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         And there you go:
      you’ve just been caught
      holding this little book...
    No matter if you are a curi-
     ous Dutchie or a helpless
    foreigner you are welcome
     at The Royal Academy of
         Art in The Hague.
    If you are a foreigner there’s
     a big chance you’ve never
      heard how the Dutch lan-
    guage sounds. It might take
       a while to get used to it.
    Despite the small size of the
      country it has quite some
             Published by the
    regional accents and above
           Royal Academy of Art
        them all - Royal Dutch.
                The Hague
       Learning Dutch is a very
                                       good idea. But you are not
     And there you go:                lost, because Dutch people
  you’ve just been caught            are very good in foreign lan-
  holding this little book...         guages. Before you get into
No matter if you are a curi-          the embarrassing situation
 ous Dutchie or a helpless             that I was in while having a
foreigner you are welcome            chat about art - “Fan Khokh”
 at The Royal Academy of             is actually van gogh. There’s
     Art in The Hague.                something about these two
                                     letters, the “g” and the “H”...
If you are a foreigner there’s
 a big chance you’ve never             The Hague is a city that
  heard how the Dutch lan-           changes very fast. Buildings
guage sounds. It might take            or even blocks of neigh-
   a while to get used to it.         bourhoods are being torn
Despite the small size of the          down and new ones are
  country it has quite some          being constructed. Moving
regional accents and above            to a new house is nothing
    them all - Royal Dutch.                    special.
   Learning Dutch is a very
 Be prepared to get stuck at                                     5                3
                                                                        Practical informa-
                                                                                             How to find a job
                                                                                                                    How to be reachable
least once in the tram tracks                                             tion about the
                                                                                              This is not a long
                                                                                            chapter but it tells
                                                                                                                        by phone
                                                                                                                    A few tips on how
while biking or to miss your                                         The building of our you how you can
                                                                     school is quite com- get a little job in
                                                                                                                     to get a phone
train because of standing on                                          plex and confusing your own school.
                                                                     so it might take you                                     11
 the wrong end of the train                                           a while to discover
                                                                        all the goodies if
                                                                                               How to arrange
                                                                                                                    How to explore The
                                                                                                                      Hague: going out
  platform. Be aware, learn                                          you wander around
                                                                       on your own. This
                                                                                             This is one of the
                                                                                                                     You came here to
                                                                                                                    study art and there
  fast and “Dutchify” your                                            is a guide that tells
                                                                       you about where,
                                                                                              most important
                                                                                              chapters – defi-
                                                                                                                    are quite a number
                                                                                                                      of museums and
       daily life habits.                                             what time and how        nitely on your
                                                                      - the facilities that “to do” list! It will
                                                                        the school has to    tell you the order
                                                                                                                     galleries to visit in
                                                                                                                      The Hague. Find
                                                                                                                       what best suits
                                                                           offer to you.      of approach for          your interests.
      In this survival guide                                                      4
                                                                                               arranging your
                                                                                            finances and it will             12
     you will find 13 chapters                                           Public transport
                                                                      You will find some
                                                                                            explain your rights
                                                                                                as a student.
                                                                                                                    How to explore The
                                                                                                                     Hague: leisure time
    covering the most impor-                                           tips and the most
                                                                     important informa-                8
                                                                                                                    Look here for some
                                                                                                                    information about
    tant information that you                                           tion about trans- How to arrange your
                                                                         port and tickets     bureaucratic stuff
                                                                                                                     shopping, eating,
      should know to avoid                                                      here.        The most exiting
                                                                                               chapter of this                13
       confusing situations.
          1              2

                                                                        This chapter will
                                                                                              book. NOT. But
                                                                     How to find a house some things have to
                                                                                                   be done.
                                                                                                                      Last but not least
                                                                                                                      This is a running
                                                                                                                      check list - your
         How to get to             The Royal Academy of Art:            tell you where to                             final test to see
        The Hague and                 some historical facts            find youth hostels              9             if you’ve actually
         to the KABK             Well, you missed the big 325          in The Hague and How to arrange your            read the book!
A route description that leads   years birthday cake but you             will give you the health + medical care
 you right to the door of your    should still learn how, when        best websites and        This gives the
future school, the KABK, from       and why our school was             other advertising    basic information
 the two train stations in The   founded and what it’s secret         spots to look for a about health care
  Hague - Den Haag Centraal       has been for existing for so          more permanent         arrangements.
     and Hollands Spoor.                      long...                          place.
6                      7           How to get to Den Haag
                           The best way to reach Den Haag/ The Hague is by train.
                           There are two train stations, which can be confusing
                           but also handy. Den Haag Centraal Station (CS) is locat-

      Chapter 1
                           ed very close to school, and has the best connection
                           with Utrecht and places closer to Den Haag - Voorburg
                           for example. Den Haag Hollands Spoor (HS) is also not
                           that far from our school (about 15—20 minutes walking

     HOW TO GET TO         distance) and has far better connections to Rotterdam,
                           Amsterdam and Belgium for example.
                           If you are planning to follow courses in Leiden it does
    THE HAGUE AND TO       not matter which station you choose, since it’s about a
                           10-minute trip.

        THE KABK                   How to get to Royal Academy of Art
                           On foot: from Den Haag Central Station
                           From the main entrance, walk straight ahead and cross
                           the tram rails to the left. Cross the bridge and take the
                           first right along the canal. Opposite you will see the
                           building of the Royal Academy, Prinsessegracht 4.

                           By tram: from Den Haag Hollands Spoor
                           If you arrive at railway station Den Haag Hollands Spoor
                           and you would like to go to the Royal Academy, it’s easi-
                           est to take tram 9, 16 or 17 which will bring you to Den
                           Haag Central Station in just a few stops. During rush
                           hour tram 10 is an option as well.
8                9   The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in
                     The Hague is the oldest art academy in
                     our country. In the 16th century there
                     was already mention of a Lucas guild
    Chapter 2        in the Hague. In 1656 there was a split
                     within the guild, which resulted in the
                     Pictura Brotherhood.This separa-
    THE ROYAL        tion was intended to separate the true
                     artists from the members who were
     ACADEMY         only craftsmen. In 1682 the Pictura
                     Brotherhood established an academy
      OF ART:        that was the foundation for our cur-
                     rent academy.The prime goat of this
       SOME          academy was to give the brotherhood
                     members the opportunity to advance
    HISTORICAL       their skills in drawing.
       FACTS         In the nineteenth century the academy acquired a new
         …           building at the location where the present academy
                     is now located on the Prinsessegracht. It looked like
                     a Greek temple. The academy was a combination of a
                     school for drawing, a training centre for painters and
                     craftsmen, and a school for architecture. In the twen-
                     tieth century the academy changed into a school for
                     graphic design and furniture design in addition to the
                     visual arts. The department for graphic design was one
                     of the first courses in the Netherlands inspired by the
                     ideas of Bauhaus. The building was changed into the
                     monument we see today at the Prinsessegracht:
                     a modern school for design.
10           Innovations in the last fifty years                 11 technologies and new media has expanded drastically,
     In 1957 with its 275th anniversary, the academy                resulting in new workshops, studios and other facili-
     received the predicate ‘Royal’. In that year the acade-        ties as well as new courses like ArtScience/Sound and
     my and the HTS (technical college) permanently sepa-           Image and Interactive/Media/Design.
     rated. During the next several years art education was                Royal Conservatoire:
     to be modernised. Of course the Royal Academy par-                    Academy of Arts:
     ticipated in these changes. In 1968 a number of schools
     for arts and crafts officially became art academies as
     institutes for higher education. In the 1980s, several
     independent institutes merged into larger schools. In
     the same manner the Royal Academy of Arts merged
     with the MTS for Photography and Photonics. A year
     later the Royal Academy and the Royal Conservatory
     (Dutch: Koninklijk Conservatorium, KC) together
     became the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Music
     and Dance.

     The last phase of the renewal started in 2000 when
     the building was reconstructed. All of the courses for
     expressive arts and design could then fit into one build-
     ing at the Prinsessegracht. Keeping in mind the original
     architecture of the building, the architects at Mourik
     Vermeulen in The Hague redesigned the building. The
     joint location was officially opened on 29 March 2000
     by her Majesty Queen Beatrix. In the same year Jack
     Verduyn Lunel, a former alderman of The Hague and a
     former managing director of he Federation of Artists
     Societies, became the director.

