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									Open Source Project
Management Tools
    Nick Kwiatkowski
 Michigan State University
    Telecom Systems
           Why Use Tools?
• Often times, we as project managers need
  to run more than one project at a time
  – Often times, projects over-lap
  – Some projects may not run smoothly, or
    require lots of attention.
• (One of the) most difficult parts of project
  management is follow up on all the small
  issues that arise as the project is
  underway and finishes.
      What is Open Source?
• Open Source applications are applications
  that were released to the public, for free
  – Most popular Open Source Projects include
    Mozilla’s Firefox and the Linux Operating
• Often have commercial / pay-for support
  available for either T&M or support
      Why use Open Source?
• For some small companies, you might be
  one of the only PMs
  – You may not have all the resources available
    to you that are available at larger institutions
• The tools provided to you don’t do what
  you need them to do.
  – Or, they don’t have all the features you need
• You are on a limited budget.
Sample Project Management Tools
• SugarCRM
  – This is a CRM applications that has some
    very useful PM tools built right in
  – Also has Gnatt charting add-ons available
  – Multi-User, real-time, and excellent reporting
• Lighthouse PRO
  – Issue management application
  – Allows users to email in tickets and PM to
    track status of issues, with reporting.
               Sugar CRM
• Again, a FREE application, but has
  support available from the SugarCRM
• Available in 3 editions
  – Open Source – FREE Edition, includes most
    features but Microsoft Outlook Integtration
    and the self-service portal
  – Professional – Includes Outlook Integration
    and self-service portal
  – Enterprise – Includes support for Oracle
Sugar CRM
              Sugar CRM
• Sugar CRM is a multi-user application that
  is built as a Customer Relationship
• If you decide to use the application as a
  customer relationship manager, it will bring
  together your contacts, other users in your
  company, and sales figures
• Convert sales to projects and schedule
  tasks (that show up on your calendar)
                Sugar CRM
• Sugar also allows you to:
  – Schedule Meetings
  – Schedule Phone-Calls
  – Send e-mails
  – Track activities with a project
  – Track resource utilization / hours into project
  – See customer history (if used as a CRM)
  – Much more
Sugar CRM

              Sugar CRM
• SugarCRM loads onto a standard server
  (for multi-user) or onto a workstation
• Available for both Microsoft Windows and
• Requires no special plug-ins or application
  to be loaded on individual machines. Only
  a web-browser is required.
          Lighthouse PRO
• Lighthouse is an application that is
  designed to track issues that arise in
  performing a project
• Allows customers to email in their issues,
  and have them automatically created in LH
• Allows a PM to quickly view what issues
  need to be corrected and assign the tasks
• Quick and easy reporting.
          Lighthouse PRO
• Lighthouse is to be used in conjunction
  with another PM tool, such as Microsoft
• Very easy to setup and use. Again, the
  entire application and framework is free.
• Allows for automated reporting via RSS to
  upper management, or people working on
  the project.
Lighthouse PRO
          Lighthouse PRO
• Lighthouse Pro will also email out changes
  to projects to their respective owners
• It will also track projects for historical
Lighthouse PRO

           Lighthouse PRO
• Lighthouse Pro requires either Adobe’s
  Coldfusion Server or New Atlanta’s Blue
  Dragon server.
  – BlueDragon comes in a free version
• It can be loaded on a desktop or server
• E-Mail integration requires access to a
  mail server.
             Other Projects
• There are thousands of Open Source
  applications out there
  – Ask your IT Staff to help you find the correct
    tools for the job you are trying to perform
• Open Source is not for every project,
  – Sometimes you need to integrate with another
    business partner, or you are required to have
    standards based tools.
  – Sometimes your tools are dictated by others.
• SugarCRM –
  – Direct Download -
  – Add-ons -
• Lighthouse PRO -
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