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									                                                                                                                              Fourth Quarter, 2005
        K ee p i n g yo u i n fo r m ed , a w ar e , an d co nn ec t ed

                                                                                                                          INSIDE THIS ISSUE
                 Employee Profile: Nikki Couillard                                                                        2005 Accomplishments……2
                                                                                                                          Project Highlights …………….2
On February 1st, it will be a year to the day that
                                                                                                                          Best of 2005……….……..……2
Nikki Couillard joined the staff at Schroeder
Solutions. Coming all the way from Denver, Nikki’s                                                                        - Insert: Christmas Party
experience and dedication has been a great benefit to                                                                     Birthdays, Anniversaries..…3
the Design Department.
                                                                                                                          SMS President’s Quality
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin,                                                                        Award…………………………..…3
Stevens Point with a degree in Interior Architecture,                                                                     Gettin’ Healthy in 2006..…4
Nikki started her design career at Emmons Business
Interiors (EBI). She worked at EBI for about two                                                                          Shane’s Core Four…………..4
years until she was offered a position at Teammates
Commercial Interiors, a newly formed company, in
Denver, Colorado. There she mainly worked with
Teknion, specifying product, space planning,            Q & A with Nikki:
designing and working closely with her clients.         What are your favorite pastimes? My family is very
Nikki worked at Teammates for about seven years,        important to me, so spending whatever precious time I can
soaking up the posh Colorado lifestyle before she       with my daughter Ariyanna and my husband Chris is very
and her husband, Chris, decided it was time to move     rewarding to me. I also like to get up early on Saturdays and
back home to be closer to family.                       Sundays to walk our dog, Poncho. If time allows, I love to
                                                        read, paint and help renovate our house.
Once Scott Gierhahn heard “through the grapevine”
about Nikki’s plans, he was bound and determined to     Where do you live? I live in West Allis right on
                                                        Kinnikinick parkway. . . just close enough to smell Graebe’s
recruit this bright young designer – and after a few
                                                        delicious bakery.
meetings during the holidays, he succeeded! Nikki
moved back to Wisconsin the following January and       Favorite movie? Hmmmm. . . the two that are neck and
took the position of Design Team Leader at              neck would be Dumb and Dumber, and Son in Law. I love
                                                        slapstick comedies that don’t make me think about much of
Schroeder Solutions. During the year that Nikki has
                                                        anything. I just love to laugh.
been with Schroeder, she has seen the company grow
and gain great new projects and clients. Along with     Dream Vacation? My dream vacation would be to go
her design work load, Nikki oversees the design         back to Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. I was fortunate
department and manages all design related jobs. She     enough to go there when I was a senior in High School. It’s
                                                        so beautiful - I would visit anywhere and everywhere I could!
is also a member of the newly formed leadership
team, which focuses on working together as leaders      Favorite Restaurant? My favorite restaurant is PF
in the company. Nikki’s positive approach to her        Changs China Bistro. The food is wonderful and the
work and willingness to do whatever it takes to get     atmosphere is unique to its own setting.
                                                        (PS: The lettuce wraps are a must!)
the job done shows through in everything she does.
She truly has been a wonderful addition to our staff!   Favorite Artist? Billy Joel.
                                                        Who inspires you? My father and my husband. I
                                        Santa with      learned my work ethic, loyalty and morals from my father.
                                        Nikki’s         He taught me to always do the very best you can. My
                                        daughter,       husband is also an amazing man – he is a very strong
                                        Ariyanna        individual and is definitely the level-headed one of the two of
                                        and Nikki       us!
                                        at the
                                        Company         Favorite Memory at Schroeder? My favorite
                                        Christmas       memories are the times when we all get to hang out outside of
                                        Party           work, like the Brewer’s game and the Christmas Party (s).
Page 2                                                                                             4th Quarter, 2005

