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Dance - Praise HIM With The Dance Committee Presents Dance


									              Praise HIM With The Dance Committee Presents:

                                Dance Conference & Concerts
             Hosted by Dance Eternal (Kim Brunner/ Linda Wade) & Eastbrook Church

  The Lord said to Moses, “Tell Aaron and his sons, “This is how you are to bless the Israelites.
                        Say to them: The LORD bless you and keep you,
     the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn His face
   towards you and give you peace.’ So they will put my name on the Israelites and I will bless
                                       Numbers 6:22-27

Conference: February 26 & 27 2010 Concerts: Saturday February 27 & Sunday 28 2010
       Location for all Events: Eastbrook Church 5385 Green Bay Ave. Milwaukee 53209

                                                    Special Guest Artists:
             Yvonne Peters: is an anointed movement artist, choreographer and teacher. She has been one of the
             leading pioneers in Christian dance ministry. Yvonne travels nationally and internationally lecturing,
             performing and giving seminars on cross-cultural dance, composition and the restoration of the Tabernacle
             of David. She is also on staff with the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel as the principal
             choreographer and dance company director. She and her husband Carl are currently on staff at Christian
             Assembly in Columbus OH, establishing 24-hour Worship Watches.

             Daryse Osborne: received her BFA in dance from the Ohio State University and is certified to teach dance
             in the public school system. She is the Director for Charisma Centre for the Arts - an arts education
             program sponsored by Christian Assembly, as well as the church's Dance Ministry director. Daryse is a
             dancer and choreographer for the Feast of Tabernacles with the International Christian Embassy in
             Jerusalem. Her gift and passion is enhancing movement ministry through technique, composition and
             pageant imagery. “The Book of Blessings” our theme inspiration was written by Daryse’s husband, Scott.

             Pastor Cory Ratliff: worship leader and movement minister. Assistant Liaison and Creative Production
             Pastor at Sign of the Dove Church, Waukegan IL. Cory studied music at the University of Illinois where he
             also took classes in modern and jazz dance. In 2004 he began teaching dance as a part of worship. Pastor
             Cory has traveled to Eastern Europe where he has had the opportunity to instruct young people in the
             dance. He is currently the Director of a boy’s movement ministry “Bring It On” which uses dance to
             encourage young people to come to Christ.

                            Innovo Physical Theatre-(formerly Mimeistry): Theo and Jolie Williams: As Masters of
                            Mime and Ordained Ministers Theo & Jolie travel worldwide, leading troupes, performing and
                            teaching as far as God calls them. Theo and Jolie were married in 2004 and are proud parents
                            of their first child, Aria.
                            Theo: Traveling internationally as a recognized expert in the art of mime and arts
                            theology. Theo brings a vivid and original vision on the arts. He is known for his excellence in
performance, directing and choreography. Theo has received training from Yvan Bacciochi, Guerassim Dichliev, Todd &
Marilyn Farley and the world famous Marcel Marceau, who acknowledged Theo as "the Future of Mime". He is the
Executive Director of Innovo.
Jolie: Known for her excellence in choreography, storytelling, and strong performance, Jolie is an Executive Director of
Innovo and Principle Teacher of Innovo's Conservatory of Physical Theatre. Jolie was mentored by Marilyn Farley and
personally invited by Marcel Marceau to study with him in Paris, France. Having completed her Masters, Jolie is now
studying for her Doctorate in Worship Studies at the Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies in Florida. With skill in
improvisation and choreography, Jolie offers a full show including original music and stories.
                        Ed & Cherise Easley: are youth directors at New Restoration Christian Church of Milwaukee.
                        They are the founders of “Urban Praise Ministries” that trains youth for street ministry. This high
                        energy form of praise has touched lives regardless of age, race, gender, or denomination. The
                        Easley's also teach Christian Stepping and interpretive Praise.
                        “Praise HIM With The Dance” Committee and Ministry Team
                   Kim Brunner & Linda Wade -Dance Eternal /Kathleen Cook- Waterspring Dance Ministry/
                             Alyce Roeder - Dance El Elyon /Rosalita Villa – Divine Movement
                             ****Cost: $40.00 For 1 or Both Days****
                                         CONFERENCE TIMES:
                             Registration opens 8:15 both days (pay at door)
                                       Friday 9:00 am to 8:30 pm
                             Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Schedule Below)