     In 2001 the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Music
     and Dance began to work with Leiden University, which
     resulted in a new Faculty of Creative and Performing
     Arts. At this faculty the KC and KABK work together
     with the university to set up new research programmes
     and develop new study methods. This was the first for-
     malised cooperation between a university and an arts
     institute in the Netherlands. From its inception, it has
     become an option for students to study at the Acad-
     emy of Arts and Leiden University at the same time. In
     our programme of studies, the attention given to new
12                 13           Opening hours of the KABK building
                        The KABK is open from Monday to Friday from 08.00
                        to 22.00. Sometimes the Academy is open on Satur-
                        days as well. Please check this at the reception desk.

     Chapter 3
                        All facilities are open to students and employees of the
                        KABK. There are various workplaces, specific shops for
                        materials and supplies, and a beautiful library.

       PRACTICAL               Reception desk
                        The reception desk, located at the entrance of the
                        Prinsessegracht, manages all incoming phone calls and
     INFORMATION        the lost and found, and it has all keys to the academy
                        classrooms. The reception desk also provides informa-
                        tion about teachers’ absences. Visitors should first
        ON THE          report to the reception desk
                               Telephone: (070) 315 47 98

         KABK                  E-mail:

                                Student administration
                        The staff at the student administration are Nettie Aben
                        and Silvia van der Kist. They manage all student files in
                        a digitalised student tracking system. As a student you
                        can look into your own file.
                        Silvia and Nettie have general information on study
                        allowances. Please inform them if you change your
                        home or postal address, phone number or e-mail
                        address. There are important letters that are sent to
                        your postal address, such as application forms for the
                        coming year of courses.
                               Opening hours
                               Monday – Friday:
                               09.00 – 10.30, 12.00- 14.00, 15.30 – 16.30.
                               Wednesday evenings 19.00 –2100.
                               Telephone: (070) 315 47 45

                               International office
                        The International Relations office is run by Marleen
                        Groen. She stimulates international student exchange
14                           15
This one is actually blue!        This one is actually pink!

                                  Read more about the ‘ Strippenkaart’ on page 26
16   and manages the international contacts. She provides         17           Studios and workshops
     information on the various mobility programmes of                 The KABK has professionally equipped studios and
     the European Union (EU) and the Dutch government                  workshops which are run by Workshop Administra-
     and the available scholarships for students that take             tors. Workshop Administrators are craftsmen who
     courses or do an internship abroad. Most scholarships             manage the workshop or studio and are in charge of
     need to be applied for with the KABK.                             safety. They also run the machines and can advise
            Student consulting hours                                   students about materials. Learning to use equipment
            Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12.00 – 13.00             in a studio is essential since students are required to
            E-mail:                                    be able to work independently. If a student has not had
                                                                       the proper instruction the Workshop Administrator
                                                                       can prevent the student from working in the studio
                    Dutch Language & Culture Coaching                  or workshop. The Workshop Administrator’s role is to
                    The KABK offers a Dutch                            supervise students and offer advice. The opening hours
                    Language & Coaching course for                     are displayed at the entrance of each studio and work-
                                                                       shop. The academy strives for flexibility and extensive
                    the international students of the                  opening hours in accordance with those of the acad-
                    KABK. The course runs during                       emy itself. During vacations and weekends studios
                    both semesters and consists of 12                  are closed.
                    lessons per course. The course fee
                    is € 70 per semester. More infor-                          There are two workshop courses:
                                                                       Introductory course (compulsory)
                    mation and online registration is                  As mentioned earlier, students must be able to work
                    available at                          independently in the workshops. During the introduc-
                                                                       tory course you will be told how the workshops and
             Library                                                   studios work in general and how to handle certain
     The KABK has a well equipped (media) library run by               machinery. We believe that you should know about
     Marcel van Bommel (librarian), Annemarie van den                  the vast possibilities the workshops and studios offer,
     Berg and Jolanda van Os. The book collection consists             which is why all functions are covered in the course.
     of titles in such fields as Fine Arts, Architecture, Pho-         You will also be informed on the rules and regulations
     tography, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Philosophy,            on using the workshops.
     Art Observation, Fashion, History and Art/Cultural
     History. And you can also try spending some time there            Certifying course
     just enjoying the interior of the library - it is special!        There are certain safety risks in handling workshop
            Opening hours                                              machinery. Furthermore, some machines can be
            Mondays through Fridays 09.15 to 16.30.                    destroyed if they are used improperly. For this type of
            Also Mondays to Wednesdays 18.30 to 21.00.                 machinery a certifying course for each workshop has
            You can reserve books in the library itself,               been developed. Training is provided by each Work-
            but you can also do it by email via                        shop Administrator and in most cases your abilities
                                          to handle the machinery are tested before you can
            or by phone: (070) 315 47 98                               receive the certificate. The course is given twice a year
    18   and the certificate expires after a maximum          19 more students around than there are people who
         period of two years. For some machinery (e.g.           can help them. Workshop people are there not only
         machines that are substituted by a different            for safety but also for advice. Because they are more
         type) this period is shorter.                           experienced, it helps if you explain what exactly you are
                                                                 working on. If you want to make a little sketch or try out
                 Textile and Fashion Workshop                    your ideas, there are also several leftover bins available.
         This is the most colourful workshop in the entire               Telephone: (070) 315 47 84
         school. Here you can develop your garments and
         create your own textile. You need to have spe-                  Metal Workshop
         cialised training to use the equipment. Even if         This workshop is located next to the Carpentry Work-
         you are not from the Fashion and Textile depart-        shop. The rule Number 1 - as soon as you have entered

         ment you can use the workshop. Just make an             the Metal Workshop put on the safety shoes. They
         appointment with one of the women working               have them in many sizes.
         there. You will be asked to pay a basic material        Despite the grey colours and big, heavy cutting, drilling,
         fee. They have a fabric shop where you can see,         welding and bending machines the Metal Workshop
         choose and buy materials at a friendly price.           men have made this place very cosy. You have to have
                Telephone: (070) 315 47 80                       a certificate before you can work here. But even if you
                                                                 do, don’t be shy to say what you are working on. These
                 Carpentry Workshop                              guys are very curious and they will recommend you
         This workshop is noisy but smells very sweet.           a tool that can simplify your work. After a long work-
         Just take a whiff and it will make you want to          ing day you’ll definitely get the taste for metal. In the
         work with wood. The Carpentry Workshop is               Metal Workshop you can buy (with a Facility Card)
         on the ground floor. They have various wood-            materials but they have a limited supply. You can also
         cutting, drilling and sanding machines. Manual          get some scrap metal from the bin for free.

         tools are also available. There is a wood material              Telephone: (070) 315 47 85
         shop under the workshop - their supply is quite
         large. If you need something more specific you                 Graphics Studios
         might buy your material somewhere else. But             The Graphics Studios are located in the Bleijenburg
         just keep in mind, if you buy wood in construc-         building and offer the opportunity to do etchings,
         tion shops and want your wood to be cut in the          lithographs, screen printing and wood and linocuts. The
         shop, you’ll have to pay for every cut. At school       equipment necessary for various techniques is avail-
         they cut your wood for free. In the basement            able (presses, rinsing and drying machines). Studios
         of KABK there is also a storage space for               also function as classrooms for graphics teachers. All
         second-hand wood that was used by graduated             materials can be purchased at Goedman in the acad-
         students. Contact the basement supervisor               emy’s basement.
         and you might be able to buy that wood for a                    Telephone: (070) 315 47 81 / (070) 315 47 82
         reduced price.
                                                                        Printing Studio