   4th Quarter 2005, PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS:                                               HIGHLIGHTS
                                       PCI: Provided design, relocation                        of 2005
                                       and installation services for their
                                             Corporate Expansion
                                                                                   2005 has been a year of great
                                           Product:Teknion Seating                 accomplishments. We have
                                          (Contessa)-Filing-Storage-               exceeded our expected sales
                                       Expansion Desking and Casegoods             goals and gained valuable new
                                            Sales: Roberta Burg                    staff members in the office as
                                               PM: Jeff Baker                      well as the field. Our account
         PCI’s “High-tech” look
                                         Lead Installer: Bob Jaskie                base has grown dramatically over
                                       Designer: Gretchen Machmueller              this past year, and continues to
                                                                                   grow. We are adding companies
                                                                                   like Virchow Krause,
 Briggs and Stratton Distribution
 Center: Provided design, relocation
                                                                                   Roadrunner, HK Systems,
and installation services for their move                                           Brookfield Pontiac, and the
          to a larger building.                                                    Miller Brewing Company to our
                                                                                   list of current customers. The
Product: Teknion Expansion, Bretford,                                              installation crew has increased
          and AIS M-Wall                                                           by a staggering 40%! Amazing!
 Project Manager: Kenlyn Wierzbach                                                 We have also updated all the
     Lead Installer: Jason Frank                                                   installation uniforms with the
      Designer: Nikki Couillard               Briggs Dist. Center Private Office   installer’s names and our new
                                                                                   logo, and added trucks to our
                                                                                   fleet, cutting down the amount
                                        Roadrunner: Provided space-                of rentals we have to use. Lastly,
                                      planning, refabrication, and some            our website has been updated to
                                      new product for a reconfiguration            reflect our company’s image and
                                     and corporate expansion. We then
                                                                                   to clearly explain all our
                                     performed their move and provided
                                         new Private Office furniture              competencies. 2005 has been a
                                                                                   year of growth and excitement!
                                         Product: AIS Clone Product,               It’s exciting to think about what
                                         Teknion Expansion Casegoods
                                                                                   2006 has in store for us!
                                           Sales: Toni Gundersen
         Roadrunner workstations
                                        Project Manager: Jim Friedl
                                                                                   - Scott Gierhahn, President/CEO
                                         Lead Installer: Bob Jaskie
                                       Designer: Gretchen Machmueller
Blue Cross Blue Shield : Provided
labor services to relocate and close                         AMONG THE BEST OF 2005
       one of their locations in                          In the recent “Best Products and News of 2005”
Platteville,WI. We are continuing to                      edition of the Monday Morning Quarter Back
   provide numerous relocations                           (The Business of the Contract Furnishings
   throughout their southeastern           Industry) Teknion had two products named among the best of
         Wisconsin locations.              2005. Lyft was recognized because of its great ability to
 Project Manager: Dan Spychalla            “increase workstation-planning flexibility” and allow users to
   Lead Installer: Steve Stein             “tailor workstations to the distinct requirements of their
 Designer: Nikki Couillard and Jan         individual needs.” Also recognized was Teknion’s ie furniture
             Watter                        system. Ie works with a 15-degree connectivity so, “you can
                                           create unusually interesting workstation geometry.” Screens
                                           can be added for privacy and with ie, every square inch of a
                                           building is usable.
                                           From MMQB, December 19 & December 26, 2005
Page 3                                                                                               4th Quarter, 2005

 BIRTHDAYS>>>                                        ANNIVERSARIES>>>                  INTRODUCING>>>

                                                     January                           NEW FIELD EMPLOYEES –
                                                     Josh Jordan – 2003                Santiago Valle
                                                     Emery Botcher – 2003              Roy Larson
                                                     Jake Lucio – 2003                 Ramon Lozano
                                                     Bob Jaskie - 2004                 Thad Dziubinski
                                                                                       Jesse Cerar
                                                     February                          Gerry Xiong
 January                                             Greg Grant – 1995                 James Edwards
                                                                                       NEW OFFICE EMPLOYEE
 Mark Morris – 1/8                                   Scott Nichols – 2002
                                                                                       Dionne Jackson – Payroll
 Scott Nichols – 1/18                                Terry Gerdman – 2002
                                                                                       Clerk <pictured below>
 Gretchen Machmueller – 1/16                         Nikki Couillard – 2005
 Jake Lucio – 1/5                                    Vidal Gordon - 2005
 Roy Larson – 1/15
                                                     Rob Kanack - 2005
 Bob Jaskie – 2/17
 Nikki Couillard – 2/22                              EMPLOYEES OF THE
 Avery Aikens – 2/12

 December                                            August

 Amanda Gierhahn – 3/4                               Darin Larkin
                                                     Heidi Rebernick
 Heidi Rebernick – 3/11                                                            October
 Mike Meyer – 3/26                                                                 Jeff Mikula
 Jan Watter – 3/30                                   Roberta Burg                  Jan Watter

