Action Plan Presentation May 18, 2007 Intel ISEF - PowerPoint by iqm86975


									Action Plan Presentation
       May 18, 2007
 Intel ISEF Educator Academy

      Name           School, District,                    Role
                   Government Position
                Ministry of Education.             National coordination of
Maria Isabel    National coordinator of academic   regions in strategic plans
Fernandes       Competences.                       to improve the national

                Intel Colombia                     Managing Education
Juan Manuel                                        Programs
                Parque Explora. Medellín           Coordination of Design &
Andrés Felipe                                      Production of Museology
Roldán                                             Parque Explora

      Educational Environment

• There is no any kind of local, regional or national science fair. The
  starting point is zero.
• The science center project is developed according to the national
  standards of scientific competences.
• The city Medellín is the second largest district in the country
• Local political compromise is dedicated to education educational

          Educational Environment

•   Parque Explora has the participation of the local government and the
    biggest enterprises of the private sector compromised with education.
•   Actually there is a national education transformation with the
    development of policies on scientific competences

 1.   To establish a national guidance in the development on national
      science fairs by the National government
 2.   Establish a science fair coordination for starting a local science
      and national science fair processes.
 3.   Establish a local compromise with actual Medellin government to
      develop the first science fair in Medellín with the support of Intel
 4.   Form a local management to start process with government,
      schools, private supporting and definition of standards
      procedures, judges, etc. for a first call of Science Fair
 5.   Involve first science fair to Intel requirements of participation.
 6.   Guarantee sustenability on time in processes official and private
 7.   Establish local comitment of participation of schools and
 8.   To become Parque Explora as a natural science center that
      meets national and local schools, teacher and student activities
      for improving their education


1.   Establish a local coordination committee and program plan
2.   Start a training program for teachers in the development of science
     fair projects
3.   Recruit sponsorship and a participation of science related companies
     or enterprises with social responsibility
4.   Establish up the first school level science fairs modelbased on Intel
     ISEF standards.
5.   Bring first science fair winners to Intel ISEF in 2008

    Action Plan – steps to meet your
          goals and objectives
             Action                      Measure success?               Who’s            By
                                                                     Responsible?       when?
Start management coordination       Starting the first science     Intel, Parque        Sept.
comittee for developing science     convocatory this year          Explora, Medellin    2007
fairs program                                                      Government

Establish a National guidance       National communicate of the    Education
to schools on country               guidance                       Ministery

Improve the academic quality of     Local and national             Local government,
the science                         participation in the science   Parque Explora,
and technology projects.            fair process                   Education ministry

Have a local assessment of          Local assessment seminar       Intel, Parque        July.
similar process in the region for   with former mangement          Explora              2007
having a successful starting        comittee and ministry of
point (Costa Rica, Brazil,          education
Argentina, Uruguay cases)

    Action Plan – steps to meet your
          goals and objectives
             Action                     Measure success?            Who’s           By
                                                                 Responsible?      when?
Establish local compromises         Local Government           Parque Explora,     June
with government and private         compromise with specific   Medellin            2007
potential sponsorships              tasks                      Government

Establish courses to increase       Workshops with good        Local government,   October
the capability of the teachers in   participants               Parque Explora      2007
developing experimental
methods through the academic

     Team Reflection on Intel ISEF Educator
•     Comprehension on local, regional and national process
    –    Complete vision of how to establish a route of science fair development
    –    Understanding on International standards on Science fairs
•     Shop Talks that were the most beneficial for our team:
    –    Introducing Standards Based Engineering into the middle school.-Peggy
    –    Design and Discovery. Sheila Porter, Audrey Byrne
    –    Students as Scientists – Mary Helen Bialas, Nathalie Valencia Chacón
    –    How to Start and manage and Intel ISEF Affiliated Fair
    –    5 steps to Better science fairs experiences. Sandy Yellemberg Heidi Strahm
•     Types of Shop Talks were missing:
    −    More time for interacting with students in the science Fair

       Thanks for the experiences, the new friends everywhere, the huge learning as
         teacher, administrator, student and person, the great new ideas for improve in
                                      our particular contest


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