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									                                            LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                 Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources              Expected Outcomes & Action
 1. PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE:                  High      City of Durango              User fees                Establish rural recycling sites throughout the
    Expand City of Durango Recycling                  Fort Lewis College           USDA                      county.
    Center & Services                                  Environmental Center         DoLA                     Increase space and capacity of Durango
                                                      La Plata County              City & County             Recycling Center through expansion.
                                                      San Juan Basin
                                                       Recycling Assoc.
 2. Public Infrastructure:                  High      Town of Bayfield             Town                     Provide enough capacity to meet expected
    Construct Lift Station in Gem Village             Southern Ute Indian          Developers                future growth.
                                                       Tribe                        Federal                  Secure funding for construction of lift station.
 3. Public Infrastructure:                  Low       Pine River Irrigation        Water rights             Create rural water system to deliver water to
    Domestic Water System for East La                  District                     USDA funding              east La Plata County.
    Plata County                                      La Plata County              BBC Research &
                                                      City of Durango               Consulting
                                                      Town of Bayfield             Southern Ute Indian
                                                      Southern Ute Indian           Tribe
 4. Public Infrastructure:                  High      South Durango                User fees                Expand sewer service to Koshak Mesa and
    South Durango Sanitation District                  Sanitation District          USDA                      Animas Airpark so that development can
    Infrastructure Expansion                          San Juan Basin                                          occur.
                                                       Health                                                 Complete necessary water, road and
                                                      State of Colorado                                       infrastructure improvements to meet
                                                      Environmental                                           demands of usage and future growth
                                                       Protection Agency
                                                      Southern Ute Indian
                                                      Homeowners

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                                          LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project               Rank       Primary Partners          Available Resources              Expected Outcomes & Action
 5. Public Infrastructure:                Med       La Plata West Water        Water Conservation       Create rural water system supplying water
    Rural Water System for West Side of              Company                     Districts                 from Hesperus to the New Mexico state line.
    County                                          SW Water                   USDA                     Feasibility study completed.
                                                     Conservation District      Southern Ute Indian      Complete special district formation.
                                                    Animas/La Plata             Tribe
                                                     Water Conservation
                                                    San Juan RC & D
                                                    Southern Ute Indian
                                                    Ute Mountain Tribe
                                                    Durango West II
                                                     Metro Water District
 6. Public Infrastructure:                High      Town of Ignacio            DoLA                     Increase capacity and water delivery to top of
    Oil and Gas Lines in Ignacio                    Southern Ute Indian        Town                      Mesa.
                                                     Tribe                      Southern Ute Indian      Complete Phase II (main loop around Town)
                                                                                 Tribe                     and Phase III (gas distribution upgrades) of
                                                                                                           gas distribution system.
 7. Public Infrastructure:                High      La Plata County            USDA                     Establish Task Force to make
    Secure Site for La Plata County                 Town of Bayfield,          County                    recommendations on multi-use events center.
    Multi-Use Events Center                          Ignacio and City of        Potential                Explore and secure possible sites.
                                                     Durango                     sponsorships &
 8. Public Infrastructure:                High      Town of Bayfield           Town                     Explore potential sites in E. Bayfield and Gem
    Explore Potential Industrial Park               La Plata County            Bayfield Economic         Village.
    Locations for Bayfield                                                       Development Council      Expand industrial overlay in Gem Village.
 9. Transportation:                       High      La Plata County            Transit funding          Expand transit routes between Durango,
    Expand Public Transit Routes and                Region 9 EDD                sources                   Bayfield, Pagosa Springs, and Ignacio to New
    Frequency Between Communities                   Transit Providers          Southern Ute Indian       Mexico.
                                                    Municipalities              Tribe                    Implement recommendations of regional
                                                    Southern Ute Indian                                   transit study.

