National Action Plan on Gender Equality for 2008-2010 by iqm86975


									National Action Plan
on Gender Equality
   for 2008-2010

         Adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers
                             on 03.09.2008
“History” of the national gender policy

   1st National Action Plan – 1996-2000

   2nd National Action Plan - 2001-2006

   Establishment of the National Council on
    Gender Policy - 2000
             Current NAP - features
   Goal: prevention of gender discrimination and creating
    supportive environment for maximum self actualization of
    men and women in all spheres of life.

   Implementation: by the national governmental organs,
    regional executive committees, Minsk City Executive
    Committee, other organisations.

   Funding; within the funds allocated from the state budget
    for the respective state organs and organizations; from the
    local budgets; from the extrabudgetary funds. The level of
    funding will be specified on annual basis.
Current NAP – main thematic areas
   Gender equality on labor market, improvement
    of economic opportunities for women;
   Gender education
   Reproductive health
   Prevention of violence
   Gender equality and mass media
   National mechanism of ensuring gender equality
   Information support to promotion of gender

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