Memo Report C CHEMISTRY RESEARCH DEPARTMENT Research Laboratory May ATMOSPHERES by oldsmobile


									                                           Memo Report C-54-99

                               CHEMISTRY RESEARCH DEPARTMENT

                                            Research Laboratory

                                           May 3, 1954
                                80,000 ATMOSPHERES IN THE “BELT”

                                               H. Tracy Hall

                                     Mechanical Investigations Section

Abstract:          Recently, the Cs and Ba transitions have been obtained in the “Belt” ultra-high pressure,
high temperature apparatus. This extends the known useful range of the “Belt” to 80,000 atmospheres. A
pressure calibration sheet and graphs of the transitions follow.

                  The above abstract was first written on February 24, 1954 as a Memorandum.

                                                                                               H. Tracy Hall

                              This is a Class 4 technical report.            Its
                              distribution in the General Electric Company is
                              highly restricted. It may not be sent outside the
                              United States.
Distribution List for C-54-99

C.G. Suits
A.L. Marshall
A.J. Nerad
H.A. Hiebhafsky
H.M. Strong
R.H. Wentorf
H.T. Hall
J.E. Cheney
H.P. Bovenkerk
F.P. Bundy
M.D. Martin
Alice Neil
B.W. Nordlander

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