         Whenever you go to the workshop, don’t expect           The printing room is mainly used by Graphic Design stu-
         to be helped immediately. There are always              dents. Type setting can be done by hand with various
20   presses, and there is also a darkroom where graphic           21 The Multimedia Studio is on the second floor of Blei-
     films used for e.g. screen printing can be made.                 jenburg. On this floor there are such working spaces as
            Telephone: (070) 315 47 83                                a studio, a lab, a production studio and editing rooms
                                                                      for sound and for video. There’s also a film editing
            Photography Studios and Darkrooms                         table and a presentation spaces which is used to realise
     Throughout the Prinsessegracht building students will            audiovisual work. You can also rent multimedia equip-
     find various small and one large photography studio. All         ment here. You will need a Facility Card for that.
     the necessary equipment can be found there, such as                     Telephone: (070) 315 47 91
     cameras, lighting and backdrops. The darkrooms are
     situated in Bleijenburg. Here students can develop,                      Canteen
     print and enlarge black and white photographs. On the            This is the place where everybody meets. The canteen
     same floor facilities for developing black and white and         is open Monday through Friday from morning until
     colour negatives can be found.                                   evening. You can buy food in the canteen or enjoy your
            Telephone: (070) 315 47 86                                own food from home. If you stay late at school, it is
                                                                      good to know that from 17.00 the canteen starts serv-
             Photography Studio                                       ing hot meals. There’s also an outside terrace attached
     In the Photography Studio students can experiment                to it and a yard with many tables. On a sunny day you
     with photographic techniques such as historical                  can spend a very cosy lunch-break. You can only pay
     photographic procedures, photographic manipulation               with cash in the canteen.
     (toners, bleaching, colouring, etc)- in short, everything a
     student needs a way of personalising their photography.                 Bookings office
            Opening times:                                            Individual and collective assessments are obligatory
            Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday                             parts of your course curriculum, and presentations
            from 13:00 to 17:00.                                      are considered very important. The collective assess-
            Mondays reserved for class.                               ments involve widespread use of classrooms and halls
                                                                      throughout the academy and are coordinated by head
             Computer Workshop and Computer Classroom                 teachers or department coordinators. You should
     The KABK has excellent ICT equipment, mainly Apple               always book a space in advance at the Bookings Office
     Mac, but also PCs with Windows. The computer                     through
     workshop also offers students the opportunity to work
     with various different programmes for Graphic Design,                   Internet
     Interior Design, digital image reworking, digital photog-        When you want to use wireless internet at the KABK
     raphy and pattern designing. There is also a computer            with your own laptop use:
     classroom which is used for (class) instruction in vari-                User: student
     ous software. Here you can also use a printer. Ask the                  Password: kabk@air
     people in the workshop to explain to you how to create           Otherwise go to the computer room on the right
     a password and to log in and how the payment system              before the mirror corridor and ask for assistance there.
     for printing works. They also sell blank CDs and DVDs.           Five computers with free internet access are available
            Telephone: (070) 315 47 88/(070) 315 47 89                in the canteen.
            Multimedia Studio
22           KA-net                                                23
     Ka-net is the KABK intranet, available for student,
     teachers, employees and alumni of the Royal Academy
     of Art. Other people can log in as guests with partial

                                                                        Chapter 4

             Nieuwe K
     ‘De Nieuwe K’ is a publication of the Royal Academy of
     Fine Arts, Design, Music and Dance and the Academy
     of Arts, Leiden. This magazine contains information
     about new developments in the field of research and
     education, minors, concerts, exhibitions, events and
     all other kind of relevant issues in the field of the arts.
     Suggestions can be sent to
            Useful internet addresses:
            For news about the KABK
            Site for foreigners. Can be very helpful
            Site for international students
            All addresses of Embassies in The Hague
     On a national level trains are run by the

24                                                                 25 to go to Amsterdam and back at least five
     NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen). At the                              times a year, it is worthwhile purchasing
     railway stations you will find machines                          the NS discount card (NS voordeeluren-
                                                                      kaart) to save some money. The card
     for train tickets. Some machines accept                          costs € 55, and you need to bring a photo
     cash but most of them use bank cards                             when you apply for it at any railway sta-
     only! You can choose a first-class or                            tion. You will get a temporary card on the
                                                                      same day which is valid for three months.
     a second-class ticket. If you have a                             The real card will be sent to your address
     second-class ticket, make sure that you                          after a while. The card gives you a 40%
     enter the train in the part where a big                          discount and the same discount to three
                                                                      other people that are travelling with
     blue number ‘2’is written.These seats                            you. Your discount card is not valid from
     are second class. Business people most-                          04.00 to 09.00 on weekdays (Mon.-Fri.)

     ly travel first class.                                           because of rush hour commute. You will
                                                                      receive a letter after a year when your
                                                                      discount card is no longer valid. If you
     Don’t be surprised if you can’t find a proper clock in the       wish, you can let them know that you
     station hall. Most of the time you will only see them at         would like to have the card renewed for
     the platforms.                                                   another year.
                                                                             More information on:
     The Hague has two railway stations: ‘Central Station’
     and ‘Hollands Spoor’. Central Station is located                         OV card
     close to the academy and has the best connection to              The OV (Openbaar Vervoer – Public
     Utrecht. Holland Spoor is about a 15-20 minute walk              Transport) card is a big treasure for
     from the academy and has the best connections to Rot-            Dutch students. If you are a working stu-
     terdam, Amsterdam and Belgium. If you are planning to            dent from another EU country and are

     take courses in Leiden it does not matter which station          getting study financing from the Dutch
     you choose.                                                      government you’re also entitled to an
                                                                      OV card. It allows you to travel for free
     Take notice: when going somewhere like Amsterdam                 by any form of public transport - train,
     for the evening, remember that after 00.00 hours the             tram, metro and bus. When you apply
     trains only goes to Den Haag Central Station. Trans-             for it you’ll have to decide if you want
     port in The Hague at night is not reliable so it is a good       to travel on the weekdays or weekends.
     idea to have a bike if you want to be mobile at anytime.         Weekend means Friday evening until
     When you are planning to return to The Hague late at             Monday morning. There are some Dutch
     night, it is best to park your bike at the Central Station.      holidays marked on your OV card, along
                                                                      with statements about whether or not
             NS reduction card (‘Voordeelurenkaart’)                  you are allowed to travel for free during
     If you expect to use the train system frequently or plan         those days. Don’t forget that an OV
26   card gives you a 40 % discount on the days you’re not        27
     allowed to travel for free. Having an OV card will also
     allow you to have a maximum of three people travel-
     ling with you with a 40% discount. (But don’t try to
     combine the NS discount card and an OV card to get a
     discount for six people travelling with you! That won’t

             Local public transport system in The Hague
     At the local level we have buses and trams. There is
     no metro in The Hague. Public transport in The Hague
     is provided by a company called the ‘HTM’ (Haagse
     Tramweg Maatschappij). Bus and tram lines are divided
     into zones. It is best to buy a so-called ‘strippenkaart’.
     There are 15-strip and 45- strip cards available. You can
     buy them at any station service desk, tobacco kiosks
     or at supermarket service desks. These cards are quite
     confusing, but they are cheaper than paying the driver
     or conductor for a ticket. The fines for not having
     a ticket or for stamping your ticket incorrectly are              Did you know graphic designer Gert Dumbar — also
     expensive. Ask someone if you need help.                          a teacher at the KABK — designed the identity of the
                                                                       Dutch police?
     ‘Strippenkaarten’ are valid for trams and buses                   Read more about our police on page 76
     everywhere in The Netherlands. One card can be used
     for several people: just stamp the correct amount of
     ‘strippen’ for each person travelling with that card. The
     system works like this: you must use one strip as a basis
     fare, plus one for each zone of your journey, so you’ll
     always use a minimum of two strips. To use the stamp-
     ing machine, count the correct number of ‘strippen’,
     fold your ticket at the bottom of the correct strip, and
     then insert the card with the fold forwards into the
     stamping machine until you hear a click. Stamp again
     for anyone else travelling on the same card. If in doubt
     about the amount of zones you’ll be crossing, they’re
     marked on maps at each of the stops or you can ask the
28   Strips are valid for varying times as follows:                      29
              2-4 strips          1 hour              1-3 zones
              5-7 strips          1.5 hours           4-6 zones
              8-10 strips         2 hours             7-9 zones

                                                                              Chapter 5
              11-16 strips        3 hours             10-15 zones
              17-20 strips        3.5 hours           16 or more zones

     The maximum number of strips you’ll need to stamp
     is 20 and the tickets are valid only on buses, trams and
     metro, not on trains. However, you may use a strip
     card to travel by train between railway stations in The
                                                                              HOW TO FIND
                                                                                A HOUSE
     You must stamp your card as soon as you enter the
     tram or bus. For the RandstadRail (RR), please remem-
     ber to stamp your card outside at the stop, as the RR
     is not equipped with a stamping machine. Trams in The
     Hague operate on an honour system but are regularly
     checked by conductors who can step onto the tram
     at any stop. Always be prepared to show your strip
     card. If you are caught without a valid ticket, you risk
     paying a fine of € 37.40. In some instances, however, an
     inspector might give you the opportunity to buy a € 20
     ‘control ticket’ instead of paying the fine.

     Note that national tickets (such as ‘strippenkaarten’)
     have a limited life: once new rates have been intro-
     duced (which happens once a year), you may continue
     to travel for only 12 months on a ticket bought at the
     old rate. Once a ticket has been bought, it cannot be
     exchanged or refunded.

