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									Afghanistan EITI Work Plan.

 Estimated Time      Key Steps                        Specific actions               Responsible       Status/Comments           Budget

 March 2009          Endorsement of EITI.             Cabinet sends an official      Government of     EITI was endorsed by      Funding is not required.
                                                      letter to EITI International   Afghanistan.      Cabinet in March 2009.
                     Appointment of “EITI             Secretariat with a clear                         Minister of Finance was
                                                      statement of its intention                       designated to lead EITI
                                                      to implement EITI.                               implementation process
                                                                                                       in Afghanistan.

 Early November-     Informal multi-stakeholder       Key participants are           Ministry of       (Temporary) National      Funding is not required.
 2009                working group is established     identified and invited to      Finance.          coordinator has been
                     to discuss early steps of EITI   take part in the informal                        appointed. The informal
                     implementation. The              meetings.                                        working group has been
                     working group consists of the                                                     established.
                     representatives of GoA,
                     extractive companies, and
                     Civil Society Organizations

                     (Temporary) EITI National
                     Coordinator is appointed to
                     coordinate activity of the
                     working group.

 By end of           EITI work plan is endorsed,      EITI work plan is discussed    Ministry of
 November 2009       submitted to the EITI            and agreed by the informal     Finance.
                     secretariat and published.       EITI working group.
                                                                                     EITI Working
                                                      Endorsed work plan is          Group/ National

                                                        published.                      Coordinator.

Afghanistan becomes an EITI candidate country. Afghanistan becomes an EITI candidate country after meeting the required criteria, as assessed by the EITI
Secretariat. The criteria includes a public endorsement of the EITI, nomination of the political champion and endorsement of an action plan by a multi-
stakeholder working group.

December 2009 –      Funding is obtained               Funding from the WB              Ministry of                                Funding is needed to
February 2010                                          administered Multi-Donor         Finance/Tempor                             hire the National
                     Key members of EITI               Trust Fund can be accessed       ary National                               Coordinator and
                     secretariat staff will be hired   after Afghanistan becomes a      Coordinator                                Procurement of Office
                     and required equipment            candidate country.                                                          Equipment [Rough cost
                     procured for Secretariat.                                                                                     estimate is less than US
                                                       Funds from the WB SDNRP                                                     $ 700,000 for salaries
                                                       project are available upon
                                                                                                                                   for national and
                                                       the update of the project’s                                                 international staff +
                                                       procurement plan. MoF will                                                  less than US $ 130,000
                                                       develop a procurement plan                                                  for operational running
                                                       to apply for the funds, Grant                                               costs for three years].
                                                       Agreement will be prepared.

                                                       Additional funding to fill any
                                                       funding gap will be sought
                                                       from Harakat to ensure EITI
                                                       implementation process is
                                                       smooth and continuous.

                                                       Permanent National
                                                       Coordinator with supportive
                                                       staff is hired for the
                                                       positions. Work will also
                                                       start on considering the
                                                       staffing and organisation of

                                               EITI Secretariat.

By March 2010   EITI Launch Workshop is        All stakeholder groups,         Ministry of        The first phase of the         Funding will be
                held to kick off EITI          donors, media, and              Finance.           process is very important      required for holding
                implementation process.        interested parties are                             and the GoA should make        EITI Launch Workshop
                                               invited. GoA reports on EITI    EITI Working       sure that National             (Rough cost estimate
                Baseline study on Extractive   and the next steps.             Group/ National    Coordinator is engaged         for EITI
                Industry is launched.                                          Coordinator.       properly.                      communication is
                                               National Coordinator will                                                         about US $ 50,000 for
                                               present the Action Plan to                                                        three years)
                                               the EITI International
                                               Secretariat and Capacity                                                          Funding will be
                                               building activity is held for                                                     required for the
                                               the National Coordinator                                                          baseline study and
                                                                                                                                 consequent impact
                                               Baseline study is launched to                                                     studies in following
                                               study the current state of                                                        years (rough cost
                                               the extractive industry                                                           estimate is around
                                               sector, including issues and                                                      us$100,000 for three
                                               problems, to inform the EITI
                                               process and wider sector