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                                           LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                Rank       Primary Partners           Available Resources                 Expected Outcomes & Action
 10. Transportation:                       Med       La Plata County             Existing transit            Focus on Park-n-ride locations.
     Implement Recommendations from                  Region 9                     providers                   Implement recommendations for connecting
     Regional Transit and La Plata                   City of Durango             Area governments             communities via transit route.
     County Land Use & Transit Studies               Town of Bayfield            Grants
                                                     Town of Ignacio
                                                     Southern Ute Indian
 11. Transportation:                       Med       SUCAP –                     Land available              Construct heated transit facility to store and
     Construction of Bus Barn in Ignacio              Roadrunner Transit          Transit funding              protect buses from elements.
                                                     Southern Ute Indian          sources
                                                      Tribe Ute                   State, local and
                                                     La Plata County              federal funding
                                                     CDOT                        Southern Ute Indian
                                                     Town of                      Tribe
                                                     Ignacio School Dist.
 12. Transportation:                       Med       La Plata County             Fed. Airport                Pave Taxiway A extension.
     Complete Improvements to Durango                City of Durango              Improvement Funding         Repair runway gradient to standards.
     / La Plata County Airport                       CDOT                        Colorado                    Reconstruct all terminal area roads.
                                                     FAA                          Discretionary Aviation      Reconstruct General Aviation Parking Apron.
                                                                                  Airport passenger
                                                                                   facility charge
 13. Transportation:                       High      Airport Commission          Private sector              Expanded regional air service.
     Maintain and Improve Air Service                Air Carriers                 incentives                  Provide better access to east bound
     between La Plata County and                     Local Businesses            Federal Air                  destinations.
     Connecting Hubs                                 LEAD                         Transportation grant        Increase capacity.
                                                     La Plata County             Local businesses
                                                     City of Durango             Local governments
                                                     Durango Area
                                                      Tourism Office
                                                     Southern Ute Indian

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                                      LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project           Rank       Primary Partners          Available Resources              Expected Outcomes & Action
 14. Transportation:                  Med       CDOT                       State, federal and       Complete improvements at US 550 and CR
     Complete Priority Intersection             SW Regional                 local funding             302.
     Projects                                    Transportation                                       Complete improvements at SH 172 at CR
                                                 Planning Commission                                   311/CR 513.
                                                                                                  
                                                 Southern Ute Indian                                   Improvements at US 550 at 9 Street.
                                                 Tribe                                                SH 172 at CR 517, at SH 151and CR 314.
                                                Municipalities                                       Construction of Hwy160 B intersections.
                                                La Plata County
 15. Transportation:                  High      La Plata County            Federal and State        Priorities listed in 2035 Regional
     Highways 160 and 550                       Municipalities              funds                     Transportation Plan.
     Improvements Plans                         CDOT
                                                Regional
                                                 Planning Commission
                                                Southern Ute Indian
 16. Transportation:                  Med       Southern Ute Indian        Town                     Complete Hwy 172 Plan.
     Complete Corridor Access & Hwy              Tribe                      Southern Ute Indian      Implement Corridor Access Plan for
     172 Plan Studies                           Town of Ignacio             Tribe                     downtown Ignacio.
                                                CDOT                       County
                                                La Plata County            DoLA
                                                                            CDOT
 17. Transportation:                  Med       Trails 2000                City of Durango          Develop a bike path from Durango to
     Development of Commuter Trails             City of Durango            Grants                    Grandview and eventually extend into
     between Durango and Bayfield               County                                                Bayfield.
                                                CDOT                                                  Extend existing bike path in Durango to
                                                Durango & Silverton                                   connect to Wildcat Canyon.
                                                 Railroad                                             Acquire right of way for bike path from
                                                Town of Bayfield                                      Bayfield to Homestead Trails.

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                                               LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                    Rank       Primary Partners          Available Resources                 Expected Outcomes & Action
 18. Telecommunications:                       High      Region 9 EDD               ARRA                        Development of redundant broadband
     Provide Rural Areas with High Speed                 Private                    Brainstorm Industries        telecommunications connections.
     Connections                                          Telecommunications         DoLA                        Fiber connection to airport and rural areas.
                                                          Companies                  USDA                        Actively pursue broadband access to the
                                                         State Multi-Use            Town of Bayfield, City       greater Bayfield area.
                                                          Network                     of Durango, La Plata        Beanpole II for regional broadband
                                                         Town of Bayfield            County                       expansion.
                                                         SW Colorado Council        Bayfield Schools
                                                          of Governments             Fire Departments
                                                                                     CDOT
 19. SERVICES: Arts & Culture                  Low       City of Durango            Donations                   Develop a city/county 1% for the Arts
     Art In Public Places                                Durango Arts Center        1% of all budgeted           program for all non road/bridge projects
                                                         Local Artists               capital projects (goal)      involving city/county dollars.
                                                         La Plata County            Southern Ute Indian         Include public art as a consistent line item in
                                                         Southern Ute Indian         Tribe                        City of Durango’s budget.
 20. Arts & Culture:                           Med       Durango Arts Center        Tax revenues                Promote Durango’s image and marketability
     Maintain and Enhance Cultural                       Fort Lewis College         Local businesses             as an arts and cultural center.
     Activities and Facilities in the County             School Districts           Private donations           Increase visitor days
     through Implementing and/or                         City of Durango            Fort Lewis College          Development of diverse cultural and artistic
     continuing Priority Programs                        Arts organizations                                       opportunities and experiences for community
                                                         Durango Area                                             and generate community support.
                                                          Tourism Office
                                                         Southern Ute Indian
                                                          Tribe – Museum and
                                                          Cultural Center
 21. Childcare:                                High      Bayfield Early             USDA                        Seek location for a permanent facility for the
     Permanent Facility for Bayfield Early                Education Center           CDBG                         Bayfield Early Learning Center.
     Education Program                                    Board                      Fundraising
                                                         Town of Bayfield
                                                         Bayfield School

