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					AUDIT LETTER 2008 RESPONSE PLAN                                                                                                                           APPENDIX 4

          Action Recommended                                       Update                                   Next Steps/Milestones                Responsibility     Timeline

(1) Strengthen the approach to Performance     (1) The Council had prior to the issuing of the     (1) The closer working between                CMT/Change       Oct, 2008
    Management ensuring requisite capacity         Management Letter amalgamated the                   Performance and change has been           Team             Completed
    to maintain and deliver improvement.           Performance Management Group and                    created and developed since the fire,
                                                   Making Progress Group. The aim of this              however this has been focused on
                                                   was to Bring into Closer Management the             business recovery and internal
                                                   achievement of outcomes and customer                change.
                                                   focused change.

                                                                                                   (2) Once the ‘snagging’ related to the        Change Team      Dec, 2008
                                                                                                       return of all services to Melton          led by KA        Review
                                                                                                       Mowbray, the revised Change Team                           Jan, 2009
                                                                                                       resource will focus on base line
                                                                                                       performance data to illustrate change
                                               (2) The new Group which retained the                    and performance movement.
                                                   Making Progress nomenclature was
                                                   embedding its activity when the fire            (3) The Internal Change will continue to      Change Team      Review
                                                   occurred.                                           ensure a customer focussed                Led by KA        Sept, 2008
                                                                                                       approach to the programme of
                                                                                                       business development underpinned
                                                                                                       by performance measurement.

                                               (3) The TEN Performance Management                  (4) The redesign of TEN is being              Performance      March 2009
                                                   System was a victim of the fire and                 developed countywide to                   Officer/MPG
                                                   services have been recording                        accommodate LAA(2) and its
                                                   performance through an excel                        requirements. The Council will adapt
                                                   spreadsheet.                                        its approach to TEN to assimilate this.

(2) Strengthen the approach to joint working   (4) Certain data was lost as a result of the fire   (5) A new Performance Framework is                             March 2009
    with other Leicestershire Councils             and the Council carried out its own data            being put in place to reflect the new
                                                   quality survey which will be checked                working arrangements and a revised
                                                   through in 2008/9 to establish continuing           focus as required on outcomes.
                                                   work with Councils and other Partners
                                                   across a variety of new and developing
Action Recommended                     Update                        Next Steps/Milestones              Responsibility     Timeline

                     (i)      Early Years,                      (1) Since the fire the Council has      CMT (DB)         March 2009
                     (ii)     Children’s Centres,                   commenced discussions with the
                     (iii)    Re-offending Project,                 County Council and other
                     (iv)     Neighbourhood Management,             Partners on a shared facility.
                     (v)      Waste Partnership,
                     (vi)     Anti Social Behaviour Activity,   (2) Work progresses with shared         HoS/VFM          Review
                     (vii)    Procurement,                          services extending to               Group            March, 2006
                     (viii)   Internal Audit
                     (ix)     Car Parking Arrangement                       (i) Facilities management
                                                                            (ii) Legal
                                                                            Looking at:-
                                                                            (i) Market Towns
                                                                            (ii) Land Charges

                                                                (3) Working on                          CMT              Review
                                                                    EDC/RIEP/Leadership Group                            April 2009
                                                                    continues to develop strategic
                                                                    leadership across the Sub