Status of Stormwater Construction Permit Applications by dsp14791


									                                                                            Status of Stormwater Construction Permit Applications
                                                                       received by the Water Quality Control Division prior to 5/25/2009


    Applications are listed below by the date received in our office. If your application was received after the date range indicated above, it will be processed in the next week’s batch and the status reflected in the
       next update of this list. (“PENDING” in the effective date column would indicate an application received after the cutoff time of 5pm Monday. These will be in the next week’s batch.)

    Applications submitted as part of the Notice of Reassignment of Permit Coverage and General Permit Application form are also included.

    This list will be updated every Friday, unless postponed due to closures and official state holidays.

    No faxed or emailed copies of applications are accepted.

    All incomplete applications and/or applications without original signatures are not processed. If the “Permit Certification Effective Date” column indicates “Application Incomplete - Not issued ” then your
     application has been reviewed and found to be missing information and/or original signatures. Typically, you are contacted as soon as the permit is deemed incomplete. Usually, a phone call or an Email
     notification will be sent (if Email is available) regarding the missing information. Please follow the instructions in the notification – sometimes the entire application must be resubmitted, other times, an email
     of missing information and maps, etc., is sufficient.

    A date in the “Permit Certification Effective Date” column indicates the date that the permit certification was issued and became effective. Permit certifications are typically mailed out 2 to 3 business days after
     the “Permit Certification Effective Date.” Permit certifications will be issued and mailed to the company/entity name and address indicated in item 1 of the application, and sent to the attention of the signatory
     indicated in item 9.

    Calling the Water Quality Control Division will not speed up the permitting process. Due to the large volume of requests and limited resources, the Division will be referring all questions related to the status of
     stormwater construction permits to the list below.

    For all other questions, please call the Stormwater Help Line at (303) 692-3517 or email us at

PERMIT            PERMITTEE                                              FACILITY                                              ADDRESS                                               CITY              COUNTY        REC'D          EFFECTIVE
COR03G304         Cola, LLC                                              Pioneer at Lorson Ranch                               Fontaine Blvd & Marksheffel Rd                        Colorado          El Paso          4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G305         Weekley Management Group LLC                           Stapleton Fil 18                                      35 Ave & Willow St                                    Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G306         Weekley Management Group LLC                           Stapleton Fil 9                                       29 Pl & Trenton St                                    Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G307         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Dora Moore K-8 School Learning Landscape Project      846 Corona St                                         Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G308         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Harrington Elem School Learning Landscape Project     2401 E 37 Ave                                         Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G309         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Ford Elem School Learning Landscape Project           14500 Maxwell Pl                                      Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010

COR03G310         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Marrama Elem School Learning Landscape Project        19100 E 40 Ave                                        Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G311         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              McGlone Elem School Learning Landscape Project        4500 Crown Blvd                                       Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G312         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Montclair Elem School Learning Landscape Project      1511 Newport St                                       Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G313         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Ashley Elem School Learning Landscape Project         1914 Syracuse St                                      Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G314         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Force Elem School Learning Landscape Project          1550 S Wolff St                                       Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G315         Colorado Designscapes Inc                              Steck Elem School Learning Landscape Project          425 Ash St                                            Denver            Denver           4/27/2010    5/4/2010

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COR03G316   Colorado Designscapes Inc                           Teller Elem School Learning Landscape Project       1150 Garfield St                         Denver           Denver        4/27/2010    5/4/2010