     If you have an OV card, buy the pink strippen card!
     (The pink strippen card is to use for the days when OV
     doesn’t allow you to travel for free, This strippen card is
     cheaper but only OV owners can travel with it).
              More information about the local public transport
              The best website to check on how to travel is
30   There are several ways to find a room.                       31                DUWO
     See some tips below:                                                   The DUWO Foundation boasts
                                                                            the oldest student accommoda-
             Kamernet                                                       tion in Holland and was founded
     When you are urgently looking for a room, www.kamer-                   in 1945. At present, they rent and might be the most effective. It is in Dutch but                 manage approximately 15,000
     you don’t really need a translation for square meters                  student houses, which can be
     and euros. Take into account that the end of August,                   found in Delft, Den Haag, Leiden,
     September and October is the most difficult period to                  Amsterdam, Amstelveen and
     find a place but the end of the academic year — May                    Hoofddorp. For more informa-
     and June — offer you the largest choices. The first few                tion, see

     months abroad always mean spending more money
     than expected. Your first rent costs might be a little too                      City of The Hague
     high. But as soon as you have a roof, no wind can blow                 In The Hague homes for rent are
     away your chance to look for a cheaper place.                          advertised in the “Woonkrant”,
                                                                            a free weekly newspaper which
     This website is quite practical and simple. Choose your                is distributed across the city.
     preferences in price and place. A list of houses will                  For more information and the
     pop out, showing the main info: size of the room, price,               rules and regulations, see
     city and street (even a map). Sometimes the period of         and choose
     availability of the room is also mentioned. You can buy                the heading ‘Wonen/Verordening’.
     (for a friendly price) an amount of ‘reactions’ to get a
     more detailed information and the possibility to apply.                If one day you receive a Woonpas,
     Check the website several times a day — things happen                  you’d better keep it. If you pay

     very fast there, especially in the ‘hot season’. Seeking               for it (approx 10 euros a year),
     for a room sometimes also means meeting weirdoes                       you will be put on a waiting list
     and lonely people but at least you get a free cup of                   for a house. You will definitely
     coffee... And this is also a good way to get more familiar             wait for several years but one day
     with the city.                                                         that will give you the chance to
                                                                            get a proper house or apartment,
            KABK notice board                                               which often turns out to be big-
     Next to the computer workshop there is a notice board                  ger and cheaper then a student
     which students use to advertise for and about housing.                 room...
     This might give you a chance to live with one of your
     schoolmates. One important thing to know is that you                          STROOM Den Haag
     do need a legal address where you can register as a resi-              Stroom Den Haag, an indepen-
     dent. Often people rent a room in a house that they are                dent foundation since 1989, is
     renting from someone else, and then registration is not                an active centre for fine art and

     possible. This might be a good beginning solution but it               architecture. Stroom pursues a
     might be problematic as a permanent place.                             stimulating policy for artists in
32   Den Haag and initiates a broad scale of activities con-     33
     cerning Fine Art, Site Specific Art, Architecture and
     Design. Stroom also negotiates student accommoda-
     tion. See

     If you haven’t found a house yet or are planning to leave
     the Netherlands, book yourself a room at Stay Okay in
                                                                      Chapter 6
     the city centre or at Jorplace in Scheveningen. Beach
     hostel Jorplace offers packages for a semi-short stay,
     for example one month including breakfast, tourist
                                                                       HOW TO
     taxes and internet € 450,-. Other options are possible
     as well, and you are invited to negotiate with Jorplace!           FIND A
            Jorplace Beach Hostel
            Keizerstraat 296
            T 070 338 32 70
            M 06 11475230

            Stayokay Hostel
            Scheepmakersstraat 27
            T 070 315 78 88

            Other useful sites:
34   Well, we don’t really have an answer                         35
     to this. You first have to know how
     many hours you are allowed to work
     a month. Non-EU people can work
     less than people from EU. It would be
     better for you to have an official job
     where taxes are being paid. Also with
                                                                         Chapter 7
     a proper job contract you can apply for                           HOW TO ARRANGE
     study financing.
     A good start to finding a job is checking out and leaving          YOUR FINANCES
     an announcement in supermarkets and also on the
     message boards in KABK and KC. It is quite common
     to do some babysitting, cleaning, mailing or working at
     call centres. Don’t be shy to ask in bars and restaurants,
     but there they will prefer people that speak Dutch, and
     probably you won’t get any contract. If finding a job
     becomes a problem, contact the student helpers or a
     Dutch friend.

     On some occasions at the KABK they need students to
     work for a few hours. You can contact the Studio. There
     are two graphic designers, two production officers and
     a PR officer working at the Studio. If you drop by, they
     write down your name and telephone number and get
     back to you whenever they have jobs. The Studio is in
     front of the Gipsenzaal.
36           KABK Facility card                                    37 you’ll be able to use the public transport for
     To use school facilities you need to purchase the                free and travel in the country.
     Facility Card. The card costs € 10 and you can get it at
     the financial desk. You can upload money in the copy             Note that in the months where you didn’t work
     room (at the entrance of KABK) by using coins, bills or          enough hours (even if you worked 31 hours
     your switch card. The Facility Card is like a bank card          and 30 minutes) you are not entitled to study
     but only for use in the school. It is possible to make           financing and the OV card. For that time you
     photocopies, to borrow equipment (photo camera,                  won’t receive the financial support. They can
     laptop and video, sound and light equipment), and you            find out about it at the end of the year and then
     can even make phone calls from the phone in the copy             deduct the money from your account. Approxi-
     room. You can also buy wood, metal and textile materi-           mately two months before the end of each
     als with this card in the school workshops - they all are        semester (end of October and end of April) IBG
     on the ground floor.                                             sends out a letter saying that because of your
                                                                      ‘nationality problem’ you are not entitled to and

             IB Groep                                                 OV or study financing. This ‘nationality problem’
     This is a nice office to drop by. IB Groep is a govern-          means that at the end of December you have to
     ment institution for financial help and loans for stu-           submit your last three salary slips — for Octo-
     dents. The main office is in Groningen but there’s also          ber, November and December and at the end
     an office in The Hague. It is very near the KABK. They           of June — salary slips for April, May and June.
     all speak English, so, just be friendly and they’ll explain      This is their little control. We advise you to
     you things.                                                      submit the salary slips in the Office instead of
                                                                      sending them to the main Office in Groningen.
            But here’s the basic idea:                                It is the IBG stamp with the date that matters,
     A foreign student from the EU that works 8 hours/                and by handing in papers personally you save
     week or 32 hours/month in a legal job after 3 months of          some time and get more security that your
     work can apply for the study financing. Your employer            papers won’t get lost (it happens!!!). IBG gives
     has possibly heard about the study financing, but still          you money, but in return you get pulled into a

     let your employer know that you need to work at least            gigantic letter writing system.
     32 hours a month.

     Collect your first three salary slips and your job con-                         Note: if IBG tells you that
     tract and go to IBG. They will give you a form to fill in.                      your OV is valid until a
     In a while you’ll start receiving the study financing of                        certain date (no matter the
     250 euros/ month + another 250 euros/month if your
     parents’ income is below a certain minimum. If you are                          date mentioned on the OV
     entitled to study financing you’ll also receive an OV                           card itself ), hand it in at
     card. This is a nice thing to have. You collect it at the                       the same post office where
     post office, bringing your ‘invitation’ (Afhaalbericht OV-                      you collected it (the one
     studentenkaart) and your photo. You’ll have to choose                           that they have chosen as
     either a weekday or a weekend OV card. With your OV
38                  the closest to your address).                  39
                    Don’t miss the deadline! This
                    fine will empty your pockets.

     In case if you haven’t finished your studies within ten
     years, the money you have received from IBG will turn
     into a loan that you’ll have to pay back. There’s also an
     option to ask IBG for a loan, which is something differ-
     ent from the study financing. Students from outside
     the EU can also apply for it.
            T 050 599 77 55
            Koninginnegracht 12 B13

     Once you are registered at your address, the city will
     be hunting you with tax bills. One day you’ll receive let-         The beaaaaautiful skyline of The Hague
     ters from ‘Delfland’. Don’t panic! On the other side of            Read more what to explore in The Hague from page 54
     the bill is a form to fill in for people with a low income.
     Just ask a Dutch friend to fill it in together with you.
     Send it back and then you’ll get a letter from them that
     you don’t have to pay it. Often bills have to be paid
     within two months, but you have only ONE WEEK to
     disagree or to object. This is the reason why you should
     always be registered at the right address since other-
     wise you can miss your chance to avoid payment.

     You might want to open a bank account to organise
     your finances. You can go to any bank although some
     banks might make it difficult. Take your ID-passport,
     rental agreement, student card and ask for a student
     bank account. Sometimes banks request a so-called
     BSN number. Although you receive this number auto-
     matically after your municipality registration, this may
     take a while. Banks are not supposed to request this for
     student accounts! To be sure you are getting a student
     account make an appointment with an English-speaking
     person. There are cases where you can not get a
    40   student account. There are regu-   41
         lar costs to pay for non-student
         accounts. Most often students
         get an account at ABN Amro.

