Subject Access to NISN Applications by dsp14791


									Access to NISN Applications
As of June 11, 2008, the paper NISN Application Access Form, which has been the tool
for getting access to the NISN Applications, was replaced by the on-line NASA Account
Management System (NAMS).

NAMS is available at the web site . (IDMAX is the Identity
and Access Management web site.) The site provides adequate directions to get or
change access to NISN or other NASA applications.

Supervisors may submit accounts for new employees or for employees changing
responsibilities. Employees with NASA Domain account access may submit their own
account requests.

If there is still confusion as to how NAMS works, the NASA Satern system provides
detailed NAMS training. This is available at

If there are questions regarding access to NISN Applications, please call Scott Mosley at

Click here for a list and descriptions of the NISN Applications that access is requested
and approved through NAMS.

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