIZORAM
2101   Ms.Sangzuali Vanchhawng, Coordinator,              0389-2347790
       SCERT, Chaltang, Aizol, Mizoram – 796 012.         m-0943614352
2102   Mrs. Chhingpuii, Secretary, Society for            0389-325367
       Rehabilitation of Spastic Children., Ch. 
       Chhunga Building, Saron Veng, Aizwal-
       796001, Mijoram

23     ORISSA
2301   Chetna Institute for the Mentally Handicapped,     (O) 0574-301675
       Teachers Training Centre, A/3, Institutional
       Area, Near Hotel Swosti Plaza, P.O. R.R.L.
       Campus, Bhubaneshwar – 751 013
2302   TYAGA AT. Chhatratota, P.O. Mahanga,               (R) 0674-2351002
       Distt. Cattack – 754 206
2303   Open Learning System, Plot No. M-75, Samata        (O) 0674-2301626, (R) 0674-2340744
       Vihar, G-3,Gadakana Mouza, Nr. Nalco Chhak,        (Fax) 0674-2301626
       P.O. Mancheswar Railway Colony           
       Bhubaneshwar – 751 017.                  
2304   Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, 108 D,
       Master Canteen Building Station Square, Unit-
       III, Bhubaneshwar -751 001
2305   Centre for Rehabilitation Services and Research    (O) 0671-2345758
       (CRSR), Netaji Nagar, Madhupatuna,                 (R) 06784-231382
       Cuttack – 753 010                                  (Fax) 0755-2550606
2309   MANOVIKAS, School for M.R., At./P.O.
       Berhampur, Dist. Ganjam, Orissa
2310   School for M.R. Bhairabi Club, Kurumpada,          (O) 06755-245077, 245027(R) 06755-245077
       P.O. Hadapada, Dist. Khurda – 752 018    

2311   National Rehabilitation & Artificial Limb
       Centre, Near R.G.H. Panposh Road, Rourkela-4,
       Dist-Sundargah, ORISSA
2312   Pingalakhi Public Welfare Organisation
       At/PO-Ganesh Bazar, Nimapara,
       Dist-Puri-752 106, ORISSA
2313   Sri Kartikeshwar Pradhan, Co-ordinator, FC-
       SEDE Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, At/P.O. Bargarh, Dist
       Bargarh, Orissa.
2314   Sri Gopinath Samal, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, Adarshapada, Near Cold
       Storage, At/PO. Bolangir, Dist Bolangir,
2315   Sri Abhaya Rout, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, At/PO. Balasore, Dist.
       Balasore, Orissa
2316   Sri Niranjan Nayak, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, At/PO.Bhadrak, Dist.
       Bhadrak, Orissa
2317   Sri Chittaranjan Parida, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, Collectorate Building,
       At/PO. Cuttack, Dist. Cuttack, Orissa
2318   Prasant Kumar Biswal, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, At/PO. Jagatsinghpur,
       Dist. Jagatsinghpur, Orissa
2319   Sri Jalandhar Mandal, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, DPEP/ Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, At/PO.Baripada, Dist.
       Mayurbhanj, Orisa
2320   Sri Rankanath Sahoo, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, At/PO. Nayagarh, Dist.
       Nayaharh, Orissa
2321   Sri Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, Co-ordinator, FC-
       SEDE Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, , Near Sriram Talkies,
       Puri-752002, Dist Puri, Orissa
2322   Sri Arun Kumar Das, Co-ordinator, FC-SEDE
       Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
       Shiksha Abhiyan, 2nd. Floor, Collectorate
       Building, Sambalpur-768001, Dist.
       Sambalpur, Orissa
2323   Sri Amatya Kumar Pradhan, Co-ordinator, FC-
       SEDE Programme, IED Co-ordinator, DPEP/
       Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, At/PO. Sonepur,
       Dist Sonepur, Orissa

2324     Sri Prasant Kumar Saraf, Co-ordinator, FC-
         SEDE Programme, IED Co-ordinator, Sarva
         Shiksha Abhiyan, At/PO.Sundargarh,
         Dist.Sundargarh, Orissa