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                                              LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                   Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources               Expected Outcomes & Action
 22. Childcare:                               High      La Plata County Dept         Colorado Division of      Increase quality in local early childhood
     Work to Expand the Quality and                      of Human Services             Child Care                 programs.
     Availability of Infant/Toddler Care in             4-C Council                  Colorado Dept of          Increase childcare slots for non-traditional
     the County                                         Licensed providers            Education                  work hours.
                                                         and centers                  Community Dev             Increase pool of qualified child care providers.
                                                        School Districts              Block Grants (CDBG)       Increased reimbursement for non-traditional
                                                        Tri-County Head Start        State and federal          child care and quality programs.
                                                        Pueblo Community              grants                    Create public/private partnership to fund
                                                         College                      Private Foundations        quality ECE programs in county.
                                                        Local businesses             USDA                      Strengthen regional workforce.
                                                        Town of Bayfield
                                                        City of Durango
 23. Education:                               Med       Pueblo Community             State funding             Seamless college system that complements
     Strengthen Southwest Colorado                       College                      Pueblo Comm.               four-year institutions and allows for students
     Community College                                  Fort Lewis College            College                    to progress between institutions.
                                                        SW Colorado                  Town of Bayfield          Includes quality and expanded technical and
                                                         Community College                                        vocational opportunities that result in local
                                                         Advisory Board                                           workforce preparation and advancement.
                                                        Area school districts                                   Have regional education provider.
                                                                                                                 Bayfield to pursue local campus
 24. Health & Human Services:                 Low       Southern Ute Indian          CDBG funds                Promote long term sobriety.
     Build New Alcohol Treatment                         Tribe                        Native American           Expand in and outpatient clientele.
     Center/Peaceful Spirit                             Southern Ute                  CDBG funds                Dependant on outcomes of Integrated Tribal
                                                         Community Action             Southern Ute Indian        Plan, and recommendations from Southern
                                                         Programs (SUCAP)              Tribe -- land donation     Ute Policy Academy.
                                                        Town of Ignacio                                         Proposal to put Boys & Girls Club in current

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                                          LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project               Rank       Primary Partners           Available Resources                Expected Outcomes & Action
 25. Health & Human Services:             Med.      Mercy Regional              Grants                     Provide medical outreach to rural areas of
     Mercy Hospital Telemedicine                     Medical Center              User charges                region via telephone and internet.
                                                    Local health providers      Fast Track fiber runs      Provide trainings for medical personnel via
                                                     and physicians               by new hospital site        the same methods.
                                                    Telecommunications /                                    Promote recruitment and retention of nurses,
                                                     Internet Service                                         physicians and midlevel providers.
                                                     Providers                                               Help practices (e.g., Pediatric partners)
                                                    Region 9 EDD                                             recruit new physicians to the area.
                                                    Pagosa Mountain
 26. Health & Human Services:             Med       Mercy Regional              Mercy Regional             Elevate medical center credibility by
     Establish Medical Research Program              Medical Center               Medical Center              establishing program where physicians can
     at Mercy Regional Medical Center               Fort Lewis College          Southern Ute Indian         get involved in research and publication of
                                                    Area higher education        Tribe                       projects.
                                                     providers                                               Increase retention and high quality reputation.
                                                    Southern Ute Indian                                     Provide opportunities for student internships,
                                                     Tribe                                                    undergraduate research, and faculty research
                                                                                                              through Fort Lewis College.
 27. Health & Human Services:             High      Mercy Regional              Student fees               Meet demands for nursing care by providing
     Develop a Bachelor of Science in                Medical Center              Grants                      local source of education.
     Nursing Program                                Fort Lewis College          College merger          
                                                    SW Colorado
                                                     Community College
 28. Health & Human Services:             High      Mercy Regional              Mercy Regional             Build a center on the Mercy campus that will
     Build a Healthcare                              Medical Center               Medical Center              offer education for the community and
     Telecommunications & Simulation                SW Colorado                 Grants & donations          medical personnel on a regional basis.
     Education Center                                Community College                                       Create a center for expert training using
                                                    Fort Lewis College                                       cutting edge technology.
 29. Health & Human Services:             Med       Town of Bayfield            Town                       Expand opportunities for medical providers in
     Provide Medical Clinic in Bayfield             La Plata County             Mercy Regional              Bayfield.
                                                    Mercy Regional               Medical Center             Provide primary care services to an
                                                     Medical Center                                           underserved community.