                         FACULTY CONCERT TIME: OPEN TO PUBLIC
                       (NO COST: Free Will Offering) Worship with Pastor Cory
                                   Saturday Feb. 27th 7:30 pm
                                    Sunday Feb. 28th 6:00 pm
                                   LOCATION FOR ALL EVENTS
                       Eastbrook Church 5385 Green Bay Ave. Milwaukee 53209
Aaronic Blessings: Learn the importance of living and speaking the blessings of God. This will transform your
                      life & ministry. (Yvonne & Daryse)
Beginner & Intermediate Ballet Technique: God deserves excellence! Ballet technique is a foundational
discipline every dancer needs to give God the best. Training also frees the dancer and helps to expand your
vocabulary for choreography. These are separate workshops. (Daryse & Alyce)
Mime 101: Learn to tell a story without words or props. Using only the body and its movement, this class will
explore body symbolism and illusions such as the wall and robot. (Theo & Jolie)
 Mime Creation & Development: For those new to choreography, you will gain helpful tips and techniques.
For those with mimes and skits prepared, this class offers you a chance to take your choreography to the next
level. (Theo & Jolie)
Moving Forward to Your Blessing: What is hindering you from receiving all God’s blessings? Through
prayer and movement we will release those barriers. (Pastor Cory & Kim)
Designing Choreography Using Contrast: God demonstrates the vastness of His Design by creating contrasts.
We will analyze the strengths of using contrast in choreography by examining symmetry and asymmetry,
curved and oppositional movement, and axial and locomotor movement. (Daryse)
Modern Dance: Discover how to take this non-formal dance style and inspire audiences to ponder your eternal
message. You will be challenged to be passionately expressive in your dance. (Pastor Cory)
Mime/Forms: Through the inspiration of instrumental and Christian music, this class explores physical theatre
techniques and applications through improvisation. Following a master in movement, embody thoughts,
emotions and story through the poetry of mime and dance.
Prophetic Worship: How Can I Tell?: Is spontaneous dance prophetic? Can choreographed dance be
prophetic? In this workshop we will explore the Scriptures to answer these questions. This class is designed for
all levels. Please bring your Bibles. (Yvonne)
Modern Weightsharing: In this class, we will learn principles of weightsharing for duets and groups and
explore those principles choreographically through use of levels, facings and space. (Daryse & Yvonne)
Urban Praise/Steppin: Holy and high energy hip hop praise plus Godly hand clapping, foot stomping,
rhythmic making choreography. (Cherise & Ed Easley)
Choreography Clinic/Sharing: Come prepared to share a dance & get feedback or help. Proper praise
                        garments required! Call Kim @ 262-241-9310.
Breaking Down The Walls: God loves diversity. We see and enjoy this in His creation. And we will enjoy the
                        unique diversity of the Body of Christ. (Kim, Linda, Kathleen, Alyce, Rosalita)
Blessing Stations: Scriptural Blessings in Action! (Yvonne & Daryse)
                           Hotels Near Eastbrook Church
              La Quinta Inn (near Hampton Ave) - 5110 N. Port Washington Rd (414) 964-8484
                 La Quinta Inn & Suites- 5423 N. Port Washington RD. (414) 962-6767

                       For questions contact Kim at:
          or 262-241-9310

                                Conference Schedule

9:00-9:30     Welcome /Announcements and Prayer

9:30-10:45    Aaronic Blessing- Worship Center

11:00-12:15   Intermediate Ballet    OR          Beginner Ballet
                Worship Center                   Gym

                           LUNCH ON YOUR OWN              (Bag lunches eat in the Fellowship Hall)

1:30-2:45     Modern Dance          OR     Mime 101
              Worship Center               Gym

2:45-4:00     Weight Sharing        OR     Mime Creation & Development
               Worship Center                     Gym

4:15-5:30     Moving Forward To Your Blessing       Worship Center

                    DINNER ON YOUR OWN              (Bag dinners eat in Fellowship Hall)

6:45-8:30     Choreography Clinic/Sharing Time - Come prepared to share a dance & get feedback
              or help. Proper praise garments required! Worship Center

9:00-9:30     Welcome /Announcements and Prayer

9:30-10:45    Designing Choreography Using Contrast OR         Urban Praise/Steppin
                    Worship Center                               Gym

11:00-12:15   Prophetic Worship: How Can I Tell?      OR       Mime/Forms
                    Worship Center                              Gym

                        LUNCH ON YOUR OWN (Bag lunches eat in Fellowship Hall)

1:30-2:45           Breaking Down The Walls         Gym

3:00-4:30           Blessing Stations       Gym

7:30-9:00          Faculty “Praise HIM With the Dance” Concert Free & Open to All

6:00-7:30        Faculty “Praise HIM With the Dance” Concert Free & Open to All

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