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									                                                                                                       June, 2005
        K ee p i n g yo u i n fo r m ed , a w ar e , an d co nn ec t ed                                Second Quarter

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                Employee Profile: Jason Maier
Updates with Scott …………2
Project Highlights ……………2                                                     More than a few people here have seen first
TRS Safety Banquet...……...3                                                   hand the many talents and trades of Jason
Birthdays, Anniversaries..…3                                                  Maier. However, few probably know the
Please Welcome.……..………4                                                       history of how he came to be the Service
                                                                              Technician at Schroeder Solutions; the story
Product Highlight…………….4
                                                                              behind the man who is. . . The Big Drink.
                                                                              After graduating from the Milwaukee Trade
                                                                              and Technical High School, Jason took a job
                                                                              with PC Innovation, Inc. doing welding
                                                                              work. He began and continued to improve
                                       Jason – CFR Machine Operator           their product, producing something the
                                                                              company could finally be proud of.

                                 Unfortunately Jason’s welding days were cut short when his doctor told him that the poor
                                 ventilation conditions at his job site were damaging his lungs. Jason was then forced to
                                 focus on furniture installation. At this time, he also learned how to lay carpet tiles and
                                 broadloom carpet, as well as VCT tiles and base cove.
                                 A few months after he parted with PC Innovation, Jason found an ad for Schroeder
                                 Solutions at Trinity Staffing. He came here for an interview and thus, the Drink has
                                 become a standard at Schroeder Solutions.
                                 Jason started at Schroeder as a furniture installer, but when Scott and Jim gave him the
                                 opportunity to prove that he could bring an additional element to the company through
                                 his other skills. . .he was thrilled to have the chance. Jason is now officially the Service
                                 Technician at Schroeder; he does carpet installation, operates the CFR machine, refabs
                                 panels and worksurfaces, and runs deliveries, pickups and repairs. However, he is also
                                 looking forward to receiving more responsibilities as his time here goes on. Beyond that,
                                 Jason does a lot of behind the scenes stuff that many people may not be aware of. In the
                                 evenings, during the week, and on the weekends Jason checks the fluids in the trucks,
                                 makes sure they are running ok and cleans them. He also straightens the lift gates after
                                 the crews unload so they are ready for the next day. Jason will rarely say “no” to a night
                                 job, and appreciates the hard work that Jim does
                                 for the company. “He’s a problem solver,” Maier
                                 said, “he sometimes has to make things work with
                                 a toothpick and a bolt. So I do whatever I can to
                                 make his job easier.” And many, if not all of the
                                 staff at Schroeder know that when Jason says
                                 he’ll help you out with something, he means it –
                                 we are lucky to have a person like Jason on staff!
                                 Q & A – continued on pg 4.
                                                                                             Jason – panel refab work
Page 2                                                                                                                                          2nd Quarter, 2005

                           HAG's seating solutions are the
                           result of our belief that people are
                           not designed to sit still, but naturally
                           tend towards movement and
                                                                        OPPORTUNITIES. . .
IZZY DESIGN: Hag seating

                           variation.                                   April 22, 2005 marked the first day of the fist ever
                                                                        Small Business Times Expo, which brought
                           In modern life we spend much time
                                                                        companies from all over southeastern Wisconsin
                           sitting and take inadequate regard
                                                                        together at the State Fair Exposition Center. This
                           of the body's innate need for
                                                                        event lasted two full days, featured two award luncheons and a fabulous after
                           activity. So these days, we don't just
                                                                        hours event (at which, Toni managed to get her own party started right in our
                           need chairs for support, but seating
                                                                        booth, luring people who had been on their feet too long into one of the “oh so
                           solutions that stimulate variation
                                                                        comfortable” Contessa chairs.)
                           and movement as well.
                           From                      A team of Schroeder personnel worked at our booth both days (and as time
                                                                        permitted, brushed up on their golf skills with Tiger Woods). We had a number of
                                                                        patrons stop by, some looking to sit in a comfy chair for a minute, some scouring
                                                                        for give aways, and still others inquiring about “who exactly is Schroeder
                                                                        Solutions, and what do you do?” Through our exposure at the Expo, we have
                                                                        gained at least two accounts, and have taken another step in getting the good name
                                                                        of Schroeder Solutions out to the public – the 3,000 plus attendees have now, at
                                                                        the very least, seen or heard the name Schroeder Solutions.

                                                                        Mission accomplished. . . for now. . .