                                                     Schroeder Moving Systems, New Berlin
                                                     PRESIDENT’S QUALITY AWARD
                                                     We are pleased to announce that this past November our parent
                                                     company, Schroeder Moving Systems in New Berlin won the
                                                     United Van Line’s PRESIDENT’S QUALITY AWARD! This is the
                                                     most prestigious award presented by United Van Lines.
                                                     Schroeder Moving Systems was recognized as the top moving
                                                     agency among the 560 agencies nationwide - accumulating a
                                                     quality performance record that exceeded all others. They have
                                                     set the precedent for customer service, resulting in an
                                                     astonishing 96% willingness to recommend by their customers.
 Jim Schroeder, Mark Ubert, and John Schroeder       Schroeder Solutions is proud to be a partner with the “best of
                                                     the best” among moving agencies nationwide!
 Pictured at the Schroeder Moving Systems dinner
    held in celebration of winning the President’s   A big CONGRATULATIONS to the employees of Schroeder
                    Quality Award
                                                     Moving Systems in New Berlin!!
Page 4                                                                                          4th Quarter, 2005

                                   GETTIN’ HEALTHY IN 2006
  Keeping you informed,
  aware, and connected             Feeling the strain of the holidays on the old beltline? Try a few of
                                   these tips for a healthier ’06 . . .
                                   Eat Breakfast . . . It’s true – regular meals and occasional low-cal snacks
                                   help prevent the “famine-then-feast” syndrome. Great Start: Fill up first
                                   thing with high-fiber cereal, whole-grain bread or fresh fruit.
                                   Bite into a pickle or lemon. . . Advantages, neither has any calories to
                                   speak of, and the sour taste will curb your appetite. Don’t have either?
Shane’s Care Four                  Try brushing your teeth.
                                                          Post a list Of small projects on the refrigerator.
                                                          Then, whenever you’re bored or tempted to veg
1. Be the best: as a                                      out in front of the TV and snack, tackle an item
representative of our                                     from you list.
                                                          Serve yourself half the amount you usually eat if
2. Develop accurate                                       you tend to eat whatever is in front of you. And
and timely                                                make less food look like more by using smaller
information:                                              plates.
internally and
                                                          Exercise in the morning. Why? After fasting
                                                          overnight, two-thirds of the calories burned come
3. Teamwork: with                                         from stored fat, which contains more calories than
SSI, with vendors,                                        carbohydrates – the main energy source in
with industry                                             afternoon workouts.
partners (GC, A&D)
                                                          Keep calories burning with aerobic exercise, like
4. Serve: clients,                                        biking, swimming or rowing. Advantage: a single
teammates,                                                session burns calories during the workout and for
community                                                 several hours afterward
                                                          Take your time. It takes about 20 minutes for
                                                          your brain to receive the signal that you’re full.
                                                          So gulping food quickly may lead to overeating.
either self-serving or
you serve others

                                   Other simple ways to cut 100-200 calories per day:
                                   Breakfast. Instead of two pieces of
EDITOR: Amanda Gierhahn
                                   white toast, switch to whole wheat. Instead of
THANKS TO:                         regular fruit-flavored yogurt switch to light or
                                   fat-free yogurt.
Nikki Couillard, Sarah Rieck,
Dionne Jackson, Shane              Coffee break. Switch from whole milk to non-fat
Blackman, Linda Picard and         milk in your latte. Replace the apple Danish with an
Scott Gierhahn for their help in   oat bran bagel.
completing this issue of
                                   Lunch. Put 1 tablespoon of light mayonnaise on your sandwich instead of 1
Schroeder Connected!
                                   tablespoon of regular mayonnaise, and make it turkey instead of salami.
                                   Replace cream-based soups with broth-based soups.
                                   Afternoon snack. Replace a small bag of chips with a cup or two of light
                                   popcorn. Replace an ice cream sandwich with a low-cal frozen fudge bar.
                                   Cocktail hour. Have two light beers rather than two regular beers. Drink a
                                   glass of red wine instead of a margarita.
                                   Dinner. Have a green salad with light dressing instead of a baked potato
                                   with butter or sour cream. Choose a "light" frozen entrée rather than

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