                                                    Chapter 8

                                                  HOW TO ARRANGE

                                                 YOUR BUREAUCRATIC
42           BSN number (‘Burger Service Nummer’)                43 most countries outside Europe need a visa.
     As soon as you start living in The Netherlands you are         Once in the Netherlands, a residence permit
     entitled to a BSN number - social security number              is often required. Here you can find out which
     (used to be called a So-Fi number). It may seem as if          requirements apply to you and how you go
     it has no use but in official places they may ask for it.      about arranging things.
     After your registration in the Gemeentelijke Basis
     Administratie (GBA) you will get the BSN number                There are three factors that are important in
     automatically. It is also handy to keep this number in         determining which procedures apply to you:
     your mobile phone or in your note book - then you will
     always have it when needed.
                                                                                    1 your nationality
             Municipality registration                                              2 the length of your stay
             (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie                                     3 your purpose of stay
             registratie — GBA)

     All international students who stay in The Netherlands                Please check
     for longer than four months need to be registered at                  students -> preparation and stay -> visa and
     the municipality they are living in. EU students can                  permits to check which procedure applies to your
     make an appointment themselves. Please call 14070                     situation.
     and explain that you would like to make an appoint-
     ment for the GBA desk. They will send you written              An entry visa is a sticker placed in your pass-
     confirmation and tell you what to bring with you.              port at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your
            Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie                       own country, but it must be applied for well in
            (Municipal Registry Office)                             advance.
            Stadhoudersplantsoen 24
            2517 JL Den Haag                                        The Royal Academy of Art takes care of the
                                                                    application. Please keep in mind that this proce-
            Office hours:                                           dure may take about 4-6 weeks in total. It is not

            Monday-Friday, 08.00—14.00                              allowed to travel to The Netherlands without
                                                                    having this entry visa sticker! You will need this
            How to get to the GBA?                                  sticker for the application for the residence per-
     Take tram no. 17 direction ‘Statenkwartier’ or bus no. 24      mit as well after your arrival in The Hague. The
     direction ‘Kijkduin’ and get off the bus or tram at stop       total costs for the entry visa and your residence
     ‘Gemeentemuseum/Museon’                                        permit are € 433,- which is on your own account.
                                                                    The Royal Academy of Art pays this in advance
     Non-EU students are invited to register at the GBA             to the Dutch authorities. Once you arrived in
     automatically by the Immigration Office after they             The Netherlands you will receive an invoice.
     have applied for their residence permit (VVR).                        You are advised to contact our student admin-
                                                                           istration for the application procedure of your
            Visa information for Non-European students                     entry visa. They will provide you with all neces-
     To enter Holland for study purposes, inhabitants from                 sary information.
44           Registration as a EU citizen in The Netherlands       45
     After you have been registered at the municipality reg-
     istration desk (GBA) it is possible to make an appoint-
     ment with the Immigration Office to get a sticker in

                                                                          Chapter 9
     your passport. This sticker proves that you have legal
     status in The Netherlands as an EU-student. It can be
     helpful on some official occasions, like getting study
     financing, a loan, a job etc. but is not compulsory! If you
     would like to get this sticker please call 0900-1234561
     and ask for the ‘afsprakenlijn’.
     Registration is free of charge.
                                                                        HOW TO ARRANGE
                                                                        YOUR HEALTH AND
                                                                         MEDICAL CARE
46          Emergency numbers in The Netherlands                47           Independer Healthcare Centres Den Haag
                                                                     Independer’s chain of healthcare centres offers innova-
                                                                     tive, patient-friendly, high-quality care. Apart from GP
                    112 for a major emergency                        primary care they have an on-site pharmacy, where you
                    (all over Europe)                                can get your prescription medicines. Also they offer
                    0900-8844 when                                   the services of physiotherapists and psychologists.
                                                                     They have several centres throughout the city. For
                    there is less panic                              more information and registration:
            Health insurance                                      
     You must have health insurance while you are studying                  denhaag/intro.aspx
     in The Netherlands. The kind of insurance you need
     depends on your nationality, your age and the length of         If you have caught cold or have another “little” health
     your stay. More detailed information is available at the        problem, you can buy some medicine without paying a
     KABK office for international relations. You can check          visit to a doctor. You can find medical pills, creams and
     which kind of insurance you need at                             other things at most supermarkets but also in Kruidvat,
                      Trekpleister and Etos.
            insurance/health-insurance                                      Hospitals
                                                                            Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis
     Most international students are younger than 30 years                  Sportlaan 600
     old and are studying here on a temporary basis. They         
     may take the private health insurance which is much                    T 070 312 62 00
     cheaper than the Dutch public healthcare insurance.
     The KABK recommends using the private health insur-                    Ziekenhuis Leyenburg
     ance of IPS Lippmann.                                                  Leyweg 275
            Online registration:                                  
                                         T 070 359 20 00

            Medical care:                                                   Medisch Centrum Haaglanden
     In case of illness, contact a general practitioner (in                 locatie Westeinde Ziekenhuis
     Dutch: huisarts). He or she is your main link to any                   Lijnbaan 32
     physician or hospital. Most GP’s speak English but it is     
     important to check to see if they participate in your                  T 070 330 20 00
     healthcare system. The KABK has made an arrange-
     ment for their international students with:                            Bronovo Ziekenhuis
            Dr. Chin a Paw                                                  Bronovolaan 5
            Jozef Israëlsplein 2                                  
            2596 AS Den Haag                                                T 070 312 4 141
            T 070 324 40 60
            Consulting hours between 08.00 and 09.00 am
    48           STI-Centre                             49          Making an appointment
                 (Sexually Transmitted Infections)           You can also make an appointment by telephone: 070
         The regional STI-centre of The Hague                3536688. There are few closing dates which you can
         offers tests and check-ups on STI free of           look up on the website.
         charge. Referral by your family doctor
         is not needed. The centre focuses on                The tests at the STI-centre are free of charge includ-
         people with a higher risk of STI. It means          ing the treatment of the most common STI. If you
         that only people that have been in a                are referred to a medical specialist, medical care is
         heightened risk situation in the last 3 to 6        not free of charge but can be claimed on your regular
         months can come and be tested.                      health insurance.
                                  Address: Lijnbaan 32

                 (website in Dutch)                                 How to reach: tram 2 or 3 or buses 25, 123, 130, 135 and
                              136, and step out in MCH Westeinde
                 (website in English)

         Address and opening hours of the centre
         The STI-centre is located at the Lijnbaan
         32 in The Hague near the Medical Centre
         Haaglanden (MCH). When entering the
         car park of the MCH, you will find the
         entrance to the STI clinic on your left.
         Look for the pink and blue logo of the
                 The STI-centre is open

                 Monday to Thursday
                 from 08.30—16.30 and
                 Friday from 08.30—12.30

                  Walk-in clinic
         Every working day at 08.30 hrs and at
         13.00 hrs (except for Friday afternoon)
         you can walk in without an appointment.
         The door is open at 08.15 and 12.45 hrs.
         Make sure you are there early, because
         they can only help a limited number of
         people during the walk-in clinic hours. If
         this is full you may make an appointment
         or walk in another day.
50—50                                         51

As all of you probably know: the front side
of the building of the KABK
Read more about our school on page 8
52                53   To be easy to reach should be the first
                       thing you should arrange.The easi-
                       est to do would be buying a pre-paid
                       simcard. (the cheapest is Ortel so far).
     Chapter 10        It will be expensive to have conversa-
                       tions with it but that’s the only solution
                       for finding a room and arranging all
      HOW TO BE        the other things. As soon as you have
                       settled somewhere, you can apply for a
      REACHABLE        phone subscription/phone plan. At the
                       moment T-mobile has cheap proposi-
       BY PHONE        tions with lots of talking minutes and
                       text messages.
                       Remember that you can keep you pre-paid number
                       when signing a contract for a subscription / phone plan.
                       Just ask for it (they’ll need a week to fix that).
                       There’s a T-mobile shop in Wagenstraat. We recom-
                       mend this because they are the only ones not requiring
                       you to be registered at your address. They just need
                       your ID and the last statement from your Dutch bank
                       account. So count on not getting an subscription earlier
                       then a month after you’ve been in Holland.
54                55   National Museum Card
                       It is highly advisable to purchase
                       the National Museum Card. If
                       you are younger than 25 years old

     Chapter 11        you pay the special fee of € 17.50
                       for one year. If you’re older than
                       25 years, you’ll pay € 35.00 a year.
      HOW TO           This card gives you free access
                       to 400 museums in The Nether-
      EXPLORE          lands. The easiest way to obtain
                       the card is to visit one of the big
                       museums in The Hague. Please
     THE HAGUE:        be aware of the fact that you can
                       choose a card which is valid for
     GOING OUT         only one year or you can take a
                       subscription which extends your
                       museum card automatically after
                       one year.More information:

