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									                                      Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) Action Plan for Job Seekers
                                      This action plan outlines how you can use the OSP to assess and build your Essential Skills
                                      and work habits and transfer them to a job or further education or training.
                                      Name: __________________________________________________

                         information on Second
                  • Get informat                                  • Choose a self-assessment to
                    Career, Ontario Skills                          get information on your
                    Development, Job Connect         Check-Up       Essential Skills and work habits.                          • Access useful resources,
 Welcome            and other Employment               Tools      • Compare your results to occu-          Resources             such as this OSP Action Plan
                    Ontario programs.                               pations you are interested in.                               and the OSP Tracker.
                  • Learn how to use the                          • Choose activity sets to help
                    Ontario Skills Passport                         you practice and build your
                    in these programs.                              Essential Skills.

                  • Learn about Essential Skills                  • Create an OSP Work Plan
                    and work habits.                                 that focuses on the Essential
                  • View videos to see how            Create a       Skills, job tasks and work         HIGH FIVE MESSAGES OF SKILLS DEVELOPMENT
   Essential                                           Work/
   Skills and       people use Essential Skills                      habits related to your work        1. Focus on the journey: Skills development is a
    Work                                              Training
    Habits          and work habits in                  Plan         placement. Employers record           lifelong journey. Continually develop your
                    everyday life.                                   your progress in the work plan.
                                                                                                           Essential Skills and work habits to get a job
                                                                  • Work with an adult educator/
                                                                    trainer to create an OSP               and progress in the workplace.
                                                                    Training Plan to develop the        2. Team up with others: Ask people for feedback
                                                                    Essential Skills and work habits       on your skills and for opportunities to further
                                                                    for the occupation(s) you              develop them.
                                                                    want to enter.                      3. Be open to change: Essential Skills and work
                                                                                                           habits will help you adapt to change in work,
                  • See how workers use their                     • Create an OSP Transition Plan
                                                                                                           learning and life.
                     Essential Skills on-the-job.                   to transfer your Essential Skills
                  • Find information on               Create a      and work habits to a job or         4. Keep on learning: Take advantage of every
 Occupations         employment trends and           Transition     further education or training.         learning opportunity to practice and build your
  and Tasks                                             Plan
                     opportunities                                • Use this information to help           Essential Skills and work habits.
                  • Write down NOC codes                            you create a résumé and cover       5. Follow your heart: Know, grow and show your
                    for occupations you are                         letter that are targeted to            skills, work habits, interests and strengths ... be
                    interested in.                                  a job ad and prepare for an
                                                                                                           you ... be happy!
                       ____________________                         interview.

                http://skills.edu.gov.on.ca             http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/tcu/employmentontario

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