By April 2010   Formal EITI Multi-             Key participants are            Ministry of        Ensure the key members         Funding is needed to
                stakeholder steering           identified and appointed        Finance.           of civil society groups, and   organise meetings and
                committee (MSSC) is            following the informal                             EI companies are the           materials. Some initial
                established. The committee     stakeholder working group       EITI Champion.     members of the                 funding will be needed
                consists of the members of     process. The detail TOR for     IMC (which is      committee.                     from the WB project
                Inter-Ministerial Mining       MSSC is prepared and shared     fully authorized                                  or additional donor
                Committee (MoFA, MoCI,                                                            Capacity constraints: Lack     resources before the
                                                                               by mining law to
              MoEC, MoM and MoF); key        with all partners.                take decisions   of capacity of the             MDTF resources are
              private sector companies;                                        about mining     stakeholders and               available. [Rough cost
              and civil society              An IMC endorsement of the         issues).         Government is going to be      estimate for meetings
              representatives. There         steering committee TOR is                          a constraint to implement      and materials is US $
              should be maximum 15           issued (or any regulation                          the EITI effectively. With     49,000]
              members.                       need to be drafted) to make                        this regard appropriate
                                             committee effective.                               capacity building activities
              The task of the steering                                                          will be held to spread
              committee is to oversee and    First MSSC meeting is held to
                                             discuss and agree on the                           information on the EITI
              lead on the EITI design and                                                       initiative, the roles of
              implementation, and ensure     next steps, and the meetings
                                             schedule.                                          different stakeholder
              consensus between all key                                                         groups and advise how to
              stakeholders.                                                                     address the extractive
                                                                                                industry issues according
                                                                                                to best international
                                                                                                standards, adapted to

By May 2010   National EITI Secretariat is   TOR for all supportive staff is   Ministry of      The cost of the secretariat    Cost of the
              fully established.             prepared and people are           Finance          will be funded from the        establishing and
                                             hired.                                             Multi-donor Trust Fund,        functioning of EITI
              The secretariat could be                                         EITI Champion    WB project, and other          secretariat, including
              established within the MoF     Office space secured and                           donor funds.                   the cost of national
              to ensure close coordination   prepared; software,               National
                                                                               Coordinator                                     coordinator and
              on revenue related issues.     hardware, and other                                Capacity constraints: Due      international
                                             required facility is obtained.                     to the expected limited        consultant, for the
                                                                                                capacity of the national       period of three years
                                                                                                secretariat, international     [See above.]
                                                                                                consultant will need to be
                                                                                                hired for the period of up

                                                                                             to one year to support
                                                                                             implementation process
                                                                                             and assist with capacity
                                                                                             building activities.

From July 2010   Establish a sound EITI    Regular MSSC meetings are      MSSC               Capacity constraints:         The operations of the
                 implementation process.   held to discuss and agree on                      Efforts is required to get    EITI secretariat will be
                 The data reconciliation   the scope and structure of     EITI Secretariat   all existing unregistered     funded as indicated
                 process is prepared.      EITI.                                             mining companies involved     above.
                                                                                             into EITI. A fully verified
                                           Working groups of 3-4
                                                                                             and updated cadastre
                                           people are established                            database needs to be in
                                           within the MSSC to discuss                        place.
                                           and work on specific issues.

                                           It is ensured all large and
                                           medium size companies get
                                           involved in EITI.

                                           It is ensured that the EITI
                                           requirement is in the
                                           resource contracts with

                                           EITI scope (type of
                                           companies’ payments,
                                           aggregation vs.
                                           disaggregation issues) is
                                           discussed and agreed by the
                                           MSSC. EITI reporting
                                           template is developed and


                                                    It is ensured data to be
                                                    provided by the Government
                                                    and companies are based on
                                                    the audited accounts to
                                                    International standards.

