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									   banff and buchan college

business/computing/social studies & creative
arts/ engineering/service industries           07/08
your finances

    Tuition Fees*                                                                             Living Costs
    Full time Courses     Home (EU) Fee                 Overseas Fee                          Estimated Monthly Expenses*

    Advanced              £1200                         £3995                                 Accommodation**               £200

    Non-advanced          £940                          £3995                                 Food                          £100

    Part time courses     Please contact admissions     Please contact admissions             Other                         £100

                                                                                              Total                         £400
    * To be confirmed

Home (EU) fee:                               The college normally accepts payment
EEA/EU students can apply to get their       by banker’s draft, credit or debit card.
                                                                                           * Estimated monthly living expenses in Scotland
fees paid on arrival however if you                                                        ** In terms of renting a room or sharing a flat
                                             In the event that you fail to obtain a visa      with other students
withdraw from the course you might be
                                             to the UK or decide to withdraw prior to
asked to repay the full fee.                                                               Students are advised to have at least
                                             the start date of the course a full refund
                                             will be made.                                 £500 (£1000 recommended) on arrival
Overseas fee:                                                                              to the UK to cover the initial costs and
In addition to tuition fees most courses                                                   work part time to support themselves.
attract examination registration fees
(eg. HNC £89, HND £107). Fees are
payable in full when you accept a place.

Financial Support & Funding
EU/EEA Students:
•    Full time Non-advanced level            •   Full time Advanced level courses          EU/EEA students are normally not
     courses                                     All full time students undertaking        eligible for bursary or any other kind
     All full time students undertaking          HNC/HND/Under Graduate level              of financial support.
     courses below HNC level (18 weeks           courses who have been ordinarily
                                                                                           Overseas Students:
     plus) who have been ordinarily              resident in the European Economic
     resident in the European Economic           Area for the past 3 years prior to        Normally students outwith the EEA will
     Area for the past 3 years prior to 27       27 August 2007, but have not been         be liable for the overseas fee rate and
     August 2007 but have not been               ordinarily resident in the UK and         will not qualify for further education
     ordinarily resident in the UK and           Islands are eligible to apply to          Bursary/SAAS support of any kind.
     Islands are eligible to apply to have       the Student Awards Agency for
     their tuition fees waived (this also        Scotland for payment of their tuition     With regards to residency, fees or
     applies to examination fees). All           fees. All students who wish to apply      any other queries, please contact
     students who wish to apply for              for payment of tuition fees should        the College.
     a ‘fee waiver’ should arrange to            make an application to the Student
     complete a college course                   Awards Agency for Scotland as soon
     application form prior to the               as they arrive. Students who do not
     start of their course and upon              apply to the Student Awards Agency
     commencement of their course                for Scotland will be required to
     a college enrolment form.                   pay a tuition fee of £1200.00 per
                                                 academic year. In addition, students
                                                 who withdraw from their course
                                                 prior to 1 December 2007 may not
                                                 qualify for payment of fees from
                                                 the Student Awards Agency for
                                                 Scotland and may be required to
                                                 pay the full £1200.00 themselves.

                                                 For the most recent information
                                                 please see

college dates

induction course for                      Induction Course                   College Holidays
international students                    6 – 20 August 2007                 •    15 October 2007 – 26 October 2007
As an international student we offer      (to be confirmed)                   •    24 December 2007 – 4 January 2008
you the opportunity to attend college
                                                                             •    18 February 2008 – 19 February 2008
two weeks prior to the main courses
commencing. This induction
                                          Induction Days                     •    24 March 2008 – 4 April 2008
programme is specially designed to        22 August 2007
                                                                             •    5 May 2008
suit international students and assists   •   Computing
with language, culture and getting to     •   Creative Arts
know the college and the local area.
We will also advise you on how to open
                                          •   Social Science                 Academic Year
up a bank account, how to register                                           Duration usually of 36 weeks
with a doctor, how to find a job and                                          (9 months).
                                          23 August 2007
much more.                                •   Business
                                                                             18 hours per week classes at
The course is held at the college at      •   Service Industries             the College.
the beginning of August each year
and is free of charge.                                                       12 hours of self studying at the
                                          24 August 2007                     College or at home.
                                          •   Engineering
                                          •   Construction
                                          •   Maritime

                                          Term Dates
                                          27 August 2007 – 27 January 2008
                                          •   BLOCK 1

