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									Employee Profile Deborah Eckel

BackgroundDeborah was born in the Buffalo, NY area (of course, she is a Bills, Sabres and
Yankee fan.) She has been assisting presidents and managers for over 20 years. Starting
with Kitchenaid and then moving to New York City where she worked for the renowned firm
of Zolfo, Cooper and Co. Before moving to Portland in 2001, she lived in the CT/MA area
and Florida.

Current RoleDeborah is the Executive Assistant to Mike Jones and his Leadership Team.
She has been with GTS for 5 years. You might see her hosting a party for 60 or busy at her
desk preparing expense reports. She loves her position because it is very diverse.

The GTS vision/culture is a major commitment of hers. It is important to her that she makes
a difference in the lives of the people she interacts with daily. Her co-workers know they can
count on her.

After 5:00PMDeborah finds there is not enough time in the day to do all the things she loves.
Time outside of work is spent rollerbladding, riding motorcyles/quads and bicylces. She
has been practicing yoga for 30 years and works out daily. She is on a constant journey to
continue to learn and grow.

Deborah loves the outdoors, so hiking or walking her dogs (Bruno and Maggie May boxers)
is common. Loving the outdoors, means she is spending time in the garden planting or
feeding the birds. Every flower or plant, bird or animal is her favorite. She wishes she had
more time to cook /bake.

Corina, her 22 yr old daughter, is another passion of hers.” I never knew you
could love someone that much until I had her” she says.

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