A community         MSSC to decide and              EITI informative and            MSSC               Along with the                Funds required for EITI
outreach program    secretariat to organize         awareness-raising materials                        implementation process a      communication,
and awareness       capacity building and           are printed and distributed     EITI Secretariat   more detailed assessment      outreach and learning
campaign will b e   awareness raising activities.   among the major                                    of capacity constraints,      programs [rough cost
designed and                                        stakeholder groups. Some                           and ways of addressing        estimate US $ 60,000
implemented         More precise decisions          information and EITI                               them will need to be          for three years]
throughout the      regarding the type and          newsletters are published in                       explored. Appropriate
process.            number of learning              the local newspapers.                              responses are likely to
                    workshops and awareness                                                            focus on practical training
                    raising events will be made     Two annual EITI conferences                        and awareness workshops.
                    during the implementation       are held in Kabul to mark
                    phase that depends on           EITI implementation
                    particular needs of each        progress.
                    stakeholder group.
                                                    A series of capacity building
                                                    seminars and workshops are
                                                    held in Kabul and main
                                                    mining regions.

                                                    Two learning trips for at
                                                    least four people to Oslo
                                                    and/or other EITI
                                                    implementing countries.

                                             EITI website is developed
                                             and hosted.

April 2011   First EITI report is prepared   ToR for the reconciliation       MSSC               Rough cost estimate:
             and disseminated.               assignment is prepared. A                           US $50,000 for one
                                             suitable audit firm is           EITI Secretariat   year’s audit.
                                             procured via open/
                                             competitive bid process.

                                             Data on companies’
                                             payments and government’s        GoA /
                                             revenues are independently       Companies /
                                             submitted to the audit           Audit company

                                             Payments and revenues are
                                             reconciled; discrepancies if
                                             identified are explained.
                                             Recommendations on
                                             improvements are made to         Audit company
                                             the steering committee.

                                             All issues raised by MSSC are
                                                                              Audit company
                                             duly addressed, and final EITI
                                             report is prepared.

                                             EITI report is published and
                                             disseminated in publicly
                                             accessible, comprehensive,       MSSC
                                             and comprehensible ways.
                                                                              EITI Secretariat

 2012                 External validation is         Ensuring EITI                    MSSC               Afghanistan will have two    Cost estimate: US$
                      undertaken.                    implementation process is in                        years to undertake the       75,000 for one year
                                                     full compliance with EITI        EITI Secretariat   validation since acquiring
                                                     International requirements                          EITI Candidate Country
                                                     and is fully prepared for the                       Status.

                                                     ToR for the validation
                                                     assignment is prepared,
                                                     procurement undertaken,
                                                     and accredited validator is

                                                     Validation process is
                                                     undertaken to evaluate
                                                     results of the EITI process in

                                                     Validation report is
                                                     produced and reviewed by
                                                     the GoA, MSSC, and
                                                     International EITI Board.

 One more year donor’s Assistance will be required after Afghanistan become EITI compliant.

The EITI Work plan was approved in the Second informal stakeholder meeting held on November 17, 2009 at Ministry of Finance by the following stakeholder

List of Participants of Second Informal Meeting

S/N          Name                            Organizations                               Email                     Telephone

Civil Society Organization

     1 Javed Noorani               Integrity Watch Afghanistan           0093-779-497-620

     2 Ahmad Seyan Lali            CSHRN

     3 Abdul Samad Ghaznavi        Consultant Good Governance                0093-799-163-999

Private Sector

     4 Mr. Liu Zhenguo             MJAM Exective Vice President                                            0093-793155937

     5 Ms. Zahng Qi                MJAM Deputy Director of Administration           0093-799045195

     6 Mr. Hedayatullah Aziz       MJAM Consultant

     7 Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, COO   Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and                                     0093-799462388

     8 Mr. Fakhruddin              West Land General Trading Company     0093-799320905

Government Representative

     9 Mr. Hassan Soroosh          Ministry of Foreign Affairs              0093-788630273

    10 Mozammol Shinwari           Ministry of Commerce and Industries          0093-700774501

    11 Mr. Saifullah Abid          Ministry of Finance                        0093-799176106

    12 Ms. Tia Raappana            Ministry of Finance                0093-796149139


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