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                                          LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project               Rank       Primary Partners          Available Resources             Expected Outcomes & Action
 30. Health & Human Services:             Low       Mercy Regional             CDBG funding            Conduct feasibility study to build facility.
     Construct Hospice Care Facility &               Medical Center             Grants & donations      Provide short-term housing for families of
     Patient/ Family Residence                      Centura Health                                       Mercy Regional Medical Center patients
                                                    Mercy Home Health &
 31. Health & Human Services:             Med       San Juan Basin             Valley Wide             Create a dental care program for individuals
     Low Income Adult Dental Care                    Health                     State funding            over 18 who are uninsured or on Medicaid to
                                                    La Plata County                                      receive dental care.
                                                    Mercy Regional
                                                     Medical Center
                                                    Housing Solutions
 32. Health & Human Services:             High      La Plata County            County                  Fulfill requirements of Senate Bill 194 and
     Complete Public Health Needs                   San Juan Basin                                       conduct a public health needs assessment
     Assessment                                      Health Dept.
 33. Health & Human Services:             High      La Plata County            County                  Emergency Operations Plan completed.
     Continue Pandemic Planning &                   Mercy Regional             Medical community       Continue to proactively plan for pandemic
     Preparedness as well as Emergency               Medical Center                                       occurrences.
     Planning and Preparedness                      Area schools
                                                    Southern Ute Indian
                                                    Area medical
 34. Health & Human Services:             Med       La Plata County            Ameri Corps Program     Youth considered and participating in all
     Implementation of Children Youth &             City & Towns               Area governments         aspects of community.
     Family Master Plan                             Southern Ute Indian        Community
 35. Health & Human Services:             Med       Catholic Health            Mercy Regional          Transition to national medical database.
     Install Electronic Medical Records              Initiatives                Grants & donations      Conduct medical clinic audit of necessary
     System (EMR) at Mercy Regional                 Mercy Regional                                       equipment needs.
                                                     Medical Center                                      Create equipment needs list.
                                                    Medical staff                                       Install EMR.
                                                                                                         Train applicable staff.

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                                           LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources             Expected Outcomes & Action
 36. Health & Human Services:              NR        Catholic Health              Mercy Regional          Create partnership with Neurological clinics
     Network with Major Medical Facility              Initiatives                  Grants & donations       by robotic device technology.
     to Provide Neurological Services                Mercy Regional                                        Establish protocols to implement program and
                                                      Medical Center                                         better assist patients.

 37. Health & Human Services:              High      Health care providers        Community               Ensure current level of health care services
     Develop La Plata Health Care                    San Juan Basin                volunteers               are maintained in the county particularly for
     Strategic Plan to Meet Primary                   Health Dept.                 Medical community        Medicare and Medicaid.
     Health Care Needs for Underserved               Community                    Community               Create sustainable healthcare for County.
     Groups                                           organizations                 organizations           Support as appropriate recommendations
                                                     Health Services              Co. Health               from the Community Health Care Capacity
                                                      Committee/Citizens            Foundation               Project to be presented in the spring of 2010.
                                                      Health Advisory
 38. Land Use:                             High      City of Durango              City budget             Planning Commission and City Council
     City of Durango Comprehensive                   Citizens                                               adoption of a revised unified development
     Land Use Code Revision                          Interested groups                                      code by the end of 2010.
 39. Land Use:                             NR        Colorado Natural             Forest Service/BLM      Identify, inventory and map plants, animal
     Natural Heritage Program                         Heritage Program                                       habitats and unique natural features in the
     Biodiversity/Ecosystem Mapping                  County                                                 county.
                                                     San Juan RC & D
                                                     Nature Conservancy
 40. Land Use:                             High      La Plata County              County                  Completion expected in winter 2010
     Update La Plata County                          Area governments
     Comprehensive Plan                              Community
                                                     Southern Ute Indian

