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									Employee Profile: Bobbie Mayernik


Bobbie has been an accounting professional for the last 18 years in the Sales and Marketing
field. Before coming to GTS, five years ago, she worked in the medical supply industry and
Oregon Nurses Associations in accounting, sales support and as a program coordinator.

Current Role

Bobbie is currently the Accounts Receivable Specialist at GTS. She processes
Sale orders, credit approvals, monthly reoccurring billings, incoming payments,
refunds, credits and collections. She is responsible for handling incoming calls
from our customers to provide GTS accounting support. On a daily bases she
works closely with the GTS Sales team. Bobbie’s goal is to provide the best
support possible to help our customers to understand billings and charges from

After 5:00

After 5:00 Bobbie has been married for 42 years to her husband Michael. She has 1 son.
She enjoys gardening, bike riding, yoga and traveling to Hawaii and Mexico.

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