Computer Applications in Project Management

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					Computer Applications in
  Project Management

    Mamoun Besaiso

       March 28, 2005

          Mamoun Besaiso

    M S Construction Management, USA

        350 million $ project, USA

                Mamoun Besaiso
• Arizona State University , USA
   – Instructor
   – Researcher
   – Trainer
• Hunt Construction Group, USA
   – Stadium Project ($ 350 million Project)
   – Railway Headquarter ($75 million)
• Development Alternatives, Inc., USA
   – Construction Sector Manager, Gaza

                        Mamoun Besaiso
Cardinals Stadium Project

          Mamoun Besaiso
Mamoun Besaiso
• Project Management Institute (PMI)
  – Scheduling Standard

                   Mamoun Besaiso

•   Management Levels
•   Microsoft Products
•   Primavera Products
•   Meridian Systems
•   Estimating & Bidding
•   Web-based Project Management

                Mamoun Besaiso
            Management Level

              Portfolio             Portfolio

                          Program               Program

                                    Project               Project


                           Mamoun Besaiso
Planning & Scheduling Software

  • Microsoft Project
  • Primavera Project Planner
  • Sure Trak
  • ABT Project Workbench
  • Project Scheduler 7
  • Power Project
  • Milestones
  • others

                        Mamoun Besaiso
           Microsoft Project


                Mamoun Besaiso
   PMI Survey – March 2000

         Microsoft Project is the
        most widely used
project management tool available today.

                Mamoun Besaiso
Mamoun Besaiso
Microsoft Office Enterprise
Project Management (EPM)

          Mamoun Besaiso
            Primavera Products

•   Engineering & Construction
•   Information Technology
•   Maintenance
•   New Product Development
•   Professional Services

                  Mamoun Besaiso
   Engineering & Construction

• Since 1983, Primavera Systems, Inc. has
  helped the engineering and construction
  industries deliver more than $4.5 trillion
  worth of projects to date. ENR has ranked
  Primavera as the most-used project
  management software in the industry.
  The reason for this is trust.

                   Mamoun Besaiso
Primavera Products
for Engineering & Construction

•   SureTrack
•   Primavera Project Planner
•   Primavera Engineering & Construction
•   Expedition
•   Primavera Contractor
•   Prime Contract

                  Mamoun Besaiso
Primavera Project Planner
 -P3 is the recognized standard for high-end, high-
 performance scheduling and resource control.
 •Multi-project, multi-user project and resource planning
 and scheduling

 - Manage multiple projects in a multi-user environment.-

 - Control large and complex projects efficiently.-

 - Connect to your corporation worldwide.

                      Mamoun Besaiso
Mamoun Besaiso
Control resources and costs—on a
           daily basis

             Mamoun Besaiso
          Project control and
• Communicate via e-mail.
• Multi-user capabilities.
• Integration with corporate systems.
• Analyze alternatives. (What-if Analysis)
• Over 150 predefined tabular and matrix
  reports and graphics
• Custom report writer included

                  Mamoun Besaiso

  Mamoun Besaiso
•   • Unlimited project groups, projects and target plans
•   • Up to 100,000 activities per project
•   • Multiproject resource and task relationship control
•   • Scheduling and resource leveling, manually or
    automatically, at the project group and/project level
•   • 20-level WBS
•   • 24 user-definable activity codes for selection and sorting
•   • 10 project codes
•   • Intelligent activity ID codes
•   • 16 user-definable custom data items
•   • Summarization of multiple project groups
•   •Store period performance
•   • What-if analysis
•   • Earned value analysis
•   • Merge multiple projects
                           Mamoun Besaiso
   SureTrak® Project Manager

• Resource planning and control for small-to-
  medium sized projects

                  Mamoun Besaiso
Primavera Engineering &
P3e/c™ for Construction

         Mamoun Besaiso
Primavera Engineering & Construction
      P3e/c™ for Construction

              Mamoun Besaiso

  Mamoun Besaiso

     Mamoun Besaiso
Mamoun Besaiso
Mamoun Besaiso

 Mamoun Besaiso
Cost Management

     Mamoun Besaiso

Mamoun Besaiso

   Mamoun Besaiso
          Primavera Expedition®
Complete multi-project controls and contract

                 Mamoun Besaiso
Mamoun Besaiso

    Mamoun Besaiso
Project collaboration and construction process

PrimeContract is a leading on-line project
collaboration application the reduces cycle-
times of any engineering and construction
business process from pre-project planning to
facility start-up.

                       Mamoun Besaiso
Mamoun Besaiso
• Focus on contractor
• Claim Digger

                 Mamoun Besaiso
IT projects

    Mamoun Besaiso
      IT Project Management

• IT Office Primavera

• IT operations
  Management (Evolve)

                        Mamoun Besaiso
           Meridian Systems

•   Proliance
•   Prolog Manager
•   Prolog Website
•   Prolog Pocket
•   Project Talk

                 Mamoun Besaiso
• Prolog® Manager provides complete project control by
  automating all aspects of the construction lifecycle—from
  project design to close out

                        Mamoun Besaiso
•   Executive Dashboard
•   Cost Control
•   Procurement
•   Document Management
•   Field Administration

                 Mamoun Besaiso
      Estimating & Bidding

• Timberline
• MC2
• Bid2Win

               Mamoun Besaiso
    Web-based Project Management

•   E-project
•   Hard dollar
•   E-Project
•   Citadon

                  Mamoun Besaiso
Thank you

   Mamoun Besaiso