                       Ooievaarspas 2008
                       The ‘Ooievaarspas’ is a reduc-
                       tion card for inhabitants of The
                       Hague with a lower income. All
                       students are allowed to apply for
                       one too; you only need to pay the
                       small amount of € 11.34. Reduc-
                       tion is available on all kind of
                       courses, sports, cultural activi-
                       ties, public swimming pools, etc.
                       Public library membership is free
                       of charge with the ‘Ooievaars-
56                  pas’. If you have your permanent              57           Crossing Border
                    address in The Hague, Rijswijk or                  Crossing Border is the festival where literature, music,
                    Leidschendam-Voorburg you can                      film and the visual arts combine to take central stage.
                    apply by downloading the form                      As well as courting the biggest names from the interna-
                                                                       tional worlds of literature and music, the festival pays a
                    at                       lot of attention to (as yet) undiscovered artists. One of
                    html?id=21578 or apply online at                   Crossing Border’s objectives is to highlight new devel-
                    the same website.                                  opments in literature and music and their interconnec-
                    A copy of your student card is                     tion with other arts.
                    required. It may take 8 weeks                   
                                                                              Crossing Border is on location.
                    before you actually receive                               Check the website for more details.
                    the card.
                                                                               GEM & Hague Museum of Photography
                    After applying you immediately                     GEM is a new museum of contemporary art set up to
                    transfer the amount of € 11.34                     show work by artists from The Hague, the Netherlands
                                                                       and the world at large side by side. It features a wide
                    to bank account 613584, Dienst                     variety of disciplines: video and other installations,
                    SZW Ooievaarsregelingen in The                     painting and sculpture, multimedia, performance art,
                    Hague. Mention your postcode                       film, photography, drawings, digital art, design, etc. In
                    and house number, initials and                     addition to the exhibitions, there is a programme of
                    date of birth.                                     activities including talks, discussions, performances,
                                                                       film shows and book presentations. The same building
     The KABK works closely with lots of theatres, muse-               houses the Hague Museum of Photography.
     ums, cinemas and other cultural initiatives and insti-         
     tutes. To name a few:                                          
                                                                              Address: Stadhouderslaan 43
             1646                                                             How to reach: bus 24 or tram 17 direction
     1646 is an artists’ initiative/project-space in the centre               Statenkwartier, stop Stadhouderslaan
     of The Hague, which promotes the exchange between
     local, national and international artists and art spaces                  Filmhuis Den Haag
     and works as platform for discussion, research, produc-           Filmhuis Den Haag runs on tender loving care for
     tion and presentation of autonomous visual art. 1646 is           authentic films and film history, which is expressed in
     run by a Netherlands-based group of practicing visual             films that one would normally not be able to view in
     artists: Nico Feragnoli (Italy), Johan Gustavsson (Swe-           commercial cinemas. The films shown in the Filmhuis
     den), Clara Palli Monguilod (Spain) and Floris Kruiden-           originate from all over the world, reflecting a wide
     berg (The Netherlands).                                           range of cultures and language. A first-class oppor-
                                            tunity to see a film from your own country, spoken in
            Address: Boekhorststraat 125                               your own language. Occasionally they show films with
            How to reach: tram 2, 3 ,6 stop Grote Markt                English subtitles instead of Dutch. These films are
    58   announced on this website in the section.              59 of the painting and makes the illusion more convincing.
                                   The panorama is now the oldest surviving panorama in
                Address: Spui 191                                  its original location.
                How to get there:                               
                tram 1, 2, 3 , 9, 15 en 16, stop Spui                     Address: Zeestraat 65
                bus 5, 22, 24 en N5, stop Spui-Stadhuis                   How to reach: Bus 22 direction Noorderstrand, stop
                                                                          Mauritskade. Tram 17 direction Staten-
                 OpTrek Transvaal                                         kwartier, stop Lange Vijverberg
         In the summer of 2002 this temporary (non-
         profit) organization of artists moved into the                    Stroom Den Haag
         multicultural district, Transvaal, close to the           Stroom Den Haag (an independent foundation

         city centre in The Hague. In the course of the            founded in 1989) is an active centre for visual arts and
         next few years, the municipality of The Hague             architecture. Stroom has an active policy for artists
         plans to demolish and radically restructure this          from The Hague and also initiates a large number of
         neighbourhood as part of an urban develop-                (international) activities in the fields of visual arts, art
         ment plan. OpTrek is concerned about the many             in public space, architecture and design in the broad-
         all-embracing social and spatial changes and              est sense of the word. Stroom organises exhibitions,
         their consequences for the neighbourhood and              manifestations and lectures, makes publications, has a
         its residents. OpTrek is interested in the political      library on its premises and develops special projects in
         background and wider context in which these               the field of art in public space and architecture.
         developments will take place.                          
                                          Address: Hogewal 1-9
                Address: Vaalrivierstraat 61D                             How to get there:
                (see sticker ‘hotel transvaal’)                           tram 17 direction Statenkwartier stop Noordwal

                How to reach:                                             tram 1 stop Mauritskade
                bus 25, stop Schalkenburgerstraat                         bus 5, 22, 24 stop Mauritskade

                 Panorama Mesdag                                           <>TAG
         Panorama Mesdag is a panorama made by                     <>TAG is a platform for contemporary audio and visual
         Hendrik Willem Mesdag. Housed in a purpose-               art, based in The Hague and Amsterdam. The organi-
         built museum in The Hague, the panorama is a              sation aims to create an environment in which young
         cylindrical painting (also known as a Cyclorama)          professionals from different backgrounds can meet
         more than 14 meters high and about 40 meters              to exchange ideas and initiate new projects, thus
         in diameter (120 meters in circumference). From           creating a network to share knowledge, experience
         an observation gallery in the centre of the room          and expertise.
         the cylindrical perspective creates the illusion       
         that the viewer is on a high sand dune overlook-                 Address: Stille Veerkade 19
         ing the sea, beaches and village of Scheveningen                 How to reach:

         in the late 19th century. A foreground of fake                   tram 1,9,15,16, stop Spui-Stadhuis
         terrain around the viewing gallery hides the base                bus 18, stop Amsterdamse Veerkade
60           TodaysArt Festival                                   61
     Two nights and days stuffed with creativity, music (elec-
     tronic, hiphop, dubstep, baile funk, noise and so on),
     visual arts, modern dance, concerts, parties, surprises,

                                                                       Chapter 12
     artist talks at several (in/outdoor) in the city centre of
     The Hague.
            TodaysArt is on location.
            Check the website for more details.

                                                                         HOW TO
             Theater Zeebelt
     Theater Zeebelt offers artists in The Hague an atelier
     and a podium. The atelier is the space where art proj-
                                                                        THE HAGUE:
     ects can be conceived and created; the podium is the
     space where these theatre productions, demonstra-
     tions, readings and manifestations take place. Zeebelt
                                                                       LEISURE TIME
     accommodates a variety of artistic expressions and
     tries to stimulate and present new forms of imaginative
     creativity. The performances and projects are created
     in various ways. For example, Zeebelt commissions art-
     ists and works together with artists on plans that they
     themselves have suggested.
            Address: de Constant Rebecqueplein 20A
            How to reach:
            tram 11 direction Scheveningen,
            stop Conradkade/Weimarstraat
            tram 3 direction Loosduinen,
            stop Waldeck Pyrmontkade/ Elandstraat
     Tourists and newcomers usually end

62                                                                   63 apple & plum and apple & choco-
     up at ‘De Grote Markt’or ‘Het Plein’.                              late. They have an extensive
     Nothing wrong with that, but there is                              selection of special teas. There is
                                                                        also a restaurant just a few steps
     so much more to explore in The Hague.                              away in the same street.
     We wrote down our favourite lunch-                           
     rooms and restaurants.                                                 Wagenstraat 117 en 144
                                                                            T 070 363 34048

              Bars and lunchrooms                                       De Paas
     Boosty                                                             This bar has an amazing amount of
     Thoughtful food is their slogan. You make your own                 beers from different countries. It
     sandwiches or pick some nice ones from the menu.                   is quite expensive but once you’ll
     They also have a juice bar.                                        go there you’ll never forget it!