24      PUNJAB
2401     Dr.Satya Paul Khosla Charitable Memorial         (O) 0181-2227917
         Trust, Shaheed Uddam Singh Nagar, Opp. T V       (R) 0181-2227557
         Studio, Jalandhar - 144 001                      (Fax) 0181-2227917
2403     Navjivini School of Special Education, Sular,    (O) 0175-2213517,2225979
         Patiala – 147 001                                (R) 0175-2214877, (Fax) 0175-2302245
2404     Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre,
         Haibowal road, Opp Kitchlu Nagar,
         Ludhiana - 141 001
2405     Dr. Mrs. Tehali Kohli, President INPA &
         Professor, Department of Education, Indian
         National Portage Association, Punjab
         University, CHANDIGARH-380054
2406     Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Principal PRAYAS, GT
         Road, Maqsudan, Jalandhar


2501     P& NM Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind,East
         View, Delwara Road, Mount Abu – 307 501
2502     Jay Bharat Sarva Kalyan Nyas, 108, Nehru         (O) 0291-2432208
         Park, Sector-10, Chopasni Housing Board,         (R) 0291-2435099
2503     L.K.C. Jagdamba Andh Vidyalaya Samiti,
         Hanumangarh Road, Sriganga Nagar- 335 001
2504     Research Education and Audiological
         Development Society (READS), Dundlod
         House, Civil Lines,
         Jaipur – 302 019.
2505     Mr. Deepak Kalra, Course Coordinator,            Ph: 0141-2393319
         DISHA Centre for Special Education               e-mail:
         Vocational Training and Rehabilitation, 450      website:
         AB, Nirman Nagar, King’s Road,
2506     PRAYAS SANSTHAN, "Prachya Shodh Peeth            (O) 0294-2410812
         Samiti", 30-A, C-1, Road, Bhupalpura,            (R) 0294-2490188
         Udaipur – 313 001                      
2507     Marudhar Deaf & Dumb School, Laxmi Vihar         (O) 0151-230403
         Colony, Sagar Road, Bikaner – 334 001            (Fax) 0151-239002
2509     Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal, Ajmer,           (O) 0145-2420635
         "Viswamitra Ashram", Anandpura, (Topdara)        Fax: 0145-2427004
         Ajmer-305 001                                    e-mail :
2510     Human Development Institute, ADHARSHILA,         01464-244294
         Village-Dabla (Mew), P.O.Machadi, Via-
         Raigarh Dist.-Alwar, Rajasthan 301408

2511   PRAYAS, Centre for Special Education &             Shri Jatinder Arora, Executive Director,
       Vocational Training, 15-A, Jhalana Institutional   2711018, 5146517
       Area, JAIPUR 302017                                prayasjpr@hotmail.comS

26     SIKKIM
2601   DDRC-Gangtok, C/o STNM Hospital,
       Gangtok-737 101

2701   International Human Resource Development           (O) 0422-2697529
       Centre for the Disabled, Sri Ramakrishna           (Fax) 0422-2692353
       Mission Vidyalaya, Sri Ramakrishna                 (R) 0422-2693978
       Vidayalaya Post,                          (O)
       Periyanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore – 641 020 (R)
2703   The Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu,                 (O) 044-22541651, (Fax) 044-22541047
       Opp. T.T.T.I., Taramani Road,             (O)
       Chennai – 600113                          (R)
2704   S.B.T.. College of Special Education, Dr.          (O) 0452-2539040
       M.A.Thangaraj Compound, DRO Colony,                (R) 0452-2537988
       Madurai – 625 007                                  anbagam_madurai @
2705   Department of Rehabilitation Science,              (O) 0431-2704343
       Holy Cross College, P.O.Theppakulam                (R) 0431-2553370
       Tiruchirapalli – 620 002                 
2707   Vijay Hanuman Services,                            (O) 044-8228054
       4, Lakshmipuram, 3rd Street,                       (Fax) 044-8216696
       Royapettah, Chennai – 600 014            
2712   Vidya Sagar, No. 1. Ranjit Road,                   (O) 044-22354784, 22354785
       Kothurpuram, Chennai – 600 085                     (R) 044-24412533, (Fax) 044-22353757
                                                 or (R)
2714   Rangammal Memorial Higher Secondary                (O) 04175-249279
       School for the Hearing Impaired, Sambanthanur      (R) 04175-229578
       Village, Somasipadi Post, Tiruvannamalai Tk.,
       Dt.Tiruvannamalai - 606 611
2716   Oral School for the Hearing Impaired, Trowel       (O) 04652-232240, (R) 04652-234157
       Street, College Road, Nagercoil – 629 001.         Ngc_oshi@sancharnetin
2717   Holly Cross Service Society, 96-B, Ettupattai
       Bungalow, Putchur, Trichy – 620 017.
2718   M.S. Chellamuthu Trust & Research                  (O) 0452-2586448, (R) 0452-2484127
       Foundation, 643, K.K. Nagar,                       (Fax) 0452-2580442
       Madurai – 625 020                        
2719   Ajay Memorial Foundation, 6, Officers Colony,      (O) 044-26544969
       Anna Nagar, West Extension,              
       Chennai -600 050.
2721   IELC School for the Blind, Bargur,                 (O) 04343-265443
       Dharamapuri – 635 104                              (R) 0416-2272364
2722   TELC School for the Blind, S.M. School             (O) 04577-266672
       Hospital Post, Shivaganga Dist.                    (R) 04577-266145
       Tiruppattur – 630 211                              (R) 04577-267618