                                                            PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS
                                                                                                                              Froedtert Hospital: Trailer
                                          Kohl’s Corporation
   Schroeder Solutions received and installed 175 new Herman Miller                                                              Because of space issues, the facilities
workstations, as well as installed and relocated the Product Development                                                         management team at Froedtert was
 Group and the Marketing Department. We have now begun work on                                                                   relocated to an Executive Modular
    the Advertising Department, which will be handled in phases to                                                               Suite on the Campus. They
  accommodate the furniture teardown and relocations. Then the first                                                             turned to Schroeder Solutions to
  weekend in June the Human Resources Department relocation was                               furnish their space. We space planned, designed and specified
                                   started.                                                   furnishings for the trailer, and then installed the product. They now
                                                                                              have a comfortable space that is all their own!
                                    Project Management: Dan Spychalla                         Sales: Jeff Michalski
                                      Project Lead: Donna Schroepfer                          Design: Gretchen Machmueller
                                                                                              Project Management: Dan Spychalla
                                                                                              Project Lead: Dean Lorch

                              Metavante: Floor to Ceiling Project
                                                                                              Schroeder Solutions completed the design and recommendation for
   Schroeder Solutions Expedited the teardown of approximately 300 feet
                                                                                              furniture for the T-Group’s new corporate offices. The T-Group
  of KI Floor-to-ceiling product around the Legal Department. After the
                                                                                              Consulting Firm is a newly formed company which is managing the
   teardown, the panels that were going to be re-used were tagged and the
                                                                                              development of Kenosha area Casinos. Our designer, after meeting
 rest were hauled out. On Monday the panels were re-installed in the new
                                                                                              with the client chose warm earthy tones for their office.
                                    conference room. The project will be
                                                                                              Milliken Centro Floor covering
                                       complete once KI installs their new
                                                                                              was used, and the walls were
                                   Genius Wall (all glass product) to finish
                                                                                              painted soothing colors of
                                     up the Legal Department’s new Area.
                                                                                              mushroom, olive and off-white.
                                                                     Sales: Jeff Michalski    Schroeder Solutions performed
                                                     Project Manager: Kenlyn Wierzbach        the installation of new Paoli
                                                              Project Lead: Ralph Tatum       Whitmore Casegoods and also
                                                                                              relocated the T-Group.
                                                                                              Sales: Scott Gierhahn
                                                                                              Design: Nikki Couillard
                                                                                              Project Leads: Bob Jaskie, Ralph Tatum and Dean Lorch
Page 3                                                                                                         2nd Quarter, 2005

Safety Banquet Awards
On March 30th, one of our sister companies, Total Relocation
Services in Green Bay, held a Safety Banquet to honor the
hard work and efforts of the TRS Mayflower employees who
met the safety standards. Among the awards handed out that
evening were: Length of Service Recognition, Safe Driving
Award, and the Safe Worker Award. The presentation of
these awards was TRS’s way of saying “thank you” for
helping them become one of the top moving companies in           Award Recipients <Left To Right> Randy Scofield, Fran Dewitt, Earl
Wisconsin. In addition to these awards TRS Mayflower was         Zwieschowski, Karen Sjoholm, Dennis Witthuhn, Jim Burkel, Phil
recently named Agent of the Month in January of 2005!            Clark, Duane VanCampenHout, Chad Funk, Jeff Nenning, Hilbert
Congratulations to everyone in this exciting recognition!

 BIRTHDAYS>>>                                   ANNIVERSARIES>>>                          INTRODUCING>>>
 July - Birthdays                                   July - Anniversaries                  NEW FIELD EMPLOYEES -
                                                                                          Armando Sanchez
 Wendy Radish – 7/2                                Jeff Baker – 7/15/1992
                                                                                          Ronnie Watson
 Vidal Gordon – 7/5                             Susan Bugalski – 7/28/2003                Dave Arnold
                                                                                          Mike Meyers
 Bobby Sanford, Jr. – 7/10                          Jim Friedl – 7/29/1988
                                                                                          George Baker
 Greg Kollauf – 7/22                              August - Anniversaries                  Rob Kanack
                                                                                          Mark Grimord
 Jason Frank – 7/25                              Scott Gierhahn – 8/6/2001
                                                                                          Lyman Elliot
 August - Birthdays                                Ken Kangas – 8/8/1988
                                                                                          NEW OFFICE EMPLOYEES:
 Steve Stein – 8/2                             September - Anniversaries
                                                                                          Sarah Rieck–Human
 Terry Gerdman – 8/4                           Kenlyn Wierzbach – 9/5/1995                Resources
 Jeff Michalski – 8/11                            Jason Maier – 9/27/2002                 Roberta Burg–Account
 Ralph Tatum, Jr. – 8/16                          Darin Larkin – 9/23/2002
                                                                                          Ashley Ziegler- Design
 Dennis Turluck – 8/22
 Kenlyn Wierzbach – 8/24
                                                                                          Nicole Harder–
 September – Birthdays                                                                    Marketing/Sales Intern
 Greg Grant – 9/2
 Franklin Boyd – 9/8