COR03G317   Boyd Ponds LLC                                      Boyd Ponds                                          Quaker St & 63 Pl                        Arvada           Jefferson     4/28/2010   5/4/2010
COR03G318   K B Homes Colorado Inc                              Village - Outlook                                   122 Ave & Idalia St                      Commerce City    Adams         4/28/2010   5/4/2010
COR03G319   Arapaho Utilities & Infrastructure inc              B 1/2 Rd Waterline Replacement                      B 1/2 Rd & 32 Rd                         uninc            Mesa          4/28/2010   5/4/2010
COR03G320   Premier Paving Inc                                  68 Ave & Utica St Reconstruction                    68 Ave & Utica St                        Westminster      Adams         4/28/2010   5/4/2010
COR03G321   Park Creek Metropolitan District                    Stapleton Redevelopment Fil 34                      36 Ave & Park Blvd                       Denver           Denver        4/28/2010   5/4/2010
COR03G322   Conquest Oil Co                                     Highpoint 23-19 #2 Well                             County Hwy 6 & County Rd D               uninc            Kit Carson    4/28/2010   5/4/2010
COR03G323   Hudson, Town of                                     Hudson St Improvements                              Intersatate 76 ^ State Highway 52        Hudson           Weld          4/29/2010   5/4/2010
COR03G324   Oakwood Homes LLC                                   Banning Lewis Ranch Fil 8                           Vista Del Pico Blvd & Cypress Wood Dr    Colorado         El Paso       4/29/2010 incomplete
COR03G325   Shisler Inc                                         Northern Ave Streetscape                            3800 W Northern Ave                      Pueblo           Pueblo        4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G326   C O P T Interquest LLC                              Interquest Filing 18 Lot 1 Offsite Improvements     10807 New Allegiance Dr                  Colorado         El Paso       4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G327   L V I Environmental Services Inc                    Colorado Justice Center & History Museum            1300 N Broadway                          Denver           Denver        4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G328   Nunn Construction Inc                               Western State College Taylor Hall                   600 N Adams St                           Gunnison         Gunnison      4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G329   Jefferson County                                    Quincy Ave & Kipling St Intersection Improvements   Quincy Ave & Kipling St                  Uninc            Jefferson     4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G330   Ames Construction Inc                               Milton E Proby Pwky                                 Drennan Rd & Academy Blvd                Colorado         El Paso       4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G331   Public Service Co of Colorado                       Leyden Plainview Transmission Upgrades              64 Ave & Virgil Way                      Arvada           Jefferson     4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G332   Public Service Co of Colorado                       Cabin Creek Landslide Stabilization Project         State Highway 381 & Guanella Pass Rd     Georgetown,      Clear Creek   4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G333   Public Services Co of Colorado                      Asbury Grand Junction IMP Project                   25 Rd & State Highway 6                  Grand Junction   Mesa          4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G334   R N Industries Inc                                  Rangley Disposal Facility                           1600 County Rd 124                       Rangely          Rio Blanco    4/30/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G335   Premier Homes Inc                                   Cuchares Ranch                                      Drennan Rd & Horizonview Dr              Colorado         El Paso        5/3/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G336   Colorado Dept of Transportation                     Kansas State Line West STA 0362-029                 US Hwy 36 MP 215 to MP 224.71            uninc            Yuma           5/3/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G337   Rio Grande Silver Inc                               San Juan Silver Exploration Project                 Windy Gulch & Willow Creek Map in file   uninc            Mineral        5/3/2010    5/4/2010

COR03G338   Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust                 Wal-Mart #1058-07 Supercenter Pavement Rehab        16750 S Townsend Ave                     Montrose         Montrose       5/3/2010    5/4/2010
COR03G339   Oldcastle SW Group Inc dba B & B Excavating         Buck Creek Infrastructure Lot 1A & Lot 1B           Buck Creek Rd & Nottingham Rd            Avon             Eagle          5/3/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G340   Systems Built Construction LLC                      Williams Residence                                  185 Clear Creek Loop                     Durango          La Plata       5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G341   K B Home Colorado Inc                               Stapleton Fil 33, Blk 1, Lots 1-8 & Tract A         Montview Blvd & Spruce St                Denver           Denver         5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G342   Goodland Construction Inc                           Arapahoe Crossing Center                            Arapahoe Rd & Parker Rd                  Aurora           Arapahoe       5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G343   R K R Inc                                           Blue River Road Bridge                              Blue River Rd & State Highway 9          Blue River       Summit         5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G344   SaBell's Enterprises LLLP                           Mesa State College South & East Campus Mall         1100 North Ave                           Grand Junction   Mesa           5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G345   Shaw Construction                                   Parker Arts, Cultural & Events Center               20000 Pike Peaks Ave                     Parker           Douglas        5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G346   Elite Homes Inc                                     Giedd Residence Ashwood Subdivision                 14601 Zuni St                            Broomfield       Broomfield     5/4/2010   5/11/2010

