Building Rich Web Applications with Microsoft SilverLight

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					Building Rich Web Applications
with Microsoft SilverLight

                  Noah Subrin
                  SRA University
                  Spring 2008
                  Week 4
Today’s Agenda (Week 4)

   Student Q&A
   Week 3 Review Questions
   Take-home lab review (QuickStart 1)
    (sample interactive controls)
o   Performance Tips for SilverLight Apps
o   Chapter 8 – Downloading Input on
   More Additional Resources
Housekeeping Items

   Toll free audio is available at
    Attendee access code: 6259066021

As a courtesy to the class, please
 mute/unmute your phone by
 pressing *6 or press the mute key
 on your phone unless you have
 something to share with the class
Class Slides

   The semesters slides are not yet
    available on the SRA Portal. You
    may download them from my blog
    site or
    by using WebEx File\Transfer
Student Q&A\Feedback

   Are there any questions or
    comments anyone would like to
    share with the class?
Week 3 Review Questions
o   What UIElement control do we use
    to play .wmv, .wma, and some
    types of mp3 files?
o   What property do we use in .xaml
    to uniquely identify an object
o   Name some of the methods we use
    to control media playback.
o   What are the required steps to
    animate a SilverLight object?
More Week 3 Review Questions
   Storyboard and DoubleAnimation
    are two examples of __ objects.
   What animation property do we use
    to describe the length of time it
    takes for an animation to play once?
   What property indicates how
    frequently a timeline should repeat?
   What two properties describe the
    beginning and ending values of the
    property to animate?
More Week 3 Review Questions
   What do we call it when SilverLight
    runs some JavaScript code when an
    event occurs?
   What are some of the mouse events
    we can capture?
   T/F SilverLight natively supports the
    double-click mouse event.
   What do we call support for stylus
    More Week 3 Review Questions

   What function do we call to
    dynamically create SilverLight
    content from a JavaScript string?
   What do we call the concept of an
    event being sent to all of an elements
    ancestor elements?
   How do we programmatically access
    a SilverLight control from a child
SilverLight 1.0 QuickStart Review
   We will proceed with our review of
    SL 1.0 Quickstart and take a look at
    sample controls.
   Hyperlink
   Button
   Slider
    We will view them in split mode in
    Blend 2.0.
    All of the controls use JavaScript
Performance Tips for SilverLight Apps

   Test on Multiple Platforms and
   Set EnableFrameRateCounter to
    true During Development
   Use Transparent Background for a
    SilverLight Plug-in Sparingly
   Use SilverLight Animations Instead
    of Creating Your Own Per-Frame
Performance Tips for SilverLight

   Avoid Animating the Size of Text
   Avoid Using Windowless Mode
   Use Visibility Instead of Opacity
    Whenever Possible
   SilverLight takes advantage of multi-
    core for rendering and media
    playback. Therefore, your
    SilverLight-based applications will
    perform faster on multi-core
Performance Tips for SilverLight

   In Full-Screen Mode, Hide Unused
   Do Not Use Width and Height with
    MediaElement Objects
   Do Not Use Width and Height with
    Path Objects
   When Downloader Finishes, Detach
    Events and Set to Null

   Break
    Demos – More 1.0 Controls
   Community Gallery
    SilverLight Ink Journal
    LCD Clock
    Interactive Asset Allocator

   Wicked Code Demo from Jeff Prosise in
    MSDN Magazine 2008 Launch Edition
    (includes download control)
Chapter 8 – Downloading Content on

   SilverLight 1.0 has a special
    downloader control
   Uses an HTTP GET command that
    does not have to refresh the web
    page similar to AJAX update panel.
   Can download many kinds of file
    types - even .zip files on demand
   Use the SilverLight control‟s
    CreateObject call to instantiate the
Using Downloaded Content
   Downloader exposes open and send
   Send performs an asynchronous
   Listen for the „Completed‟ event
    which signals that download is
   ResponseText property displays the
    downloaded content represented as
    a string
Downloader Tip (p181)

   We can parse and load downloaded
    XAML in a single call using
    method in the Completed event
   This is more efficient because it
    avoids copying the XAML content
    into a temporary string
Another downloader tip p182

   (Repeat of earlier performance tip)
    For best performance detach all
    downloader event handlers and set
    the downloader instance to null
We can download several items at

   Downloader supports retrieving a
    package, like a .zip file
   Tip we can use any file extension
    for our zip file any have it work with
    the downloader, unless it contains
    font files
Chapter 8 Walkthrough

   Displaying a Progress Bar p183
   Progress Bar with Gradient p185
   Progress Bar Customizations p186-7
Summary of what we covered today

   Week 3 Review Questions
   Take-home lab review (QuickStart
    (sample interactive controls)
o   Performance Tips for SilverLight
o   Chapter 8 – Downloading Input on
Downloader object summary

   Downloader object makes it easy to
    manage content effectively
•     Less content downloaded up front
•     We can use zip files to speed up
    our downloads.
•     We can create custom progress
    bars to improve the customer
Additional Resources

 SilverLight „How To Topics‟ from the
  MSDN Library
Optional Home Work

 View Live from Redmond: Building a
  dynamic Silverlight Application
  using a web service, the
  downloader, and CreateFromXAML
  (duration = 60 minutes)
Search on demand webcasts
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Next Class Session – June 12
o   I will be out of the office next week.
o   Week 5 class will be held on June
    12 at the usual time.
o   Agenda:
    Review Week 4 material
    Review optional homework
    Week 5 material will deal with
    Chapter 9 in the course text
Questions ?

   Feel free to contact me at
   Thank you for your participation!