2723   Amar Seva Sangam, Post Box No. 01,
       Sulochana Garden, 7-4-104 B, Tenkasi Road,
       Ayikudy-627 852, Tirunelveli,
       Distt. Tamil Nadu
2726   Shri V. Krishnaswamy, Air Vice Marshal             041-28281042, 28267568,
       (Retd.), Director, Madhuram Narayanan Centre       Fax No. 28269359, 28232627
       for Exceptional Children, 125, G.N.Chetti Road,
       T-Nagar Chennai-600017

28     TRIPURA
2801   All Tripura Scheduled Castes Tribes and            (O) 0381-2208507, 2226264, 2361978
       Minority Upliftment Council, Ramnagar Road         (Fax) 0381-2380013
       No.-1 (2nd Lane), Agartala – 799 002.    
2802   Deaf & Dumb Institute under SW & SE,
       Dept. Abhoynagar, Agartala,
2803   Mano Visash Kendra at Krishnagar, Agartala
       for CP & Allied Disorder.
2804   Shri S. Bhattacharya, Principal, North Tripura
       Deaf and Dumb School. P.O. Kailashahar,
       North Tripura, Tripura

2901   Sharp Memorial School for the Blind,               (O) 0135-2734238
       P.O.Rajpur, Distt.Dehradun-248 009                 (R) 0135-2788177
2902   RAPHAEL, Ryder Chesire International Centre,       (O) 0135-674901, 676091
       P.P. Box No.157, Dehradun –248 001                 (R) 0135-677252
                                                          (Fax) 0135-673949
2903   Indira Tastriya Chetna Evam Samajotthan            (O) 0135-2451977
       Sansthan Hoshiyari Mandir, Raiwala,                (R) 0135-2450069
       Dehradun- 249205

3002   Chetna (A Society of the Welfare of                (O) 0522-2325336, 2373037
       Handicapped), Sector – C, Aliganj,                 (R) 0522-2335284, (Fax) 0522-2325336
       Lucknow – 226 020                        
3003   Training College for Teachers of the Deaf,         (O) 0522-2267458
       Aishbagh (Tilak Nagar), Lucknow – 226 004          (R) 0522-2220919
3004   Institute of Advance Studies in Education, MJP     (O) 0581-527263, 527286, 527282
       Rohilakhand University, Bareilly– 243 006
3005   Banaras Hindu University,                          (O) 0542-2361982
       Faculty of Education, Kamachha,                    (R) 0542-2392018
       Varanasi - 221 010                                 (Fax) 0542-2361982
3007   Integrated Institute for the Disabled, Karaundi,   (O) 0542-2575947, (Fax) 0542-2575947
       P.O. Banaras Hindu University,                     Mob-9415274547
       Varanasi - 221 005                       
3010   Jeevan Jyoti School and Community Based            (O) 0542-2585151
       Rehabilitation for the Blind, Aktha, P.O.          (R) 0542-2585151
       Sarnath, Varanasi – 221 007