         A FOND FARWELL. . .
    Jennifer Anderson (formerly the
 Human Resources Director) has taken
 a position at Foot Locker’s Corporate
  Offices. We extend our gratitude for
 her years at the Schroeder Companies
 and wish her the best of luck! She will                                                      Baby update: Ashlyn
           be greatly missed!                          Congratulations                        Avemye Socher is
                                                  to Jason Grossmeyer who                     doing well!
                                                  tied the knot on June 11th.
Page 4                                                                                                                 2nd Quarter, 2005

  Keeping you informed,                Project Profile: Jason Maier, continued from page 1
  aware, and connected                 For fun: I like to take road trips as often as I can to Green Bay, Chicago, and Appleton. I also enjoy
                                       working on car engines to see how things work, and sitting down with a good book every once in a
  We have a new                        Residence: Right now I live with my parents, but I’m looking to get a house in New Berlin soon.
                                       Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan, because it shows that team work conquers all.
    website!                           Dream Vacation: Australia – I’ve always wanted to go out there and see what it was like. Also, my
                                       mom has cousin’s living there who own a citrus farm and I’d like to see what all goes on there.
                                       Favorite Places: One of my favorite restaurants is Johnny V’s because I know the owner, but I also
                                       like the Acropolis on South 27th Street – they have the best Greek Food I’ve had in a long time. As far
                                       as my favorite bars go, I would have to say First Choice (just because its close) and Mary’s.
                                       Dream Concerts: Boston and Ozzie Osbourne back in the mid ‘80’s
                                       Schroeder Stuff: I look up to Bob Jaskie because of his knowledge of the business. You can always
                                       learn something from him – and he always has a great outlook on everything. My best Schroeder
            Visit                      memory would have to be the first time I was down at NM with Dale Sr. and I earned his respect by            suggesting a solution to a panel reconfiguration.
 and check out the new design
     Thanks to Comstar, LLC!

Note from the editor –                 Please welcome . . .
As this newsletter continues to
develop, I just want to remind                                Sarah Rieck, Human Resources:
everyone that this newsletter is                              Sarah lives in Glendale with her husband, (and her dog
first and foremost to keep all                                and cat). She is a Michigan native and attended
the employees of Schroeder                                    Western Michigan University. Previously she worked in
Solutions connected with each                                 Human Resources at Franchise Food Services
other. As we do not generally
see everyone on a day to day
basis it’s a great place to
recognize the fun things that                               Roberta Burg, Account Manager
you all are doing. Please don’t      Roberta has 24 years of experience in the office interiors
be shy if you have something         industry and will be covering the Madison area, working
exciting happening in your life      on current accounts, and adding a few new names to the
– let me know! You can call          list. She will work out of her home and our offices.
me at ext. 6381

EDITOR: Amanda Gierhahn
THANKS TO:                                  Product Highlight: xm
Scott Gierhahn, Sarah Rieck,
Jason Kruse, Dan Spychalla,        Rational in concept, elegant in form, xm is an
Kenlyn Wierzbach, Roberta          intelligent response to the new ways that people
Burg, and Jason Maier for their    work. xm is furniture that acts like architecture
help in completing this issue of
                                   to define space, to bring order and clarity to
Schroeder Connected!
                                   complex work environments.
                                   At the same time, xm adapts readily to the ever-
                                   evolving work practices of the highly
                                   interconnected office. Technology is supported.
                                   Varied planning needs are met. xm is ideal for
                                   dynamic companies where change must be
                                   addressed, but where simplicity and elegance,
                                   integrity and excellence have merit.             xm can be used in a variety of planning
                                                                                                scenarios: Freestanding, Service Spine
                                   From                                         Cluster, and Private Office.

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