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Quality       facts
                                                              Regional Natural Resource Management in Queensland

The National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality:
Helping to address Queensland’s water quality issues
    What is the Queensland National Action Plan ?                                       The Role of our Regional Officers
                                                                                     There are four water quality officers located
                  The Queensland National Action Plan for Salinity                   in NAP regions throughout Queensland.
                   and Water Quality (NAPSWQ) is a jointly funded
                     Australian and Queensland Government initiative.                  The Regional Water Quality Officers
                      It encourages governments and regional commu-
                         nities to work together to address salinity and                    BURDEKIN                FITZROY
                          water quality issues in Queensland’s priority

                                     The NAP areas include the NRM regions
                                        of the Burdekin, Fitzroy, South East
                                         Queenland Western Catchments,
                                             Burnett-Mary,      Condamine,               Peter Verwey             Bob Packett
                                              Border Rivers, Maranoa and
                                 Fitzroy          Balonne (Figure 1).                   BURNETT MARY      CONDAMINE
                                                                                     WESTERN CATCHMENTS MURRAY DARLING
                                             Mary     The NAP Water Quality
                                                      program is one of five
                         Maranoa                WC    programs funded under
                                                      the NAPSWQ.

     Figure 1. The Queensland NAP regions                                              Graeme Esslemont           Dave Waters
                                                                                        Contact a regional officer today for
    What we are aiming to achieve.....                                                 water quality advice about your region!

 The role of the NAP Water Quality program is to guide and support                   The role of these officers is to:
 regional NRM bodies through the water quality target-setting process .                •1 0u1010 mmt m1gi mmmm b mmi10 thm mugh th1
 It will also assist the development of water quality monitoring, evalua-                  mi0tmibuti mm  m m1m10mmt t m mm0 mmm t m
 tion and reporting for natural resource management.                                       h1m10 01t m1gi mmmm tmmg1t0  mm mt1m
 The objectives of the Water Quality program are:
                                                                                        •1 0 m mmmimmt1 mt1m qummity 10m mm1ct0
                                       •1       0 m m101m m10 mm11  mm10 mmm               b1t 11m g m01mm11mt, m1gi mmmm b mmi10
                                                10m m0im1 t m mm0  mm th1 b1tt1m           mmm       c m11umity
                                                1mmmg111mt  m  mum mt1m my0.               gm mu100.
                                       •1       0 m 10m m0im1 t1chmicmm 0u1010 mmt      •1 0m m0im1     m00i0t-
                                                thm mugh 1x101mt mm0ic1 mmm                mmc1 mmm mm0ic1
                                                m1gi mmmmmy-bm01m Wmt1m Qummity             mm m1gi mmmm mt1m
                                                Officers.                                  qummity i00u10.
                                                             Regional Natural Resource Management in Queensland

      Water Quality Projects, Tasks and Outcomes
The NAP Water Quality program aims to enhance the ability of regional
NRM bodies to address water quality issues.

There are four major goals that the program is working towards:

      1.   Acc100 t m mt1m qummity mmtm
      2.   0 m mm0  mm imt1m10m1timg mt1m qummity mmtm mmm 1m1img m1ci0i mm0
      3.   0 m11umity 1 mmit mmimg guimmmc1 mmm cm10mcity
      4.   R1gi mmmm imt1gmmt1m mt1m qummity c mmmiti mm m0010011mt0
                                                                               For Further Information
                                                                               Visit Water Quality Online, the NAP Water
                                                                               Quality website:

                                                                               Contact a NAP regional water quality

                                                                                  Burdekin Dry Tropics
                                                                                  01t1m V1m 1y
                                                                                  0h mm1: (07) 4799 7052

                                                                                  Fitzroy Basin
                                                                                  B mb 0mc11tt
                                                                                  0h mm1: (07) 4938 4242

                                                                                  Burnett Mary and Western Catchments
                                                                                  Gmm111 E00m11 mmt
                                                                                  0h mm1: (07) 41315736
 Figure 1. Conceptual diagram of the Water Quality program goals
                                                                                  Condamine and Qld Murray Darling
These goals will be achieved through six major projects:                          Dm01 Wmt1m0
                                                                                  0h mm1: (07) 4688 1598
 1.        Fmm11  mm1 mmm 10m mc10010  mm tmmg1t-01ttimg mmm 1 mmit mmimg
 2.        0 mmmmti mm mmm m0010011mt  m 1xi0timg mt1m qummity im  mm1mti mm
                                                                               Or contact the program leader:
 3.        M mm1mmimg mmmm0cm101 10m mc10010, 1mmmg111mt i110mct0 mmm
           cmtch11mt m mmm0                                                       Nic1 Mmm0h - 0ci1mc1 0 m mmmimmt mm
 4.        Ri01mim1 hmbitmt c mmmiti mm m0010011mt mmm m10i1  m 1mmg1-  
           11mt guim1mim10
 5.        Emhmmc1 c m11umity cm10mcity t m umm1mtm11 1 mmit mmimg  m mt1m
           qummity tmmg1t0
 6.        Wmt1m qummity i110mct0  mm 1c m0y0t11 h1mmth

      Produced by the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality
      Queensland Water Quality State-level Investment Project

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