3013   Nav Vani School for the Deaf, Village              (O) 0542-2624873, (R) 0542-2624873
       Koirajpur, Harhua P.O. Varanasi – 221 105
3014   Shikshit Yuva Sewa Samiti, Pandey Bazar,           (O) 05542-242280, 282012
       Basti – 272 002                                    (R) 05542-282017
3015   Drishti Samajik Sanstha, C-1/480, Sector –G,       (O) 0522-2363780
       Jankipuram, Lucknow                                (R) 0522-2751502
3016   Bharatiya Chauhan Samiti, Balrampur, SKM           (O) 05462-265316
       North, Azamgarh-Gorakhpur Raod,                    (R) 05462-231756
       Distt. Azamgarh – 276 025                          (Fax) 05462-266323
3017   The Coordinator, Jeevandhara Rehabilitation &
       Research Institute, Goel Chamber, Ashram
       Road, Shyamganj, Bareilly (UP)-243005
3019   Mr. Kusumakar, Sukul, Hon. Secretary,              0120-2784860, 2785692
       Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan, R-10/144, New Raj
       Nagar, Ghaziabad-201002
3020   Dr. Punita Devi, Secretary & Coordinator,
       Gramodyog Seva Santhan, Musafirkhana,
       Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

3101   Society for Mental Health Care,                    (O) 03453-255262, 255971
       P.O. & Village-Khajurdihi,                         (Fax) 03453-255262, (R) 033-24527494
       Via-Katwa, Burdwan – 713 518             
3102   Eastern Regional Centre, AYJNIHH, C/o NIOH         (O) 033-5311427
       Campus, Bon-Hooghly, B.T.Road,
       Kolkata - 700 090
3104   Rama Krishna Mission Blind Boys Academy,           (O) 033-24772201, 24772202
       Narendrapur, Kolkata –700 103                      033-24772070
3108   North Calcutta Pratibandhi Seva Kendra,            (O) 033-25220591
       2/8/1, Ramkrishna Ghosh Road,                      (R) 033-25220591
       Kolkatta – 700 050
3109   Manovikas Kendra Rehabilitation & Research         (O) 033-24423305, 24423306
       Institute for the handicapped, 482, Madudah,       (Fax) 033-24428275
       Flat No.I-24, Sec – I, Eastern Metropolitan By
       pass, Kolkata – 700 107
3110   Midnapore Rehabilitation Centre for Children,      (O) 03222-265646, 261864
       “Gitanjali”, Vidyasagar Road,                      (R) 03222-275646
       Midnapore – 721 101
3111   SHELTER, Society for Help, Education,              (O) 033-26337543
       Love,Training & Employment for the Retarded,       (R) 033-26337543
       3, Kalbati Lane, Bhadreswar,                       (Fax) 033-26330961
        Hooghly – 712 124                       
3114   Louis Braille Memorial School for the Sightless,   (O) 033-26634818
       Birla Road, P.O. Makhla (Uttarpara),               (R) 033-24251638
       Dist. Hooghly – 712 245                            (Fax) 033-28480009

  3115     Government of West Bengal, Office of the
           District Magistrate, Jalpaiguri (Social Welfare
           Section) New Collectorate Building,
           JPG-735 101, West Bengal
  3116x    DDRC, Jalpaiguri, C/O The District Magistrate,     Changed to Jalpaiguri Jilla Pratibandhi
           (Social Welfare Section) P.O. & Dist.-             Punarvasan Kendra, DDRC Building,
           Jalpaiguri, Pin-735 101, West Bengal               Hospital Road, Jalpaiguri, West Bengali
  3117     Mrs. Swapna Mukhopadhyay, Member                   03561-227393
           Secretary, Jalpaiguri Jilla Pratibandhi
           Punarvasan Kendras, DDRC Building, Hospital
           Road, Jalpaiguri, West Bengali
  3118     Shri J.L.Dasgupta, General Secretary, Pashchim     033-28450062, 25539614,
           Banga Jatiya Bayaska Shikshya Parishad, Elias
           Road, Kolkata- 700058
  3119     Mrs Mallika Benerjee, Director, PRADIP
           Centre for Autism Management, Flat No. P-203/
           B, Block-B, Lake View Co-operative Housing
           Society, Lake Town, Kolkata-700089

  3501     Government College of Education,                   (O) 04368-231390
           Perunthalaivan, Kamarajan College of               (R) 04368-224882
           Education (Govt.of Pondicherry),                   (Fax) 04368-231490
           Karaikkal – 609 605
  3502     Shri R. Krishnarajan, Secretary, Society for the   0413-2660443, 2666637
           Care and Education of the Disabled, Our Lady
           of Lourded Boys High School, Villianur,
           Pondicherry, 605110

Note : If for any reason, any of the above Study Centres become non-functional then the candidates will be
       shifted to a suitable Study Centre.


