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									GCSE English and

English Literature
• There are two papers for English, imaginatively
  titled Paper 1 and Paper 2.

  – Examination: 60%
  – Written Coursework: 20%
  – Speaking and Listening Coursework: 20%

   There are five pieces of written coursework: THESE
                         YEAR 10.
        English Examination
• Paper 1:
  – A: Reading Media and Non-Fiction.
  – B: Writing to argue, persuade or advise.
• Paper 2:
  – A: Poetry from Different Cultures (Anthology)
  – B: Writing to inform, explain, or describe.
         English Literature
• 30% coursework; 70% exam
• Section A: Set Text.
  – Of Mice and Men
  – Lord of the Flies (Mr Leadbitter)
  – To Kill a Mocking Bird (Mr Fennemore/Ms
• Section B: Set Poets
  – Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and pre-
    1914 poems (Anthology).
         How can you help?
• Take an interest! Look at the poems in the
  anthology, read the set text and talk about
  them with your son or daughter.
• Reading at home: newspapers;
  magazines; journals; adverts.
• Revision guides: CGP, Lonsdale. Make
  sure they are for AQA Specification A.
  These will also available to buy from the
• Two qualifications – GCSE Science and GSCE
  Additional Science

• GCSE Science course taught in Year 10
  comprises of 6 multiple choice tests, 3 pieces of
  coursework and a practical mark.

• GCSE Additional Science – comprises of 3 MC
  tests, 3 written texts, 3 pieces of coursework and
  a practical mark.
•   Triple science – three qualifications.
•   GCSE Biology
•   GCSE Chemistry
•   GSCE Physics

• All courses consist of 2 pieces of
  coursework, 3 multiple choice tests, 2
  written tests and a practical mark.
This year
Nov exams
• resits for GCSE science only.
• Triple science students have 3 MC tests
  and 3 written exams for Unit 2 modules.

• Revision guides available from library £3
March exams
• Additional science students – P2 and C2
  multiple choice and written exams – 40%
  of grade.

• Triple science students – retakes only
  where appropriate
June Exams
• Additional Science students – P2/C2
  retakes where appropriate and B2 multiple
  choice and written exams.

• Triple students – Unit 3 exams (3 of them)
  – 30% each!!!
How can you help
• Give cash to buy revision guides (on sale
  in library).
• Ensure they revise – written exams will
  drop grades - they will find them hard.
• The dept will give out revision materials in
  the run up to exams – make sure they use
       How the dept will help

• Will warn parents through post of the
  exam dates and times
• Will provide revision materials
• This year will put on revision classes after
  school in lead up to exams.
GCSE Mathematics
• 2 written exam papers

• Paper 1 non calculator

• Paper 2 calculator
It is essential that students have
• Pen, pencil, ruler, compass and protractor
   for both papers
• A familiar calculator for paper 2 only
        How can you help

• Revision guides from the library £3.00
• Practice papers from maths office £2.50
  for 6 papers with mark scheme
• Practice using compass
• Ensure the student knows how to use the
  functions on their calculator
      How will the dept help
• Question level analysis after tomorrow’s
  papers and the mocks.
• Revision classes after school from
  January onwards.
• Supervised use of computer room to
  access Sam learning and BBC Bitesize

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