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International Office_ Vu Amsterdam - DOC


									                            International Office, VU University Amsterdam
                        Short-stay accommodation for foreign students and staff

                    Rules and regulations for Master’s and IBA students 2009-2010

The International Office offers accommodation to participants in exchange programmes, to visiting staff or
scholars and to foreign fee-paying students in international Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes at VU
University Amsterdam.
This accommodation consists of furnished rooms with private or shared facilities. The number of rooms is
limited, so we cannot guarantee accommodation for every student. But the International Office will do its
utmost to find suitable accommodation for everybody.
This document contains full details on how to apply for accommodation.

1) Arrangements for Master’s and IBA students

For an overview of all accommodations types, please consult our website: The price of accommodation varies from €1450 to €3000 per
semester, depending on type of housing and facilities provided.
Information about how the International Office can help you arrange accommodation can be obtained from
your International Programme Officer.

  Housing corporations
VU University Amsterdam has housing contracts with three housing corporations: DUWO, De Key and

   Rental periods
The rental period for the second semester is: Friday 29 January 2010 – Thursday 15 July 2010

2) Reservation

You should make arrangements to apply and reserve accommodation through your International Programme

    Application form
The International Programme Officer will send all students who have been accepted to VU University
Amsterdam (conditionally and otherwise) a letter offering them a place at the university and an application
form for accommodation. This form has to be returned within two weeks, and before 13 November at the
On the application form, you can indicate your preference for three types of accommodation.
The rules and regulations automatically apply to all application forms that are signed and returned to VU
University Amsterdam.
An application is a request for housing accommodation: it does not constitute an offer of accommodation or
the acceptance of such an offer.

All students have to pay VU University Amsterdam a deposit of €500 by 13 November at the latest.
Applications for accommodation will not be dealt with until the university has received this deposit.

3) Confirmation

   Housing offer

                                                                         27 mei 2010
Between 23 November 2009 and 27 November 2009, the International Programme Officers will inform all
students by e-mail about the accommodation they have been assigned (type, price, location). The
International Office will do it’s utmost to reserve an accommodation according to your wishes. We try to
accommodate everybody in one of the 3 types of preference.
If you do not agree with a type that is assigned to you, it is possible to cancel the offer without financial
consequences until 7 December. See also below, the rules and regulations concerning ‘Cancellation’.
If you do not cancel your housing offer, we assume that you accept the offer and that you are aware of the
following conditions:

   1. If you accept the offer, you do so for the entire period of tenancy. It is not possible to terminate or
      change your contract during your stay in the Netherlands.
   2. If you are planning to arrive on a date other than the one set for your arrival, you must inform your
      International Programme Officer.
   3. No discounts will be given for late arrival or early departure.
   4. The International Office is not obliged to offer alternative accommodation to applicants who are not
      satisfied with their accommodation, either before they have taken up residence or afterwards.

    Waiting list
If you have not yet been offered accommodation, your name will be added to a waiting list. The
International Programmes Officer will update you by e-mail on the progress of your application on a regular
Students who submitted their applications late and who have been placed on a waiting list will only have
two days to reject an offer if one is made.

   Housing Corporation
A few weeks before your arrival, the housing corporation will send you detailed information about payment
and how to collect the key to your accommodation.

   Late applications
Applications received after 13 November will be accepted, but will be placed on a waiting list.

4) Cancellation
If you wish to cancel your housing of VU University Amsterdam, you must do so in writing. Please send an
e-mail to your International Programmes Officer. If we do not receive a cancellation by e-mail, we assume
that the housing offer is accepted.

   Cancellation and financial penalties before commencement of the rental period
    Housing offers can be cancelled without financial consequences until 07 December 2009.
    If you cancel your housing offer between 07 December 2009 and 28 January 2010, the financial
      penalty will be €100. This amount will be deducted from the deposit of €500 which you have paid to
      the university.
    If you cancel your housing offer on or after 29 January 2010, the financial penalty will be €500. The
      International Office will use your deposit to cover this amount.

   Cancellation and waiting list
    Students on the waiting list who are offered accommodation after 07 December only have two
      working days in which to reject this offer without financial penalties. Unless the offer is turned down
      within that time, a financial penalty will be incurred: €100 if the offer is turned down before 29
      January 2010 and €500 if the offer is turned down on or after 29 January 2010.

   Cancellation after commencement of the rental period:
    It is not possible to cancel your accommodation during your stay. You will have to pay till the end of
      the original ending date of your housing offer by VU University Amsterdam.

                                                                           27 mei 2010
5) Arrival

The arrival day for all students is Friday 29 January 2010. In the afternoon, we expect all students in
At the same location students will be able to sign the rental contract, to register at the Municipality and sign
up for ESN- Vuniverse. We will send you more detailed information as soon as possible.

We strongly advice all students to arrive to Amsterdam on Friday 29 January. Not only, it is possible to
arrange on that day a pick up service from the airport, it also enables students to finish the first formalities in
a short time.

If you arrive before or after 29 January, be aware that you will have to arrange yourselves a room in a youth
hostel or hotel. For information, please check:
The housing corporations will not be opened on Saturday or Sunday.

    The first payments
The first payment will include the rent for the first two months, the deposit and an administration fee.
Please note that the deposit paid to the housing corporation is entirely separate from the deposit required
by VU University Amsterdam.

       Pick-up service
On Friday 29 January ESN offers the possibility for pickup service from the airport. If you provide us with
the necessary details in good time, we can arrange for somebody to meet you at the airport to give you a
warm welcome to Amsterdam. He or she will take you to your accommodation by public transport.
You can find detailed information about the pick-up service on our website, along with an opportunity to
sign up for it (

Note: the pick-up service is only available on 29 January 2010 in the morning and afternoon. If you arrive
on different days or times, you have to arrange the transport yourselves.

6) Termination/cancellation
     If your participation in the Master’s programme or your relationship with VU University Amsterdam
      ends, you are no longer entitled to the accommodation provided by the International Office.
     You cannot terminate your rental agreement during your stay at VU University Amsterdam.
     No discounts will be given for late arrival or early departure.
     On your departure, you must have paid all outstanding invoices in full.
     No settlement will be made regarding interest earned on any outstanding deposits.
     The accommodation must be left in the state in which it was found at the beginning of the rental

7) Changes during your stay
     It is not possible to change accommodation after your arrival.
     As a tenant, you are responsible and liable for the accommodation you are renting.
     As a tenant, you are not allowed to sublet your accommodation.

                                                                              27 mei 2010

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