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         “Lean on Me”
2003 FPRA Professional Development Workshop

           Roy W. Reid, Jr., APR
         Vice President / Principal
        Consensus Communications

• Define and understand the concepts of
• Provide analysis and anecdotes of
  networking ideas
• Develop a strategic approach to networking
• Provide your career with a sharpened tool

             The Concept
• Like many other ideas, networking is
  defined differently by each person –
  however it comes with the same objectives
  in mind
• This is one person’s opinion built on
  career/life experiences
• My first internship experience at AT&T

            What is Networking
• Perceptions and misperceptions
   – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”
      • Half truth
   – Six degrees of separation
      • Be Kevin Bacon
   – Networking is the act of meeting people and giving
     them your business card (attending events, etc.)
      • Missing the mark
   – It is an option if I have time
      • If you want to do half the job
   – It is an ongoing and integral part of each day
      • On target                                CONSENSUS
      Let’s Define Networking
• Your definitions…
• Networking is the strategic effort to build and
  cultivate relationships that provide you with a
  system to advance issues and meet specific needs
      •   Meaningful relationships that matter
      •   Managed with care and focus
      •   Always with a long term vision…not the “quick score”
      •   The two-way proposition

  Relevance to Public Relations
• Public Relations is the management
  function of communication, which builds
  relationships and influences behavior
• Strategic networking is at the core of the
  definition of our industry/profession
• Networking should be an underlying
  principle of your personal development
     • It is an essential value proposition you will bring to
       an employer, a client,or a friend
         The Value Proposition
•   To your career
•   To your employer / clients
•   To the community
•   To your family / friends
•   Other

                       Your Career
• Building a solid foundation for your career
• Finding and cultivating mentor relationships
• Networking from top to bottom
      •   Associates
      •   Employers
      •   Employees
      •   Prospects
      •   Referrals
• Never brush off an engagement as unimportant
• Keep track of people as you move on/up
• Anecdotes in my career…at every turn CONSENSUS
          Your Employer / Clients
• Create opportunities for those who hire you as a
  bridge builder and honest broker
      •   Community Relations
      •   Media Relations
      •   Marketing and Business Development
      •   Crisis Communications
• People are the avenue for solving problems and
  achieving business objectives
• You are the point of contact for the marketplace
• Understand the value of your network to them and
  find the best options to apply to their situations
• The “fire me” principle                    CONSENSUS
            Your Community
• Community involvement is a tremendous two-way
  street of building and utilizing your network
• Serving to help others and develop connections
• Finding solutions that help through the network –
  connecting people and thereby adding value to
  your relationships
• Community service
• Political activity

        Your Family / Friends
• The network is a valuable tool in all types
  of personal situations
• Be available to share your contacts
• Do not underestimate the contribution that
  family and friends make to your network

        The Strategic Approach
• Develop a plan and work the plan
• Networking is a strategic effort just like any plan
  we submit to our employer / clients
      • Examples to follow
• You cannot “do or have it all”
      • Prioritize
      • Focus
• Listen more than you talk…
      • Examples and advice
• Give before you get…if at all possible
      The Strategic Approach
• Listen more than you talk…a timeless
  principle for building relationships
     • Steven Covey: Seven Habits of Highly Effective
       People –
        – “Seek first to understand, then be understood”
     • Andrew Sobel: Clients for Life
        – “Be an empathetic listener”
     • The Bible / James 1:19
        – “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger…”

        The Strategic Approach
– Target and develop plan to build key relationships
– Identify and prioritize key leaders/influencers within the “markets”
     • Business
     • Elected / Government
     • Other
–   Build/Revise and manage contact database
–   Use existing relationships to help find opportunities
–   Audit current involvement to evaluate impact
–   Prioritize opportunities within the framework of the business plan
–   Align future involvement with key leader relationships
–   Build presence within the key community organizations
     • Spheres of influence within your “business”
     • Targeted approach
– Internal communications:
     • Employees
     • Other                                            CONSENSUS
Model for Priority/Strategic
  Community Influence
               General Community
   Key Community Groups
  Next 100 people
“Top 25
Influencers”    Direction of Influence & Power

      Community Relations
                                     Spheres of Influence
Neighborhoods               Career    Colleagues

                 Referrals                           Faith &
      Major                   Business &
      Community               Associations
           Ongoing Management
• Continually evaluate what you are doing to build and
  facilitate your network
• Never go to an event or function without considering how
  it may contribute to your network (personal or business)
• Constantly seek opportunities to help others
• Keep your database updated and relevant
       • It moves with you
       • Engage others in keeping it up to date
• Create opportunities to build the network
• Plan each engagement with people
• Find a way to help others regularly..without a hook
  Empower Others Around You
• Encourage your colleagues to be strategic
• Get employees and friends involved

         My Challenge to You
• Find someone here today you do not know and
  introduce yourself
• Ask questions and listen
• Expand your knowledge of someone you already
• Take the information back and incorporate it into
  your database
• Never miss an opportunity to strengthen and build
  your network

Roy Reid, APR
Principal / Vice President, Consensus Communications
(407) 835-0020 X109 /

Roy is an accredited and award-winning public relations veteran with a successful background in the corporate,
government and consulting arenas. Throughout his career in public relations, Roy has gained a reputation as a
strong strategic planner and counselor. His experience also consists of successful service in education,
technology, government, retail, consumer, and other industries. Roy has an extensive and successful
background in solving challenging competitive, crisis, and public affairs issues. His clients include Fortune 500
companies, professional service firms, high tech companies and public agencies doing business throughout
Florida and the United States.
Roy joined Consensus after heading up corporate communications for Florida Hospital, the third busiest
hospital in the country and Florida’s largest not-for-profit system. Under his direction, positive news coverage
increased by over 100% each year, and the hospital benefited by a significant increase in media partnerships.
Roy’s work was instrumental in developing more effective community relations initiatives, improving consumer
perception scores, increasing market share and in developing the hospital’s general branding campaign.
Roy provided strategic leadership during many of the hospital’s most challenging crisis and public affairs
issues. He also authored many of the hospital’s communication plans for mergers and acquisitions, trained
media spokespeople, managed the internal communications initiatives and creative services.
Roy received a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Communications from the University of
Central Florida. After serving as the university’s Student Body President, Roy began his career through an
internship at AT&T. He then went to work at Carlman Booker Public Relations as an account executive serving a
wide variety of clients. He also worked as a public information officer for the Orange County Public School
system where he managed many of the public outreach programs and business partnership programs.