Riverview Psychiatric Center Action Plan by iqm86975


									Riverview Psychiatric
     Action Plan
    To Enhance Safety,
Efficiency and Satisfaction
       Employee Concerns
 Survey  by Dr. Daskivich and Ms.
  Fisher of April 2006.
 Staff satisfaction survey completed
  by Union June 2006.
            of Dr. Joe Bevilacqua of
 Consultation
 November 2006.
         Common Themes
 Staffing levels      Consequences for
 Staff Safety          Clients
 Staff Recognition    Client

 Training
  Enhancements         Supervision

 Communication

 Lack of care to
  Traumatized Staff
             Staffing Levels
            and Supervision
 Assess staffing numbers compared to
  other psychiatric hospitals.
 Defined new staffing plan to equalize staff
  distribution and make-up across 7 days a
  week and across shift (based on planned
  and assessed acuity).
 Reorganize to primary discipline line
 Re-engineer committee structure to
  reduce meetings.
 Increase number of staff trained as a
            Staff Safety
  Implement Forensic Administrative
  Segregation Policy.
 Increase Security Officer Presence.

 Implement Changes in the Physical
 Enhance Staff Training Opportunities.
          Staff Recognition
o   Weekly Updates
o   Luncheons with Superintendent
o   Quality Champions
o   Milieu Managers
o   Employee Relations Committee
     Training Enhancements
     - Implemented as a result of staff feedback -

 Forensic Training Program
 Continuous Updating of Behavioral
  Response Training
 Leadership Training – Principled
  Centered Decision Making.
 Therapeutic Language

 Boundary Training.

 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training.
   Increase Town Hall Meetings.
   Small Work Group Meetings.
   “Red Alert” Process.
   Implement Discipline Meetings on
   Milieu Managers Meetings.
   Ensure Unit Based Performance Data
    is Available to All Staff.
          Caring for Staff
 Injury Review Process Implemented
 New Staff Assault Debriefing Process

 New Staff Wellness Coordinator
        Client Consequences

         Client responsibility
 Boundaries Training with Staff
 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training

 Treatment mall Training on Rights
  and Responsibilities for Clients
 Orientation to Rights and
  Responsibilities at Admission.
 Utilization of Milieu Managers to
  Facilitate Coaching.
 - Developed through a Process Improvement Team of Discipine chiefs and
                        Deputy Superintendents -

Re-organization being implemented to;
1. Align Direct Supervision with
2. Ensure all staff have minimum
   monthly supervision.
3. Development of staff development
4. Focus on mentoring and coaching.
              Joe Bevilacqua
           Recommendation One
1.   Review and audit Recovery Model implementation at
     Riverview, particularly seclusion and restraint procedures,
     and compare Riverview experiences with other states
     with similar initiatives. NASMHPD could suggest several
     model states with which consultation and site visits could
     be arranged.
    Riverview will send six staff to Pennsylvania State
     Hospital to review coercion reduction practices and
    Increase Self Study Training Guides for Staff.
                Joe Bevilacqua
             Recommendation Two
2.   Audit the Staff Development and Training Office to determine
     appropriate training staff for full time responsibility and develop a
     training and evaluation plan. Consultative assistance and training
     protocols are available from the National Technical Assistance Office of
     NASMHPD .
    Re assess NASMHPD raining protocols to ensure all protocols
    Riverview has filled an additional Staff development trainer to
     provide institute training.
    Conduct a staff survey on training needs by mid February 2007.
    Develop and distribute unit and discipline training plans considering
     staff survey information.
    Adding a position to be defined as a “Staff Wellness Coordinator”
     position which (along with other training duties) will provide individual
     and group training on, maintenance of therapeutic perspective,
     emotional fitness or duty, ect..
                     Joe Bevilacqua
                  Recommendation Three
3.       Review and analyze hospital committee structures with particular attention to direct care staff
         participation. This should include staffing levels, scheduling and duty requirements for all staff.
         One outcome should be the development of an Action Plan that has wide distribution throughout
         the hospital.
      Enhance participation in process management committees.
     –    Supervisor requirements to schedule participation (to ensure
              staff have ability to attend and participate).
     –        Chair reports of participation to Superintendent.
             Process Management Committees include:
                Behavioral Response Committee
                Employee Relations Committee
                Safety Committee
                Milieu Managers Meeting
                Efficiency Committee
                1/4ly advisory meeting of the Quality Champions group
                 to the Superintendent.
                           Joe Bevilacqua
                        Recommendation Four
   Examine the communications network at Riverview to
    determine its effectiveness in reaching all staff levels –
    clinical and administrative. Assure that direct care staff be
    engaged for this review on mechanisms of interactive
    communication with emphasis on vertical and horizontal
   Re-engineer communication model at Riverview. Realign
    committee schedules (reducing total number).
   Increase town hall meetings to 2 x month, (once per month at
    unit/department site – focus on staff recommendations/suggestions).
   Establish executive leadership meetings on Wednesdays and
    department and program meetings on Thursdays.
   Establish professional multidiscipline meetings on each unit to
    define treatment and rehabilitation
    activities/protocols/repertoire and resolve issues at unit level.

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