COR03G347   Western Slope Utilities                             George Subdivision Lot 2 Water Main Replacement     Red Mountain Rd & Salvation Cir          Aspen            Pitkin         5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G348   Goodland Construction                               Beach Ct Elem Learning Landscape                    4950 Beach Ct                            Denver           Denver         5/4/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G349   Goodland Construction                               Barnum Elementary Learning Landscape                85 Hooker St                             Denver           Denver         5/4/2010   5/11/2010

COR03G350   Haselden Construction                               Frederick High School #8                            5695 Tipple Parkway                      Frederick        Weld           5/5/2010   5/11/2010

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COR03G351   Taylor Morrison Colorado                                Wildgrass Subdivision                                   Pkwy & Eagle River Loop                  Broomfield      Broomfield      5/6/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G352   A P Mountain States LLC                                 Northeastern Jr College New Residence Hall              100 College Ave                          Sterling        Logan           5/6/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G353   Colorado Dept of Transportation                         US 50B & Bonforte Intersection Improvement              US 50B MP 316.3 to MP 316.7              Pueblo          Pueblo          5/7/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G354   J E Dunn Construction Co                                Ave Maria Roman Catholic Church & School                9056 E Parker Rd                         Parker          Douglas         5/7/2010   5/11/2010

COR03G355   Antero Resources Piceance Corp                          Piceance Basin Castle Springs Leasehold                 County Rd 311 & County Rd 335            uninc           Garfield        5/7/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G356   Columbine Hills Concrete Inc                            Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area                        18454 Colorado Hwy 9                     Frisco          Summit         5/10/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G357   Colorado Dept of Transportation                         Interstate 25 Rubbilization NB & SB County Rd 32 - IM   Interstate 25 Mp 243.5 to MP 249         uninc           Weld           5/10/2010   5/11/2010
COR03G358   L & M Enterprises Inc                                   Carson Pond Improvements                                Carson St & Blackhawk Cir                Aurora          Arapahoe       5/11/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G359   R E Monks Construction Co                               Marksheffel Rd                                          Marksheffel Rd & Constitution Ave        Colorado        El Paso        5/11/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G360   Anxon Inc                                               Walgreen's Mission Viejo                                15320 E Hampden Ave                      Aurora          Arapahoe       5/10/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G361   Holmquist Lorenz Construction Co                        New Creation Church of Craig                            520 Westridge Rd                         Craig           Moffat         5/11/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G362   PowderMonarch LLC                                       Garfield Lift Equipment Replacement                     23715 US Highway 50                      uninc           Chaffee        5/11/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G363   Golden Triangle Construction of Southern Colorado Inc   Fowler High School Track & Field Renovation             610 W Grant                              Fowler          Otero          5/11/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G364   U S Roads                                               Cottonwood Creek Trail Site                             Union Blvd & Cottonwood Creek Trail      Colorado        El Paso        5/12/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G365   Smoky Hill LLC                                          Walgreens Store 13148                                   16950 E Smoky Hill Rd                    Aurora          Arapahoe       5/12/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G366   Colorado Springs Utilities                              Constitution Ave Electrical Distribution Installation   Constitution Ave & Marksheffel Rd        Colorado        El Paso        5/12/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G367   Panattoni Construction Inc                              Lincoln Institute of Technology                         11195 E 45 ave                           Denver          Denver         5/12/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G368   Entasis Group                                           Air Care Dacono                                         5222 Silver Peak Ave                     Dacono          Weld           5/12/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G369   Hensel Phelps Construction Co                           Fort Collins Discovery Museum                           408 Mason Ct                             Fort Collins    Larimer        5/12/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G370   Saunders Construction                                   Littleton Police Expansion                              2255 W Barry Ave                         Littleton       Arapahoe       5/12/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G371   L & M Enterprises Inc                                   W Harvard Gulch Channel Improvements                    Zuni St & Water Ave                      Denver          Denver         5/13/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G372   F C I Constructors Inc                                  Adams State College Aux Housing Phase 2                 Stadium Dr & El Rio Dr                   Alamosa         Alamosa        5/13/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G373   D S P Builders Inc                                      Colorado Singh Sabha Temple                             20555 E 120 Ave                          Commerce City   Adams          5/14/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G374   Colorado Dept of Transportation                         Fairplay Pedestrian Bridge ES12854-120                  State Hwy 9 & US Hwy 285                 Fairplay        Park           5/14/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G375   Superior Metal Products                                 Bee Mor Industrial Park Lot 2A                          8230 Cora St                             Louviers        Douglas        5/14/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G376   Public Service Co of Colo                               Deer Creek Inlet                                        10100 W Ute Ave                          Littleton       Jefferson      5/14/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G377   Bill Most Construction Inc                              Cavanaugh Hills Lot 17 Block 3                          38177 E 147 Pl                           uninc           Adams          5/14/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G378   R & O Construction                                      Maverick 417                                            3249 F Road - Peach Tree Center          Clifton         Mesa           5/14/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G379   Lafarge North America                                   College Ave & Harmony Rd Intersection Improvements      College Ave & Harmony Rd                 Fort Collins    Larimer        5/14/2010   5/18/2010
                                                                    STU M455-077
COR03G380   Coulson Excavating Co Inc                               Mountain Ave Phase III Project                          Mountain Ave & 6 St                      Berthoud        Larimer        5/17/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G381   Academy Sports Turf Inc                                 Weld RE4 Stadium Field Replacement                      1100 Main St                             Windsor         Weld           5/17/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G382   G E Johnson Construction Co                             5 Star Bank Interquest                                  Interquest & New Allegiance Dr           Colorado        El Paso        5/17/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G383   Morley Companies                                        Forest Meadows Filing 1-1 Block 2                       Smokewood Dr & Red Cardinal Loop (NWC)   Colorado        El Paso        5/13/2010   5/18/2010
COR03G384   B N K Timberline Construction Inc                       JAX Mercantile Addition                                 1200 N College Ave                       Fort Collins    Larimer         5/18/2010 5/25/2010
COR03G385   M J K Sales & Feed Inc                                  M J K Sales & Feed Inc                                  1 St & Doyan Ave                         Craig           Moffat       update rec'd pending