              Frederik Hendriklaan 294                                      Dunne Bierkade 16A
              T 070 404 9610                                                T 070 360 00 19
              Frederikstraat 967                                                  Restaurants
              T 070 360 0695
                                                                        Since The Hague isn’t a real stu-
     Crunch cafe                                                        dent city it is hard to find a cheap
     One of our favourite lunchrooms. It has a cosy and
     warm atmosphere. They offer breakfast, lunch and din-              restaurant. Still we would like to
     ner (until 20.00) with fresh, original and tasty options.          give you some tips with some of
     The service is friendly but it can take a while to be              our favourite ones (from cheap
     served if it’s busy and it does get a little bit difficult to      to expensive):

     manoeuvre around the corners and crannies when it’s
     full too. Overall, a perfect place to chat with friends,
     read a magazine over a cuppa or enjoy a bite to eat.               Water en Brood
                                             This famous eating place Water
              Piet Heinstraat 108a                                      en Brood, formerly run by the De
              T 070 364 05 52                                           Blauwe Aanslag has now found its
                                                                        residence in Scheveningen in the
     Scallywags                                                         squat ‘De vloek van Schevenin-
     Freshly prepared dishes like soup, sandwiches, bacon               gen’. W&B serves veganistic &
     and eggs, quiches and a vegetarian menu. Do not                    biologic food for a nice price.
     hesitate to also try the tasty salads with a very special              Hellingweg 127
     dressing. If you feel ‘sweety darling’ they have scones                T 070 39 97 455
     and a variety of home-made pies on the list, such as
64   Hagedis                                                     65   Strandtent de Fuut
     In this former school building you can eat vegetarian            Between Kijkduin en Scheveningen you will find Het
     food with biologic products. Good food and not expen-            Zuiderstrand, one of the nicest beaches of The Hague.
     sive. The cheese fondues are especially recommended.             Here you can find beach houses like La Cantina, De
                                    Kwartel, Zuid and de Fuut. There’s always something to
               Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116                                do in Het Zuiderstrandpaviljoen. Check out the site of
               T 070 364 04 56                                        De Fuut.
     Mi Vida                                                                     Zuiderstrand 6
     ‘La vida es un carnaval’ is the motto of this restaurant,                   T 070 354 90 74
     just one street away from the KABK. In this Cuban res-
     taurant you can eat nice tapas and have some mojitos             Little V
     en sangría while el commandante Che is watching you.’            If you like Asian food, check out the Rabbijn Maarsen-
     Try the ‘ossenhaaspuntjes’and the stuffed paprika’s.             plein. Here you can find Korean, Vietnamese and Japa-
                                               nese restaurants. Our favourite is Little V, the Viet-
               Lange Houtstraat 25                                    namese one. They have a big range of fresh prepared
               T 070 34 65 637                                        food. Be aware of the two shifts they have: one at 18.00
                                                                      and one at 20.00. It’s always crowded, so make sure to
     Lung Fung                                                        reserve on time!
     Maybe not for a romantic diner, but if you taste roasted          
     chicken (lo’s foroe) you don’t want anything else.                          Rabbijn Maarsenplein 21
                                                        T 070 3921230
               Prinsegracht 2
               T 070 360 63 57 of 06-54765011                         Oni
                                                                      Loungy Japanese ‘must go’ in a tight outfit with bam-
     Schlemmer                                                        boo and changing lights. Fancy yourself in London, NY
     Students and teachers of the KABK often meet here.               or Tokyo with absolutely delicious sushi and sashimi.
     It’s a bar and restaurant. It has a nice atmosphere and           
     the food is reasonably priced. Nothing really special,                      Prinsestraat 35
     but very nearby the KABK.                                                   T 070 364 52 40
               Lange Houtstraat 17                                    Raar
               T 070 360 90 00                                        Raar means strange. Well, nothing strange about it. It’s
                                                                      a hip spot in Scheveningen. Not cheap, but if you have
     De Pakschuit                                                     something to celebrate, this is the right place.
     Cosy cafe where you can eat delicious tapas. If the               
     weather is nice, you can eat on the terrace boat outside.                   Dr. Lelykade 33-37
               Dunne Bierkade 21                                                 Scheveningen
               Den Haag                                                          T 070 338 95 88
               T 070 427 47 13
66           Sports programmes                                      67 euros) or open hangers that you can use for free. There
     The Haagse Hogeschool Sport Office                                are individual changing cubicles and changing rooms for
     The Haagse Hogeschool Sport Office (Bureau Hoge-                  groups, and open showers only.
     schoolsport) welcomes international students for                
     their sports programme. In their own sports facilities                    T 070 353 72 72
     as well in sports facilities in and outside of The Hague,                 E
     they offer a varied and extensive programme of sports
     activities. Besides the weekly programme you can also             Swimming pool addresses
     participate in a lot of courses and events throughout                     Sport- en recreatiecentrum De Blinkerd
     the year. To participate in this varied sports programme                  Seinpoststraat 150
     you have to purchase a sports and/or a fitness card. You                  2586 HC Den Haag
     can apply at the HHS Sports Office, ground floor, room                    T 070 352 12 22
     0.72 in the Central Hall of the Haagse Hogeschool,                        tram 1 and 9, or bus 14 and 23
     Johanna Westerdijkplein 75 in The Hague.
                                                                               Sport- en recreatiecentrum De Houtzagerij
     You can reach the Sports Office 24 hours a day by                         Hobbemastraat 93
     phone 070 445 78 70; fax: 070 445 88 39                                   2526 JG Den Haag
     You can also send an e-mail to:                    T 070 389 04 04
     Together with a subscription form you have to bring:                      tram 2 and 6, RR (tram that travels
     A recent passport photo and a student card or certifi-                    between cities) 3 and 4 or bus 25
     cate of enrolment
                                                                               Sport- en recreatiecentrum Overbosch
     English sports programme brochure:                         Vlaskamp 3
     xmsp/xms_itm_p.download_file?p_itm_id=17786                               2592 AA Den Haag
                                                           T 070 347 46 92
             Address: Johanna Westerdijkplein 75                               tram 6 and bus 24
             (located nearby the railway station ‘Holland Spoor’)
                                                                               Zwembad De Waterthor
              Swimming pools                                                   Thorbeckelaan 350
     It is very common among students to go swimming.                          2564 BZ Den Haag
     There are five swimming pools in The Hague. They                          T 070 323 51 41
     all are state pools so their price list is identical. One                 RR 3, bus 14 and 23
     admission ticket costs 2.95 euros. You can also pur-
     chase a pass of 12 tickets for 29.50 euros or a pass of                   Zwembad Zuiderpark
     25 tickets for 59.00 euros. This pass allows you to go                    Mr. P. Droogleever Fortuynweg 59
     to any of the pools. When applying for a pass you are                     2533 SP Den Haag
     asked to pay an extra 5 euros for the safety deposit,                     T 070 367 94 63
     which you get back when returning the pass. If you have                   tram 9, 16 and bus 23
     a valid Ooievaarspas you get a 50% discount! In every
     swimming pool they have different size lockers (0.50
68—68                                            69           Shops
                                                      In every city there’s a shopping night when shops are
                                                      open longer. In Dutch it is called ‘koopavond’.
                                                      In The Hague it is on Thursdays, when shops are open
                                                      until 21.00.

                                                      Note that at the checkout prices are rounded to 5 cent.
                                                      Except for the Post Office, the Dutch don’t use 1- cent
                                                      and 2- cent coins.

                                                      It is worthwhile to visit the open market in Transvaal in
                                                      The Hague to find a great variety of fruits, vegetables,
                                                      exotic ingredients and other stuff. It’s open on Mon-
                                                      days, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 09.00
                                                      to 16.00.

                                                      Cheap supermarkets are Aldi and Lidl of which several
                                                      branch-shops can be found in the city. Other super-
                                                      markets are Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Digros, C1000 etc.
         A student’s treasure: the OV card.           The most popular is the blue one, Albert Heijn. Ask in
         Shown here at 95% of the actual size.        their kiosk for a bonus card, which will entitle you to a
         More info at page 25                         discount sometimes.