                                          28 January 2008 – 13 June 2008
                                          •   BLOCK 2

                                                                                 “ The course gives you a
                                                                                   good all-round grounding
                                                                                   on every necessary aspect.”
                                                                                  Jonathon Coleman

coming to scotland – before you arrive

European Union (EU)                        Student visas
Student s and European                     To obtain a student visa you must
Economic Area                              satisfy the following conditions:
(EEA) Student s
Normally entitled to automatic entry       • That you have been accepted as
to the UK showing passport.                  a student at the College
                                           • The course involves a minimum
Overseas Students                            of 15 hours per week of organised
(countries outside the EU and EEA)           daytime study
                                           • That you intend to leave the UK
Non-visa nationals                           at the end of your studies
You should apply for entry clearance       • That you can meet the cost of
prior to arriving in the UK to avoid any     your fees and living costs without
complications.                               employment
Visa nationals
                                           While there is provision for students
You must apply for entry clearance
                                           to take employment during vacations
(known as a student visa) before
                                           or spare time, no account may be taken
travelling to the UK. The entry
                                           of any prospective earnings from that
clearance should normally be valid
                                           employment in assessing the ability
for the whole length of your course.
                                           of a student to meet the maintenance
The entry clearance fee for people
                                           requirement when you are applying
entering the UK as students and
                                           for your visa.
prospective students is currently
£85. Contact the relevant embassy          You will need to produce your original
and note that it can take many weeks       letter of admission from the College
to obtain a visa. If you are coming to     as a confirmation that you have been
study a full time course lasting more      accepted as a student and also show
than 6 months you must not enter the       bank statements or sponsor letter
UK on a visitor or tourist visa and then   to demonstrate that you have enough
try to change it to a student visa as it   money to pay your fees and support
is not allowed to ‘switch status’ within   yourself while in the UK.
the UK. For the most recent information

More information on

                                                                                    “ Everyone is so friendly on
                                                                                      the course I will be sorry
                                                                                      when we finish our studies
                                                                                      although I am sure we
                                                                                      will keep in touch.”
                                                                                     Simon Marshall

arriving in the uk

Arriving in the UK                         If you need to extend your visa, there   The Fresh Talent: Working
When you arrive in the UK, the             are two ways of doing it:                In Scotland Scheme
immigration officer will want to confirm                                             If you have both lived and studied in
                                           •   Complete the relevant application
that you meet the conditions for holding                                            Scotland, you can apply to remain in
                                               form and post it, along with the
student status. Therefore, have all the                                             Scotland for work for up to two years
                                               required documentation, to the
documents needed at hand.                                                           without having to obtain a work permit.
                                               Home Office in Croydon. The cost
                                                                                    You must have been awarded an HND
EU and EEA citizens do not need any            of this method is £155.
                                                                                    and you must also seek and take
other documentation to show apart                                                   employment in Scotland.
from a passport.                           •   Complete the relevant application    For more info:
                                               form and take it in person to
Police registration                            the Public Enquiry Office in
All students who are not from EEA              Glasgow, along with the required     in_the_uk/en/homepage/schemes_
or commonwealth countries will be              documentation. The cost is £250.     and_programmes/fresh_talent_
required to register with the Police if                                             working.html
they have been admitted to the UK for
                                           The most recent information are
longer than 6 months. This should be
done within 7 days of arrival in the UK.
If you are required to register with the
                                           You can also obtain a free advice
Police there will be a stamp in your
                                           on 02071079922 or 02073576917.
passport telling you this. Registration
currently costs £34. The nearest police
station is: Police Headquarters, Queen
Street, Aberdeen, 01224 386105.

Once you have registered you must
inform the police immediately if you
change your address or if your ‘leave
to remain’ is extended.

                                                                                      “ The course had a strong
                                                                                        focus on employment
                                                                                        on completion.”
                                                                                        Brian Cox


Start arranging your accommodation         We can send you current students’
early. You have a choice of staying in     email addresses as they might help
Fraserburgh or Aberdeen in which case      you to arrange for accommodation.
you will travel 3–4 times a week for an
hour by the College bus. If you choose     Finding your accommodation, you
to live in Fraserburgh you might like to   can use one of the following links
know that the employment possibilities     and contacts:
are very limited. Therefore we
recommend to our students to live          •   Aberdeen Youth Hostel, the
in Aberdeen city centre if they plan           cheapest in Aberdeen (approx
to work while studying.                        £14 per night), need to book
                                               very early
You will perhaps want to share a     
flat/room with other students in order      •   UNITE halls of residence,
to reduce living costs as you will be          need to book for the whole
fully responsible for payment of your          year, around £60 per week
accommodation. On arrival you will be
required to pay usually one month rent
                                           •   ASPC flats for rent and
+ deposit (which is equivalent to one
                                               property agencies
month rent and is returnable at the
end of the lease) in order to obtain the
property keys. You will need to show a     •   Easy Roommate rooms
letter from the College as a reference.        for rent (sharing)
If you are a full time student and live    • halls
with full time students only, you do not       of residence/hotel in the summer
need to pay a Council Tax from the start       +44(0)1224274014, £12 per night
of your course on 27 August 2007. You
need to complete an ‘exemption form’
to secure this. From students’ previous
experience it’s not easy to secure
accommodation from abroad. Therefore
it is worth booking a hostel or similar
and find a flat once you arrive in the UK.
Make the booking early enough as
summer is a peak period and
accommodation providers get very busy.
Once you are in the UK it takes a few
days to a few weeks maximum to
arrange for a flat and move into it.
The best location is the city centre.

