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									March 21, 2007                                   INFORMATION LETTER #OGC 07-07

Subject: Emergency Response Plan Reviews

The Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) is implementing a quality control standard for
producing and drilling/completion site Emergency Response Plans (ERPs).

To support the quality control standard, the OGC will be implementing two new
   • one for Producing Site ERPs, and
   • one for Drilling/Completion ERPs.

The new checklists will be used in the review and approval of all ERPs.

The OGC will be applying a strict review process. ERPs are reviewed for accuracy and
completeness. ERPs containing deficient or inaccurate information are returned to the
client for required information. Corrected ERPs are then resubmitted and once again
reviewed. Complete ERPs will enter the system in the order submitted.

All declinations, revisions, and approval letters will be copied to the operator for their

The new checklists can be found on our website at:

Effective May 1, 2007, the OGC requires that:
   • The appropriate checklist must be included with all ERP submissions.
   • Companies confirm that the items on the checklist are included in their ERP by
        checking them off and indicating on the line provided where the applicable items
        are found in the ERP.
   • Completed checklist be signed by a representative of the company responsible
        and be included with the ERP submission.
   • Submissions be complete including the full checklist when submitting initial
        updates regarding existing production ERPs (corporate and site specific).
        Subsequent updates will require completed checklists only for the portion of the
        ERP being amended.

Note: In the case of a company amalgamation or legal name change it is important to
indicate which existing ERP is to be replaced. This eliminates confusion and ensures
destruction of the appropriate original.
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Important Fax # Change:
While the phone and address for the ERP Unit remains the same, due to office moves
within the building, the ERP unit’s fax number has changed to 250-787-3400. Please
ensure all ERPs are updated with this information.

Government and Agency Consultation:
In developing an ERP, companies may assign roles and responsibilities to local
governments and agencies provided they have consulted with the affected government
agencies to align roles and responsibilities before submitting the ERP to the OGC. Local
governments include Regional Districts and Municipalities. Information regarding Public
Engagement requirements can be found at
www.ogc.gov.bc.ca/documents/guidelines/ADR_Guide.pdf. Please ensure that this
consultation is completed before submitting your application to the OGC.

Any feedback you may have regarding the checklists can be sent in writing to the
Corporate & Enforcement Team before July 1, 2007. The feedback received on the
checklists will be reviewed again in three months.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Heidi Elias-Bertrim
Emergency Response Technician
Oil & Gas Commission
Corporate & Enforcement Team
Emergency Response Plan Unit
Phone: 250-261-2057
Cell: 250-261-8479
Fax: 250-787-3400
E-mail: heidi.eliasbertrim@gov.bc.ca

Original signed by

Ross Curtis

                               OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER
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             http://www.ogc.gov.bc.ca                  Ph: (250) 261-5700 24 Hr.

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