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                                            LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                 Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources                 Expected Outcomes & Action
 41. Public Lands:                          Med.      United States Forest         Congressional               Produce revised Management Plan for the
     Finalize San Juan National Forest                 Service                       allocation                   Forest, including guidelines for recreation,
     Plan Revision                                    Office of Community          Southern Ute Indian          timber, mining, wildlife, grazing, etc
                                                       Services                      Tribe
                                                      BLM
                                                      Southern Ute Indian
 42. Public/Private Lands:                  High      Colorado State Univ.         County                    Fire risk is reduced and timber products
     Maintain Sustainability of Ponderosa             Colorado State Forest         Comprehensive Plan          industry is strengthened.
     Pine and Pinon Forest                             Service                      National Fire Plan        Improve forest health.
                                                      US Forest                     funds                     Control Pine Beetle infestation
                                                       Service/BLM                  Fire hazard mitigation    Reduce risk to life and property and protect
                                                      Office of Community           contractors                 watershed/community water supplies.
                                                       Services/ FLC                Southwest                 Defensible space education resulting in
                                                      Fire Protection               Conservation Corps          defensible space created around residences.
                                                       Districts                    Region 9 EDD
                                                      Timber Industry              USDA if private land
                                                      Southern Ute Indian          Southern Ute Indian
                                                       Tribe                         Tribe
 43. Parks & Recreation:                    Med       Town of Bayfield             Town                      Extend pedestrian/bike trail to include
     Develop Master Park & River Trails               County                       DoLA                        Homestead Trails and Gem Village.
     Plan in Bayfield                                 Office of Community          Gates foundation          Develop trails between Forest Lakes and
                                                       Services/ FLC                GoCO                        Ignacio.
                                                                                    Conservation Trust        Increase recreational and healthy amenities in
                                                                                                               Complete final design for Joe Stephenson
                                                                                                               Explore ditch-to-trail easements for trail

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                                           LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                Rank       Primary Partners           Available Resources               Expected Outcomes & Action
 44. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:                 Med       City of Durango             City of Durango           Maintain a thriving, economically stable
     Business Expansion / Retention:                 LEAD                        BID                        downtown Durango.
     Strengthen Durango Central                      Downtown Durango            DATO                      Expand buy local campaign.
     Business District                                Partnership
                                                     Business
                                                      Improvement District
                                                     DATO
 45. Business Expansion/ Retention:        Med       LEAD                        LEAD                      Conduct county-wide inventory to identify all
     Conduct La Plata Business Inventory             Region 9 EDD                Region 9 EDD               businesses, clusters, lone eagles, and
                                                     La Plata Electric           La Plata Electric          segments.
                                                      Assoc.                       Assoc.                    Increase ability to serve area businesses.
                                                     Southern Ute Indian         Southern Ute Indian
                                                      Tribe                        Tribe
 46. Business Recruitment:                 Med       Region 9 EDD                Co. Economic              Provide incentives for business expansion
     Maintain and Administer the                     Area Accountants             Development                and relocation through EZ tax credits.
     Southwest Colorado Enterprise Zone              Local Businesses             Commission                Support community organizations to get EZ
     Boundaries and Marketing Plan                   Colorado Office of          OEDIT -- State             designation.
                                                      Economic                     Enterprise Zone
                                                      Development                  Coordinator
                                                                                  Economic
                                                                                   Administration (EDA)
                                                                                   Planning and
                                                                                   Technical Assistance
 47. Economic Development:                 Med       La Plata County             County                    Development of county-wide Climate and
     Creation of La Plata County Climate             Town of Ignacio             Town                       Energy Action Plan.
     Action Plan