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COR03G386   J E Dunn Construction                                  UMB Bank the Valley                               502 Security Blvd                          Security         El Paso      5/18/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G387   N L D Holdings VI LLC                                  Walgreens at Briargate Crossing                   Royal Pine & Briargate (NEC)               Colorado         El Paso      5/18/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G388   Urban Famer Inc                                        CSU Lagoon Detention Phase II                     University Ave & Meridian Ave (NEC)        Fort Collins     Larimer      5/18/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G389   Arcadia Holdings at Ridgegate LLC                      Ridgegate Section 15 Filing 11, 1 Amend Block 1   Ridgegate Pkwy & Bellwether Lane           Lone Tree        Douglas      5/19/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G390   Drahota Commercial LLC                                 West Vail Fire Station                            2399 N Frontage Rd W                       Vail             Eagle        5/19/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G391   Asphalt Specialties Co Inc                             88 Ave & Dahlia St Realignment                    88 Ave & Dahlia St                         Commerce City    Adams        5/19/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G392   G E Johnson Construction Co                            Denver Public School Stapleton 3 E-8              3480 N Syracuse St                         Denver           Denver       5/19/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G393   Hansen Construction Inc                                Stone Residence at Double Bar X Ranch             855 Stage Rd                               Aspen            Pitkin       5/20/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G394   Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority                   Cottonwood Creek Channel Restoration              Lima St & Briarwood Ave                    uninc            Arapahoe     5/20/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G395   Site Resource Management Inc                           Buck Creek PUD Lots 2 & 5                         Nottingham Rd & Bruce Creek Rd (NEC)       Avon             Eagle        5/21/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G396   Grand Junction City of                                 29 Rd & I-70B Interchange                         29 Rd & I-70                               Grand Junction   Mesa         5/21/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G397   Public Service Co of Colorado                          Parker Pipeline ILI                               Main St & S Parker Rd                      Parker           Arapahoe &   5/21/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G398   E Z Excavating Inc                                     Peak to Peak Charter School                       800 Merlin Dr                              Lafayette        Boulder      5/21/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G399   Adolfson & Peterson Construction Mountain States       Columbine Elementary School                       3130 Repplier St                           Boulder          Boulder      5/21/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G400   Adolfson & Peterson Construction Mountain States       Bear Creek Elementary School                      2500 Table Mesa Dr                         Boulder          Boulder      5/21/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G401   Garney Construction Inc                                Foothills WTP Chlorine Contact Basin              6730 N Rampart Range Rd                    Littleton        Douglas      5/24/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G402   G L H Construction Inc                                 Eastman Park Dr & 3 St Roundabout Improvements    Eastmen Park Dr & 3 St                     Windsor          Weld         5/24/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G403   Golden Triangle Construction of Southern Co Inc        Walsenburg Grocery Store                          801 Walsen Ave                             Walsenburg       Huerfano     5/24/2010   5/25/2010
COR03G404   Concrete Express Inc                                   Yale-Wabash Bridge Project                        Yale Ave & Wabash St                       Denver           Arapahoe     5/24/2010 5/25/2010
COR03G405   Neils Lunceford Inc                                    HSS Topsoil Pile                                  Ridgeway & Cherry                          uninc            Grand        5/24/2010 5/25/2010
COR03G406   Hyder Construction Inc                                 Wells Fargo @ Gardens of Havana                   1300 S Havana                              Aurora           Arapahoe     5/24/2010 5/25/2010
COR03G407   Phipps McCarthy                                        TCH East Tower roject                             13123 E 16 Ave                             Aurora           Arapahoe     5/24/2010 5/25/2010
COR03G408   American Demolition                                    CDOT Mtce Facility Demolition                     4900 S Santa Fe Dr                         Littleton        Arapahoe     5/20/2010 5/25/2010
COR03G409   Colorado Dept of Transportation                        US 491 & County Rd M Intersection Improvements    US 491 mm 29.2 to 30.2                     Cortez           Montezuma    5/25/2010 pending
COR03G410   Colorado Natural Gas Inc                               Teller County Interconnect 2010                   County Rd 1 & Barnard Creek                uninc            Teller       5/25/2010 incomplete
COR03G411   Winslow Construction Co                                Ridgegate Pkwy & Peoria St Extensions             Ridgegate Pkwy & Peoria St                 Lone Tree        Douglas      5/25/2010 pending

COR03G412   Richmond American Homes of Colorado Inc                High Point at DIA Subdivision Fil 1               64 Ave & Dunkirk Rd                        Aurora           Adams        5/25/2010 pending
COR03G413   Greenback Produced Water Recovery LLC                  Greenback Produced Water Recovery                 County Hwy 319 & County Hwy 322 (nearby)   Rifle            Garfield     5/25/2010 pending
none        Castle Rock Construction                               15 St Reconstruction                              15 St & Boulder                            Denver           Denver       5/24/2010 incomplete
none        Falcon District 49                                     Black Forest Rd                                   Black Forest Rd & Worlf Ridge Rd           Colorado         El Paso       4/1/2010 incomplete

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