Project Management Information Improvement (PMI 2 ) PMI 2 by kch10832


									Project Management Information
      Improvement (PMI2)

      PMI2 Core Messages
        What is PMI2?

• PMI2 is the result of a study initiated by the IFM Program
  Office Executive team to develop an implementation
  approach and strategy for expanding Core Financial
• PMI2 is enhancing the Core Financial system to provide
  better project management information to be used in
• PMI2 is implementing the new FY06 NASA budget
  structure as well as a technical work breakdown structure
  (WBS) to support Earned Value Management (EVM)
• PMI2 is tasked with implementing a project management
  toolset to provide planning, scheduling, EVM analysis,
  and reporting capabilities
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• PMI2 will enable better decision-making and improve
  program management effectiveness by:
    Aligning the technical and financial work breakdown structures
    Implementing a single data management structure

• PMI2 will provide analysis and reporting tools to get the
  right information to the right people at the right level
  allowing them to make timely, informed decisions
• PMI2 will support EVM by implementing integrated tools
  for planning and scheduling, data analysis, EVM
  analysis, and management reporting

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        Who Benefits?

  PMI2 is intended to benefit the entire NASA Community.
  The following are some of the potential benefits that have
  been identified during the Blueprinting Phase:
• Agency
   Meets the following Agency Business Drivers:
      Provide timely, consistent and reliable information for management
      Improve NASA’s accountability and enable Full Cost Management
      Achieve efficiencies and operate effectively
      Exchange information with customers and stakeholders
      Attract and retain a world class workforce

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         Who Benefits?

• Office of Chief Financial Officer
    Improve NASA’s Budget Management process to increase financial
    Meet GAO audit considerations for operational effectiveness, cost
     management, and management reporting for project management

• Office of Chief Engineer
    Provide NASA projects the capability to be Earned Value Management
     (EVM) compliant
    Improve compliance with Agency’s policy 7120.5c

• Program and Project Managers
    Provide a consistent and standardized tool for project management
     reporting and EVM analysis
    Allow program and project managers to view detailed costs and
     obligations associated with a project

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