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                                           LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                Rank       Primary Partners              Available Resources                 Expected Outcomes & Action
 48. Economic Development:                 Med       Housing Solutions of           Governors Energy            Offer energy efficiency upgrades to area
     Provide Jobs & Training around                   the SW                          Office                       residential homes and businesses.
     Energy Efficiency                               4-CORE                         Housing Solutions           Complete Ignacio Home energy audit.
                                                     Sustainability Alliance        Area schools                Improve energy use in community and reduce
                                                      of SWC                         Town of Ignacio              greenhouse gases.
                                                     Southern Ute Indian             efforts to green their      Provide local job opportunities and training
                                                      Tribe                           community                    around energy efficiency
                                                                                     Southern Ute Indian         Increase efficiency of existing housing stock.
 49. Economic Development:                 High      La Plata County                County                      Explore county permitting process to identify
     Streamline County Permitting                                                                                  bottlenecks for businesses building or
     Process                                                                                                       locating in the county.
                                                                                                                  Develop process to reduce bottlenecks and
                                                                                                                   streamline process.
 50. Economic Development:                 High      Town of Ignacio                Town                        Design streetscape plan per assessment
     Prioritize & Implement                          DoLA                           Downtown Colorado            recommendations.
     Recommendations of Ignacio                      Southern Ute Indian             Inc.                        Establish a downtown revitalization
     Downtown Assessment                              Tribe                          Region 9 EDD                 team/community/authority.
                                                                                     DoLA
 51. Business Recruitment:                 High      Town of Bayfield               State Historical Funds      Comprehensive street and sidewalk renewal.
     Revitalization of Downtown Bayfield             Downtown Business              Town                        Beautification projects on Mill Street including
                                                      Association                    DoLA                         signage, historic plaques, benches and trash
                                                                                                                  Partner with existing Buy Local Campaigns
 52. Business Capital:                     Med.      La Plata County                Small Business              Continue to provide “gap” financing and
     Business Loan Fund (BLF)                        Local Banks                     Admin.                       equity for local businesses.
                                                     Region 9 EDD                   Co. Office of               Identify Growth Companies and support their
                                                     Small. Business Dev.            Economic Dev.                needs to keep them local.
                                                      Ctr.                            (OEDIT)
                                                     LEAD                           CDBG
                                                                                     EDA
                                                                                     CAPCO
                                                                                     USDA

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                                         LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project              Rank       Primary Partners         Available Resources              Expected Outcomes & Action
 53. Business Development &              Med       Fort Lewis College        SBA funding              Strengthen the Small Business Development
     Expansion:                                    Colorado Office of        Community support         Center at Fort Lewis College to provide
     Expand Small Business                          Economic                  DIDF                      technical assistance to existing & new
     Development Center & Create Fort               Development               LEAD                      businesses.
     Lewis College Entrepreneurship                DIDF                      Local Banks              Grow the business advisor group to meet with
     Center                                        LEAD                      Rural Business            businesses.
                                                   Region 9 EDD               Opportunities Grant      Pursue earmark funds.
                                                   Area Banks                CDBG
                                                   Small Business            Federal Earmark
                                                    Administration            Region 9 EDD
 54. Business Development &              Med       Town of Ignacio           Town                     Recruit a general merchandise store to either
     Expansion:                                    Ignacio Chamber           Region 9 EDD              build or open in existing space in Ignacio.
     Recruit General Merchandise Store                                        EZ Tax Credits
     to Ignacio
 55. Business Development &              High      Durango Industrial        Region 9 EDD             Airport Business Park will continue to pursue
     Expansion:                                     Development               DoLA                      conceptual planning and development
     Explore/Pursue Business Park                   Foundation                USDA                      processes.
     Locations and Infrastructure                  LEAD                      Bank participation       Conduct feasibility study of State Land Board
                                                   Region 9 EDD              City of Durango           property.
                                                   La Plata County           La Plata                 Pursue other business park opportunities and
                                                   State Land Board                                     locations.
 56. Business Development &              Med       Region 9 EDD              Region 9 EDD             Explore business license fees going towards
     Expansion:                                    Small Business            LEAD                      data mining services.
     Implement an Economic Gardening                Development Center        EDA                      Enhance, grow and retain businesses.
     Program in Region                              (SBDC)                    Town of Bayfield
                                                   LEAD                      SBDC
                                                   Bayfield Ec. Dev.
                                                    Planning Council

