Effective Meetings _Part 1_ by lifemate


									                                        Business English
                                       Socializing (Part I)

                             Socializing (Part I)

1. Socializing for Success

     Effective socializing = successful business!

     Business parties, lunches, dinners etc. = business!

      7 steps to help use business social events to your advantage:

             1.   Prepare before the event
             2.   Make an entrance
             3.   Get connected
             4.   Meet the power
             5.   Cultivate friendships
             6.   Don‟t overstay your welcome
             7.   Use what you‟ve learned

2. Welcoming : Sample dialogue

     A:   I’d like to welcome you to our Institute. I am Professor Johnson.
     B:   It’s an honour to meet you, professor.
     A:   Did you have a good trip?
     B:   Yes, thank you.
     A:   Good. So, shall we start the tour?
     B:   Certainly. I’m looking forward to it.

3. Welcoming : language focus

     Welcome to…
     It‟s a great pleasure to welcome you to….
     On behalf of…I‟d like to welcome you to…

4. Introducing yourself : Sample dialogue

     A:   Hello, I’m Pete Russell.
     B:   Hi. Nice to meet you, I’m Sharon, a colleague of Paul’s.
     A:   So, do you know many people here?
     B:   Most of them. I’ll introduce you to a few if you like.
     A:   Thanks. So where are you from?

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                                         Business English
                                        Socializing (Part I)

5. Identifying or introducing yourself – first meetings: language focus

   Identification                                   Relevant information
   Hello, I’m…                                      From…
   Hello, my name is…                               I work for…
   Hello, let/may/could/can I introduce             I’m in charge of…/I’m responsible for…
   myself, I’m…
   Hello, first name + surname                      I’ve got an appointment with…
   We haven’t met. I’m…                             I’m the IT manager here.

6. Greetings for first meetings : language focus

   First greeting                                   Reply to the greeting
   Nice to meet you.                                Nice to meet you too.
   Pleased to meet you.                             Pleased to meet you too.
   It’s a pleasure to meet you.                     It’s very nice to meet you too.
   I’m delighted to finally meet you.               It’s great to meet you too.
   How do you do?                                   How do you do?

7. Introducing someone else : Sample dialogue

     A:   Have you met John?
     B:   No, I haven’t. Please introduce me.
     A:   Jonathan; this is Samantha. She works in the Research Department.
     C:   Nice to meet you, Samantha.
     B:   Nice to meet you, too.
     C:   How long have you been here?
     B:   With the company? Oh…too long…nearly fifteen years. What about you?
     C:   I don’t work here. I’m just on a visit for a couple of days.
     B:   Oh? Where are you staying?

8. Introducing someone else: language focus

     I‟d like to introduce you to…
     Let me introduce…
     May/Could/Can I introduce….
     It‟s my pleasure to introduce…
     Have you met…?
     …., this is…..

9. Tips for making small talk

     1. As you prepare for a function, come up with 3 things to talk about & 4 generic
        questions that will get others talking.
     2. Be the first to say “hello”.
     3. Take your time during introductions.
     4. Get the other person talking with a common ground statement regarding the
        event or location and then asking a related open-ended question.

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                                           Business English
                                          Socializing (Part I)

     5. Stay focused on your conversational partner by actively listening and giving
     6. Listen more than you talk.
     7. Have something interesting to contribute.
     8. If there are people you especially want to meet, one of the best ways to approach
        them is to be introduced by someone they respect.
     9. If someone hands you a business card, accept it as a gift.
     10. Watch your body language.
     11. Before entering into a conversation that‟s already in progress, observe and
     12. Have a few exit lines ready so that you can both gracefully move on.

10. Small talk : Keeping the conversation going
(*What’s wrong with this conversation?)

     Manager: Is this your first visit here?
     Smith: No, in fact the first time I came was for a trade fair. We began our Southeast
            Asian operations here at the 2006 Exhibition.
     Manager: Shall we have a look round the plant before lunch?

11. What’s wrong with what the Product manager says?

     It breaks a „rule‟ of conversation

     If you ask a question you should comment on the answer or ask a supplementary




12. Small talk : Keeping the conversation going : sample dialogue – successful

     Brad: Hello, James! Welcome to California! It’s good to finally meet you.
     James : It’s good to be here at last.
     Brad: Did you have any problems finding us?
     James: No. Jack Wilson gave me directions in London last week. I got a taxi here.
     Brad: Good. How was your flight?
     James: There was a short delay in London, but the flight was fine. Fortunately, I
     slept on the plane, so I’m not very tired.
     Brad: Glad to hear it. You’ve got a very busy programme ahead. Let’s discuss it
     over lunch. I booked a table for one-thirty. Do you like Italian food?

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                                        Business English
                                       Socializing (Part I)

13. Language focus: Small talk topics : Travel

     How was your trip?
     Did you have any trouble finding us?