Qualification Code
01              Matriculation/SSC         05        Graduation or Equivalent
02              10+2 or Equivalent        06        Post-graduation or Equivalent
03              Diploma in Civil          07        M.Phil or Equivalent
04              Diploma in Agricultural   08        Ph.D. or Equivalent

Category Code                             Sex Code
01.             SC                        01        Male
02.             ST                        02        Female
03.             OBC
04.             PH
05.             General

State Codes
01    ANDHRA PRADESH                                19       MANIPUR
02    ANDAMAN & NICOBAR                             20       MEGHALAYA
03    ARUNACHAL PRADESH                             21       MIZORAM
04    ASSAM                                         22       NAGALAND
05    BIHAR                                         23       ORISSA
06    CHANDIGARH                                    24       PUNJAB
07    CHHATISHGARH                                  25       RAJASTHAN
08    DELHI                                         26       SIKKIM
09    GOA                                           27       TAMIL NADU
10    GUJARAT                                       28       TRIPURA
11    HARYANA                                       29       UTTRANCHAL
12    HIMACHAL PRADESH                              30       UTTAR PRADESH
13    JAMMU AND KASHIMIR                            31       WEST BENGAL
14    JHARKHAND                                     32       DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI
15    KARNATAKA                                     33       DAMAN & DIU
16    KERALA                                        34       LAKSHDWEEP
17    MADHYA PRADESH                                35       PONDICHERRY


17.1    Refund of Fee
Any fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

17.2    Legal Jurisdiction
All matters of any dispute shall be limited to Bhopal Court only. The place of jurisdiction for filing of a suit, if
necessary, will be only Bhopal.

Please read the following instruction carefully before filling in the application form

18.1    Checking before mailing Application Form with Enclosures
Check before mailing the Application Form with Enclosures for admission into the FC-SEDE Programme to the
Study Centre whether you have the following documents in order :
       Application Form in duplicate duly filled in properly with photographs affixed in both which are
        signed across by you and attested.
       Attendance Slip and ADMIT CARD with photographs affixed in both portions and signed across by
       Photocopies of the certificates and mark-sheets in support of your educational qualification(s)
       Employment Certificate
       Category certificate, if you are a SC/ST/OBC candidate.
       Declaration form signed by you.
       Demand Draft of Rs 1,500/- in favour of the Registrar., MPBOU payable at Bhopal and you
        have written on the back of the Demand Draft in capital letters : (a) FC-SEDE Programme; (b)
        Application No.(mentioned on the Application Form), (c) Code Number and Name of the Study
        Centre, (d) Your Name and Address.

18.2    Address for Correspondence
Your address must be complete in all respects. The University will correspond with you at this address. If you
change your address, you should inform the Study Centre about your new contact address at once.

Note : Always quote your Application Form Number, Code Number and Name of your Study Centre, your
Name and Full Address with PIN Code in all your correspondence with MPBOU.

                                                                            Updated on April 22, 2006
                                                                            Manoj Sharma_COMPAQ/D/ FC-SEDE_Programme Guide

0502    J.M.Institute of Speech & Hearing, Indrapuri,
        P.O. Keshri Nagar, Patna – 800 024
0517    Dipika Chaudhury, Co-ordinator, Baba Garib
        Nath Vikalanga Sansthan, Jana Seva
        Sansthan, Kalarn Bag Chouk, Muzzaffarpur-
0603    Indian National Portage Association, Karuna
        Sadan, 1st Floor, Room No.-14-15, Sector 11-B
1001    Blind Peoples Association, Surdas Marg, Dr.
        Vikram Sarabhai Road,
        Vastrapur, Ahmedabad – 380 015
1615    Mr. K. Venugopalan, Chairman and Executive
        Trustee, Ashraya, Pulliyil, Kilikolloor, Kollam,
1816    Spastics Society of India, K.C. Marg, Bandra
        Reclamation, Bandra (West) Mumbai-400 050
2404    Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre,
        Haibowal road, Opp Kitchlu Nagar,
        Ludhiana - 141 001
2406    Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Principal PRAYAS, GT
        Road, Maqsudan, Jalandhar
2511    PRAYAS, Centre for Special Education &
        Vocational Training, 15-A, Jhalana Institutional
        Area, JAIPUR 302017
2716    Oral School for the Hearing Impaired, Trowel
        Street, College Road, Nagercoil – 629 001.
3116x   Changed to Jalpaiguri Jilla Pratibandhi
3117    Punarvasan Kendra, DDRC Building,
        Hospital Road, Jalpaiguri, West Bengali