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                                            LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                 Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources              Expected Outcomes & Action
 57. Business Development &                 NR        Region 9 EDD                 Region 9 EDD             Explore Solar Farm in Ignacio.
     Expansion:                                       Town of Bayfield             4-CORE                   Promote solar/alternative energy business
     Focus on Development of                          Town of Ignacio              Governor’s Energy         cluster in Bayfield.
     Renewable Energy Businesses                                                     Office                   Provide training for renewable energy
                                                                                    La Plata Electric         installers.
                                                                                    Southwest Colorado
                                                                                     Community College
 58. Business Development &                 High      Town of Bayfield             Town                     Increase town tax revenue and address
     Expansion:                                       Region 9 EDD                 LEAD                      substantial source of retail marketing leakage.
     Recruit National Chain Grocery Store             Bayfield Chamber             CDOT                     Hire retail consulting firm.
     to Bayfield                                      Area businesses                                        Explore potential sites and structure favorable
                                                      Gem Village                                             leases.
 59. Infrastructure:                        Low       Durango Discovery            State Historical Fund    Renovate and clean up former electrical
     Renovate Historic Power plant into                Museum                       Co. Dept. Public          powerhouse building to open a science and
     Durango Discovery Museum –EZ                     City of Durango               Health & Environment      technology museum.
     Project                                          County                       DOLA                     Utilize popular riverfront location.
                                                      Area businesses              Private Foundations
                                                                                    National Parks
                                                                                    Rebuild Colorado
                                                                                    USDA
 60. Infrastructure:                        Med       Durango & Silverton          County                   Complete design and engineering study.
     Install Scrubber Recycle System in                Narrow Gauge                 City                     Construct scrubber system in roundhouse
     Railroad Roundhouse                               Railroad                     Railroad                  and over ash pit
                                                      Region 9 EDD                 EDA                      Reduce coal emissions from Train(s)
                                                      Train Smoke                  Region 9
                                                       Mitigation Task Force        Community
                                                      La Plata County               fundraising
                                                      City of Durango
 61. Infrastructure:                        High      La Plata County              Tax revenues             More efficient use of county office space to
     Create Additional/ Alternative Space                                           Potential general         better serve the public and adequately house
     for County Departments                                                          obligation bond           county employees.
                                                                                     revenues                 Comfortably house all county employees.
                                                                                    County
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                                             LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                  Rank       Primary Partners           Available Resources              Expected Outcomes & Action
 62. Infrastructure:                         High      La Plata County             Tax revenues             Build new facilities, possibly as a shared
     Build Justice Center/ Confirm Federal             Federal government          County                    campus with federal courthouse to better
     Courthouse Project                                                                                        serve current needs.

 63. Tourism:                                Med.      Durango Area                Lodgers Tax              Continue marketing & promotion efforts to
     Maintain & Improve County Tourism                  Tourism Office               revenues                  make La Plata County a tourist destination.
                                                        (DATO)                      Fort Lewis College
                                                       County, city, towns         DATO
                                                       SW Colo. Travel             Southern Ute Indian
                                                        Region                       Tribe
                                                       Colo. Tourism Office
                                                       National Tour
                                                       Region 9 EDD
                                                       Local Businesses
                                                       Fort Lewis College
                                                       Southern Ute Indian
 64. Tourism:                                Med.      Durango & Silverton         Downtown tax             Develop modern, high capacity multi-
     Build Convention/ Conference Center                Narrow Gauge                Private investment        use/conference center and hotel at the corner
     in Durango                                         Railroad                    City of Durango           of College Drive and Camino Del Rio.
                                                       Private investors                                     Creates 175 jobs.
                                                        Business                                             Attract additional visitors to region.
                                                        Improvement District
                                                       City of Durango
                                                       DATO
                                                       LEAD
 65. Tourism:                                Med       Town of Bayfield            Town                     Operate Chamber visitor center with regular
     Staff Bayfield Chamber Visitor Center             Bayfield Chamber                                       hours.

