FPSH Reunion committee meeting notes from June 28_ 2009 by lifemate


									FPSH Reunion Committee Meeting Notes - June 28, 2009
(Please refer to the June 28, 2009 agenda)

**NEXT MEETING IS PLANNED FOR JULY 26, 2009, same time & place.

Folks absent from this meeting include:
John Carbo (Co73)
Susan Edmonson Butler (Co74)
Mark Butler (Co74)
Cheryl Durden Looney (Co74)
Patti Patterson Steinmetz (Co74)

New faces at this meeting include:
Skip Hawkins (Co72)
Vickie Southern Chacha (Co74)
Tim Crowe (Co74)
Joe & Robyn Cobb (Co74/Co81)
Vicki Lord Johnson (Co73)
Nancy Holloway Suarez (Co73)
Linda Donaldson Spier (Co73)

Committee Chairs elected & appointments made:
Reunion Committee Chairman: Burt Knowles (Co72)
Reunion Committee Vice Chair: Jeanie Knowles (Co74)
Reunion Committee Secretary: Linda Donaldson Spier (Co73)
Reunion Committee Treasurer: John Carbo (Co73)
Communications Committee Chairman: Tara Howard Landry (Co72)
Fund Raising Committee Chairman: Vickie Southern Chacha (Co74)


Contact sheet for Reunion Committee members is passed around for proofing & additions

Michelle Knowles Maynard (Co75) has a “starter list” & is working on the Co75 list & will get it to Benny

Class of 1974 mailing list - no one knows anything about its whereabouts. Skip Hawkins, Vickie Chacha &
Jeanie Knowles will each be attempting to find this list

Hours for Brunch are changed to end at 1 PM (Now 10a-1p) (postcard & website to be changed)
We want people (other than us planners) to work registration, check-in, other posts as “event-day” coverage – It
is the Committee called “Event Management” – Looking for committee chair & members, may want to contact
other class years to swap this need out with them OR ask for help from adult children of Alumni
(6/29/09-UPDATE: Beth Durmire (Co74) emailed us to say that her & her husband Ron will act as Event
Managers for the Brunch & Robyn Cobb (Co81) volunteered to help them)
(6/29/09-UPDATE: Tim Crowe (Co74) called to say that he would act as the Event Manager for the Casual
Dinner. Tim will need to name an assistant to help with the evening event.)

Age limit for events will be published as 21 & older only

The 20 parking spaces next to Arena will be used as handicapped parking only
General parking is 150 – 200' away from Arena

Tara will contact Dwayne Hobbs regarding security for FPHS (Forest Park)
Tara will also ask Dwayne for his help on Arena security (Clayton County)
Cost of security officers thought to be $40 per hour when booked through CCPR
We will need 3-security persons at the School (including the resource officer)
We will need 4-security persons at the Arena
Tom Martinez (park patrol/maintenance) will be available at the park the day & evening of event

Large stage (approx 40'x40') adjacent to Arena floor will be used for dancing, DJ, etc.
Will need to rent a 3-4' steps to access the stage from the Arena floor
The sides of the arena are 5' high & memorabilia can be placed out of reach there
We are grandfathered in for designated smoking area @ Arena (later this year a new ordinance will go into
effect that prohibits smoking at County facilities)
A DJ has been found through an alumni connection - quoted $400 for 4 hours ($500 with lights) - we will
arrange to hear him first & get other possible DJs lined up to audition
The DJ hours for the Arena will be 8 pm – 12 am & we will use an iPod with Tara‟s play list for 6 pm – 8 pm
Need to remind the ladies: No heels on the Arena floor - it is “wood planks” & not in good shape for heels

Catering, etc was discussed:
First, Brunch – Chick-fil-A will be $4 per person – their menu offering was passed around & additions were
decided – Jeanie will contact them to offer the changes & ask for an updated price.
Chick-fil-A Menu includes:
        Sausage biscuits
        Cinnamon Clusters
        Coffee (regular & decaf)
        Juice (orange & apple)
Items missing from (to be added to) their list include: bottled water, iced tea & lemonade
Then the Casual Dinner menu from The Varsity was approved. Menu includes:
        Hot dogs & hamburgers
        French fries & onion rings
        Chili, cheese, diced onions, all other condiments
        Coke, diet coke, sprite, sweet tea, bottled water & lemonade
        All paper products to include plates, napkins & Varsity hats
Finally, the offering for the cash bar from Sump‟em Good was discussed & approved. We will ask Susan
Butler to contact them & get the contract ready for signature (this may save $2 per person buyout @ Arena)

A visit is planned @ FPHS morning of 7/15 with Sim Banks, Jeanie Knowles & Thomas Fox (Vice Principal @
FPHS) – others are welcome to attend (Beth Durmire is also planning to attend)

The website is up - we need content to post for each class page. Tara will do 72 & Michelle/Jimmy Maynard
will do 75 | www.fphsreunion.com | We need pictures, graphics & written content for the website!