                                                                                  “ I already have a job lined
                                                                                    up for when I finish my
                                                                                    studies, and I have my
                                                                                    tutor’s connection with
                                                                                    industry to thank for that.”
                                                                                   Peter McNicoll

working in the uk

Working In The UK                           Minimum Wages
Anyone with a student status is allowed     Age 22+ £5.35 per hour.
to work part time (20 hours per week)       Age 18–21 £4.45 per hour.
during the term and any number of           Age under 18 £3.30 per hour.
hours during the holiday. EU/EEA            It’s tax free to earn up to £97 per week.
students are allowed to work unlimited      Common student pay is usually a
hours. Citizens of the new EU member        minimum wage or slightly above.
states (A8 countries) must register with
The Worker Registration Scheme if they
are planning to work more than 20           How and Where To Look
hours per week.                             For a Job
                                            The quickest way of getting a student
•              job is to buy a newspaper where there
•               are lots of jobs advertised.
                                            Press & Journal (on Friday),
                                            Evening Express (on Wednesday),
In order to work and pay tax, you need      Aberdeen Independent (on Thursday).
to get a National Insurance Number.
From the beginning you will be able to      Visit bars, restaurants and shops to ask
work on a temporary national insurance      for work, sometimes they advertise jobs
number which can be set up from your        in their shop windows.
date of birth. Once you start working,
apply for a permanent national              Also local food and fish processing
insurance number by contacting a            companies provide opportunities
local Job Centre and complete following     for work.
forms: P46 (new employee) and P86
(arrival in the UK). Once you are leaving   Register with a recruitment agency
the UK you can complete form P85            bringing your CV to their office or
which might help you to get a tax refund.   register on-line where possible.
Info on
                                            From our students’ previous experience
                                            it takes approx. 1 month on average to
                                            find a job.

                                                                                        “ The admission staff are so
                                                                                          helpful and know exactly
                                                                                          where to point you
                                                                                          whatever your queries is.”
                                                                                         Michael Frazer

useful information

Health Care                                  Bank                                        By Bus
If you are from an EEA country or a          On arrival, you should open a bank          Megabus, National Express, Firstbus,
student on a course lasting for more         account in order to pay bills and deposit   Bluebird, Citylink
than six months you will qualify for         any income or wages. You can get
medical and hospital treatment under         advice from any bank as to which  
the National Health Service. NHS is          account would be suitable for a student.
free of charge, though there is a fixed                                         
cost for any medication you need at          You will need to show some        
the pharmacy.                                identification (a passport), letter from
                                             the College and something to prove
As NHS dentist is very hard to find you       your address in the UK (a rent              Buses are often less expensive
might consider taking out an insurance       agreement or an utility bill).              than trains.
to cover the costs of a private dentist.
However complete HC1 form and find out        State Benefits                              By Train
if you are eligible for free prescriptions   International students are generally        National Rail, The Train Line
and free dental treatments. You might        not entitled to state benefits as these
also consider taking out insurance which     are usually classed as ‘public funds’.
covers the cost of repatriation in case      Public funds include: Child Benefit,
you need to be flown home because of          Income Support, Housing Benefit,
serious illness.                             Council Housing, Council Tax Benefit,        Other Options
                                             and others.                                 Fly to Edinburgh or Glasgow and
Once you arrive in the UK log on to                                                      continue by bus. to find your              Travel
nearest GP (a doctor) and register           The closest international airport           For more options please contact
immediately. In case of an emergency         Dyce is located in Aberdeen.                your local travel agent.
call 999 for ambulance, fire and police.
More info at:                  By Plane                                    ‘Meet and greet’ service, where a
                                             To Aberdeen via London (Heathrow,           representative of the College will
Weather                                      Gatwick, Stansted, Luton) or via            collect you from the airport, bus
Summers are around 15–20 degrees             Amsterdam.                                  or train station, might be available
and winters around 0 degrees. As a                                                       upon request.
consequence of the North Sea, it can be
windy sometimes and all four seasons
can be found in one day. For more  
details see

                                                                                           “ The course is divided into
                                                                                             easily digestible sections
                                                                                             which allows you to get to
                                                                                             grips with the theory.”
                                                                                              Anthony Zanri

Should you require further information
on any of our courses, please contact:

Banff & Buchan College
Henderson Road
AB43 9GA
Scotland, UK
t: +44 (0)1346 586100
f: +44 (0)1346 515370


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