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									The Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities

In 2007, BOA BANK-TANZANIA continued to invest
in the communities in which we serve through our
charitable engagements.

The areas in which the bank participated in Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) were as follow:
                                                                                                BOA Bank’s Head of Commercial Banking
                                                                                                and Mr. Said Kambi and Mr. Emmanuel Ole
Corporate Social Responsibility                                                                 Naiko, BOA BANK - TANZANIA Board
                                                                                                Director, who were guests of honor, being
• The bank supported the education sector in Tanzania.                                          welcomed by the administration of the Mugabe
                                                                                                Secondary School during the event that marked
The bank donated USD 26,000 for classroom construction in the Dar es                            Bank’s donation of TZS 31 million for
Salaam region.                                                                                  the construction of the school’s administration
                                                                                                block. To the left of Mr. Ole Naiko the llala
• The bank used USD 22,000 for social services including Women                                  District Commissioner, Mr. Fabian Massawe,
Empowerment Programmes (WEP), Environmental Cleaning and water                                  and the school Head Mistress.
• The bank was involved in tree planting in Dar es Salaam Region for
the purpose of environmental protection. More than 10,000 trees were
planted in the outskirts of the Dar es Salaam city.
• The bank carried out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before
granting credit to its customers.

                                                                                                Mr. Said Kambi handing a dummy cheque
In 2007 the bank used USD 52,000 for Corporate Social Responsibility.
                                                                                                to Mr. Ole Naiko to be handed over to the

                                                                                                The Guest of honor, Mr. Ole Naiko laying
                                                                                                down the ‘foundation stone’ for the construction
                                                                                                of the school building.

The BOA Director Mr. Ole Naiko and Mr. Said Head of Commercial Banking                          Workers executing their tasks
registers in the school’s Visitors Register Book.                                               at the construction site.

                   B O A      B A N K      -   T A N Z A N I A           -   2 0 0 7   A N N U A L   R E P O R T                                   11

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