The Reunion Committee will be getting General Liability insurance for the event (Burt will research this)

Discussion ensued regarding pursuit of stated class years versus opening up this reunion to all alumni. It was
decided that focus of efforts would remain on the ‟72-‟75 years, but that no alumni would be turned away if
they want to participate. Each case would be handled individually by the committee, where necessary. The
“party line” will be, „go to the website & register for the reunion, if there is a problem, you will be contacted
directly by the committee.”

Burt discussed how the Committee may want to donate to FPHS in the future (as an Alumni Association)
The Committee plans a donation to FPHS from this year‟s proceeds as a “thank you” for allowing the use of the
Cafeteria for the Brunch
The group may eventually want to become a non-profit org. to allow “perpetual” events & donations to charities

Hotels were contacted on Hwy 138 @ I-75: Holiday Inn 138 [70], La Quinta Inn [50], Comfort Inn [40] -
[blocking rooms] (Kim Krumm of Holiday Inn is getting rates for all hotels & will forward info next week)
Email sent to Kim @ Holiday Inn for shuttle availability

May be able to use the CCPR park bus for a shuttle- Sim is checking on this

The Committee is looking for sponsors for Ads in the Event Program & placement of signs at the event – space
will be for sale including trading for services, products, award items (& cash!) toward sponsorship. Vickie
Chacha, as Fund Raising Chair, will coordinate all of the info that we can collect on this – please forward this
info to her.

Copy of first mailing (postcard) is passed around & approved with following changes: Remove the
Classmates.com info from the postcard & will move the FB site info to the bottom of the postcard – driving all
traffic to website only

NEXT MEETING IS PLANNED FOR JULY 26, 2009, same time & place.

Chairpersons needed for the following committees:
      Decorations/Set-up/Clean-up Committee
      Procurement Committee
      Co73 Search Committee
      Co74 Search Committee
Members needed for the following committees:
      Decorations/Set-up/Clean-up Committee
      Procurement Committee
      Co73 Search Committee
      Co74 Search Committee
      Co75 Search Committee (contact Michelle Maynard at mkmaynar@southernco.com)
      Fund Raising Committee (contact Vickie Chacha at koko.loco@etcmail.com)
      Communications Committee (contact Tara Landry at tara72@bellsouth.net)

The Committee did not resolve use of rental items (tents, tables, chairs, lighting) & quantities for events. Burt
volunteered to gather info on this & will report to the committee before the next meeting.

The Committee needs to mount a search for an energetic, dynamic & funny Emcee for the evening program.
Burt will consult with DJs that are contacted for ideas, but please be thinking about resources for this need.

Need a list for door prizes & award categories for the evening program. The Committee will need to make up a
questionnaire to help determine award categories. Burt is sending the Committee members ideas gathered from
Internet research done recently & we will need your feedback. Fund Raising Committee Chair, Vickie Chacha,
will take suggestions for door prizes & awards that she will need to focus efforts on.

Burt is contacting B.C. Harris Publishing about available Alumni Directory information. Harris has done these
in the past for FPHS Alumni, the last known effort being published in 2001.

The Committee did not discuss the types, designs & resources for souvenirs. If anyone has a resource for this
type of product or service please contact Burt. Also, ideas for graphics, logos & souvenirs are encouraged!

The Committee did not discuss a theme to use for the events. Please be considering this between meetings!


The Committee did not discuss cost targets since all the needed information has not been obtained. This is set
as a goal to be achieved before the next meeting & will be coordinated by Burt.

Please refer to the June 28, 2009 agenda for specific Committee names and current responsibility expectations.
There will likely be changes to the committees and their duties – your suggestions on this are welcomed.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone can contribute to this document by emailing your changes, corrections and additions
to Burt at burtknowles@gmail.com. Thanks!

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