                                                      Whenever you get bored of a broodje pindakaas or
                                                      filet americain, you could try your luck in these bio and
                                                      international food shops

                                                      Biological food
                                                               Grote Marktstraat 115

                                                               Biological food open market
                                                               Hofplaats (next to Binnenhof)
                                                               Wednesdays as from 11 am till 6 pm

                                                      British Food
                                                               Thomas Green

                                                               Frederik Hendriklaan 71
    70   Polish Food                                    71   Megastore
                   Kamilsky                                  Van der Kunstraat 123
                   Zoutmanstraat 26B
         Russian Food                                        (a gigantic do-it-yourself shop -
                   Supermarket Moskou                        they really have everything there)
                   Piet Heinstraat 66                        Check the nearest one in
                                                             your neighborhood on:
         Italian specialties                       
                   Piet Heinstraat 20                        Den Haag Hoornwijck

                                                             Laan van ‘s Gravenmade 81
         Oriental food shops                                 T 070 399 37 47
                   Wah Nam Hong Supermarket
                   Gedempte Burgwal 8                        Gamma
                                                             (tools, building materials,
                   Oriental supermarket                      paint, gardening stuff)
                   Grote Marktstraat 113           
                                                             Van der Kunstraat 130
                Shops for your artistic                      T 070 388 66 22
         Professional shops(RU58) are                        Fixet
         open only on weekdays during                        (tools, parts and materials
         working hours, do-it-yourself                       to fix broken things)
         shops (Praxis, Gamma, Karwei,             

         Hornbach) are mostly open                           Ln v. Nieuw Oost Indië 78-84
         throughout the whole week until                     T 070 385 05 12
         pretty late at night, but more
         specific shops can have “shifted                    Karwei
         weekends” (Sunday & Monday                          (tools, building materials)
         closed). Check the websites to            
         be sure.                                            Binckhorstlaan 176
                                                             T 070 385 35 08
                   (tools, building materials, paint)        Uitenhagestraat 87
                                      2571 PV Den Haag-Haagse Markt
                   Verheeskade 287                           T 070 345 17 02
                   T 070 381 80 81
72                                                        73 You can also buy books at second-hand bookshops.
           RU 58                                             You’ll notice these shops because of the book piles out-
           (plastic materials)                               side them. Check there for a cheap Dutch dictionary.
   / (webshop)      Also the bookshop ‘De Slegte’ sells second-hand books.
           Zichtenburglaan 15                                De Slegte is somewhere in the middle of the main shop-
           T 070 364 99 24                                   ping street: Vlamingstraat.
           Radio Twenthe                                     The American Bookstore is also a great shop. Books
           (electronics shop)                                there are quite expensive but the good thing is that you
                                can also order books you can’t find anywhere else. As
           Stille Veerkade 11                                a student (showing your student card) you get a 10%
           T 070 346 92 00                                   discount. There, on the 1rst floor you’ll find books at a
                                                             discount which for you as a student are being sold at a
           Stuut & Bruin                                     double discount.
           (electronics shop)
           Prinsegracht 34                                   Cheap clothing shops are Zeeman, Wibra, Hema, H&M.
           T 070 360 49 93                                   Furniture / Accessories
                                                             You might need to buy some things for your house.
           Artifac                                           Check Wibra, Zeeman, Xenos, Hema or Ikea (Delft)
           (for painting and drawing)                        for basic things like towels, bed sheets, candles, plates
                                     etc. If there is no furniture in your house you might find
           Noordwal 17,                                      something useful in second hand shops.
           T 070 346 18 00                                   Some addresses:
           V&D basement                                             Kringloop Holland
           Spui 3                                                   Piet Heinstraat 69
           T 0900-2358363                                           Weimarstraat 364
                                                                    Prins Willemstraat 14
           (art and creation)                                       Kringloop de Spullenwinkel
                                             Weimarstraat 81-83
           Dagelijkse Groenmarkt 33
           T 070 392 22 44                                          Kringloop Den Haag
                                                                    Melkwegstraat 8
     There is a bookshop around the corner of the KABK,             Cash converters
     Van Stockum, where they have a nice selection of               Loosduinsekade 156
     (photo)graphic books.
74          Bikes                                                 75
     Buying a bike is a great idea because it is a very com-
     mon form of transport. There are a few bike shops
     around, and keep your eyes open in second-hand

                                                                       Chapter 13
     shops. Buying a stolen one from a junky is illegal, you
     might get into trouble if you take this risk, and it’s not
     necessary because a bike doesn’t have to cost more
     than 20 euros. But an important rule is: cheap bike
     and expensive lock - then your transport will last long.
     And don’t forget to buy bike lights. No need to go to a
     bike shop for that, since you can also find them at the
                                                                         LAST BUT
                                                                        NOT LEAST is a good website to check out when
     buying anything. It is in Dutch but most of the time stuff
     on sale also has an additional photo.
76          Forbidden fruits of The Hague, do’s and don’t’s         77   Recycling
     Even though The Netherlands is known as a country                   — You can recycle some plastic and glass bottles
     where people enjoy lots of freedom by having Coffee                   in supermarkets and get back your deposit
     Shops and legalising gay marriage, there are still few situ-        — There are paper and glass recycling contain-
     ations where you can get a fine:                                      ers in many places in the city
            — Not having a ticket in the train / tram / bus /            — If you want to get rid of a good piece of furni-
              metro or having a wrong ticket                               ture, call this number : 070-3351155, and they
            — Drinking beer at any station, in the parks and on            will pick it up from your house for free.
              the boulevard of the beach in Scheveningen                 — If you have big trash, call this number:
            — Not picking up the poo of your dog                           070-3660808. They will set a date when you
            — Putting out your garbage bag on street on the                can put it on the street and they’ll instruct you
              wrong day and before 22:00 (even if it is the                about how to wrap it correctly.
              garbage day). They can dig into the garbage
              bags and find any paper with your name on it...            Checklist of things you have to arrange:
              Check ‘de huisvuilkalender’ (rubbish calendar).            — Get a Dutch mobile phone number
            — Not having bike lights in front (white) and on               (Wagenstraat)
              the back (red) when biking in the dark                     — Get a letter of registration from the KABK
            — Biking through the streets ‘for pedestrians only’.         — Get a house with a contract and the possibility
              Police here might be walking, biking or riding a             of registering yourself at that address
              horse (and not picking up the poo...)                      — Get a bank account
            — Note that recently a non-smoking law has been              — Register yourself in the Gemeentelijke Basis
              accepted in all bars and even in coffee shops.               Administratie (GBA) and apply for an
              Warning                                                    — Fix your residence permit at the
     The closer you get to the crowded places of the city the              Immigration Office
     bigger the chance that a person with a note book will               — Get a small job and apply for the
     come towards you and speak fast and smile - they want                 study financing
     you to donate some money to a good cause and will ask               — Get a bike and bike lights
     for your bank account but not tell you that the amount              — Arrange the NS discount card (if you have to
     of money you have agreed to pay will be deducted from                 travel often by train)
     your bank account every month. Well, that’s all up to you,          — Get a health insurance
     but it is also possible only when you have got a Dutch              — Enjoy the sunny days outside
     bank account.                                                         (they are nice but quite rare)
                                                                         — And don’t forget to party!
             Drugs policy                                                  Everybody needs friends!
     In the Netherlands we have a ‘gedoogbeleid´, which means
     you can use soft drugs, but under controlled circum-
     stances. You can buy soft drugs in coffee shops if you are
     at least 18 yrs old. These shops are allowed to sell a maxi-
     mum of five grams of hash or marihuana to a person.
    78                                                  79       Typefaces                Colors                  Paper
                                                             Adobe Caslon Pro,         Pantone 725 U,       IJsselprint 90 gsm
                                                             Belwe, Neutra Text        Pantone 374 U


                                                                                  Royal Academy of Art

                                                                               Concept and text
                                                                      Nanda Milbreta — ArtScience student
                                                                  Annerieke Simeone — head of public relations

          Five grams of Holland’s Glory                          Marleen Groen — head of international relations
          Read more about our drugs policy on page 76
                                                                                    Graphic design
                                                                              Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen
                                                                            and Mattijs de Wit at Studio KABK

                                                                               Printed and sponsored by
                                                                             Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam

                                                                                        Thanks to
                                                                             Joan An Beaudoin for letting us
                                                                               make a scan of her OV card,
         Good luck settling down!                                             Flickr user PikieMeatsu for his

                                                                         five grams of Holland’s Glorie and also
           you can do it within                                         Flickr user drumtoo for his police bikes.

              a few weeks!                                               If you have tips on how to improve
                                                                              How to survive the Hague,
                                                                               please send an email to:

                                                                                       More info

                                                                                       KABK, 2009
    Typefaces                Colors                  Paper
Adobe Caslon Pro,         Pantone 725 U,       IJsselprint 90 gsm
Belwe, Neutra Text        Pantone 374 U


                     Royal Academy of Art

                  Concept and text
         Nanda Milbreta — ArtScience student
     Annerieke Simeone — head of public relations

  Find a detailed
    Marleen Groen — head of international relations

                       Graphic design
 map of the center
                 Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen
               and Mattijs de Wit at Studio KABK

  of The Hague at Printed and sponsored by
                Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam

                           Thanks to
                Joan An Beaudoin for letting us
                  make a scan of her OV card,
                 Flickr user PikieMeatsu for his
            five grams of Holland’s Glorie and also
           Flickr user drumtoo for his police bikes.

            If you have tips on how to improve
                 How to survive the Hague,
                  please send an email to:

                          More info

                          KABK, 2009

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