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             Dear ISIC issuers,

             Welcome to this last edition of ISICnews in 2009, a year that has taken us all through a

             whirlwind of difficult challenges and fantastic opportunities alike. ISIC has seen growth in

             important areas such as new co-brand partnerships worldwide, introduction of the ISIC in 11

             new territories, the launch of a global website and launch of the long awaited MasterCard

             partnership. Throughout 2009, ISIC issuers have together built a solid foundation for the road
             that will lead us to the 2013 target of ten million cards.                                                                 Airline deal with WestJet
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             In this issue of ISICnews, you can find out more about local events, co-brands and benefits in

             different countries throughout Asia, America, the Caribbean and Europe, as well as learn

             more about the latest important developments from the ISIC headquarters in Amsterdam.

             We wish you all the best for the end of 2009 and an excellent start to 2010,

                                                                                                                                        > Launch in Hungary
                                                                                                                                        > Global press release
                                                                                                                                        > Global announcement at CARTES
             Martijn van de Veen
             ISIC General Manager                                                                                                       > Promotion in France
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                                                                                                  NEWS FROM ISIC

                                           Canada                                                                                          MasterCard
                                           Airline deal with WestJet                                                                       > Launch in Hungary
                                           Read more                                                                                       > Global press release
                                                                                                                                           > Global announcement at CARTES
                                                                                                                                           > Promotion in France
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ISICnews November 2009                                                                                                         file:///H:/Download/untitled-2

                                      China                                                                New team member: Rania Morgan
                                      China Education Expo 2009                                            Rania Morgan has joined ISIC in
                                      Read more                                                            Amsterdam, in the role of senior IT
                                                                                                           project manager

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                                      Czech Republic                                                       WYSTC 2009
                                      > New website layout                                                 > The conference
                                      > Local benefit with Apple                                           > ISIC AGM
                                      > “How to create a queue of                                          > Seminars
                                      customers outside your shop”                                         > ISIC Managers’ Dinner
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                                      Dominican Republic                                                   ISIC marketing website
                                      EduExpo 2009                                                         Relaunched and live
                                      Read more                                                            Read more

                                      Sri Lanka                                                            New IYTC card design
                                      New ISIC Provisional Licensed                                        Introduced at WYSTC in Manchester
                                      Authority                                                            Read more
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                                      New Co-Brands                                                        Global Benefit Partners Update
                                      Latest co-brand developments in                                      > My Online Safe
                                      Cambodia, Germany and Italy                                          > Dell
                                      Read more                                                            > Contiki
                                                                                                           > Hostel World
                                                                                                           > ISIConnect
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                                                                                                           ISIC interns in Amsterdam
                                                                                                           Coming and going
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                                                           PEOPLE AT ISIC HEADQUARTERS

                                   Martijn van de Veen - General Manager       Deborah Fitzgerald - Marketing Manager

                    Helen Maynard-Hill - Business Development Manager          Katrin Windolf - Project Manager Online Development

                                      Maria Dias Pinto - Account Manager       Michael Yevdokimov - IT Services Manager

                               Roxana Contreras - Operations & Co-Brand        Diana Levert - Finance Support

                                     Rasida Dhoeman - Customer Support         Jane Mack - Design, ISIC Co-Brand & Online

                         Robert-Jan van Kuppeveld - Finance & IT Manager       Mulei Nzila - ISIC Intern

                                Rania Morgan - Senior IT Project Manager

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