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                   Industrial Metals Ltd.
                   4821 - 78 Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4P 1N5                                                          Fax: (403) 343-1311

                                                         CREDIT APPLICATION

Legal Business Name: ________________________________________________________                                 Business Phone: ___________________
    1.   Owner Name: ___________________________________                         3.     Owner Name: ______________________________________
    2.   Owner Name: ___________________________________                         4.     Owner Name: ______________________________________
Accounts Payable Contact: ______________________________________                             Phone: ___________________ Fax: ________________
Accounts Payable Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Purchasing Contact: ________________________________ Phone: ______________________ Fax: _________________________
Invoice Address: ______________________________________________________________________ Postal Code: ____________
Shipping Address: _____________________________________________________________________Postal Code: ____________
Invoices/Statements/Quotations delivered by:         E-Mail:                     Fax:
Company Legal Structure:               Sole Proprietorship _____                 Partnership _____            Corporation _____
Year Business Started: ________        Premises: Owned _____ Leased (yrs) _______                 Rented ______         P.O. Required?
Amount of Credit Requested: $ _____________                Invoice Turn-Around time: ________ days                Bank ____________________
Branch: _____________________________ Account Manager: _________________________                                   Phone: ____________________
Type of Business
Welding/Machine/Fabrication                Portable Welding              General Contractor             Farming         Other? ____________________

           ****** Trade References (Previous or Current Steel Suppliers Preferred) ******
Company Name                                     City/Town                                   Fax Numbers Preferred                Phone Number
1. __________________________                    ______________________                      _____________________                ____________________

2. __________________________                    ______________________                      _____________________                ____________________

3. __________________________                    ______________________                      _____________________                ____________________

                                                                             U           U

TERMS and CONDITIONS: I/We authorize Alberta Industrial Metals Ltd. to obtain credit information from the references which we have provided herein. In
consideration for credit being extended, I/we acknowledge and agree to the following: 1) “I/We being principal(s) of the corporate customer acknowledge
that I/we am/are co-customer(s)/co-purchaser(s) and will be personally responsible jointly and severally with the corporate customer for any and all debts
I/we will jointly and severally indemnify you, and see you paid for your account with respect to any order now or hereafter made by the corporate
customer.” I/We further agree to pay your account within your terms of payment net 30 days following purchase. 2) A late charge of 1 ½%, or 18% per
annum will be charged to all past due invoices. 3) Any charges still outstanding after 90 days from invoice date are subject to collection and all collection
and arbitration expenses, attorneys’ fees, and court cost will be borne by the purchaser. 4) This agreement shall apply to all current and future charges
unless revocation is received in writing. 5) Credit privileges may be withdrawn at any time without invalidating the terms of this agreement.
PRIVACY POLICY AND CONSENT: I acknowledge that Alberta Industrial Metals Ltd. may have collected personal information from me, as defined by the
Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act or other provincial legislation. I consent to the use of this information for the purpose of obtaining or
providing credit or payment history information when required or requested.
    1.   Customer Signature:           *** PLEASE SIGN, PRINT AND DATE IN BOTH AREAS ***

Signature ________________________               Printed Name: ______________________________                           Date: ______________
    2.   Signature of: Director/Shareholder/Partner or Authorized Person

Signature: ________________________              Printed Name: _______________________________                          Date: _______________

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