     It was fine/very smooth/easy.
     The flight was delayed.
     The traffic was terrible.
     It was a bit rough.
     There was quite a bit of turbulence.
     I missed my connection.
     The plane was late.
     There were no problems.

14. Language focus: Small talk topics: Accommodation

     How‟s your hotel?
     What‟s your hotel like?
     Is everything all right?
     It‟s very comfortable/ convenient/ luxurious.
     The service is excellent.
     It‟s rather noisy/dirty.
     The rooms are a bit cramped.
     I‟ve got a great room overlooking the bay.

15. Language focus : Small talk topics: Weather

     How do you find the weather here?
     What was the weather like when you left?
     It‟s lovely/sunny/warm.
     It was dismal/cloudy/cold/wet/stormy/raining.

16. Small talk – Questions and answers : Sample dialogue (Unsuccessful)

     A:   Where do you come from?
     B:   India
     A:   Oh, whereabouts?
     B:   The south.
     A:   Interesting. Which city?
     B:   Madras.
     A:   Oh, I see….and is your family here with you?
     B:   No.
     A:   So you left them at home?
     B:   That’s right.
     A:   I suppose that must be hard for them.

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                                         Business English
                                        Socializing (Part I)

17. Small talk – Questions and answers : Sample dialogue (Successful)

      A:   Where did you grow up?
      B:   In Greece, actually. But my parents are Danish.
      A:   That sounds complicated.
      B:   Not really. My father had a job as an adviser to the government.
      A:   So, did you go to school there?
      B:   Yes, I did. It was an international school and we had to speak English.
      A:   Your English is very good.
      B:   Thanks. In fact, I use it all the time in my current job.
      A:   What do you do?
      B:   I’m a pilot….you know, on a commercial airline.
      A:   Really? My brother is training to become a pilot.
      B:   Oh? Where’s he training?

18. Successful small talk

     The initiator of small talk always hopes his/her questions will elicit more than a one-
      or two-word answer.
     You need to have a number of questions available in order to find a topic that
      develops into an interesting conversation.
     Responder gives full answers                 conversation develops positively

19. Question types : language focus

      Did you see that film on television?
      Do you live near here?
      Have you been here long?

      Where do you spend your holidays?
      What do you think of Milan?

      Language focus : encouraging reactions

      I don‟t like working late.
      We are very excited about the new marketing campaign.
      Starting later in the morning suits me.

      Yes, I agree.
      That‟s interesting.
      Me too.
      So do I. / Neither do I.

      So you think…?
      I suppose you are….?
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                                       Business English
                                      Socializing (Part I)

20. Language focus: More small talk topics

     What do you do?

     I‟m a teacher/engineer/lawyer. (profession)
     I work for the Pomodori Corporation. (employer)

     I work for myself at the moment. (self-employed)
     I own my own business. (self-employed)

     I look after the children. / I‟m a housewife/husband.

     What line of work/field are you in?
     I‟m in computing. (industry)
     I‟m in marketing. (function)

     How long have you been with them?
     Do you like it?
     Is the job interesting?
     How‟s business?

21. Language focus: More small talk topics

     Are you married?
     What does your wife/husband do?
     Do you have any children?
     How old are they?
     Do they work/study?
     Do they still live at home?

     Spare time
     What do you do in the evenings/at weekends?
     What do you do in your spare time?
     Where do you spend your holidays?
     Do you like films/ gardening/ walking/ sport?
     What kind of music do you like?

     Where do you come from?
     Where were you brought up?
     Where did you grow up?
     How young were you when you moved to….?
     Which part of….were you born in ?

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                                     Business English
                                    Socializing (Part I)

22. Daily Greetings : Sample Dialogue : Formal

     Francesco: Good morning, Mr. Hamilton.
     Mr. Hamilton: Morning, Francesco. I haven’t seen you for a while. I thought you
     must have left.
     Francesco: No, not yet. I’m not going home until the end of next month.
     Mr. Hamilton: And how have you been getting on?
     Francesco: Very well thank you. It’s been a very useful few months and I’ve enjoyed
     being here.

23. Daily Greetings : Sample Dialogue : Informal

     David: Hi, Jane. How’s life?
     Jane: Pretty good. Just got back from Italy.
     David: Oh, yeah, I forgot. Did you have a good holiday?
     Jane: Wonderful! Just what I needed. Great food. Friendly people…
     David: Sounds great!
     Jane: How have things been here?
     David: Pretty quiet. You know about the departmental meeting this afternoon, right?

24. Language focus : Daily greetings

    Greeting                    Follow-up enquiry           Reply
    Hello.                      How are you?                Very well, thanks.
    Hi.                         How are you doing?
    (Good) morning.             How are things?             Not too bad.
                                How have things been?       Not too well, actually.
                                How was it?
    (Good) afternoon.           Is everything okay/ all     Fine/thank you.
    Hey there.                  How‟s it going?             Great
                                How‟s life?                 All right.

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