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                                        LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project             Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources               Expected Outcomes & Action
 66. Work Force Development:            High      Area Chambers                TANF                      Provide appropriate trainings to enhance
     Local Work Force Development and             Area School Districts        Job Works Program          workforce skills.
     Retention                                    Higher education             Wagner Peyser             Better retention of local workers in the
                                                   institutions                 EZ Project                 community.
                                                  Local businesses              Designation               Local workforce better qualified to meet
                                                  Region 9 EDD                 San Juan Board of          needs of local businesses.
                                                  SW Colorado                   Cooperative Services      Improve connections between school system
                                                   Workforce Board              Newly formed               training and business needs.
                                                  La Plata County Dept.         Regional Committee        Continue to help adults without High School
                                                   of Human Services             Service Areas              diplomas pass General Education Diploma
                                                  San Juan Board of             Council                    (GED) and develop basic math, writing, &
                                                   Cooperative Services         Southern Ute Indian        computer skills.
                                                  Adult Education               Tribe
                                                  LEAD
                                                  Southern Ute Indian
 67. Agriculture:                       Low       9R School District           9R School District        Provide locally produced food in 9-R and
     Expand Farm to School Program                Local growers and            Grants                     other La Plata County School District lunches.
                                                   producers                    Healthy Lifestyles
                                                  Farm to School group          Coalition
                                                  SASCO                        Southern Ute Indian
                                                   (Sustainability               Tribe
                                                  Southern Ute Indian

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                                           LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources               Expected Outcomes & Action
 68. Agriculture:                          Med.      Local growers and            Colo. Dept. of Ag.        Development of strategies to diversify the
     Strengthen / Support The County’s                producers                     Technical assistance       county’s agricultural economy.
     Agricultural Economy                            La Plata County              USDA                      Development of measures to encourage
                                                     Co. State Extension          National Resource          protection of agriculture.
                                                      Office                        Conservation Service      Strengthen product distribution network
                                                     La Plata Cattlemen’s         Farm Service Agency        (single source).
                                                      Assoc.                       San Juan RC&D
                                                     San Juan                     Southern Ute Indian
                                                      Woolgrowers                   Tribe
                                                     San Juan RC & D
                                                     LEAD
                                                     Region 9 EDD
                                                     Southern Ute Indian
 69. HOUSING:                              High      La Plata County              DOLA                      Increase affordable housing opportunities and
     Affordable Housing Advocacy                     Housing Solutions for        Colo. Housing              projects in the county.
                                                      the Southwest                 Finance Authority         Build collaborations and coordination among
                                                     City of Durango               (CHFA)                     housing groups.
                                                     Community                    Community                 Explore implementation of inclusionary
                                                      Development Corp.             Reinvestment Act           zoning.
                                                     Habitat for Humanity         USDA
                                                     Colorado Housing             Colorado Dept. of
                                                      Inc.                          Housing
                                                     Affordable Housing           Private Foundations
                                                      Task Force
                                                     Regional Housing
 70. Housing:                              Low       Housing Solutions            Counseling and            Fair Housing practices observed throughout
     Fair Housing Equally Available On A             Legal Aid                     referral by Housing        the County.
     Non-Discriminatory Basis                        HUD                           Solutions
                                                     Regional Housing             Legal representation
                                                      Alliance                     HUD enforcement

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                                           LA PLATA COUNTY - Community Development Action Plan 2009

                    Project                Rank       Primary Partners            Available Resources            Expected Outcomes & Action
 71. Housing:                              Med       Regional Housing             Town                   Develop 20+ housing units on 60 acre parcel.
     Pursue Rock Creek Housing Project                Alliance                     Tierra Group           Completed feasibility study for land off CR
                                                     Town of Ignacio              DoLA                    320B.
                                                     Southern Ute Indian
 72. Housing:                              Med       Housing Solutions for        CDBG                   Build rental development of 49 units targeting
     Complete Mesquite Court in Bayfield              the SW                       LIHTC                   households at 40, 50 and 60% of area’s
                                                     Regional Housing             Housing Solutions       median income.
                                                      Alliance                     La Plata Homes Fund    Complete offsite infrastructure work.
 73. Housing:                              Med       Housing Solutions for        Housing Solutions      Drill well to produce enough water to
     Develop Water System for SW                      the SW                       Area businesses         eliminate water hauling.
     Horizon Ranch                                   Regional Housing             Private funders        Provide enough water to take well #3 offline
                                                      Alliance                                              to reduce treatment costs for fluoride.
                                                                                                           Replace pumping system with pumps that will
                                                                                                            cycle on and off for landscaping.

Signed by:____________________________________________________                                 Date:________________________________
Chair, La Plata County Board of Commissioners

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