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									Registration Form                                 Organized by:                         Five Day
Participant name:               .
                                                                                    Training Program
Organization name & address:                                                          Open Source
                                         Indian Institute of Technology Madras   ‘Gram Panchayat QGIS’
                                                    Chennai 600 036
                                    .                                              February 8th-12th, 2010
                                                 In collaboration with:
Phone:                              .                                                    Organized by:
Email:                          .
                                                  Hyderabad 500 017
Registration Fee:
Registration fee of Rs. 9,000 /-        CONTACT:

is to be paid through two DDs                                                    Indian Institute of Technology Madras
                                        Dr. Koshy Varghese
on a nationalized bank as follows:                                                         Chennai 600 036
                                        Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering
• Rs. 3,000 /- in favour of “IIT,
                                        IIT-Madras, Chennai 600 036
     Madras” payable at Chennai
                                        Phone: 044 2257 4247                             In collaboration with:
• Rs. 6,000 /- in favour of
     “WASSAN” on Hyderabad              eMail:
Both DDs should be sent with
                                        Nagesh Kolagani
this registration form to the con-
tact at IIT-Madras.                     E. Palaguttapalli panchayat
                                        Chittoor district, A.P. 517152                   Hyderabad 500 017
It covers cost of course material,
laboratory & field sessions, food,      Phone: 08585 200240, 94446 20292
accommodation and field travel.         eMail:
Open Source GIS                                 Gram Panchayat QGIS                                  Course Topics
Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geo-        People's participation in developmental activities   Days 1 & 5 (IIT-Madras):
graphical Information Systems (GIS) are very    can be facilitated greatly by training and encour-   The forenoon sessions each day will cover
                                                                                                     the concepts of the ‘Gram Panchayat QGIS’
useful in participatory planning and imple-     aging them to carry out accurate mapping and         software. The afternoon sessions will be
mentation of developmental activities.          management of their resources using GPS & GIS.       laboratory exercises to give hands on train-
                                                                                                     ing with the software and reinforce the con-
                                                                                                     cepts covered.

Life-cycle cost of commercial GIS packages
makes the economics of their usage diffi-       GPS-based spatial data of various features in the
cult. Recent efforts by open-source commu-      field can be tagged with their questionnaire-based
                                                attribute data and converted into GIS maps by        Days 2-4 (E.Palaguttapalli panchayat):
nity has resulted in the development of a                                                            Intensive field training will be given on map-
                                                village workers using ‘Gram Panchayat QGIS’.         ping of farms, wells and other panchayat
free, high quality and user-friendly ‘Quantum
                                                These GIS maps can then be used in participatory     watershed resources using handheld GPS ,
GIS’ software. WASSAN-Hyderabad & IIT-                                                               questionnaires and ‘Gram Panchayat QGIS’
                                                social analysis of plans and their implementation.   software.
Madras, supported by DST & DoLR pro-
jects, further simplified it as ‘Gram Pancha-
yat QGIS’ for use by grass root level village
workers in developmental activities.

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